Boy physical exam movietures gay His palms holding my legs as he

Boy physical exam movietures gay His palms holding my legs as he
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This was originally from but since they are deleting my and other's posts I am putting this here to "save" it from deletion.

Sandra walked through the party a heavy sigh of boredom escaped from her lips. It was late at night and the evening breeze was cool on her skin. She stood outside in the yard of the manor house, a glass of champagne in her hand as she watched the [SPAM] of people chatted and walked around the large courtyard.

The imposing manor house dark against the horizon spotted with lit windows. She wondered how long it would be before her friend got bored and finally agreed to leave this place.

It was so boring it was getting painful. She finished her glass of champagne and turned to head back and find her friend. As she turned she walked straight into a large man. Her face bounced off his chest and she stumbled back a step, regaining her balance and looking up at the tall figure of a man.

"I am so sorry I didn't see you there" Her face reddened in embarrassment and she avoided his gaze. "Don't worry about it, to be honest that was the most interesting thing that has happened to me tonight.

My names Andy pleased to meet you." His large hand extended towards her. "You not enjoying it either then I take it" Sandra intoned, glad that she wasn't the only person here bored by the dull conversation and posturing. "To be honest these things are always fucking boring. Just nice to meet someone honest for a change." He started walking down the courtyard as they were talking. "It is expected that I throw one of these one a month. Don't know why I bother really but it keeps people happy and gives me an easier time." Sandra coughed in surprise "This is all yours&hellip.

I &hellip.I am sorry I didn't mean to sound rude." "Don't worry about it I would be disappointed if you were another one of these boring suck ups I would have to go back to being trapped in pointless conversations. At least this way I can look busy and have a genuine conversation." He smiles a genuine smile. "So all this is yours then?" Sandra still a little bit unsure of how things were going.

"Yup all of it. I will show you around some time in more detail. Over there is the servants house. On the other side of the courtyard is the Stables That's off limits though, the horses get a little agitated if to many people are around being noisy.

The garage is over there then the house. The rest is just out buildings and then the house itself." He sipped again from his glass of champagne as they talked. "So how did you come to be here then?" "Oh my friend Kelly was coming here and I was at a loose end for tonight. She told me to come along and promised me a night I would never forget. So far it hasn't lived up to that promise, no offence. Still shame we can't see the horses, always wanted to see what a stable was like, I don't get any chances where I live in the city." Her eyes looked hopefully at Andy.

"Maybe later on, who knows you might get lucky and I will have some time to show you around the stables.

If not I could show you another day. Much as I have enjoyed this though I am going to have to get back in side before they send out a search party for me." He shrugs his shoulders and heads off towards the house. He turns a last time and gives her a last smile. "Just stay away from the stables and I will see you in a bit. You can come save me from what ever dull conversation I am in." As Andy walks off towards the house Sandra's shoulders slump down.

Of all the luck, she thought to herself. Something that can finally make this not a total waste and I am not allowed to do go see them. Not like that has ever stopped me before though. A wicked smile crosses her face and she turns towards the stables rubbing her hands together. "Now it's not as if one person will worry the horses, after all he did say that its lots of people and noise that would startle them." She headed over in the direction of the stables her dress fluttering in the wind.

It wasn't long before she was surrounded by the low buildings of the stables and the smell of horses. There were no lights on in the area and her eyes were gradually becoming accustomed to the lack of light. She stopped in the central square and turned in a circle to take in the surroundings. As she looked behind her she saw a dark figure loom up behind her. Her mouth opened to scream in shock but a large hand clamped over her mouth, another pair of strong arms wrapped round her from behind lifting her off the ground.

Her legs kicked out and connected with the shape in front of her and a grunt of pain rewarded her efforts. The hand slipped from her mouth and she let out a shout. It died in her throat though as something heavy connected with the back of her head.

The world spun around her and her legs gave way. Slumping forward she couldn't focus as everything seemed to move further away the sounds of the party muffled and quite. Then blackness swamped her like a tidal wave.

The throbbing pain in her head began to increase in frequency and intensity. Her eyes felt open but everything was still black, after a couple of blinks she tried to move. Her hands wouldn't respond they felt tied to something. After a couple of seconds the feeling began to return to her arms, creeping slowly up from the shoulders to her finger tips. Tied behind her, her arms were fastened to something; she could feel the tight restraints digging into her wrist holding the arms in place.

