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Ladyboy Babydoll Bareback Anal Drill
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Futa Naked In School Futa's Naked Passion Chapter Three: Stacie's Passionate Rebellion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Stacie Ward's Week, Friday My stomach writhed as I sat naked in the main office of my college. My heart pounded in my chest as I gripped my cell phone. I felt like I'd eaten a ton o lead. It just weighed me down, crushing all my insides with dread. My phone vibrated. Another angry message from Meaghan. My ex-girlfriend went scorched earth after catching me and my swim coach, Valeria Castellano, confessing our love for each other while in a passionate embrace in the girl's locker room.

The high I had been riding—a mix of euphoria from cumming, the joy of finding something special with the older woman, and the thrill of winning three gold medals and a silver in the swim meet—had vanished in that moment. Snuffed out. Meaghan had caught us before I could break up with her. She was a fun girl. If I hadn't been chosen from the Program our first week back to classes after we started dating over Winter Break, we might never have broken up.

But she was jealous, afraid I would cheat on her. It wasn't to say she drove me into Miss Castellano's arms, it was more that I needed relief and found it from the sexy, older woman. She was beautiful. Golden-brown skin, beautiful eyes, lush hair, a gorgeous body. She was in her early thirties, a decade older than me. She was fun and passionate. She didn't stare at me like she owned my body because we were dating. What I felt with her was so deep. I had been in the shallow end with Meagan, but with Valeria.

Now it was all over social media that I was fucking her. When Meaghan wasn't calling me a piece of shit, a cheating cunt, a small-titty slut, and so on, she was spreading it far and wide that she caught me fucking my swim coach while painting herself to be some sort of tragic figure.

"I gave her all my heart and love," Meaghan posted on Facebook last night. "I poured it all out to her. I gave her my body. I blew her. I satiated her lusts. I was there for her, and she still cheated on me with that slut-professor. I walked in on them expecting to celebrate Stacie's victory and, instead, I found betrayal!" I was twenty-one. It wasn't illegal for me to have sex with the older woman. It was the fact she was my swim coach. That she was on staff.

The Program rules stated that professors and other members of the faculty couldn't use their position of authority to engage in sexual activity with a student outside of prescribed lessons. When Valeria blew me that Monday so I could practice without a hardon, that was to help with her lesson. When she seduced me in the shower after, that was "her taking advantage of me." It was all horseshit.

She didn't take advantage of me. I wanted her. Needed her. Yeah, she started it, but I finished it when I ate her pussy to a screaming orgasm then fucked her so hard that she screamed out in rapture. My dick twitched hard just thinking about that wonderful moment when I first slid into her and. And her career was over.

She would be fired and no other college or university would hire her. She was a great coach and an amazing Spanish professor, or so I'd heard from people who took her class. She deserved to have her career. There had to be something I could do.

Something I could say. An argument. I wished Randi was here. She was this junior girl I knew. I tried to date her last year, but she was so fixated on the debate club she didn't have time. If anyone I knew had the skills to make the argument, it was her. All I could do was lie. My back straightened.

The door to President McTaggart's office opened. Her head peaked out. "Stacie, we're ready for you." I swallowed and nodded. I grit my phone in a tense hand and rose, my futa-cock swaying before me, my small breasts jiggling. I would save the woman I loved's job. Valeria wouldn't be fired because of me. I wouldn't be responsible for ruining her future.

President McTaggart was a fiery-haired futa and had an Irish lilt to her accent. She normally was a bubbly and friendly futa, but today she had a serious face, her lips pursed tight as she held the door open for me. I entered her office and swallowed. There were others here. Ms. Rowbottom sat on the left side behind the president's desk, the Black futa sitting cross-legged, her ebony face serious as she studied me.

Her eyes met mine and they softened for a moment like she was sympathetic to what was happening. I didn't have her this year, but she taught my English class last year. Randi would definitely know how to make an argument to convince at least Ms. Rowbottom. The Black professor was also the debate coach. Next to her was Miss Tracey, the college's guidance counselor. She gave me a friendly smile, a woman with an alluring face framed by light-brown hair.

Dainty glasses perched on her nose, her hazel eyes softening as they fell on me, but her back was straight. The last person was the dean of students. You normally didn't meet with Dean Massey unless you were in trouble. The Black woman handled discipline. I swallowed at the woman's hard, ebony face, her brown eyes narrowing.

