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First a note to the critics: to those who count the number of mis-spelled words in my stories, I apologize, and tell you that I made the effort to edit and proofread my stories, but the system published the uneditted version anyway, so I offer this comment.

"PHUQ YEW" To the person who doubts the size of my enormous throbbing column of male splendor, "Sorry, you needle dicked girly puss. Big cocks run in my family, ask my sister." For those of you who truly enjoyed my past stories and found pleasure reading them, I write for you. Please let me know what you think of this one.

It is a departure from my other genres. Enjoy.

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Chuck It had been one hell of a day. My job takes me to a lot of places. Unfortunately not many of them are what you would call exotic or really even picturesque. I am a field engineer for a major firm that specializes in the food industry. Because of that most of my work takes place in Podunk Hollow towns where grain elevators are the tallest structures, and the smell of whatever processing facility is there dominates your senses.

Imagine my surprise when my boss sent me the travel dossier for my next trip and the destination was Chicago, IL. I called him to make sure that he had not made a mistake. He laughed and told me not to get too excited, I hadn't seen the site. When I arrived at the plant, I found that the only glamorous part of this job was the name of the company. Princeton Priceless Products was in an old rundown building on the wrong side of Chicago.

I found a motel that looked like a place where I was less likely to be murdered in my sleep and checked in. The hotel was old and the furniture and décor was tired and worn out.

The bed felt a little like a box of rocks, and the bed clothes smelled like they had been on the bed for weeks. Such was my lot in life. I had grown accustomed to these facilities, and had learned that a good bottle of Vodka had an amazing way of making anything okay. When I knocked off for the day, I headed for a diner not far from my hotel and sat in a booth near the waitress station figuring I might meet a lonely gal who would appreciate a nice tip and possibly could provide him with some company when her shift ended.

Try as I may, I was unable to get any of the three girls waiting the tables to give me as much as directions to go to hell. I finished my meal, eggs over medium, sausage, hash browns and whole wheat toast. I ate this meal as many as three times a day. It may have been boring, but few people could fuck up basic breakfast. I still left a nice tip, took one last look at the redheads nice set of tits and headed for the hotel.

Just down the street from hotel was a small bar where I thought I might try again on the mission to secure some, if not free, comfortably affordable companionship for the evening. The bar was quiet, mostly empty except for a few guys with probably the same mission as mine and two couples who had had more than they could handle. The women were trying to get the men to leave and the men were basically telling them to go fuck off. From the sounds of the conversation they had been Army buddies who had met with their old outfits at a reunion.

They were a little loud at times but considering their age, around mid-forties, they seemed to be doing fine. The women were frustrated and wanted to leave. Finally after a lot of bitching, the men called for the check and they moved toward the door together. Both men were having trouble standing.

They must have had a lot to drink. The taller of the two women said she would drive and they left. I decided it was time for me to leave also. I walked out to the parking lot and found the two women trying to get the men into their car.

The minivan had sliding doors on both sides and the women had them open trying to assist their drunken husbands into the back seat. After they had the men in the car, the shorter woman, an attractive but plain redhead, climbed into the passenger's side seat.

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The taller girl, a slender brunette walked around to the driver's side. "I'll drop you all off at your hotel first," she said climbing behind the wheel. "Maybe if we drive them around a little they may sober up some." The other woman offered "Ralph's gone.

You're going to have to help me get him to the room." The other man bellowed, "I'll help you get him into the room. He's my buddy." And with that he passed out in the back seat. The women looked at one another and shook their heads in disgust. I watched as they pulled out of the lot and turned in the direction opposite of my hotel. Poor broads, I thought, they come all the way to Chicago to have some fun with their husbands and end up babysitting a couple of immature drunks.

That was just sad. I drove past my hotel and down the road to another bar, hoping to better my luck. Apparently, this neighborhood was where all the people who wanted to get drunk and pass out went to spend their evenings.

