Horny japanese milf ruri loves playing with her pussy before she gets her pussy pounded hard

Horny japanese milf ruri loves playing with her pussy before she gets her pussy pounded hard
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LONG TERM SATISFACTION FOR YOUR HOT WIFE Ok I'm not sure where to begin I might as well start 8 years ago. I met my current fiancee at the grocery store we were both working at in Oklahoma.

I was new in town, from California, I was 19 and she was 17,inexpierienced. I remember the first time that I saw her.she was tiny, only 4'11, roughly 90lbs., beautiful blue eyes and (innocent) tight little body. I knew I wanted her and after awhile she wanted me.


I believe it took 3-4 months before she gave in and had sex with me, I didn't last long-it was like a virgin pussy-tiny, bald and tight. But then again what do you expect?, I was the fourth guy she had ever been with, but probably the first "REAL MAN" she's ever been with, so it was easy to make her cum. So we went through the "INSECURE AND JEALOUS STAGE", and of course the "puppy" love stage. Skipping ahead about 5-6 years--we were happy, I was working, had a house, vehicles, kids.seemed like we were set!

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The only thing we needed to work on was being honest about our fantasies, she was shy and afraid to really say anything. SHYNESS AND ECSTACY I'm guessing because of the jealousy stage. (I admit I was bad). But we all grow up!! So after a while of opening up that vault of sexual cravings, we finally decided to try something neither one of us were familiar with-(A DILDO). So the both of us went to the novelty store to pick one out.

I remember feeling extremely nervous, but not jealous at all-but of course the whole time I was horny. If I remember correctly she was trying to be modest and picked out one that was similar to my size, about 6"x1 1/4".

I could tell she was curious of this other one we looked at, but she was to shy to get it because it was a little fatter than me. Once I grabbed it, showing her that it was okay, as so was I, and that I wanted it for her, we bought it-(THE AMERICAN MAN).

We had talked about when she was going to use it for the first time and had decided to wait until that night, but by the time we got home we started messing around. While she was in our bedroom "experimenting", I had to go cook dinner for our kids.

So I told her to go ahead, but to wait for me before she cums. I was in and out of the room, I couldnt help it, I was just as excited as her-I mean hell she has a good size dong in her hand, a girl who had a difficult time with my 6"x1 1/4"er (average).

She began to get a little aggravated with my kid like antics and told me to just wait and she'll let me know when its time. Icould see something different in her eyes at that moment it was amazing. She said she hollared my name but I dont think she did. Well needless to say she had one of the best orgasms ever.

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She loved that thing. We used it quite alot. Well over the years now-we have bought other dildos and vibrators. She finally said the hell with being modest and said she wanted a "BIG" one. So we picked out this purple one, about 7x2 3/4-which was a huge step for her.

It took some time and work but she finally got it in.

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She started cumming everywhere. After using it, along with her vibrator, for a few days in a row, she gave me a show. To my amazement she took all of it in-her being as tiny as she was, it was alot. She started having multiple orgasms. The best she ever had and the best I ever seen. THE TRANSITION Well a couple of years went by of us using sex toys, we had all types-some with suction cups on the bottom so she could mount it on the wall or floor, one of them was a cyber skin (my favorite).

After a while of using dildos, that are bigger than yourself and watching your ol' lady get off so hard core like that.trust me you kinda want the real thing. I remember the first time that I mentioned to her that I'd like her to really fuck a real dick. Geeze was that humiliating. The truth is, she said "I dont fucking think so", but I could tell by her actions there was a chance but it would take alot of work and time, which was okay with me, hell we've already been together for like 7 years.

All I have is time.lol.So I trusted her and had and still do have the confidence in her to make smart decisions, so I started letting her go out without me, it was kindof awkward at first being as when she'd get all drunk she also got horny, after the club she'd come home and take it out on me (sexually).

At first she'd barely talk about herself getting hit on at the club. I'm guessing she didnt think I'd keep it going on, but soon she realized that it turned me on and I was into it,and I wasn't going to yell and fight with her about it, she started to loosen up and tell me everything-down to what guys are hot, she danced with, and even who looked like he might have a big cock-(WE CALL THEM PROSPECTS).

She started to share openly the same fantasy as I. It's just difficult to get the "real" thing going with her being so clean and experienced only 4 guys.not to mention she's shy. At this point we would just fantasize together, masterbating and talking about it. **(THAT WILL MAKE YOU BOTH HORNY)**!!!-BE CAREFUL-LOL!! So anyways, we had talked and thought it would be a safe and good idea if it were someone we knew.