"First off, you're not in any trouble, Stacie," said President McTaggart. "We just want to hear what happened from your perspective as part of our investigation into Miss Castellano's inappropriate behavior." "Inappropriate behavior?" I asked blandly. The president glanced at me, her green eyes tightening. She squeezed past Miss Massey to gain her seat at the center of the desk. "Yes, the sexual relationship you have with her." I frowned.

"Sexual. relationship?" "We know that she gave you a blowjob on Monday," said the dean, her eyes boring in on me. "Just part of swim practice," I said. "I was too erect to swim. Since she was the only girl there, she volunteered to take care of me in the fastest way possible." "True," Ms.

Rowbottom said. "That's perfectly in line with the Program's rules." The guidance counselor nodded. "It is, but what happened Thursday evening in the locker room when you and Miss Castellano were alone." "What? I was showering. I have to use the girls' locker room as part of the Program.

I've been doing it for all my PE classes and practices. So what?" "She was naked, too," said the dean. "Showering, too," I said. "And?" "She was doing more than showering. You were caught by your girlfriend." "My ex-girlfriend.

I broke up with her right before that and she didn't take it well." I shifted. "She's a jealous girl, and she overreacted.

She found us both showering and assumed we were doing more. Then she's been harassing me all over the internet since. That's all." "You're denying that you had any sexual contact with Miss Castellano beyond the blowjob?" the dean asked, her voice icy. My insides twisted. I nodded. "We understand that you're trying to protect Miss Castellano," said President McTaggart.

"You're not going to be in trouble." "Not if you don't stop lying," added the dean. "I'm not," I said. "I—" The dean turned a tablet around that was sitting before her. She swiped the screen to turn it on. A video played, clearly taken on a cell phone. I swallowed as I witnessed the end of my tryst with Miss Castellano. There I was, cumming in her asshole, both of us crying out our love. I could hear Meaghan's angry mutters. "Meagan Carter sent us this just after 8 PM last night," said President McTaggart.

"You can't call that showering." My stomach sank. "It was the first time," I muttered. "I just." "Was lying to protect her," Ms. Rowbottom said. "I understand. What young futa wouldn't lie to protect someone she clearly cared about?" The dean rolled her eyes. "Don't tell me you're going to buy some sort of Romea and Juliet BS. Miss Castellano took advantage of Stacie and—" "I'm twenty-one," I growled. "I'm not a child. I knew what I wanted.

I took from her. She was the one that didn't want to do this, but I seduced her." "It doesn't really matter who claims to have initiated it," said the guidance counselor. "She's the professor.

She should have controlled herself. I think we really have all we need from Stacie." "Why did you even bring me in here?" I demanded. "You had the damned tape. You didn't need me. Unless you were trying to find something else to bury her with." The guidance counselor looked down.

"Futa, you better moderate your tone," growled the vice president, her voice a throaty contralto. "You are about to talk yourself into a whole lot of trouble." "We just wanted to know how bad the abuse of power was," said President McTaggart. "You can return to class, Stacie." She gave me a tight smile. "And congrats on your vic—" "Miss Castellano didn't do anything wrong!" I hissed.

"You let Mrs. Jordan off the hook when she screwed her student." "Her daughter," growled the dean. She rose, staring hard at me. "And she was having sex as part of teaching healthy sexual practices to her students. She is not allowed to have any sort of relationship with Johana on the college's property or at school events. We can hardly ban them from pursuing lawful activities in their own home, but you.

Do you live with Miss Castellano." "No," I muttered sullenly. "Then you're dismissed, Ms. Ward. And mind your tongue." I whirled around, my cock slapping into my thigh, and marched out. I slammed the door behind me and. Miss Castellano sat where I had been, her shoulders hunched. She held her purse on her lap, almost hugging it. She glanced up at me. Her dark eyes met mine. I saw such fear brimming in them.

This hopelessness. I wanted to hug her right there. To grab her and hold her. To tell her how much I loved her. The door opened behind me. "We're ready for you, Valeria," President McTaggart said.

"Stacie, get to class." I had to save my lover. I needed something. An argument. There had to be a way out of it.

Some loophole. Could I claim that it was just part of a lesson? That she was having me practice my form by fucking her body. Some new-found method of teaching swimming. I hadn't heard of it, couldn't see how it was possible, but. Randi. I had to speak to Randi. I rushed by the secretary's desk and burst out into the main hallway, my cock swinging before me I thought for a moment.