I stayed about an hour, having a few drinks and talking with the bartender, who was nice, but not my type. He would have been fine if I had been gay, but alas, the heterosexual demon had possessed me yet again and I was forced to return to the hotel without escort. As I entered the lobby, I heard a commotion in the elevator foyer. When I got there I saw the tall slender brunette and her badly sloshed husband trying to get into the elevator.

"Goddammit, Paul," she blurted out, "Try to stand up, you asshole." Her husband was sliding down the wall unable to walk into the car. She looked at me with pleading eyes. "Can you help me?" she asked.

I slipped behind her husband and lifted him up by his armpits. I looked at her and told her to push the floor button for their floor.


When we reached the fourth floor the car stopped and she indicated that this was their stop. I moved him out of the car and threw him over my shoulder. "Lead on" I told her. She led me to the door of their room and said "I can get him from here.

Thank you so much for helping me." Her face was pretty; she had full lips, high cheek bones and the most amazing violet eyes. Her brunette hair framed her face with soft wavy curls that seemed to glisten in the pale light of the hallway.

"Oh no Ma'am," I said, "You can't lift him, and he isn't walking anywhere tonight." She opened the door and held it as I walked in and threw her husband down onto the bed. "Thank you so much" the woman said "He just had too much to drink." And then she added bitterly, "As usual." "It wasn't any trouble at all." I told her and turned to leave. "Could you maybe help me get him undressed?" she surprised me with this request, but I figured, 'What the Hell, I'm not doing anything anyway.' "Sure," I said and turned to help her take his pants off.

She wrestled his shirt over his head and pushed him over on his side. When she did his flaccid cock fell out of the fly of his boxers. "Bastard," she choked out as she reached and roughly put it back into his shorts. "Well hold on Ma'am," I said trying to calm her down a bit, "Stella" she said "My name is Stella." "Okay then, Stella." I resumed "He's just been having a good time, I saw you all in the bar.

He's probably going to be sorry as Hell in the morning, so why don't you just let the Jack Daniels beat the Hell out of him?" She choked back a sob, "This was supposed to be a second honeymoon for us." She said "We're going to Chicago, he said, lots of nice places to eat and see, he said, and when we are in the hotel alone we can get a little crazy&hellip.Fuck he's been drunk since we got here and we only have one more day left.

I haven't had one nice meal, or seen one tourist attraction, or for that matter been as much as finger fucked in four days. I am so horny, and I'd just about fuck a homeless guy if he came onto me right now." She looked at me and realized that her rant was directed at a total stranger. She was embarrassed, but I could see that she was as sincere as she could be. "Hey, I'm sorry." I began "That does sound like you got the shitty end of that stick, but all is not lost…I'm not homeless, but I sure could use a little pussy right now." Her face turned crimson, she turned to avoid eye contact with me.

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"I'm sorry, I lost my head a little." She blurted out "I'm so embarrassed I could die. Please forgive me for making such a fool of myself." I shrugged my shoulders and sighed. "That's okay ma'am, I haven't had any luck at all myself in this town." With that she smiled and let go of a little chuckle. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said "Please accept my apology." With that I sauntered toward the door and at the same time unzipped my pants. When I turned to say goodnight, my hard cock was sticking out to wave goodbye.

"Oh my," she gasped "Oh my." She looked toward her drunken husband sleeping like a dead man on the bed. She turned back and looked, no stared, directly at my swollen manhood.

"Oh my," she repeated. "Ma'am, 'err Stella." I corrected myself "I'd consider it an honor if you let me take you back to my room and fuck you like you've never been fucked before, so this trip would have at least something nice for you to remember." She was breathing heavily now as she stared at my cock. She moved across the room and took it into her hand.

She looked back at her husband.

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"I'd have to be back before morning," she cautioned "We check out tomorrow." "Oh, baby girl, I'll have you home before your momma knows you've had your pants down." I added "Let's go have some fun." We left the room after she had collected her key and grabbed a nighty from her suitcase.

