Teen blonde Ariel gets horny in a lingerie fitting room wearing stockings

Teen blonde Ariel gets horny in a lingerie fitting room wearing stockings
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Was he really going along with his sons plan? What kind of sicko's were they breeding Robbie to be? "Lay back baby, Uncle Tim wants to show you something," he kneeled in front of me as my naked body trembled from the assault Dirk had just launched on my poor little pussy. "I don't want to lay back, I'm FUCKING sore.

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LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs in a screech. "BOY!" My uncle snapped, and Robbie was on top of me pinning me back. I was sitting on the edge of an old dirty sea foam green ottoman and the couch behind it was close enough that Robbie pulling me back tilted my pussy and ass toward the sky.

I kicked my legs and tried to fight, but my body was so cold and Robbie was so big. My right leg caught my uncle's shoulder and his icy grip caught my left.

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He was face down in my cunt licking my "button" as he called it. "Mmmm, see there?" he stuck his tongue out as long as it'd go and the tip was massaging my clit's mound.


I felt his steamy breath as he helped his self to a deep tongue full of my hole. "You CAN cum baby girl—we will make sure of it. Hahahah!!" His mouth was wide open and I could feel Robbie's prick start to gain girth from behind me.

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Robbie had grabbed my right knee from his dad's shoulder and was pulling it and me back far enough that Dirk could see from the dining room table. After a few minutes of my Uncle burying his tongue in my vagina I began to just relax.


I thought about hearing my Aunt get pounded in the room next to me two weeks previously and I felt this excitement grow in my nipples at first. As I felt the gushing saliva pour out of my Uncles nasty mouth, I heard him slurp and I could see he was starting to play with his cock. He unzipped his pants and was using his free hand to pull his fat throbbing dick out of his jeans.

As he readjusted his pants fell to his knees and I could feel him getting faster and faster with his tongue. I closed my eyes as I heard him unzip his pants. As I heard shuffling of clothing I opened my eyes to see Dirk was standing right behind Uncle Tim. Robbie began to rub my nipples and he started chanting in my ear, "C'mon baby girl moan, moan… moan baby, moan." I could feel this welling up energy coming through my body and as Robbie twisted and flicked my nipples.

"You gonna cum yet Kate?" Dirk was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. "Get the FUCK OFF ME… uhhh," I said as I gasped for air. I was trying to fight the sensation and the wonderful tickling that I wanted to hate.

It was making my pussy feel like it was throbbing and I couldn't hold back. "Ahhh, ahhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!!" I was yelling obscenities and enjoying the feeling that was coming from my violated crotch. "Yeahhh. That's it baby CUM FOR UNCLE TIMMIE CUM FOR ME CUM REAL NICE…" he was tugging his pants down and Dirk was flicking his tongue at me laughing.

"Get ready for it, she's really tight bro. But she clenches real nice if you have her straddle you!" Dirk was encouraging my Uncle to continue his assault. I felt the tip of Uncle Tim's dick come straight to my pussy hole and dive in. I sat straight up out of Robbie's arms. "AHHHH NOOOO STOPPP IT HURTS IT HURTS!" I cried out in the ugliest scream I could muster. Lindsey had come out and was now standing watching the entertainment that was going on in her living room.

She didn't have a baby latched to her tits anymore and Dirk took that as s fine time to use a dining room chair to sit down on. His cock stood fully erect and Lindsey- still watching my Uncle press his shaft into my belly—sat down on Dirks cherry red nob. She was completely nude like she had been the entire time, and Dirk began to bear hug her, using her whole body to fuck him, like he had just got done doing to me minutes ago. Her large full breasts bounced and she kept her eyes locked on my pussy being penetrated.

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I kept screaming. It hurt just as bad as the first time. "Ahh yes, yes, moan my precious little girl, he stuck his finger in my mouth and I bit down.

"FUCK!!" Goddammit!!" Robbie grabbed my other leg from Tim as he examined his bleeding hand. "Oh fucking yeah?" And then began his most vicious attack yet.

With my legs pulled completely to my ears my uncles huge dick was able to sink in further than Dirk, or Robbie had in both their assaults. He impaled me with his dick as hard as he could over and over and over; HARDER AND HARDER. I was dangling on the ottoman watching my Uncle get heavenly enjoyment from his savage fucking and glancing over to watch Dirk fuck his daughter and her watch my pussy bleed under my uncle. He reamed my pussy with everything he could. Robbie was getting hurt and opted to move.

"Dad, dad, dad—"he stopped my Uncle, "Jesus let me move would ya?" he slide from behind me and stood up. His hands slipped right down his pants and fished his cock out.

He walked over to Lindsey. Her eyes kept steadfast fixed on me but her mouth opened and began to suck my cousins' shaft. I was being so brutally screwed I just stared back. We both knew what the other one was feeling and we kept eye contact until my cousin prematurely came in her mouth and Dirk made them kiss right afterward. "MMM, you like the taste of cum don't cha boy?" Dirk giggled, and smacked Robbie's ass.

Lindsey was still bouncing on his cock and then he did something I hadn't seen up until now.

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He told Robbie to switch with Lindsey. My amazement kept me from moaning and screaming. Tears streamed out of my eyes and I just watched. Time seemed to slow down as I watched my blood droplets begin to soak my Uncles boxers as he pumped into me harder and harder. I saw Lindsey stand and smirk at Robbie as Robbie squirmed and fought to not scream as he sat down on Dirks dick without any lube.

Dirk spit on his own dick and stuffed his fingers up Lindsey's pussy as she stood watching Robbie get a rod rammed into his asshole. Robbie caught eyes with me, and he started to tear-up. "Fuck, Dirk- Dirk this hurts- can't you just do Katie or Lindsey agai--- ouch ow.


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STOP DIRK STOP!" Dirk began to drill Robbie the more he whimpered. My Uncles assault resumed on me the entire time, and as time sped back up I realized. Uncle Tim was choking me, very hard. Pumping his cock into me and holding me in the most opportune position for him to have maximum access to my womb he fastened his pumps. "YOU FUCKING LITTLEEEE BITCH… STUPID WHORE!!" He was crushing my pelvis with hard blows, I felt the familiar pouring of cock batter into my sore, and very unready little fuck hole and then… I blacked out.

The last thing I heard and saw was Robbie crying as Dirk began to drain his cock deep inside his bowels.