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Max hardcore anal with courtney simpson
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Chapter 2 Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior both jumped out of the bed to strip out of their costumes but Junior stopped Mary as she reached for her white cape. "Hold on, Mary, this time I want to take off all your clothes, not just your underwear." "Well, if you're going to take off my clothes, then I want to take yours off," Mary said with a grin. "Sure," Junior agreed, "but I get to start since you have more items than me." "Go for it," Mary said, stepping close enough for Freddy to remove the first item.

Working quickly Junior removed Mary's white cape and tossed it toward the corner of the room. When Freddy was done Mary removed his red cape and tossed it over in the same corner. In no time at all Junior had stripped Mary down to her underwear while he was down to his pants and briefs.

Junior stopped to take a closer look at Mary's bra before he removed it. The bra of Mary's costume was similar to the one she'd warn under her school uniform as Mary Batson, a sexy white silk affair with the addition of two cold lightning bolts right over her nipples.

"Is something wrong, Junior?" Mary asked after several seconds. "No," Junior said slowly, "I was just enjoying how sexy your bra looks, especially the way your nipples make the lightning bolts stand out like that." "It does look sexy," Mary agreed. "Say, Mary, who do you think makes our costumes? Do the goddesses who give you your powers make the costume? Or do you think it's Shazam?" "I never thought about it before," Mary said thoughtfully, "but if it is Sha.

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. . the old wizard, then he has a pretty dirty mind the way he designs my sexy underwear the way he does." "Whoever does it, I like the design, especially the way the lightning bolts emphasize your nipples and cunt." "Yeah, I like it too," Mary said after thinking about it for a few seconds, "but I'll like it even better when you get my bra and panties off so we can fuck again." "Right, I'm on it," Freddy said, unhooking her bra and tossing it over with the rest of her clothes.


He stopped to admire Mary's bare tits and shook his head in wonder. "I thought your breasts were perfect as Mary Batson," Junior said, "but now they're even better, the same proportions, but larger so there's more to love." "Thank you, Junior," Mary said, grasping the top of his pants and shoving them down past his hips, "now step out of your pants.

After this we just have my panties and your briefs and then we can fuck again." "You don't have to remind me," Junior said, hovering above the floor so Mary could pull his pants off both legs at the same time.

"Just thinking about fucking you again is making my cock so hard your invulnerable cherry won't stand a chance." "If I have a cherry," Mary pointed out, rubbing the bulge of Junior's cock through his briefs as Freddy reached for her panties.

Just like Junior had done Mary hovered a few inches above the floor so her lover could remove her panties in one swipe. Instead of tossing the panties over in the corner like everything else Junior took the time to examine them first.

"Wow, Mary, you're even hornier than I realized," he said, giving the panties a quick sniff, "you changed into Mary Marvel just a few minutes ago and your panties are already soaked right through the lightning bolt." "I know," Mary said, tugging on the elastic of Junior's briefs, "so let's get these things off so we can start fucking." "You don't have to tell me twice," Freddy said, hovering above the floor so Mary could remove his briefs both legs at once.

As Mary tossed Junior's briefs into the corner with the rest of his costume Freddy ran his hands over her breasts, gaining a moan of pleasure from his friend as he ran his fingers across her erect nipples. "You like that, don't you, Mary?" Freddy asked, bringing his feet back to the floor as he continued to stroke her tits.

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"I love it," Mary said, shivering with pleasure while Junior caressed her sensitive breasts. Mary purred with pleasure while Junior slowly moved his left hand down her flank.

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When he tickled Mary's pussy hair she shifted her legs slightly so he could reach her pussy lips. Freddy eased his middle finger into Mary's pussy and she let out a surprised gasp, "Freddy, what are you doing?" "Checking to see if you still have a cherry," Junior said, "you did say that you were wondering if you were still a virgin as Mary Marvel after Mary Batson lost her cherry.

And now we know." "So what's the answer?" Mary asked, pushing herself harder against Freddy's invading finger. "Your hymen is still there," Junior said with a grin.