We walked down the hall to the stairs, and walked down the flight to my floor. As we entered my room she spun and kissed me hard on the lips. "That was for courage." She said as she turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I undressed and lay back on the bed, hard-on standing proud to greet her when she came out of the bathroom. When she entered the room she was wearing a very sheer, very sexy black negligee that made her tits look amazing.

She had a nice bush of pubic hair, soft brown about a shade lighter than her hair. Her breasts were high and tight with very nice deep pink nipples that shown through the sheer fabric.

She did not wear any panties. I always loved a girl who was efficient. "What do you think?" she asked. My dick stood there at attention as if the National Anthem was playing. "Very nice." was all that I was able to say.

She came and knelt on the bed. "I don't want you to think that I do this all the time." She said. "I've only cheated a few times on Paul, my husband, but it was always his fault." She leaned forward and took my cock in her hand. "You sure have a nice dick." She said, "I could get used to this one." She leaned down and took it into her mouth. My hand wandered to the hem of her nighty and I started to stroke her labia and clit.

She drew her breath in as I touched her. I pulled her off my cock and brought her face up to mine. We kissed. Her lips and tongue were particularly soft.

She had sweet breath, and it was hot against my cheek. I continued to stroke her clit. She tugged at my cock as we kissed and became better acquainted. She took the lead and climbed into position and slid down on my hardened shaft. She exhaled deeply as I entered her.

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She took on the role of concert master and played my instrument like a virtuoso. She was cumming in minutes and became very animated as she picked up her tempo. Her hips slammed down against my hips and her pussy felt as though she were sucking me off with it. She was amazingly wet and her heat made it difficult to keep from blowing my load, but I thought of everything other than her hot cunt to maintain control.

After about twenty minutes she exploded into a series of long, satisfying, orgasms that came in waves over her body. My own release was earth shaking. I thought I was about to pass out, the pleasure was so intense. When I erupted she shouted in surprise, a look of delight crossed her face.

She collapsed against my chest breathing heavily.


Her kisses were landing everywhere along my upper body. She sighed deeply as she continued to pump her hips and milk my cock.

"Oh, that was amazing." She said. "I just realized I don't know your name." "Chuck," I replied "Chuck Blue." Her eyes were sparkling as we talked. "Well, Chuck, how was it?" she asked. "Better than I imagined it would be." I said "It was so good, you are such a considerate lover." "Oh, really?" she said pulling her head back off my chest "How so?" I looked into those amazing eyes and chuckled a little.

"Most of the women who take advantage of me, just finish, jump off, put their pussies away and leave." She burst into laughter. "Oh, I see." She continued to laugh, "Well, I'm not that kind of girl." She said. We were still joined at the groin, so our talk was in pretty tight quarters.

She wiggled her hips a little causing my cock to stir inside her very tight quim. She kissed my chest and suckled on my nipples trying to get my cock to get rock hard again, but I was in need of a few minutes to rebuild my strength before going again. She rolled off me and lay close next to me. "Paul isn't a bad guy," she started "He went through Hell in Nam, and when he came home he had to do rehab for drugs that he had become addicted to over there.

He said that our own government had made them available to the troops so we wouldn't win. He said that his C.O. told him that Johnson said that he was making too much money to end the war, and that he would give the 'boys' something to keep their minds off the fighting. He said there was more pussy and drugs there than you could shake a stick at. A lot of guys over there came home all fucked up with VD and such. Somehow he didn't bring home any VD, but he sure was fucked up on drugs." As she talked she stroked my cock with her free hand.

"We were married before he went over, and yes, I fucked around while he was gone, but what's a girl to do, I just love getting fucked." She said very matter-of-factly. "But, after he came home, I stopped messing around, well, with most of the guys. A couple of them kept coming around." She continued her story.

"After a while I stopped altogether, and I have been mostly faithful, except for our preacher, who's got the cutest little ass, and the paper boy." I threw my head back as I laughed at her profession of faithfulness. "The paper boy?" I barked "How old is he?" she put her finger on her chin as if she were thinking deeply "I'm not really sure, but that baby has the biggest cock I've ever seen.

