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Hindu girl passonately on muslim dick
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"Oh, yes," Susan said, squirming as Jimmy's tongue drove her wild. "Please do it now." "Jimmy, you better get out of the way," Ed said with a chuckle as he watched Jimmy voraciously sucking his sister's pussy. With a chagrinned look on his face, Jimmy got to his feet, his face smeared with Susan's pussy juices. Then Ed stepped forward and began to gently rub his cock in between Susan's pussy lips, rubbing her clit and getting the head of his cock nice and wet from her pussy juices.

Then Ed let the head of his cock nestle at the entrance to Susan's hole. Everyone was gathered as close as they could to watch Ed's huge cock pressing against Susan's pussy. "All right," Ed said as he rubbed the head of his cock against the entrance to Susan's hole. "Are you ready?" he asked, sliding a finger up into her pussy.

"Yes," Susan gasped, squirming against his finger in her pussy. "Do it now." "Here we go," Ed said, replacing finger with his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Everyone was leaning close as Ed began to press his cock against Susan's pussy. Susan couldn't believe how it felt as her pussy began to stretch as the head of Ed's cock began to push into her.

Then suddenly as everyone watched, the head of Ed's cock and about two more inches suddenly slid into her pussy, causing her to cry out as it stretched her. "Are you okay?" Ed asked, just standing there and feeling her pussy clench and unclench against his cock as it lay nestled inside of her pussy.

"It's so big," Susan gasped. "I can't wait to feel that inside of me," Alice said, shaking her head. "Well, here we go again," Ed said, slowly sliding his hips back and forth and just sliding the head of his cock back and forth in the first couple of inches of her pussy, getting her accustomed to the feel of it. Then Ed slowly began to push more and more of his cock into Susan's pussy each time he rocked forward, slowly sliding inch after inch into her.

Susan was gasping as she felt his cock filling her pussy. Then suddenly Ed pushed his cock into her, driving the last three inches into her pussy and tearing past her maidenhead. Susan cried out when she felt his cock tear into her, then she felt his pubic hairs tickling her pussy and realized that his cock must be totally buried inside of her.

She just knelt there feeling his cock throbbing inside of her, feeling totally stuffed. Then as everyone watched, Ed slowly began to slide his cock back out of Susan's pussy, inch by inch, until just the head of it was still inside of her.

Then he slowly pushed it back in, not stopping until it totally disappeared inside of her. Susan groaned as she felt Ed's cock moving back into her. Slowly, slowly Ed began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, only increasing the tempo when he felt her pussy adjusting and beginning to get wet, lubricating the way.

Soon Susan was moaning as her pussy got used to Ed's cock. She began to press her ass back into him as he pumped his cock into her. She began gyrating her ass as Ed's huge cock slid in and out of her pussy. Everyone was watching with held breath, though every one of them were slowly masturbating as they watched.

Ed's cock seemed so huge compared to Susan as it continued to move in and out of her, now covered in a sheen of juices. Susan began to moan louder as she felt herself cum for the first time.

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Ed barely controlled himself when he felt her pussy spasm on his cock when her orgasm hit her. He just continued sliding his cock in and out of her pussy as she writhed on the end of it, impaled. Susan's eyes began to glaze as she continued to cum, one endless, nonstop orgasm.

Slowly Ed began to realize that he was going to cum, whether he wanted to or not. Picking up the pace, he began really fucking her now, his cock pumping as fast as he could, in and out, in and out, Susan just moaning on her hands and knees. Then suddenly Ed pulled his cock from her pussy. "Turn around," he said, holding it in his hand. "Turn around," he repeated, helping her in her dazed state to turn around.

When Susan had turned around, Ed held his cock in her face.

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Automatically Susan opened her mouth and let Ed slide his cock in. Her eyes opened wide when she first tasted herself on Ed's cock and she moaned. Wrapping her lips around his cock, Susan slurped and sucked on him, swallowing as she sucked their juices off of his cock.

She couldn't believe how intoxicating it was as the taste of her pussy all over his cock filled her mouth. Then Ed began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. Susan just relaxed her jaw and let him push cock right into her throat, almost choking her as he continued to fuck her face. Then Susan felt his cock beginning to swell as he prepared to cum.

Wrapping both hands around the shaft of his cock, Susan began to suck on him, using her tongue all around the head of his cock. Then suddenly it erupted in her mouth, jets of cum shooting into her throat. Susan gulped and gulped as Ed filled her mouth with cum. She continued to go down on him, sliding her mouth down onto his cock and back, sucking him as he continued to shoot cum into her mouth.

Finally Ed's balls stopped pumping and cum stopped shooting into Susan's mouth. Slowly and languidly she licked and sucked Ed's cock, making sure to get all of the cum off of it. Then she released him, letting him step back from her.

"Wow, you were great," Alice said, moving forward and hugging her. "What a great fuck!

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His cock looked awesome in your pussy. I can't wait. But how is your pussy? Let's see if it's all right," Alice said, encouraging Susan to open her legs and put her feet up on the seat. "Well, you've definitely been opened up," Alice said. "You look yummy," she said, leaning forward and gently licking Susan's pussy.

"This will feel nice," she said, "for both of us." And with that Alice began to lick and suck Susan's newly fucked pussy, drinking up her first fuck orgasm, tasting the excitement in her juices. Almost immediately Susan began to cum again, her whole body shaking as her pussy spasmed again.

Alice just slurped at the juices that flowed from Susan's newly deflowered pussy, drinking up the nectar which ran into her mouth. "God, what an incredible tasting pussy," Alice exclaimed as she lifted her face from Susan's quivering snatch.

"Would you like some more cock?" she asked her. "What do you mean?" Susan asked, gasping. "I see some pretty hard cocks just waiting for a place to go," she replied. "This is your night. Would you like some more? I know John's just dying to fuck you." "I'd like that," Susan agreed, her pussy on fire.

"Well, get on your hands and knees and we'll get these guys in line for you," Alice said, one last time bending to stick her tongue up into Susan's pussy. "Come on, John," Alice said. "I know you're ready." "You bet I am," John said, moving forward, his cock erect in front of him.

"You ready, Susan?" he asked, rubbing his cock in her pussy. "Yes," Susan gasped as she felt his cock between her pussy lips.

"Fuck me." So John steadily pressed his cock into her newly broken in pussy while everyone watched as inch after inch disappeared. Finally he was totally buried in Susan's tight snatch, feeling her pussy clench and unclench his cock.

Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, feeling the tightness as her pussy gripped him. Susan was gasping as she thrust back against him each time be buried himself in her. Finally John was thrusting in and out as fast as he could, really slamming himself into her as they fucked.

When he groaned as he felt his balls contracting, Alice quickly dropped to her knees next to them and pulled his cock from Susan's pussy, immediately sucking it into her mouth as he began to cum, filling her mouth.

Susan just rested on her knees, her pussy gaping open now, her pussy lips swollen, gasping for breath. "Come on, Billy, it's your turn," Alice said when she finished sucking all of the cum from John's spurting cock. Without hesitating Billy stepped forward and slid his cock directly into Susan's pouting pussy, not stopping until he was completely buried inside of her. Susan groaned when she felt his cock filling her, her pussy still sore from the fucking Ed had given her.

Then she felt herself begin to cum again as Billy began sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. "God, I've wanted to fuck this pussy since I first saw you," he grunted as he fucked her.

"And it feels even better than I imagined." Susan just smiled to herself when he said this, thinking what she had been like just a few short days before.

The idea of any kind of sex just hadn't occurred to her in her life before this, and now here she was losing her virginity on the upper deck of a ship with a bunch of people who she didn't even know a few days ago watching her pussy get stuffed with cock.

As Billy felt his cock about ready to explode, he reluctantly pulled it from Susan's pussy where Alice immediately sucked it into her mouth as his balls blew, filling her mouth with yet another load of cum.

Her cheeks billowed as she struggled to swallow Billy's copious load as shot after shot of cum filled her mouth. Then when she had finished sucking all of the cum from his cock, she let him go, leaning forward and gluing her mouth to Susan's pussy, her tongue shooting up into her hole. Susan moaned as she felt Alice's mouth on her pussy.

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She felt like she was on fire. The world was starting to spin when she felt yet another cock pushing into her pussy. Looking back over her shoulder she saw that it was Bob.

Almost instantly she felt herself begin to cum again as Bob's cock slammed in and out of her swollen pussy. She didn't know where she was as her head spun from her orgasm. Then she felt his cock pull out and not push back in.

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Through the haze of her vision Susan looked back over her shoulder and saw Alice sucking Bob's cock as he came in her mouth, swallowing yet another load of cum. Then she sighed when she saw Alice turn to her and glue her mouth again to her pussy, sucking at the juices that were flowing from her hole. Susan couldn't believe how she felt, one orgasm after another after another.