Where would Randi be right now? Which class did she have? I bit my lit. Though we never dated, we remained friends. She was always complaining about.

Her history class taught by Miss Dannel. I had that class last year. I broke into a sprint. I might be a swimmer, but I was in great shape. I could run and run if I had to. My lean legs stretched out before me, my small tits jiggling, my short hair swaying about my face. I turned a corner, bare feet slapping down the linoleum hallway.

I had a purpose. I would save the woman I loved from losing her job. I would protect her dream. I wouldn't be responsible for destroying her future. I pumped my arms. My legs raced faster. I climbed the stairs, taking them two at a time. I round them, sweat bursting across my forehead.

I gained the top, the high of exertion propelling me on as I darted to my right. My footsteps echoed down the hallway. I found the class and burst inside. Miss Dannel blinked as she stared at me. "Stacie?" "Sorry, Miss Dannel," I said, not even out of breath. "I need my ten minutes for relief." "What?" the confused professor said. She sat down her dry erase marker on the whiteboard's metal lip.

"I need a volunteer to take care of my futa-cock in the hallway." My eyes fell on Randi Bjork. Her long, blonde hair fell about her shocked face. She blinked blue eyes at me, shifting in the tight sweater she wore. It was half unbuttoned, showing off the considerable bosom she had. "Um. what?" Randi asked. "You know I'm not interested in you, Stacie." "Please," I said, staring at her.

"This is so important. It has to be you." "Now, Stacie, you're not even in this class," the professor said, gathering herself.


"You have to ask relief in your own class. You can't come and disrupt mine." "I'm sorry, but it has to be Randi." The other students all buzzed. Girls whispered to each other, giving me looks. The futas were all nodding. They were younger than me, clearly impressed that I'd enjoyed the hot Spanish professor and now was about to enjoy one of the bustiest girls in our college. "Um, okay," Randi said.

"I'm sorry, Miss Dannel, but she's in the Program. I have to help her." "Fine, fine," the professor said, shaking her head.

"I need to talk to the president about these rules." "Thanks," I said as Randi stood up, her flirty skirt swirling about her thighs. She navigated through the desks, her thigh-high stockings whisking together. She dressed sexy for a girl who was too focused on debate to date.

I held the door open for her. She swept by. The moment the door was closed, she whirled around. "You know I'm not doing anything for you, right?" "Of course," I said. I grabbed both her hands. "I'm desperate. I need help. An argument on why a professor should be allowed to have sex with her student. Anything. Something that can help get Valeria out of trouble." Her expression softened into pain.

She squeezed her hands before her. "There isn't a way around the fact that she's a member of staff and had sex with you outside of a lesson or your practice.

There's no twisting this into her favor. Not if the rumors are true." "Please, I love her," I said. Saying those words to Randi only made the pain worse. "This is all my fault." "She's the older woman." "I pushed it," I said, knowing it was a lie. We both pushed it. "There has to be something. Some argument I made. You're a debater. That's what you do." "Yeah, with research and time to prepare." She took a deep breath. "Okay, I have thought about this topic.

The Program comes up in debate all the time, actually. The ethics of it, how students are forced to go naked, to be used as props, the way the line is skirted, etc. So, here's the best I have. What is the Program about?" "Um." I frowned.

"It's about getting us used to expressing our sexuality in the wake of so much sex being decriminalized." "Yeah, so, if that's the goal, then you need to state that the while exploring your sexuality through the Program you discovered you enjoyed an older woman. If you were off campus and Miss Castellano wasn't your coach or didn't teach Spanish here, it would be completely fine for you two to get buck-wild at the food court of the mall." I grinned at her.

"I'm not sure she's that sort of girl." "Not the point. You were expressing your sexuality. You were reveling in it, and you found something important about yourself. That's what you have to argue." "Good, I can do that," I said. "Now, the problem is they're going to counter with the position of power argument. That's what the rule is all about." "What's the counter to that?" I asked, eagerly. "There isn't.

She's your coach. She works for the college. They have to think about what that means. What if she made you have sex with her by threatening to cut you from the team." "She didn't," I growled. "That's not the point. The rule exists to keep Ms. Tyrell from promising girls parts in college's plays to get some barely legal snatch." Randi shook her head. I'd heard rumors of Ms. Tyrell from my teammate Letizia who was playing Romea in the school's upcoming play. "That's why they have it." "So how can I win." "Prove to them that it's all about free will.