And his Mama tells me that he licks pussy like a champ." I roared with laughter. "Damn, Stella, you're one of a kind." She bent down and took my cock back into her mouth and within minutes had me ready for another round. She wanted me to fuck her doggy this time so I got behind her and slam fucked her through another series of near violent orgasms before we were done.

About three AM she quietly dressed and left the room. I wondered how in the world I had been lucky enough to score such an unexpected and delightful piece of ass. I fell off to sleep, not looking forward to the alarm clock in the morning. Chapter Two: That fucking alarm clock went off regardless of my feelings, and I got up to start my day. I showered, jerked off thinking about my friend Stella, and left for breakfast.

I ate at the hotel diner, not the best place in town, but it was convenient and even they couldn't fuck up breakfast. The drive to the plant went through a neighborhood that harbored drug crime, prostitution, murder, and whatever crime one might have in mind to commit. A couple of years prior I had seen a man shot to death in a bar over two dollars. That was in Detroit but it was in the same kind of neighborhood. As he pulled into the secured parking lot, Cassie Princeton, pulled her sleek Mercedes 500 class into her designated space.

"Wow, that's some ride." I remarked. Cassie, a tall forty-something woman looked my way as she was gathering her briefcase and preparing to close her door. "it says Priceless not free" she said indicating the sign that hung on the building.

I smiled and acknowledged her point. I offered to help her into the office and walked along as we entered. "Well, do we have a chance at respectability?" she asked referring to the government compliance study I was conducting for the firm. "We'll have you guys compliant in no time." I said "What I've seen isn't bad at all." She nodded approval. I followed her into the kitchen where we both poured coffee and sat down at one of the round tables that were there for the staff.

"So tell me Chuck, what does one do when not working inside the walls of our humble establishment?" I looked at her and wondered if I should tell her about Stella. Better judgment prevailed, and I shared that I usually found a reasonable place to eat, I explained my philosophy of breakfast, and then I said I went to my room and watched TV.

The lie was understandable. I didn't want to share that I frequented bars because they might frown on that, and I didn't want them to think that I required a lot of entertainment either.

Cassie said she would go crazy if she had to spend her evenings in a motel room all the time. She said she didn't even like staying in hotels on vacation. I joked and asked her what a vacation was, she smiled a pretty smile and offered that she had far too few of them. She and her father owned and ran the company. They made a line of frozen appetizers and entrees that were well received by the public, thus affording them a very good income.

"So, what does Mrs. Chuck think of life on the road?" she asked. "Well, it lasted about sixteen months, and then she told me that my being away all the time was too much and she left me for a lawyer, who handled her divorce and cleaned me out.

The bastard," Her eyes cast downward as if to say she was sorry for asking. She continued her questioning, "So you are pretty much a lone wolf?" she asked knowing the answer before I gave it.

"I work this way because it fits my lifestyle." I said "I am a free spirit, I do what I want to do, I enjoy the road, I wish it were a little more glamorous, but I have found that most of the folks I meet out here are genuine. You don't find too many phonies. When you meet somebody who drives a truck for a living, he has a story that he wants to tell, and if you listen you learn something about the human spirit.

That is what I'm all about; I record the story of the human spirit." Cassie looked at me with a different perspective than when she first sat down. "Would you consider having dinner with me this evening?" she asked "What about Mr. Cassie?" I asked. "The names Princeton, had been all my life, and there is no Mr. Cassie." She said as an explanation. "Then sure, I'll have dinner with you." She offered to pick me up at my hotel, but I told her that driving that car into that neighborhood at night would be an open invitation to a carjacking.

She agreed to meet me at a restaurant in the suburbs near her home, and gave me the address. We agreed to meet at 8:00 PM fashionably late for dinner and early for supper. I imagined that I would have to run through a drive thru on my way to the hotel if I was going to wait that late to eat.

The day went quickly; I recorded the data on the existing plant and marked up the drawings they had sent with the dossier. I would stop past the FedEx office on my way to the hotel to send that day's gathered information for the engineers back home to start processing. I arrived at the hotel to find that Stella and Paul had left me a fruit basket to thank me for my help the night before. I noticed that there were no bananas; I figured Stella had used them to stuff her starving pussy.