She tested her legs trying to work some feeling back into them but she found the spread and tied at the ankles as well. Although she seemed to be stood up. As she fought against the pounding pain more feelings lumbered through the foggy haze of her mind. She was bent over what seemed like a table, she could feel the cold material against her belly. Her belly?? What had happened to her dress? She could feel some fragments still hugging her body and legs which barely touched the floor.

She could only imagine what she looked like tied over the table with her ripped dress. After a couple more tugs she figured she was fasten tightly to the table and gave up on that avenue of escape. She opened her mouth and winched in pain. Her tongue ran over her cheeks and winched again. The right side of her head throbbed a new with renewed vigour.

Her voice squeaked out. "Hello?" Barely a whisper had escaped from her mouth. A couple of seconds later nothing had happened so she tried again this time with a little more confidence. "HELLO, IS THERE ANYONE THERE?" The darkness echoed back her voice hollow and unanswered.

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"f***, what the f*** is going on here?" she muttered to her self. The she heard it, a sound a little way in the distance but she definitely heard it like something walking on stone. Something large and heavy hitting stone from the sounds of it. And it was getting closer. She froze and listened.

Nothing but the noise getting closer and closer and then it stopped. Suddenly the room blazed into life, bright lights flickered on causing her to shut her eyes.

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Pains washed over her again as she screwed up her eyes, the bright light shone through her eye lids. Forcing them open again she takes in her surroundings. Tied to the table in the middle of a large open room, a multitude of equipment lining the walls. From saddles and bridles to hay bails. 6 stalls on either side of the room are empty, bar the hay adorning the floor of each. All of them look lived in. Then a door opens. A large sliding door at the far end of the room grinds in it tracks as it moves.

The darkness of night gives way to the lights from inside and her eye widen in surprise. A series of men leading horses make there way into the room, 5 in total and 3 horses, the horses large and powerful looking and strangely intimidating as they snort and paw at the air. Feeling vulnerable and exposed she tries to speak but the voice won't form as they make their way into the room.


The men lead the horses into some of the stables and close the doors behind them. Then they sit back as one last group enter the room. Andy escorts a woman into the room who hangs from his arm, it was Kelly, what the f*** was going on here? "Kelly? WHAT THE f*** IS GOING ON HERE? GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" She found her voice again as she screamed to her friend. Sliding her arm out of Andy's, Kelly walks over to Sandra and slaps her hard on the cheek.

The pain shoots through her skull and bounces around like a pinball. Kelly cups Sandra's chin and kneels down and looks into Sandra's eyes. "Now, now, I wouldn't go shouting your mouth off like that Sandra. You don't want to go making these people angry. Besides I promised you a night you wouldn't forget and I don't break my promises." "But&hellip." CRACK!

The sound of the next slap rings through the stable. Kelly takes hold of Sandra's chin again watching a little trickle of blood run from her lip.

"Now what was it I just said?" Sandra opens her mouth again but closes it again as Kelly draws back her arm again this time her hand is balled up into a fist. Sandra's protest dying inside her. "Now shall we get this party start then?" The deep voice of Andy rings around the room. Sandra looks to the left and the right at the men as they move towards her.

She struggles a little before she sees the look in Kelly's eyes and stops moving quickly before she gets punched. Kelly kisses Sandra deeply and licks the blood from her lips. "Now there's a good girl Sandy, you have to choices, you either behave like the good little slut you are or I will be very, very displeased." Looking deeply into Sandra's eyes she watched for a reaction as the first man steps up behind her. The ripping noise as her pants is torn from her body, the look on her face as he forces his cock into her.

Kelly simply smiles as she watches the first man began to rape her friend.

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The hard thrusts shunting Sandra up and down the table. The pain of the cock forcing its way into her pussy was a shock to Sandra and matched the throbbing in her head. The pace almost matched the pounding in her head her body ached as the harsh fucking continued. She looked at her friend though teary eyes, her face screwed up in pain. She wanted to call out for help but she didn't want another beating. She bit down on her lip as the fucking continued.

The as suddenly as it started it finishes as the man cums inside her. Before she can relax another cock is rammed in her from behind. The sounds increased as the cock flashes in and out of her pussy, the squelch and slop of cum being f***** deeper into her.

Kelly traces a hand down her face a look of concern in her eyes as she collects some blood from her lip on her finger and then sucks it clean. "Don't worry Sandra soon you will wonder how you ever lived with out this." Much as she hated to admit it the fucking was starting to take effect, tingles started to ebb and flow and her pussy as the rough fucking continued.