There's a reason there's a panel making the decision. Sway them to your side. Make your argument sound better than the consequences. Make them realize that your decision. That it's not just fucking, but that it's love like you claim." "Got you." I hugged her.

She stiffened for a moment, then her arms went around me. "That means a lot to me." "You're welcome," she said, her hands stroking my naked back. "Now, I have to get back to class." "And I have to go save Valeria." I broke away from Randi. I loved the way my friend smiled. There was such hope in her eyes.

I could tell she was rooting for me. That was amazing. I whirled around and darted away. I raced down the hallway. My cock bobbed and swayed before me. I shuddered, my heart racing.

I had hope. I was going to do it. I practically leaped down to the landing in the middle of the stairs, turned the bend and raced down to the first floor. I flowed down the halls, focused on my goal. I would prove to the president and the others that I love Valeria. That it wasn't a matter of her taking advantage of me. That they had to make an exception. Just like they did for Mrs. Jordan and her daughter. I reached the main office and burst in. The secretary gasped, "Stacie Ward?" I darted past her desk and rushed toward the president's office.

I crashed through the door and exploded into the room.

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Everyone's eyes looked at me. Valeria whipped her head around, her mane of dark hair flowing like silk. Her eyes met mine. "What do you think you're doing, Stacie Ward!" demanded the dean. She was on her feet in a flash, her temple pulsing. "Indeed," President McTaggart asked, fixing me the frostiest stare I had ever seen from the futa.

I was undaunted. "I'm here to give my side of the story. To say what you're doing here is wrong. Valeria. Miss Castellano did nothing wrong." "It doesn't matter if you initiated it or not," the guidance counselor said. She fixed her calm, hazel eyes on me, her glasses magnifying them. "Does it matter that I love her?" I demanded. "That this wasn't some tawdry affair, but two souls finding each other?" Valeria, still turned around to stare up at me, smiled.

She appeared to come to life. Color returned to her pale-tan cheeks, darkening them to their golden hue. She straightened as I marched up to stand beside her, naked and unafraid. I put my hand on her shoulder. "I love Valeria Castellano," I said. "Ruining her career isn't going to change that. Firing her from her job over love is a mistake I won't let you make." "Love?" asked the dean.

She folded her arms beneath her breasts, stretching her blue blouse over her tits. "By Miss Castellano's own admission, your relationship only began on Monday. Not even a full week." "And?" I asked. "I know that I love her." "Hormones," she snorted. "Now, now," Ms. Rowbottom said. The African-American futa gave me a speculative look.

"We can't be dismissive of Ms. Ward's emotions. I won't deny her if she says she loves Miss Castellano. After all, look at how dramatic of an entrance she just made." "I love her, and I will keep seeing her even if you fire her," I declared. Valeria's hand laid over mine her shoulder and squeezed. "So it's pointless to fire her because that won't change our relationship," I said, glaring at them, especially the dean. She had her lips pursed, her dark fingers clasped tight.

"That doesn't change the fact that she's a member of staff. You can't have a relationship with her. We'll never know if it goes beyond that line," said the dean. "We could modify the rules," Ms. Rowbottom said. "If the professor and student signed paperwork and were upfront about their relationship, then we could monitor it. Make sure Miss Castellano wasn't abusing her position." "That's a needless level of bureaucracy added to the situation," said the dean.

"What do you say, Ash?" The guidance counselor pushed up her glasses, her hazel eyes flicking from me to Valeria. "At this time, we don't have the needed infrastructure. Other colleges have this rule for their Program. We're not being unduly harsh about it. It's not to punish Miss Castellano for finding love.

She knew the rules. Knew the consequences. By her own admission, she initiated it." "And I followed," I said, switching gears, "because she awakened something in my sexuality. And isn't that the point of the Program?" "Screwing your professor is part of your sexuality?" asked the dean, skepticism dripping from her words.

"Loving an older, sexy woman definitely is," I said, squeezing Miss Castellano's shoulder. "When she made her pass, it clicked in me. She didn't force me. She gave me an invitation that I accepted. Thanks to going naked, I learned something important about myself. Something I wouldn't have learned without doing it.

This was important to my development. How can that be against the rules of the Program?" "That is an interesting argument," said Ms. Rowbottom, a smile crossing her lips.