Ironically in the next month or so her ex, well really just a "friends with benefits", had contacted her on myspace after all these years-8.

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Strange but exciting to me,I could tell she was excited as well!! I haven't ever asked too much about him before and I still didn't. I wanted to wait until she told me about it, perferably after they reunited. THE TEASE After watching her talk to this guy for a few weeks on the phone and seeing her so happy, I was delighted myself-(FOR HER). So eventually I asked her if he was good in bed?, she said "he used to be"-but that was all before me.plus he's about a year and a half younger than her.

I said "so what he was good in bed at 15?" "AMAZING-IMAGINE NOW AS A MAN".she just said yeah and kindof blew it off. Then the time came when they were going to finally meet after all these years.

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He showed up a little early but my girlfriend was ready. Her being shy, she had him wait in the car. I had noticed that she had changed her panties to some really sexy booty shorts, which were actually my favorite. When I noticed it, I asked her "so are you going to fuck him"? she said "hmm.I dont know-I don't think so". Then I told her that I loved her either way and to call to update me since the plan was to go out for a few drinks at the club, and then if they were both comfortable they'd go back to his hotel that he was staying the weekend in-he's a trucker.

So then she left with him and a friend. I looked at the clock, it was around 10 .p.m. HERE IT COMES I remember as soon as she left my heart was racing-like I was being teased senseless. So to take the edge off, I decided to masturbate. It also helped to pass the time by while waiting for her to call. I knew the bar closed at 2 .a.m. either way. Usually when she'd go out, she'd close the bar down, and like clock work she'd call around 12 midnight.

However, on this particular night, she had called between 11:30 and 12:00 midnight and said "it's dead boring at this club, there's nobody here, so were going over to the hotel room, have some beers and talk about old times. I knew what was happening and I could also tell that she was being shy. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Everything that happened at the hotel, just going off of what she said-so due to the shyness, you can multiply what really happened by 10.It was erotic!!!

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From what she says: they had a few drinks, danced a little bit-which he really didn't know how- got loosened up some and reminised about old times. Basically just caught up.After she had another mixed drink and him another beer, they decided to leave. They walked next door to the hotel, had another beer or two each and bullshitted. She had been flirting with him all night, but knowing she was in a comitted relationship, he chose not to make any first moves.

So while talking she reached over and grabbed his hand. They were all alone and he knew what she wanted, but in all actuallity he really wanted it to, he already had her years ago, liked it then, and knew "she had a little more experience this time around".

She was his second and he was her third, but by what she says, he was the best she had at the time. Anyways, she made the first move and kissed him.


They kissed a couple of times in between talking, then she laid back on the bed. He was acting somewhat nervous so she pulled him down to her, started kissing him more and telling him it was okay. He started loosening up more and more, so she unzipped his pants, she started sucking his dick, which he really enjoyed this time-considering that the first time she did it to him, was her first time ever. (SHE STILL AMAZES ME AT TIMES, WHILE SUCKING MY DICK).She made sure it was hard, good and wet, took her clothes off and climbed on top.

She said he was really long, so it took a few minutes to get it worked in, but she finally did it. After working it for a little bit, showing him a few of her moves, she made him get on top.

Even though it was feeling really good, she got back on top and had a good orgasm. He kept moving all around, she told me that she could feel his cock moving around inside of her, then she came for the second time.

In the midst of her orgasm, they somehow managed to knock the headboard off the wall. He made sure that she came and she did the same for him.(she told me that her second orgasm was so intense that she couldnt pull herself off of him in time for him to cum-he ended up blowing his whole load inside her)-(in fact when she got home there was still some in her).:) They said their goodbye's and ended the night.she was worn completely out.

She said it was damn good, but it could have been better.

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She said "they would of fucked again if she had stayed, as they both wanted her to". Still to this day she talks about seeing him again.

She wants to have a .D.P. with the three of us, that's if we can get in contact with him again and he's willing. I would have to say the hottest thing in the midst of all of this-she kept her composure as if she had been there before. I had asked her if I could see the "damage" and she said "no" because it was personal and she wanted to keep it to herself, then began to try and convince me that her pussy looked and felt no different, that it was just way to sensitive to take her panties off.

Yeah, I let it go because I knew the truth, I could tell from the glow in her face and her laxadazial eye movement.

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Something awesome happened because in 7 years I had NEVER seen that before out of her. This experience has helped our relationship, sex life and opened new doors for us. I'll explain later.XOXOXO.