Again Sandra felt the hot cum splatter her insides and trickles beginning to dribble out of her pussy and down her thighs. She waited with baited breath for the next cock and grunted with pain as the third cock was pushed into her tight asshole. Clenching her jaw against the pain only hurt more as she gritted her teeth through it. Her eyes focused on Kelly in front of her.

Then she breathed a sigh of relief as the cock finally worked its way into her and began to pound away. Each thrust caused a dull ache in her head from where she was knocked out earlier and the room would occasionally lose focus.

A sudden pain flashed in her skull as Kelly tightened her grip on her friends chin causing Sandra to gasp in pain bringing her back into the room. Within a couple more pumps she felt the cock plunged deep inside her as cum floods into her abused ass, and then it was gone from her ass.

"Now I am going to do something for you that they never did for me Sandra when I first came here. I am going to help prepare you for what is coming next." Kelly stood up and walked around behind Sandra as the last two men stood in front of her. Their cocks in their hands as they began to jerk off over her face. The mystery of what Kelly was doing was answered when she felt her hand pushing its way between her lips.

Biting back the pain as 3 fingers, then 4 pushed their way into her pussy. The cum acting as an effective lubricant. With a pop Sandra felt the whole of Kelly's hand enter her, deep and forceful. Then the probing hand began to wriggle around inside her as it moves back and forth. Slowly at first but then faster and faster. Sandra screwed up her eyes her mouth open in a silent scream as she was fisted for the first time in her life. It felt like her pussy was being torn in half with each deep fisting she felt it give a little more.

Then her silent scream became a pant, and then another. Over and over again t she grunted with pleasure now, feeling her pussy stretched to bursting point and she loved it. Her body began to tingle as the feeling intensified in her bowels. Then she felt the splatter of cum on her face and the salty taste in her mouth.

As the first then the second guy unloaded on her face. The sting of the cum on her cut lip as splurt after splurt of hot cum shower her face. Her panting interrupted as the cum gurgles in her mouth before she swallows it down.

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She could feel the wet semen running down her face and dripping from her chin. And then it began the feeling in her pussy rippled out through her body, every sense tingling in her body as she began to quake.

The fisting picked up pace as Kelly watched her friend writhe under her attention. And then her orgasm exploded in her. Sandra rocked around on the table as her pussy clenched around her friends fist and squirts a mix of cum and pussy juice up Kelly's arm as it continues to flash in and out of her. Kelly with draws her fist and licks slowly up her arm savouring the taste of the juices coating it.

"Hmmm tastes delightful. Now for the main attraction." Hooves clop on the stone as one of the horses exits the stable. Snorts ring through the air as the horses sense what is about to happen, used to these evenings.

Led into position behind the table the horse paws the floor a couple more times as Kelly reaches under the belly of the horse and takes hold of its cock.

Sandra watches as the other stalls are entered by the owners. Sandra watches wide eyed as the men all begin to play with the horses some licking and some wanking the horses. But each is getting hard.

Their huge long cocks hanging below them thick and members hung in the air. Her attention snapped back as the horse behind her was led over the table. She could feel the hair on his underbelly brushing against her. It was electric, after the orgasm everything was heightened and suddenly she felt it. The bulbous end of the cock pushing its way past her lips and with a loud snort the horse stepped forward and speared Sandra, impaling her on the monster cock.

Even after getting fisted the horse felt like it was going to split her in half. And then it started. The horse went wild bucking, driving the cock in and out Sandra. Wailing in pleasure Sandra gritted her teeth and to her surprise she found her self pushing back onto the cock of the horse as it f***** her brains out. Pounding away at her insides the horse cock filled her totally the slime of previous orgasms helping it slip freely in and out of her.

Shuddering in the after orgasm Sandra trembled and squirmed. The orgasum rising again in her deep and dark. It rushed up on her and threatened to over whelm her senses then the flood gates opened as the orgasm smashes into her like a train. As her pussy walls clench and milk the cock of the horse with a loud whinny the Horse begins to cum.

Gushing gallon after gallon of hot thick cum into her bowels. Sandra gurgles with pleasure as the [SPAM] of cum continues as the horse shuffles backwards, his cock slipping from the abused little woman. Blast after blast splatter across ass coating her completely she could still feel the rest of it bubbling inside her and draining from her open cunt. The whole still wide open.


Panting with exhaustion Sandra raises her head and looks out at the room through gritted teeth, this time pleasure clouds her head and vision not pain. "More, I want more" she gurgles. Andy waves at one of the stables and the sound of a horse being let out of its stall can be heard.

The horse above her snorts once more and she feels its presence depart as its led away from her. Then the second mounts her more forceful than the first as it almost charges into place and slams his cock at her pussy.

It misses the mark once or twice slipping around on the cum covered ass and then finds its mark. Plunging deep into her in one go the horse continues to push forward. Pushing back all the time Sandra Grunts through the pain and continues to worm her way back. The second horse cock is longer and thinker than the first and is sooner pushing against her womb walls. With a scream of satisfaction from Sandra she feels the cock push into her womb and allows the horse to bury his cock all the way up to its balls.

"I want more, more, give me more let me take the other one at the same time." Sandra growls through gritted teeth as the horse behind her stamps his feet and begins to enjoy his new f*** toy. With a look of surprise Andy waves out the third horse which is led to her form. Sandra could feel the bump in her belly against the table as the horse cock batters its way into and out of her pussy and womb.

The third horse is positioned in front of her and the man directs the cock to Sandra's gaping mouth. The two stallions stand side by side snorting and getting agitated. Not used to being in close vicinity during mating. Again and again the horse drives its cock deep into the bowels of Sandra like a piece of cum covered f*** meat and then she gets her lips around the other cock.

She greedily sucks on the cock as it forces its way into her mouth. The horse takes this as a sign that it has found its f*** hole and pushes forward.

Sandra's eyes bulge in alarm as the horse continues to move forward. More and more cock passes her lips as it forces its way down her throat. The two horses stand almost side by side as they impale the young woman at both ends. A cock deep in her womb and the other cock almost poking into her stomach.

Her body is almost lifted from the table as the horses begin to f*** her at the same time back and forth between the two huge stallions. Kelly watched from the side clearly able to see the bulges plunge backwards and forwards inside her friend.

One cock a foot down her throat and other fucking her pussy. The two cocks almost touching in the middle. Sandra couldn't breath any more the horse cock in slamming in and out of her throat made it impossible. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she began to lose consciousness. The two massive animals fucking back and forward.

The horse behind her continued to f*** her, its balls slapping against her cum drenched ass and then they tightened. Hot spunk rushed down the cock like a fire hose and flooded into her insides. At the same time the other horse whinnied and unloaded down her throat straight into her stomach.

Choking and writhing in a none stop orgasm Sandra was lifted from the table as the horses unloaded [SPAM] after [SPAM] of sperm into their little f*** toy. Bubbling up inside her she bulged and bloated with the gallons of cum filling her up as the two horses went wild as if they were trying to out do the other. The second horse was the first to fail as she felt the deluge of cum in her womb lessen.

The horse shifted back letting her drop to the table as the horse was led off her. The third horse however was not stopping and continued to pump shot after shot of cum deep down her throat into her stomach.

Her eyes now almost white and rolled completely into the back of her head she stopped writhing and fell still. The horse slowly stopped fucking her throat and stepped back. The cock slipped from her throat and sprayed another couple of blasts onto her shoulders and face.

It then hung limp in front of her. A couple of seconds passed and Kelly watched her friend with awe and a little bit of trepidation at her friends conditions. She breathed a sigh of relief as Sandra finally moves. With a cough cum bubbles out of her nose and mouth, chocking in a breath more cum fountains from her stretched throat with another cough. She rolls around on the table and her eyes begin to focus a little as she watches someone approach through the fuzz.

With a shape pain on her head everything goes black again. Winching in pain again Sandra opens her eyes. Sticky cum almost gluing them together but she forces her eyes open.

She can feel her hands free and her legs able to move. Grass under her back and her body covered in cum. Her body aches from the brutal fucking she has just received.

She has no idea how long has past but she is looking up at a moon and some stars. A noise to her left alerts her and she looks over. Her eyes straining to see in the dark. A figure approaches the sound of a dog sounds against her ears pushing through the fuzz and haze. A man is soon stood over her a dogs nose pushes between her legs before it is pulled to heel by the man.

"Sorry about that ma'am you okay, what the f*** happened to you?" Sandra ran her hands over her body, her clothes barely still on her body, torn and shredded.

Her pussy gaping and abused and her throat sore. Cum still wet and hot on her skin clinging to almost every inch of her body and the images of what just happened mixed with the feelings caused her to giggle with pleasure as her hands run over her body and she flopped back down onto the floor, spread eagled.


"What happened?" she coughed. "What happened?. It was the best night of my life"