Cosplay Babes spiderman mag große Brüste

Cosplay Babes spiderman mag große Brüste
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I was awoken on the bus by her little moans. I looked across the aisle and saw why she was moaning. Her boyfriend was fucking her from behind with his enormous cock.

Both her hands were pressed against the window. Her face sideways, her right cheek on the glass. It started out as a normal day. My plan was to take the bus from Vegas to San Diego for a trip to see my best girl friend. She had moved there for a new job 6 months ago. I missed her. I did not trust my old rust bucket 1992 Honda anymore.

Flights were expensive and the bus ride although long was cheap. I was happy the bus was not even half full. It consisted of an older crowd. Those people sat right up in the front. I had envisioned the bus being packed and full of undesirables.

It was not. I got on and grabbed a seat near the back but not quite as the washroom stench would probably creep up on you if you were seated beside the shitter.

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I watched intently as the rest of the people got on the bus. I knew I could pick out any weirdoes or psychotic passengers. I saw none. The last two people to get on the bus were a younger couple probably about my age in their early twenties. A guy and girl. The guy was tall and he dwarfed the girl he walked behind. They came right to where I was sitting and said hello as they grabbed the two seats across the aisle from me.

The girl was hot.

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She was small, thin and sexy. Her long straight shiny golden blond hair flowed effortlessly down her back to just above her ass. She had the brightest blue eyes and white smile you had ever seen. Her name was Celina. She was 19 years old. She looked really sexy in the little cotton white soft summer dress that barely covered her ass.

She wore sexy little leather strap shoes than wrapped up her calves. I could tell she had nice large firm breasts from how they stood out and up in the dress.

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She was not even wearing a bra. Her man was good looking too. Through conversation I learned his name was Matt.

The couple were also going to see a friend, but were only going as far as Fresno. Matt was in great shape. I could see his muscles rippling through his overly tight black tee shirt.

A bulge in his jeans showed he had a pretty big cock. He was clean shaven and had curly type brown hair that made him look kind of like a surfer.

The bus ride was stifling hot. It was mid July and for some reason it seemed the air conditioner was not working properly. I started to sweat right from the start of the ride. I was only wearing button up jean shorts and a tee shirt, but I still found it really warm.

I chatted with the couple and shared 5 or 6 beers with them that Matt pulled from his pack sack he had brought onto the bus. I started to feel pretty good as the evening came.

By about 11 pm I needed to sleep. The temperature had cooled down, so I pulled a small blanket out of my bag I had packed for the trip. I covered myself and slept across the two seats on my side. The lights went out on the bus. At about 2am I was awoken on the bus by her little moans.

I looked across the aisle. The couple was in the midst of all out sex. They had their backs to me. I could see Celina was pressed up against the bus window. Both her hands spread against the glass, her fingers wide. Her head rested sideways with her right cheek pressed against the window. It looked like she was getting frisked. Her little legs spread wide.


But they did not even touch the floor. I was startled at first and closed my eyes. Then I slowly opened one, then the other. I wanted to watch. I held my breath as if thinking they could hear my breathing.

I was silly. I began to watch intently. It was dark enough in the bus. They could not see me I thought, but I could still clearly make out what they were doing. I surveyed the whole situation. I was getting excited. I could see the smallest white little pair of panties barley hanging on to her right foot. They dangled there as she had an enormous cock thrust in and out of her from behind.

They would eventually just slip off. On the seat in a crumpled mess was her summer dress. Matts clothes lay in a heap on the floor now pushed under their seats. From behind it looked sexy. His firm tight tanned ass thrust repeatedly into little Celina. He was a monster in size compared to her. Each thrust lifted Celina up and pressed her harder against the glass.

He held her by the waist. His firm muscular back and arms rippled as he fucked the shit out of her little body. This got me excited. I did not even realize I was wet, let alone I had moved my right hand down under my blanket and was rubbing my crotch on top of my soft denim shorts.

I was warm and moist as hell already.