I bet she'd heard Randi and the other students who took debate use this tactic. The futa-professor gave me a speculative look as she leaned back. "Isn't that right, Ash?" "True," the guidance counselor said. "We are here to encourage the students to be open about who they are.

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They don't have to hide what they desire. What kinks they might have or what sexual paraphernalia might attract them and that is legal for them to engage in." "You can't be serious," said the dean. "They like to fuck each other, so that makes it okay to have one of our staff members so blatantly flaunt the rules?

Birdie, you can't actually be thinking this." "It is interesting," said the president. She flicked her eyes to me. "But, Stacie, she's still in a position of power over you. Maybe you thought it was an invitation, but hormones can make you think things. What if you change your mind in a year and then sue the college for allowing someone in a position of power to remain after such a predatory action." "Predatory?" I demanded even as Miss Castellano's shoulders flinched.

"What we shared was consensual, not predatory." "That's impossible to prove," said the president. She sounded resigned. "That's why we have this rule. I think the rule letting professors use students as part of their lessons is pushing the line as it is, but we can't let this action stand." The dean nodded in agreement.

"No," I said. "That's not fair. You made me go naked so I could learn about myself, and I have. I have learned that I love Miss Castellano. You can't fire her over love.

That's just wrong. How can you destroy her life over something so good?" "Because there are rules," said the dean. "That is how life works. You don't just get to do what you want." I shot my gaze to the president. I stared at her with such intensity.

She swallowed. There was a hesitancy there. Was it something that I could exploit. Was it something that I could use.


What if I were to demonstrate just how much I loved Valeria. It was bold. I turned Valeria's chair as a silence descended on the room so that she faced me. I felt the panel staring at me as I took Valeria's hand, her skin a rich, golden-brown hue compared to my pale beige. I brought her fingers to my lips and kissed them. Her breath caught. "I just want you to know how much I love you," I told her, drawing her to her feet. "I want them to know, too." "How much?" she asked, her voice quivering.

I kissed her hard and pressed her towards the president's desk. My Latina lover didn't fight me, her lips melting against mine. She was letting me take charge. Her hands cupped my breasts, fingering my small mounds as I pushed her down on to the desk. "What are you doing?" demanded Dean Massey. I ignored her and kept kissing my sexy lover. My hands attacked Valeria's blouse.

She wore a conservative one, high-neck, muted gray. Nothing flashy or sexy. My fingers worked the buttons fast while her fingers kneaded my firm breasts. "This is. quite the demonstration," said President McTaggart, "but it's not going to change my mind." I pulled open Valeria's blouse and broke the kiss.

"You're going to see how much we love each other. I want you to make the decision knowing everything. That this isn't her taking advantage of me. That I'm not some weak pussy. I'm a futa who knows how to please her woman." "Mmm, she does," Valeria moaned as I pushed off her blouse, her breasts constrained in a gray, sleek bra, lace trimmed around the edges.

I leaned over to reach behind her and find the clasp. The naughty woman sucked my nipple into her mouth. My futa-dick throbbed as she nursed on my nub. Her tongue danced around it, caressing my areola. I groaned, my girl-cock twitching and throbbing. My fingers fumbled at her bra for a moment. I was usually better at this, but she had her mouth on my nub. Then her hand found my futa-cock. She stroked up and down my girth, teasing me.

My precum flowed, staining her fingers. I shuddered as she stroked me. I finally twisted the fastener and undid her bra while I felt the four other staff member watching. "Are you really going to let hem do this?" asked the dean. "Here." "Well." The president bet her lip.

"Stacie's in the Program," said the guidance counselor. "She's demonstrating something at school. I think this fall fully with thin the rules." "And it's not because you love watching barely legal futas having sex?" muttered the dean. "Hush," the guidance counselor said, pushing up her glasses, her hazel eyes already glossy.

I groaned as Valeria kept sucking on my nipple and stroking my clit-dick. Her touch was exquisite. Her tongue darted around my nub while her hand caressed the most sensitive part: my crown.

She swept over it again and again. "Valeria," I moaned. "I'm supposed to be showing them how much I love you." Her mouth popped off my nipple. "And I can't do the same?" She grinned. "Mmm, you're so sexy, mi linda. You have such a big cock. A thick rope. I love it." She ducked her head down and engulfed my cock's tip.