I arrived at the impressive address Cassie had given me, thank goodness for my GPS. I would never have known where to go without it. I parked my modest SUV in the drive, thinking I should probably have parked on the street to save my boss the embarrassment of having it sit there. As I walked to the door a voice broke my train of thought.

"Chuck, the door is open, come in and wait for me in the front room." I realized that the voice came from the intercom at the front door. There was a camera mounted overhead, so I was observed as I drove in. "Is it okay to leave my car here?" I stupidly asked. "Sure I don't think anybody will steal it." She added facetiously. I heard her chuckle as she disconnected from the intercom.

'Smartass' I thought to myself, If I had known her better I would said it out loud. I sat in the parlor, which was pretty nice, considering it was only the second or third one I had ever seen. There were paintings on the wall, real paintings with brush strokes and everything. Each one had a little light over the top of it to light it up for better viewing. The furniture was very comfortable, what I call ass grabbing chairs that suck your ass deep into them and make it hard to get up.

I was about to get up and get a better look at one of the pieces of sculpture when Cassie made her entrance. I have to say, I was blown away. The same woman who at the plant dressed in no nonsense business suits and low heeled shoes came into the room in a smoking hot black mini dress that clung to her very nice body.

She had on four inch high heels that made her legs look exquisite. Her hair was combed out and lay in long smooth waves down her exposed back. Miss Princeton was a babe. "Did you have any trouble finding me?" she asked.

I was so taken by her it took me a minute to respond. "Err uhh No." I finally stammered out "GPS" I said in explanation. She held her wrap toward me to have me help her put it on. I was lucky to get that without having to be told. I helped her and we left the house. When we got outside she pushed in a code on the keypad and the garage door opened exposing the Mercedes.

"Do you mind if we take my car?" she asked. I wondered what the hell I might have said. 'Oh no, let's take my piece of shit, I'll just have to clean out the front seat so you can sit that gorgeous ass down.' Instead I muttered "No that will be fine." She smiled coyly. I opened her door and she slid into the passenger seat. I walked around to the driver's side and got in. My palms were a pool of sweat. "She pushed the button that started the engine and spoke firmly into the voice recognition system.

"Bartolini's" the machine responded "Take a right at the next intersection." And thus started my evening. Chapter Three: Driving the Mercedes was awesome, but looking over into this woman's beautiful face as I drove surpassed any fantasy that I can remember. Her face was illuminated by the console lighting. Her long legs appeared to be much longer when she was seated. She crossed her legs and turned to face me. "This little restaurant lacks the glitz that some people enjoy, but it has the most amazing Chicken Masala in the world, and they have a respectable, though pedestrian wine list." She extended her hand to smooth her skirt and as she did she scratched her knee as if it itched.

"You'll have to let me know how the breakfast is." She added with a sly smile. The GPS guided us directly to the valet parking. I hustled out of the car to open her door, but the valet beat me to it.

I watched as her long legs emerged from the seat. She was the epitome of grace. I have no idea why my mind immediately compared her to Stella, That was like comparing the Mercedes to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. They both would get you to where you wanted to go, but there was a major difference in the ride.

I was trying my best to act like I'd been to this kind of place before, and actually I had, but she just had me so flustered that I was acting kind of stupid. As we entered the Maître 'D greeted us. "Good evening Ms. Princeton, so nice to see you again." I immediately realized how under dressed I was for this evening.

I had worn a pair of grey sharkskin slacks, a pullover knit shirt, and casual loafers. I felt like her lawn boy. I thought for a minute and then surmised that her lawn boy had more class than I did. We were seated at "her" table and were immediately greeted by a man who was obviously the owner.

He kissed her hand and asked her why she had been away so long. The banter continued for what seemed like an eternity until thankfully a steward offered me a bottle of wine for approval, I picked up the vibe and asked if they had it in another year?