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I grasped the top right side of my shorts and easily pulled releasing all the front buttons. As my hand explored inside them I could feel my panties had become extremely wet. I was warm inside and had butterflies. I had never masturbated or even watched another couple having sex. This was exciting. I slipped my hand under my panties and made small circles around my clit with my middle finger.

My other fingers probed my pussy lips. Fuck I was going to cum well. As Matt thrust his cock into little Celina from behind I copied the rhythm. We were in unison. I shoved three fingers into my pussy as he thrust into her. I felt like I was somehow participating. Celina and Matt both glistened with sweat. Her soaking wet hair clung to her body and face. I observed her facial expressions. I could see from the left side of her face that she was in ecstasy.

She kept her eyes closed but her mouth hung open. Moans echoed from inside her with every fuck thrust he jammed deep inside her little frame. Her hands tried to claw and grasp at the window.

It was impossible on the smooth flat glass. It was if she needed or wanted to hang onto or grab something. After about 10 minutes of steady fucking she came. I knew she was about to. Her moans now louder could probably be heard on the entire bus. Almost everyone was sleeping though, so it probably did not disturb anyone.

I imagined the bus driver was use to all sorts of things. He probably had his mirror adjusted and watched too. Just as Celina was about to cum, Matt grabbed her by her wrists and threw her face down on the seats. With his large strong right hand he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into the seat cushions to stifle her screams of joy.


Somehow he knelt behind her between the rows of seats. With his left hand he reached around her front and grasped her pussy area right up to her ass surrounding his cock with his fingers.

He thrust into her like a mad man. The set of seats moved slightly. I thought they would break. He grunted like an animal. As his cock went in and out of her pussy I could see the engorged veins ready to blast baby juice into his little tart. It happened all of a sudden. I was so caught up in the show I brought myself to orgasm.

I cried out as I felt juices spray from my pussy. I tried to stop but it was too late. Matt heard me.

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He looked over and smiled and then continued ravishing his little girlfriend. I was embarrassed. I had been caught.

About a minute later he finished pumping her full of cum. He swore under his breath as a smile spread over his face. He pulled out and I watched in awe as his at least 10 inch veiny gigantic cock dripped left over cum onto her back.

His girl had been worked over really well. She lay there on her knees face down on the seats. I looked at her trembling firm little tanned legs. I was turned on even more as cum dripped and oozed down the insides of them. She lay there moaning soflty. She was the sexiest naked girl I had ever seen. I imagined they must fuck all the time. They probably did it everywhere. I wanted to be her.

Matt without saying a word walked over to me and ripped the blanket off. He was still hard and horny. He looked at my wet right hand and soaked panties. He was strong. Without any effort he grabbed my shorts that were still on and ripped them apart effortlessly down the middle crotch seam. The ripping sound turned me on even more. My panties were even easier.

As he destroyed them juices flew in the air.

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I did not say a thing but was ready for it. He kept me sitting on the chair. He grabbed my legs and spread them widely lifting them above my head. I was flexible. I had been a gymnast for years luckily. He teased me for a second or tip with his gigantic mushroom sized cock head on my outer pussy lips. Then without warning he thrust it in. It was so big it jammed against the back wall of my pussy. I let out a scream.

It hurt but was a good hurt. He held me in place with his large hands. I could not move. I liked being fucked by a mystery guy like this. His cock and the excitement did not take long to make me cum. I came like never before. It seemed like I had an orgasm for minutes. My body shook and convulsed and I pleasure like never before.

I turned to my left and saw Celina watching. She smiled and lay on the seat still spent. I felt Matt building up for an orgasm in me. His cock already hard, became rock hard. His veins hardened up engorged with blood and reminded me of a ribbed vibrator I owned.

I could see in his eyes that he was ready to fill me. I felt it inside squirting me.

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I wondered if I would get a baby? Once done Matt got off me and went back to his girlfriend. Cum dripped from inside of me after he was finished. It felt good. I fell fast asleep.