One cock after another after another. She felt like she didn't even know who she was, much less what was going on. "God, what a feast," Alice exclaimed as she lifted her face from Susan's swollen pussy. "Who's next?" she asked, looking around. "Jimmy, it's your turn now," she said, licking her lips. "Me?" Jimmy asked, looking at her in surprise. "Sure, you," Alice responded with a smile.

"Don't you want to fuck your sister?" "Well, sure, I guess," Jimmy said, unsure of himself. "Oh, Jimmy, go ahead. It feels wonderful," Susan heard herself saying. "I don't mind." "Wow. Okay," Jimmy said, standing forward. "You're sure?" "I'm sure," Susan laughed.


"But I want you to cum in my mouth, okay?" "Sure," Jimmy said, rubbing the head of his cock in Susan's juicy pussy. "Here goes," he said, pushing his cock into his sister's pussy. Everyone watched as Jimmy's cock disappeared into his sister's pussy.

Jimmy couldn't believe how it felt as Susan's pussy gripped his cock and squeezed, milking him. "Oh, Jimmy, that feels good," Susan said, pressing back against him. "Fuck me, Jimmy. Go ahead and fuck me," Susan said, completely turned on by the fact that it was her brother's cock inside of her. The fact that everyone was watching made it even better and more exciting. Everyone had smiles on their faces as Jimmy began to fuck his sister, his cock pistoning in and out of her shaved pussy, her pussy lips swollen and clinging to his cock each time he drew back.

Her clit was swollen and sticking out underneath Jimmy's cock. They were all mesmerized as they watched and didn't hear when Don and Jane walked up. "What's going on here?" Jane asked curiously as they approached the group of people standing around the chaise lounge where Susan was kneeling with Jimmy's cock in her pussy. "Oh, my god," Jane gasped when she stepped into the circle between Ed and Alice. "What are you doing?" she shouted as she saw Jimmy's cock gliding in and out of Susan's pussy.

Right there in front of everyone like some show. Don just stood there with his mouth hanging open. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Jimmy was so shocked by the sudden appearance of his parents that he just kept on fucking Susan on autopilot. "Now, Jane," Alice said, putting an arm around her shoulders both to restrain her and to reassure her. "This is of Susan's choosing," she explained. "She wanted to lose her virginity and she asked us as a group if we would help her." "You -- you mean Jimmy. ." she began.

"Oh, no, he didn't win," Alice said with a laugh. "Ed did." "Ed!" Jane exclaimed, whirling to stare at him. "You took my daughter's virginity?" "Well, I'd say she gave it to me," Ed said. "I sure didn't ask her." "Jimmy's just the last one," Alice explained. "She wanted everyone but someone had to go first. Ed picked the proverbial short straw." "You mean they all --" Jane began, looking at John and Billy and Bob. "And she hasn't stop cumming yet," Alice said. "As soon as she feels a cock in her pussy she begins to cum and doesn't stop.

She's really something." "But she's my daughter," Jane said, almost crying. "And she's growing up and making choices," Alice told her. "You're lucky to be here. And you're lucky that it's a nice group of people she's decided to open up with. You could have done a lot worse." "A lot worse!" Jane exclaimed, turning to look at Alice. "Look, Jimmy's going to cum," Alice said excitedly. Suddenly Susan pulled away from Jimmy's plunging cock, dislodging him.

Turning around on the chaise lounge she quickly opened her mouth and sucked Jimmy's gooey cock into her mouth, slurping at the white froth that coated it. She closed her lips around the shaft of his cock and sucked on him, bobbing her head back and forth. Then Jimmy groaned and threw his head back as he came in his sister's mouth. Everyone could see Susan's cheeks billow as she tried to hold all of his cum.

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Then they could see her adam's apple bob as she swallowed. Jane and Don watched in disbelief as Susan continued to suck Jimmy off, not stopping until she had gotten all of the cum off of him. Then she released his cock and collapsed back on the chaise lounge, a foot on either side of the chair on the deck. "Marvelous," Alice said, kneeling down to hug her. "You were just marvelous." "Susan, how could you?" Jane asked. "Oh, mom, it was wonderful," Susan said, her face brightening.

"I feel so good. And I wanted to so bad." "But your brother," Jane said. "So what?" Susan replied, her face showing her disgust. "You're not supposed to do these things with your family," Jane said lamely.

"Well, that didn't stop you from fucking Ed, did it? And that didn't stop you from fucking dad in front of me, did it? And that didn't stop me from sucking your pussy after dad filled it with cum, did it? And that didn't stop me from sucking dad's cock after he came in your pussy, did it?

So why are you saying no to Jimmy? You're such a hypocrite," Susan said. "She makes a good argument," Alice said with a laugh. "Besides, you can't cry over spilt milk, it's still spilt. And speaking of which, I'd like to have Ed's cock inside of me right now.

Where is he?" "He's busy," Bunny said. Turning around, everyone laughed when they saw Bunny bent over, her hands on the deck, her ass up in the air with Ed's cock sticking out of her pussy from behind. "I had to. It's so big," she said as Ed slowly slid his cock back into her pussy.

"This feels great. No wonder you fucked him, Jane." Everyone watched while Ed fucked Bunny. His cock looked so huge slamming in and out of Bunny's pussy. After several minutes Ed warned that he was going to cum. Spinning around and taking his cock in her mouth, Bunny hungrily sucked his huge gooey cock right into her throat, massaging his balls with her hand at the same time. Ed groaned as he began to cum, filling Bunny's mouth as she struggled unsuccessfully to swallow all of his cum.

She choked and gulped as fast as she could, but still cum ran out the corners of her mouth to drip down onto her tits. When finally Ed stopped cumming and Bunny finished sucking the last of the cum from his cock, she let him go, rising to her feet. "What a cock," she exclaimed as she licked her lips. "I can't wait for my turn," Alice said, licking the cum from Bunny's tits. "What kind of ship is this?" Jane asked, feeling her world spin out of control. "We try to accommodate out passengers in whatever way they like, as long as it doesn't offend anyone else or cause problems," Ed said.

"Does all of this offend you?


If it does, I'll issue an order forbidding this kind of activity anywhere but in your cabins." "Talk to her, Don," Alice said, moving over to stand next to him. "Don't let her ruin a good time for everyone else," she said, letting her hand drop to hold his cock.


"This is all so stupid," Susan said, getting to her feet. "Everyone's having a good time. Why should you complain? I watched you get your pussy sucked then fucked by Ed and you didn't complain then. In fact you really liked it. Why don't you just relax and enjoy yourself.

In fact, why don't you just get some right here and now, that way you'll feel more a part of things." "What do you mean?" Jane asked, blushing. "Well, it looks like Alice is going to have dad again, so why don't you let John or Billy or Bob or all of them have you.

You know you'd like it, you're just afraid to admit it because you think you'll sound like a hypocrite. I'll bet dad won't even mind, will you, dad?" Susan asked her father. As she turned to look at him she smiled, because Alice was on her knees sucking on his cock, his hand resting lightly on the top of her head.

"See," Susan said, "even dad's getting with the program." "How about it, Jane," John said as he came up behind her, lightly letting an arm encircle her waist. "You sure turn me on," he said.

"Wouldn't you like it if I sucked your pussy for you?" he asked, his hand dropping to hold her pussy. "I can feel how hot and ready you are," he said, bringing his gooey finger up to trace circles around her hardening nipples. "Relax, mom," Susan implored. "Nobody minds. You're not going to disappoint anyone but yourself." Jane just stood there, frozen with indecision.

Everything she had ever learned about right and wrong in her life was thrown up in turmoil. She loved the feel of John's hands on her body as she watched Alice sucking Don's cock not ten feet away.

Suddenly her resolve melted and she reached behind herself to grasp John's hard cock which was pressing between the cheeks of her ass. John turned her around then and kissed her, long and hard, his tongue pushing into her mouth, his hard cock sticking up in the air and pressed between their bodies. Susan watched in delight as John's hands wandered all over her mother's body.

When he grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled on them, separating them, Susan could see her mother's asshole and pussy exposed.

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Unable to resist, she reached forward and dragged a finger through her mother's pussy, stopping when her finger rested on her mother's asshole. Jane groaned when she felt Susan's finger, not even realizing whose finger it was, and let her whole body collapse against John as he kissed her.

Susan could feel her mother pushing back against her finger as it rested against her asshole and was surprised when the tip of her finger suddenly slid in. She heard her mother groan as she continued to press against her finger, more of it sliding into her ass. Then John broke their kiss, leading Jane over to a lounge chair where he positioned her on her hands and knees.

Everyone had drifted over to watch as John got down on his knees and spread Jane's ass cheeks apart, opening them to expose her asshole and pussy. Then leaning forward, he stuck his face into her pussy, jamming his tongue up into her hole as he sucked on her.