She sucked on it. My pussy clenched. My breast jiggled. I licked my lips, feeling everyone's eyes on me as she loved my clit-dick. Pleasure flowed down my cock to my pussy. My cunt clenched, growing hotter and hotter. "Valeria," I groaned. "Oh, wow, she's really going for it," Ms.

Rowbottom said. "She's got some skill." The president nodded. Even the dean was squirming, her dark eyes watching the professor's bobbing head. My hands slid through Valeria's wavy, brown hair. Her mouth sucked hard. Her tongue danced around my shaft. I groaned and licked my lips. I wanted to eat her pussy.

To make her explode while she creamed my face. We could do both. I stepped back, pulling my cock from her. She straightened up, blinking at me. Her teardrop-shaped breasts swayed before her, nipples brown and hard. "Stacie?" "Let's love each other," I said, stretching out on the floor. "Come on, get those panties off. I need to show off my skill at muff diving." "Mmm, she can really hold her breath," said Valeria.

The older woman slipped off the desk and unzipped her dark skirt. It fell down her golden thighs. Silk-gray panties clung to her hips and her plump pussy lips. I could see it hugging the curve of her rump as she hooked them. "I'm not afraid to show you all how much we love each other." She smiled at me.

"I do love you, Stacie." My heart beat faster. "I love you, too." She stepped out of her panties, her pussy shaved like mine. Every swimmer shaved everywhere to reduce resistance. She looked so sexy, her pussy juicy.

I licked my lips as she stepped over me. I stared up at that slit I loved. She lowered herself, bringing her twat right to my hungry lips.

She settled her pussy right on me. "Stacie!" she gasped. I groaned as she rubbed her hot snatch against my hungry lips. Her tangy juices soaked my lips.

I thrust my tongue through her pussy folds. I licked and lapped at her. I teased her, made her whimper. She leaned over me, her hand grabbing my futa-dick. She stroked me. She pumped her hand up and down my cock. It was such a treat. Her breasts pressed into my stomach. I groaned at the feel of them.

Her nipples rubbed into my skin, hard with her excitement. I groaned then gasped as she sucked my cock into her mouth. Her lips slid over the crown. She sealed tight about it. My entire body shook as she sucked. She nursed with hunger on my girl-dick. She suckled and loved me, sending such heat surging through my body.

I moaned into her pussy, licking and lapping through her petals.

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Chairs creaked. Clothing rustled. The four staff members watched our passion. Our love. Valeria's tongue darted around the sensitive crown of my cock, bringing me closer and closer to my eruption. My hands caressed her back and sides as my tongue fluttered through her folds. I lapped up her tangy juices. They coated my tongue. My lips. They ran over my cheeks and chin.

"My, they are enjoying themselves," said Ms. Rowbottom. "Oh, yes," groaned the guidance counselor. "They're. I mean." "Uh-huh," croaked the prissy dean.

Their presence only spurred me on to lick with more hunger. I dug my tongue through Valeria's folds while my hand stroked her body. She moaned, sucking on my cock. She bobbed her head, her silky hair caressing my thighs. Her fingers found my pussy. "Valeria!" I moaned into her cunt as she stroked up and down my shaved pussy lips. She traced my labia wrapped around my thick clit-dick. She sucked hard on my cock, sending pleasure down to my pussy.

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Her body wiggled on me while she played with my cunt. Her nipples and soft breasts rubbed into my stomach. Her skin felt like silk beneath my hands. My orgasm built. It rose in my ovaries. That naughty pressure swelled and swelled as she kept sucking. Her fingers caressed at my slit, playing around by the entrance to my pussy.

I jammed my tongue deep into her snatch, soaking in her tangy passion. She thrust her fingers into my pussy. That naughty woman. She was incredible. She pumped her fingers in and out of my twat. She thrust them hard and deep.

She nursed on my cock as she did it. The two different pleasure surged through me. I moaned and gasped as I snorkeled in her pussy. I pressed my nose in her folds to suck on her clit. I breathed in her tangy passion as she moaned around my cock. The humming bliss shot down my twitching shaft to my juicy cunt. My pussy squeezed around her fingers pumping in and out of me.

Driving me closer and closer to that eruption. The pressure formed at the tip of my dick. I sucked hard on her clit. I nursed on her while her fingers bent inside of me. She caressed along the top of my snatch and brushed this spot. My futa-cock jumped. I had a G-spot. I didn't know futas had that. My girl-cock erupted as the pleasure shot through me. She massaged that spot. I bucked and groaned. My body trembled. My toes curled. The pleasure shot through my body. A hot blast of jizz after hot blast of jizz burst from my clit-dick.