That blew them away, when the Maître 'D scoffed at the steward and said bring the '65 you fool. It made me look like a genius. After everyone had left our table Cassie began to laugh. "That was marvelous." She cried. "The look on Phillipe's face was priceless." "Just like Princeton's Products" I added. With that she laughed from her gut, as if she were truly enjoying this joke. "Oh, Chuck, you are a hoot." She choked in between deep laughs.

"What would you have done if he had gotten mad at you?" she asked "I probably would have kicked his ass, what did he mean bringing anything but the '65." I answered and with that Cassie screamed with delight. When the waiter came, she asked if they were still serving breakfast, which caused him to stammer and then rush away as if shot in the gut. She continued to laugh out loud, as a matter of fact she did most of the night.

After it was explained that they never served breakfast, we ordered, Cassie had the Chicken Masala and I chose the fettuccini Alfredo with seared shrimp. We drank the hell out of that '65 and ordered another bottle.

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By the time we ordered dessert, we were both feeling little pain. Over dinner we talked about the food industry, I shared some of my favorite horror stories about her competitors, and she shared the story of how they grew from her Gramma's kitchen to a sixty million dollar a year food giant, making the same things that she ate as a child.

"Some people have all the luck," I threw in "If I made what I grew up eating, I might not be eating breakfast every meal of the day." Her mood changed to melancholy. "It hasn't been a perfect ride." She said "My Dad's been very strict with me, limiting my exposure to men, keeping me busy with the business instead of allowing me to experience real life." "Well, real life actually sucks." I popped in trying to brighten her mood.

She through her head back in another deep belly laugh and she reached across the table and kissed me on the cheek. I was slightly surprised by that move but the next one made me candidate for most gobsmacked person of the year. Her hand ran up my thigh and she squeezed my flaccid cock.

"I hope the alcohol didn't cause you to suffer E.D." she screamed at her own joke, "Come on let's get out of here." She and I rushed to the front door, I was trying to ask about the bill, but she assured me they knew where she lived, and that they would just charge it to her account.

The valet must have anticipated our departure because the car rolled up outside as we cleared the door. We literally jumped into the car and sped away. She draped herself over my body and began to massage my cock. "Come on little buddy," she snickered as she pulled my zipper down.

"Wanna come out and play with Cassie's pussy?" I was breaking every law known to man driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand down her thigh. I was not really surprised to find she wasn't wearing panties, but I was surprised to find that she had a full growth of pussy hair. She drew her head back and smiled.

"Do you like what you feel?" she giggled "Oh yeah," was all I could get out before she kissed me on the lips thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. Now, not only did I not have complete control of the car, I couldn't see as well. How we made it into the drive I will never know. She threw her door open and virtually drug me out of the passenger side of the car.

The ride over the console was memorable. She shouted a command to the entry system which unlocked the door automatically. We burst into the foyer and she slammed the door behind us and tackled me right there. She mounted me and directed my swollen cock into her throbbing cunt and we fucked, we didn't make love, we didn't romantically embrace, we fucked, as hard and as fast as both of us could manage.

Her legs were wrapped around me when I landed on the bottom and drawn up to her breasts when she made it back on top. She licked and kissed my face and chest, she bit my neck. She was absolutely out of control. I loved it. It was Stella on steroids.

This woman was fucking for all the marbles. She had been denied too long and when she finally got what she was after she was enjoying it to the maximum limit. I was sure if she had any tattoos they would say "Substantial penalty for early withdrawal." After what seemed to be hours, but in reality was probably only twenty to thirty minutes, she collapsed having just experienced a totally exhausting orgasm.

My cock was still hard, I think out of self-defense, fearing that she would rip it off if it let her down. "Wow, sailor, buy me a drink." She said laughing hard.

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She rolled over and kissed my cock. "Thanks, winky." She said to my now shriveling cock. We got up off the floor. "Come on upstairs, you're spending the night." I began to protest but she just looked at me sternly and said "I pay your rent and I promise a good breakfast in the morning." What could I say. The lady drove a hard bargain. To be continued: