Fucking story of budgam kashmiri girl

Fucking story of budgam kashmiri girl
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Andy pulled his car into the Dunphy's driveway and left the engine to idle as Kyla La Grange's 'Cannibals' finished up on the radio.

Typically, it was the kind of song that would make Andy change the station - its dark, intense electronic synth not usually being his bag. Ever since the song had played on Haley's iPod the last time they had been intimate however, he left the radio be if it came on. He didn't go out of his way to keep count the number of times he had heard the song in these last three weeks but his brain - which was always on - told him that he had heard it seventeen times.

Seventeen times Andy had reflexively pawed where Haley had bitten him on his collarbone during the song's final thrumming beats. Seventeen times Andy had instantly relived the final, elongated thrust they shared as Haley's bite put him over the edge.

Seventeen times Andy had felt a stirring unlike any he'd had before that evening. As the song concluded and gave way to commercials, Andy snapped himself out of this train of thought. He wasn't at the Dunphy residence to dwell on such things: Phil had sent him to pick up brochures for the open house they were hosting that afternoon. With that, he got out of the car and made his way to the front door, letting himself in with the key Phil had given him.

"Hello," he announced loudly just in case anyone was in. As suspected nobody replied and he headed to the kitchen where Phil had told him the brochures were. He found the papers on the kitchen table and thumbed through them to check they were the correct ones. Surmising that they were, Andy turned to leave but stopped when he heard a small thud come from upstairs. "Hello?" he called up the staircase. No reply, but when he listened closer he could hear that the shower was running.

A burglar would hardly take a shower, Andy thought. Then he began to wonder. Luke was with Phil at the open house, Alex was at college, and surely Jay, Gloria, Manny, Cam or Mitchell wouldn't ever need to shower in this house on a Thursday afternoon. That left only Claire or Haley.

Andy's eyes widened and he smiled. Every time he and Haley had come close to getting physical since that last time three weeks ago some interference had always occurred. Andy, having grown up quite conservative, used to take occurrences like these when he was with his ex-fiancee Beth in stride, but Haley's indecorous nature had recently awoken something in him that made such interruptions an abominable action.

As the shower continued to run, Andy checked the door to the basement: Haley's bedroom. It was ajar. She must have gotten off work early today, he thought. He descended the steps to investigate and upon seeing a lit incense he began to unbutton his shirt before stopping only half-way done.

To make sure that Claire was not the one responsible for the lit incense he pulled out his phone and rang her. "Hello?" Claire answered quickly. She sounded confused, likely because although they had saved each other's numbers, she had never received a call from Andy. "Hey Mrs Dunphy, it's Andy." "I know, Andy, these smartphone things are equipped with everything from GPS to caller ID." "I've heard they also let you play Boggle too!

It's a mindb-ending world we live in, huh?" No response . though, Claire never laughed at his jokes. Better to push on with the enquiry. "I'm calling because Phil said he forgot some open house brochures when he left this morning.

He asked me to get them but I just realized that he never actually said where they are and now I can't get hold of him. You're not home are you, or know where they are?" "I'm not," Claire replied impatiently. "Sorry, Andy, I've got to go. Meeting. I saw the papers on the kitchen table though." Claire ended the call.

Beaming, Andy continued his way down the staircase into Haley's bedroom and finished removing his shirt, excited for what was to come. Feeling inspired by the spontaneity, he looked around the room for matches.

Finding them on the bedside desk, he lit the various candles Haley had placed around the room, each one a vaguely different colour and scent.

Then, he removed the rest of his clothes and laid himself in the middle of the bed. As a final touch he placed Haley's favourite bed decoration - a white cushion dotted with strawberries - across his bare pelvis and propped his head against a raised fist in what he deemed a conventionally sexy pose. Finishing his setup with not a moment to spare, Andy saw the natural light from upstairs illuminate the staircase as the bedroom door opened. Time slowed as his eyes followed a towelled Haley descend; her wet bare legs glinting in the candlelight; her phone, as requisite for Haley, in her soft hands; her towel hanging loose over her lower body but tight over her ample chest .

Andy paused for a moment on Haley's chest, which was decidedly much larger than the one his memory recalled, and then continued to travel up her body only to find himself looking at the face of Alex as her own gaze strayed from her phone when she reached the bottom of the stairs and found his. Simultaneously they both emitted loud noises of shock and terror jolted their whole bodies. Andy's involuntary action swung his free hand forward and he struck the strawberry cushion with enough force that it flew to one side of the room whilst Alex's jump saw her throw her phone to the other; her reaction also loosening her towel such that it dropped in one quick motion to the floor.

An indeterminate period of time passed as they both remained frozen and gazed at each other; first maintaining eye contact, then, inevitably, roaming over each other's body. Alex was the first to react - though not as swiftly as she thought - as her arms shot across her body to cover herself.

"What are you doing here?" she asked indignantly. Andy blinked. "What are you doing here?" "I live here," Alex said, not completely assuredly.

Without meaning to, her eyes wandered once more. "Not … any more you don't," Andy said, watching her eyes move across him. Alex didn't reply and neither of them made any immediate effort to cover themselves further. Andy's cognitive thought all but switched off as he took in Alex's body: the long, dark, still-wet hair resting on her wide shoulders; her soft-skinned, buxom curvature - which Andy's father would have likened to "a real woman"; the way her arms covered just enough of her womanhood that her stance would, in any other situation, look playful; and finally he rested on the eyes behind the thick-rimmed glasses: large, bold, sultry, beyond her years.

Andy felt a stiffness between his legs then and his brain was suddenly back in the game as his hands awkwardly made to cover himself, but not before Alex had watched the growth take place. She couldn't help but emit a faint gasp as she processed that she had just witnessed her first erection, at which she felt her cheeks become flushed. "Well, put some burgers on the grill because we are in a pickle," Andy said with a nervous laugh, attempting to break the ice.

At that, Alex smiled. Involuntarily, she thought of her dad, who would undoubtedly have said something similarly stupid if he were the one in this situation. Remembering that she was naked and having just felt a strong sexual impulse however, she immediately pushed her dad from her mind. "My curling iron is broke," she said to Andy, as explanation for her being in the house.

"Mine too," said Andy, as he raised one hand in a what-can-you-do-gesture as the other failed pretty miserably at keeping his erection out of sight. This made Alex first laugh, then blush further, and then feel guilty as she remembered who Andy was to her family; to Haley.

"I'm going to, er -" Alex started, looking down at her towel on the floor. It took Andy a moment to realize that he should look away so Alex could cover herself properly again. After Andy had turned his head Alex waited a moment before moving, savouring how her arm felt on her rapidly hardening nipples and even more so on how her cupped hand felt against her warming vaginal lips.

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Although she had of course masturbated many times - certainly more so once she and Haley no longer shared a bedroom - there was something about her own touch here and right now that felt new and somehow more powerful. For the first time in all her interactions with a male she felt like a real being of desire; not in a mental capacity but as a physical one.

Remembering the promptness with which Andy has become erect, she let her cupped hand move firmly along her lips and across her clitoris.


Then, she parted the skin using two fingers and pushed into herself gently, just once. She barely heard the whimper that escaped her lips but she certainly felt what elicited it. Then, she brought her fingers to her mouth she pulled on the taste.

"I'm, um, also going to cover myself," Andy, who was still averting his gaze, said. Whether Andy had gauged what she had just done, Alex did not know. As Andy draped himself with one of the free halves of bedsheet beneath him, Alex felt more comfortable in her nakedness than she ever had, relishing the obvious wrongness of the unexpected pleasure she had just felt.

Nevertheless, a faraway pang of guilt made her pick up her towel. As she wrapped the cloth around herself however, she positioned it so that a sizeable amount of cleavage was on offer. "Weeeeell," Andy said, as he slapped his legs and looked around the room after Alex announced that she was covered, "that was awkward." "I'm not sure awkward is the right word," Alex said, twitching her fingers together as she moved to the desk chair beside the bed.

Andy pushed himself into a sitting position and raised his knees. Not only did this feel like a more friendly position for the two of them to talk than remaining laid down but it also allowed him to easily hide his erection in the tented area of bedsheet. He watched Alex as she rummaged in the draws of the desk beside the bed for the curling iron and was unable to catch himself when his gaze landed on her chest once more as she stretched her torso toward the different draws.

He subconsciously made a note in his head that Alex had wrapped her towel noticeably lower than it had been when she had entered the room earlier as she now proffered the room the two crests of her taut bosom. Was this a subtle invitation or had she not even realized what she had done, he wondered.

Suddenly, he found himself questioning his brain how he hadn't noticed Alex's clear womanliness before. He largely pinned his ignorance on his infatuation with Haley's perpetual game of cat-and-mouse, in addition to the fact that Alex was her younger sister and was naturally forbidden. Then, it crossed his mind that the bookish, reclusive Alex, behind her chastity shield of baggy sweaters and sarcasm was never cause for distraction by her own choice anyway. But now, seeing her in this new light … Andy didn't like where his thoughts, and his erection's clear wishes, were trying to take him.

He loved Haley and he shouldn't let a fleeting moment of unauthorized lust bring that relationship down - if he was going to be presumptuous and think that Alex had even felt the same urge as him anyway.

"I, well, er, I should get going," Andy started. "I only got like-" he cleared his throat and gestured at his covered nakedness "-because I thought you were Haley.

Obviously" Curling iron now in-hand, Alex turned in her chair to face Andy. Although she completely understood why he would want to leave, had he not felt that explosion of tension? She accepted that Andy was Haley's boyfriend. The smart one of the Dunphy children, Alex's brains and unerring common sense told her that she only felt this compulsion this strongly because of the shock of the incident, a flash of convenient desire wanting to be indulged in.

It was the kind of thing hormonal teenagers always fruitlessly fantasized about but it had actually happened to her: a cute, funny and healthily-built young man had been practically dropped in her lap, and he appeared - so his swift erection and continued obvious gawping would suggest - to find her as attractive as she, him; the only hangup was that he was her sister's boyfriend.

She knew that whatever these glances were now, Andy didn't have real feelings for her, even if she herself had on occasion experienced what Haley also felt towards the quirky guy. But she wasn't destined to have passion or romance like Haley. She was relegated to the Sanjays and Reubens of the world: the boys who quiver at the thought of female contact, who don't even look at her the way Andy had done (even if he did kind of look guilty doing it).

She resigned to not act on the urge. But her body, finally and so unexpectedly close to the action her 18 year-old hormones craved, did not want to go home (so to speak) completely empty handed. Her primal urges bargained with her brain to at least fulfill one request from this mishap.

As Andy made to get off the bed Alex quickly set the curling iron down and raised her hands toward him in protest. "Andy! This might sound … weird, but could you … could you . hold me? Just for a short while?" "I don't think that would be a good idea," Andy said, a small bit of blood leaving his nether region and rising to his cheeks.

Alex felt herself choking on her words in a way she never did in Debate Team. "I've … uh … I've never been looked at like that … like the way you … did." Andy felt guilt travel through him and he sat back down, legs hanging off the far side of the bed. "I've . never felt . like a woman," Alex continued. "I'm not, uh-" she didn't know how to word this without seeming too presumptuous. "I'm not asking for you … us … to do anything." Andy contemplated the proposition.

He sensed a shift in the room. Something like sexual tension having given way to something more like compassion. Alex looked so dispirited and he felt like he needed to help the mood, if not to end this awkward encounter on the most agreeable terms. Eventually he turned and pointed at Alex's iPod on the desk and then at Haley's docking station. "One song," he said. Alex immediately perked up and inserted her iPod into the docking station. She loaded her 'All Songs' playlist, turned the volume up two thirds of the way and hit Play.

As Alex had been sorting the music, Andy had climbed off the bed and secured the bedsheet he was already wrapped in around himself like a Roman's robe. Then, he faced Alex as she straightened herself and lifted her towel from the top hem to hide her cleavage. "One song," she said and offered her hand to shake.

"One song," Andy said, then shook. Andy drew Alex in as Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx's 'Nightfall' began.

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Alex wrapped her arms around him and placed her chin in the nook of Andy's collarbone to rest her cheek on his neck, with her chest pushed gently against Andy's own.

Their proximity sent a faint shudder through his body but he ignored it.

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At first they swayed stiffly to the steady thud of the synth-pop track but they soon found a rocking rhythm in their step. Eventually, whilst the deep beat of the drum hit the pair and Lovefoxxx's entreating voice begged them to ignore their instincts, they pushed their bodies right up against each other. As the dance became more fluid, their arms became freer; Alex's moved up Andy's back and clutched at his shoulders whilst Andy found his hands fall from Alex's sides to rest in the arch at the back of her waist.

Alex melted. Although she really did mean to just be held, the intimacy of their slow dance sent quivers of confidence through her, encouraged by Andy's warm hardness pressing into her leg. Andy, ever the romantic, felt the moment spurred by the song, the myriad of smells, the candlelight and Alex's alluring closeness.

He pulled his head back from Alex to look into her eyes for a brief moment. Then, his brain lapsing again, he kissed her. Just a soft, pursed press. When he pulled away again his face was regretful. "I wish that hadn't felt good," he said equally to himself as much to Alex.

The kiss was the curtain call on Doing The Right Thing for Alex; it pushed her confidence and want into new territory and she planted her mouth on Andy's. To begin with their kisses were textbook. Then they became exploratory: open-mouthed, wet, tongues lashing at tongue, teeth and lips. Their hold on each other became more of a grip and there was no more dancing as they pressed their bodies harder together.

Alex had both given and received pecked kisses from boys but she had never come close to envisioning such passion as she was experiencing. Likewise, Andy reflected (very momentarily) on how stilted Haley's kissing could be, like she was trying to emulate a Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling love scene.

Where had Alex learned to kiss like this, he wondered as his bedsheet became even more strained. He found himself being moved backwards by Alex and he hit the wall. She gripped his waist and thrust her own against it, using the wall to her advantage; the pressure on the skin surrounding her moistening clitoris more intense than she anticipated. Eventually, tired of interfering cloth, Alex stepped back and released the fasten in her towel and dropped it to the floor.

Andy gaped at her still-wet body, glistening in the candlelight.

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She seemed infinitesimally more sexy now than she had when her towel had fallen by accident minutes earlier. She bit her lower lip, chest pushed out, and put her hands on her waist. The summons was there: he unfastened his bedsheet-robe and let it fall off him as he put his hands out and then against the wall. Now Alex was being summoned as her eyes fell once more on Andy's phallus. For the first time since he kissed her, she hesitated proper.

Not because of guilt - although, that would surely hit her hard later - but because she had never touched a penis, much less an erect one. She had watched porn and read articles: she had studied for this day - it was the Alex thing to do. To actually put what she had learned into practise though, was a different matter.

Then, as 'Nightcall' came to an end, whatever cosmic forces that controlled the universe came into play when Roxette's 'Listen To Your Heart' came on next. Alex felt confidence fill her once more. "One song?" she asked playfully about their earlier deal. Andy shook his head once, lust in his eyes. At this, Alex moved forward a step, gripped Andy's erection in one hand and pulled him towards her. She gripped him from behind with her other hand and thrust his penis between her legs to slide not inside, but against her now fully wet vaginal lips.

She kneaded her pelvis against his, forcing him to take slow steps backwards as she slicked his erection with her own juices, gasping heavily with each thrust. An action he had not felt before, Andy was suddenly taken to new places and also emitted a deep groan. They continued to gyrate in tune with the beat of the ballad until, all of a sudden, Andy felt himself close to ejaculation.

Alarmed and not wanting their affair to end so soon, he grabbed Alex by her waist and pushed her away from him with force. Temporarily shocked, Alex then intuitively understood the action and smirked. She playfully made a grab for his erection but Andy gripped her arm and willed her to turn around, which she did obediently. Then, Andy put his arms around Alex and pulled himself close, his penis resting on her back as one hand explored her substantial chest and the other, her vagina.

Alex had played with her nipples before but she never saw the appeal. When she had handled herself they barely became erect but right now they were at full charge and with each tweak from Andy's fingers a lungful of air escaped her. This was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt from the ease with which he was able to slip his fingers through her lubricated lips.

Each time Andy firmly circled her clitoris her legs buckled slightly and she let out a tiny squeak. Feeling herself also reach new heights of pleasure now, she put her arm around her back and gripped Andy's penis hard, instinctively moving her grip from shaft to head and back in quick succession.

Suddenly, the aroma of Alex's wetness hit Andy's nose. A bolt of shame struck him as flashes of Haley ran through his head when he realized that the sisters smelled the same.

The shame was short-lived however, as he suddenly found himself leading Alex to the bed, where he laid her down. First he cupped the back of her head and they kissed with open mouths as he hovered above her (Alex once again holding onto Andy by his erection).

Then, he methodically kissed her neck, then collarbone, then made his way to her breast (at this, Alex released Andy as his waist was now out of reach). His tongue circled the areola of one breast as his hand played gently with the other and then he switched focus.

At this play, Alex unconsciously thrust her pelvis upwards, which prompted Andy to return to kissing his way down to the parting in her legs.

He took a moment to appreciate the view. Where Haley was always shaving her pubic hair into one shape or another, Alex simply had a consistent turf of short hair which, he found as he began kissing the area, was surprisingly soft. Then, as he slowly clasped each of his hands around her her thighs, he kissed the inside of her legs, switching between playful bites and light, lingering licks.

Alex was pleased by each kiss but she was eager for Andy to begin the real wor- His tongue travelled from the base of her vagina up to her clitoris. The sudden, trailing sensation sent a shiver through her body and she clasped his head in her hands as he began systematically running his mouth across every inch of her womanhood. Licking as deep into her as his tongue would go, he then moved up the lip to flick and revolve around the clitoris with all parts of his mouth that he could use.

Just when she thought she could get used to his rhythm, he reversed his style and the subsequent surprising burst of pleasure forced her to moan deeply. When she began pressing her pelvis into Andy's mouth with increasing frequency, he devoted his efforts to her clitoris and its immediate vicinity, circling with his salivating tongue and lips with escalated spirit.

In no time, Andy was suddenly drinking in a gushing fruity, metallic wetness. As Alex trembled with euphoria, Andy kept up his game, lapping her juices until she let out a final squeal and lifted his head away, breasts rising and falling rapidly.

Andy, giving Alex a second to come down from her orgasm, made a note that climaxing during the last moments of a song was evidently a familial habit as 'Listen To Your Heart' on the iPod came to an end. Then, he crawled back up the bed towards her.

Just as he made to wipe any remaining cum from his mouth she pulled his face to hers and kissed him hard, still giving a small bodily twitch every now and then. Andy reflected that Alex was definitely more intense, seductive, flirty and varied in taste than he thought as 'Walking On Air' by Katy Perry began. Although he wanted to chuckle at the song's contrast to the last two on her playlist he was too focused on Alex's face as she cocked an eyebrow, pulled a cheeky grin and leant in to slowly lick a trickled line of her juice from his chin.

It was a simple move that immediately reinvigorated his erection. Without missing a beat, she rolled him from on top of her and positioned herself on her knees to be above him. Andy placed his hands on her waist and let them move across her body and up her arms as she descended to his eager penis. Alex was enraptured. Not only had she proved her womanliness to Andy with their arousing dance and following teasing but he had shown her that he respected her sexuality by devoting himself to her own pleasure, and even swallowing every drop of her ejaculation that he could.

Separately, she marvelled again at the feeling of the liquid release itself: something she hadn't actually achieved before. Now, she would repay him in kind. She gripped him at the base, acquainting herself with the pulsing penis up close for the first time.

Slowly, she ran her grip up the shaft and thumbed the underside of the head, where a considerable amount of pre-cum had accumulated. This made Andy thrust his hips forward in what Alex took as yearning. Obliging, she put her lips over the head, lifted her tongue to the underside and slurped the liquid into her mouth.

A brief moan came from Andy and she felt him run his hand through one side of her hair to hold her head from behind. His juice tasted sweet and had a thicker texture than she expected.

Determining to get more of it - especially given how he had produced and consumed hers with such vigor - she began working the shaft with one hand as the other met Andy's, all whilst she wet her lips and embraced the rim of the bell.

She swirled her tongue around the purple end and softly bounced her head repeatedly, making sure she wet the bell in its entirety before she circled her tongue underneath once again, much to Andy's groaning approval.

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Then, deciding that she was ready to do so, she let go of Andy's hand and placed it on his pubis for embrace as she swallowed as much of his penis as she could. The warmth of her mouth made Andy gulp for air and she felt more droplets of pre-cum escape him.

Remembering that the substance was slippery, Alex repositioned herself to incline her throat higher above Andy. As she did this, she continued to thrust her mouth onto the erection and strategically rubbed it against any area where she could taste his cum. Then, angled to do so, she deepthroated the entirety of Andy's now throbbing penis with ease and zeal. Andy's face contorted in pleasure as Alex's warm, tight, wet throat pumped up and down repeatedly. Although he held out for as long as he humanly could, he suddenly slammed his fists into the bed and called out loud as he ejaculated.

Momentarily overcome, Alex felt her mouth seemingly fill with warm semen, the discharge as equally sweet, though thicker than the pre-cum. Not removing her mouth as burst after burst released into her throat, she actively began to suck up and down the phallus as if to siphon out any unreleased semen until she determined that no more would come.

Finally, she sat up to look at Andy as she licked the inside of her mouth and her lips, to show him that his load, like hers, had not gone to waste. Andy made a noise akin to a well-satisfied laugh and pulled her down towards him. Just as she had done with him, he initiated another burst of tongue-on-tongue kissing and they embraced each other, lying in their respective remnant cum, sweat and betrayal.

Neither of them could think of something to say for a while, instead preferring to try and not think about the impending questions they'll have to ask themselves and each other about what happens next. Both Andy and Alex had crossed a line that, should Haley - or anyone - find out had been crossed could potentially destroy any semblance of a relationship, friendly or familial.

Although neither of them dared say that they wanted more of what they had just shared, they both felt it. Alex could already feel her nipples hardening at the thought. If foreplay felt this good, she thought, how incredible must sex itself be?


As 'Walking On Air' came to its close, Andy began to wonder the same. As had crossed his mind earlier, Haley consistently brought out the best in him as a person but when it came to the physical side of their relationship - as improper as she was - even that night three weeks ago hadn't felt as good and right as the intimacy he and Alex had just shared. And they hadn't even gone all the way! He pulled Alex's waist towards him once more. She looked into his eyes and smiled as she moved her hand southward and felt his penis twitch and begin to harden.

Then, from the iPod Kyla La Grange's 'Cannibals' began playing.