My cum flooded her mouth while my pussy writhed around her fingers. She sucked it down. She gulped it while I bucked and moaned. Stars burst before my eyes. I nursed with all my might on her clit while my pussy spasmed around her digits. They attacked me. The rapture slammed into my mind, erupting from my girl-dick.

She swallowed it all. All my cum. Then she squealed and flooded my mouth with her pussy cream. I drank down Valeria's tangy delight. As my orgasm peaked in me, I licked and lapped at her pussy. I gave her as much love as she gave me. I feasted on her as the pleasure radiated through my body. I felt the staff watching us, witnessing the passion we shared. "Damn," muttered the guidance counselor. "They're both cumming." "Yeah," groaned the dean.

"Oh, mi linda, you have such yummy cum," purred Valeria after popping her mouth off my dick. "You have another time in you?" "Yes!" I groaned, feeling a second wind already sweeping through me. I was young. I could stay hard. She purred in delight and rolled off of me.

"Then come make love to me." I grinned, licking my lip is as I sat up. My futa-dick thrust hard before me as I moved to my beautiful lover lying on her back. Her breasts rose and fell as I descended on her. I didn't care that my cum coated her lips. I kissed her as I settled my body on her lithe form.

My small breasts pressed into her plump tits. Her hand grasped my cock. She guided me to her pussy as I savored the salty kiss we shared. My heart beat faster. My nipples brushed hers. Sparks burst through us. She pressed the tip of my girl-cock into her pussy.

I reveled at the feel of her juicy folds. She was tasting her tangy musk on my lips. I felt the entrance and thrust into the warmth of my lover's embrace. Her pussy hugged me tight, the silky bliss spilling over my cock. I broke the kiss and stared in her eyes. There was only her now. Just us united in passion. Her limbs wrapped around me as our bodies rocked together.

I pressed my forehead into her, lost in her hazel eyes. "You have such beautiful eyes," moaned Valeria, her pussy squeezing around my thrusting cock. "I could just lose myself in them. You have a little green in your hazel." "You have some gold," I moaned. My nose brushed hers. My dyed-purple hair fell about our faces, acting like a curtain.


"Valeria, I love you so much." "No matter what," she groaned her pussy clenching on me, "I do not regret what we did. You're special. I do love you. You're so passionate. You hold nothing back." I grinned at her. People talked, but I ignored them.

The others didn't matter. Not when I was in Valeria. Her pussy gripped my cock as I thrust harder, faster. Our bodies rocked together, her pussy caressing my dick. The stimulation felt incredible. Her flesh gripped me. She held me tight as I thrust harder and deeper into her pussy. Her fingers scratched down my back as she purred in delight.

Her breasts jiggled against my small mounds, moving against them and teasing my nipples. I shuddered at how wonderful that felt, my ovaries growing tighter and tighter. Another load of cum brimmed in there for her. I kissed her again, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She moaned, her hands finding my rump.

She squeezed my ass, pulling me in tight. I thrust hard into her. Deep. I reamed her with powerful thrusts. I plowed into her. My dick ached and throbbed in her cunt. Her pussy clenched around me, the friction is incredible. My heart beat faster and faster. Passion pumped through me as the pleasure flowed from my girl-dick.

My pussy swelled with heat, my ovaries approaching their boil. She broke the kiss and moaned. "Yes, yes, that's it! Ooh, my sexy Stacie. You are so amazing. ¡Madre de Diosa! You know how to love a woman." "It's easy when they're as amazing as you, Valeria!" Her eye shone with joy, the little flecks of gold dazzling. Her fingers bit into my rump, pulling me tight. Our nipples kissed as our bodies shuddered together.

Flesh slapped flesh as I drove my girl-dick into the heaven of her pussy. "Ooh, yes, yes, just like that," she moaned. "Ooh, that's it. Oh, Stacie. You're going to make me explode." "Good!" I groaned. Her pussy squeezed around me. "I love you, Valeria. I want you to have all the pleasure you can handle. More. I want you screaming your head off all the way to heaven." "What a wicked futa you are!" She laughed and kissed me hard.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth. I buried into her twat, and then she bucked. Her pussy spasmed around my girl-dick. Her hot flesh writhed, convulsing around my dick. The wonderful bliss of being in her while she orgasmed surged down my cock.