"That means I get to pop your cherry twice in one day." "That actually sounds pretty hot," Mary whispered. "I can tell," Freddy said, "as soon as I told mentioned taking your virginity again you got even wetter than you were. I know it makes me hot when I think about taking your virginity twice." "So what are we waiting for," Mary growled, "lets get in bed and pop that cherry." "Of course," Junior said, picking Mary up in his arms and flying both of them to the bed.

"But, I think it would be a good idea if we floated above the bed. Since your hymen is as invulnerable as the rest of you we'd probably end up breaking your bed before we broke your cherry." "Probably," Mary admitted, "but wouldn't it be fun to say we broke the bed while we were fucking.

Besides, with our super-speed we could repair the bed in no time." "I'd rather not break it in the first place," Freddy chuckled as the two of them hovered over the mattress. "And I think it would be more fun to use our powers while fucking instead of afterward." "Whatever you say, Junior," Mary sighed, wrapping her legs around Freddy's hips.

"Now fuck me, break my invulnerable cherry with your invulnerable cock and fuck me hard." "I'd like to see someone try and stop me," Freddy grinned. As Junior and Mary hovered above her bed he guided the head of his cock to her drooling pussy.

Slowly he forced Mary's cunt lips apart and wedged his cock into her fuck hole and eased his shaft forward until it came in contact with her cherry. "Ready to lose your virginity for the second time today?" "Ready," Mary said, bracing herself in midair.

"Fuck me, Junior, fuck me now." "Oh yeah," Junior said, jamming his prick forward with the strength of Hercules and the speed of Mercury. For a seconds Mary's hymen resisted Freddy's invulnerable cock, but finally it gave up and split under the assault so Junior slid all the way into Mary's pussy until his balls bounced against her bare ass.

"Ouch," Mary gasped when Freddy slammed into her belly. "I think that's the first time I ever felt pain as Mary Marvel," she said, "but I actually enjoyed it." "Not as much as I did," Junior sighed, reveling in the pleasure of Mary's pussy milking his cock from tip to base. "Well don't stop now, Freddy, "Mary said, wrapping her arms around her lover and rolling over in midair so she was on top.

"Let's go." "Slide that pussy on my cock, Mary," Freddy cried, reaching up to squeeze her tits as she slid up and down his prick. "Oh God, this is even better than our first fuck," Mary groaned, fucking Junior's cock harder and faster than she ever could as Mary Batson and she realized that there was no way she'd ever get this much pleasure fucking as a normal human.

Junior was enjoying the fuck as much as Mary was, and like her he realized he'd never be able to fuck like this as Freddy Freeman, especially with his crippled leg. But he fully intended to enjoy fucking no matter what body he was in. By using his super-stamina Freddy had managed hold back his own orgasm through three of Mary's earth shattering cums, but even his stamina couldn't hold off forever.

"I'm going to cum, Mary," Junior cried. "Cum inside me," Mary screamed, slamming her hips down as hard as she could on Junior's hovering body.

"Fill my pussy with your cum, Junior." "Oh yeah," Junior groaned, burying his cock as deep as it could go in Mary's tight wet fuck hole and filling it with his cum until it bubbled out from around his shaft.

"That's what I wanted," Mary sighed, reaching down to catch some of Junior's cum before it dripped off his balls.

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She stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean before getting another load and offering it to Freddy. "Taste it, your juice and mine all mixed together." "OK," Freddy said, licking Mary's finger clean a little hesitantly but smacking his lips at the taste. "That's good," he said in surprise." "It sure is," Mary said, getting another scoop for herself and sucking her fingers clean.

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She rolled off Freddy's body and allowed herself sink down until she contacted her bed. Freddy joined her on the bed and gave her a kiss as he caressed her bare tits.


"You were incredible," Freddy said, licking Mary's erect nipples. "So were you," Mary groaned, stroking Junior's still erect cock. "And now that I know Mary Marvel was still a virgin after Mary Batson lost her cherry I'm ready for the next experiment." "And what's that?" Junior asked as he continued playing with Mary's breasts. "I find out if Mary Marvel gets pregnant at the same time as Mary Batson," Mary said with a wistful smile. "Oh my God," Freddy said, jerking his hand away from Mary's breast like he'd been shocked.

"I'm sorry Mary, I didn't even think about getting you pregnant." "Boys never do," Mary giggled, grabbing Junior's hand and setting back on her breast. "But don't worry about it, I already thought about it a long time ago and I don't mind if you or Billy get me pregnant, in fact I'm hoping one of you does. I've always wanted a baby, and having you or Billy as the father would just make things that much better." "Well, as long as you like the idea, so do I," Freddy decided, caressing Mary's breast again.

"But you know, it's already too late for your experiment." "What do you mean?" Mary asked. "I already came in both Mary Batson and Mary Marvel," Freddy pointed out.

"If you wanted to find out if both of you got pregnant when one of you got pregnant than you couldn't both fuck." "You're right," Mary said after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to enjoy fucking as both Mary Marvel and Mary Batson." "And I'm sure Billy and I will both enjoy fucking you as Mary Batson and Mary Marvel," Freddy said. "Speaking of Billy, shouldn't we get dressed and order some dinner before he gets here?" "As much as I enjoy lying here next to you I think you're right, but first, I have a little gift for you." "And what's that?" Freddy asked as Mary bounced out of bed.

She skipped over to her discarded clothes and picked up a couple pieces before she headed back to the bed and handed Junior 2 pairs of panties, the ones she'd worn as Mary Batson as well as the pair she'd warn as Mary Marvel. "Here you go, Freddy, I know you've always enjoyed watching my panties as Mary Marvel, and since it's kind of traditional for to give someone your panties when they pop your cherry I figure you've earned both of these." "Are you sure they'll stay behind when you change?" Junior asked after taking a sniff of both panties.

"Only one way to find out," Mary shrugged, "hold on tight while I say, Shazam!" In a flash of magic lightning Mary Marvel disappeared and Mary Batson replaced her, and she smiled when she saw that Junior still had both of her panties in his grasp.

She turned to look around the room and saw that all the rest of her costume had vanished in the energy blast. "Now it's your turn to change," Mary said with a smile. "OK, hold on to these just in case," Freddy said, handing the panties back to Mary before he called out, "Captain Marvel." After he changed Freddy took the panties back from Mary and stuffed them into his pants pocket before he got dressed, enjoying the sight of Mary pulling on her own clothes while he dressed.

"Say, Mary, since you already spoiled your experiment, did you ever consider asking Shazam about what happens when you get pregnant?" "It might be a good idea to ask the old wizard about that, he does know more about us and our powers than we do," Mary said thoughtfully. "Not only that, he does watch us," Freddy said, "and sometimes he let's us know if we miss something.

Do you think he could be watching us right now?" "If he is, I hope he enjoyed the show," Mary said. "How does pizza sound for dinner." "Sounds great," Freddy said as he finished dressing and followed Mary back to the kitchen. * * * * * * * * * Rock Of Eternity, Shazam's private viewing room "Yes, Mary, I did enjoy the show," Shazam said with a grin as he watched Freddy and Mary in one of his viewing spheres, in the other sphere he could see Billy Batson finishing his interview and getting ready to leave for Mary's house.

"And I look forward to enjoying the next scene as well." Shazam turned to view his newest display, the diorama contained both Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior's costumes and a sign explained the contents, 'Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior's costumes when they took each others cherries'. "I wish I could have your panties," Shazam sighed, "but you were right, Freddy did earn them so it was only right to let him keep them." Turning back to his viewing spheres Shazam sighed again as he watched Mary ordering dinner while Freddy played with her breasts through her blouse.

"If only I was a thousand years younger, I'd show you a few things, Mary. But I'm not, so I'll just have to enjoy the show."

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