I hammered her cunt, giving her convulsing pussy all the bliss in the world. I wanted to stimulate her as her pussy spasmed around me. She massaged my cock, swelling and swelling the ache at the tip of her dick.

I broke the kiss and groaned. "See! All the pleasure and more!" "Yes, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, Stacie, ram that girl-dick in me. Oh, yes, that's it. You're so good. Oh, I love you!" "Love you!" I howled, her pussy driving me wild. I couldn't take much more of her spasming sheath. "Cum in me! I love it when you spurt in me.

It's the best part of my day the last week. I treasure you!" I rammed into her and erupted. My cum fired out of my girl-dick. Pleasure slammed through my body. Stars exploded around her face twisting in rapture. Her fingers bit into my rump as her cunt massaged my erupting cock.

My pussy spasmed as I flooded her. The cum spurted from my ovaries and basted her pussy. Her silky heaven wrung me dry while the heady bliss slammed into my thoughts. The dual delights rushing from my cock and cunt had me trembling.

"Stacie!" she moaned. "Valeria!" I gasped. I kissed her hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I loved her. I held onto her as I rode through my orgasm. We both bucked and trembled. Her pussy slowed around my cock as I went soft inside of her. Bliss pumped hot through my veins. It was incredible. When we came down from our high, we found the president, dean, guidance counselor, and the professor all huddled together behind the desk. They whispered back and forth. I trembled. They were discussing it.

I glanced at Valeria. "You gave us a chance," she said, beaming at me with her flushed face. No matter what, I would love her. I just didn't want to watch her dreams perish. I hoped I did enough. Valeria dressed as the four staff members spoke in a whispered hush. My stomach twisted as I waited for the verdict on our fates. It was clear the dean wasn't swayed, but what about the president? My stomach twisted.

"Can you still say no, Ladonna?" demanded Ms. Rowbottom, breaking away from their huddle. Her voice echoed, making my stomach lurch.

"They are in love. I think that proves it. That was some of the most passionate sex I'd ever witnessed." "Far better than the porn our A/V club is producing," said the guidance counselor. "I think we can redraft the rules. With some provisions." "Some?" demanded the dean. "The same restrictions we gave Molly and her daughter," said Ms. Rowbottom. "Nothing at the college. It has to be conducted off campus. Once, of course, Stacie's time in the Program is up.

She does have until the rest of the day." "Birdie?" demanded the dean, her face dark as a thunderstorm. I held my breath. Valeria took my hand, crushing it. My skin felt so tight. My heart labored to beat. "That was passionate!" the president exclaimed.

The Irish futa bounced to her feet. "That's the love I showed my wife when we were young. I am sorry, Ladonna, but we cannot punish them for their love. This proves what a success the Program is!" My heart leaped. I held Valeria, still buzzing from our orgasm. "You mean.?" "I'm not fired?" Valeria asked, her voice tight.

"No," President McTaggart said. "We'll have the rules changed by the Monday. I am happy for you both. I hope your relationship works out because the sparks were flying. I think I need to find my wife and." The futa trailed off. "Well, she's teaching right now.

Ms. Ward, Miss Castellano, thank you for allowing us to conduct our inquiry. You two may return to wherever you're supposed to be." "Thank you," Valeria choked. She clutched me tight. "Thank you, Birdie." The president smiled. "You're welcome, Valeria. And you, Ms.

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Ward, I see why you led our swim team to that stunning victory last night." "I just give it my all," I declared. The dean bustled out, shaking her head and muttering beneath her breath. I hoped I never ended up on the wrong side of her.

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I just had the second half of the school year to get to, and I would graduate either way. Outside the office, Valeria threw her arms around me and kissed me with such passion. Her lips melted to mine. I saved the woman I loved's job. I held her so tight. I never wanted to let her go. I didn't have to. I broke the kiss. "So. I'm still in the Program.

Want to slip in the shower room?" "Do you still have any left in the tank?" she asked. I winked at her.

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She laughed. "Madre de Diosa, you're going to be a handful, aren't you." "Always," I said, clutching her hand. "I love you." She beamed at me. The Program had changed my life. I loved it.

I was so glad to have participated in it. And I was happy to change it. Maybe there were other students and professors who could come into the open now. Wouldn't that be magical? To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale.