Julia Chinese girl and Brazilian boyfriend blowjob Shenzhen China amateur

Julia Chinese girl and Brazilian boyfriend blowjob Shenzhen China amateur
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I was bored as hell, sitting in my first period science class. The teacher was teaching us some bullshit that we wouldn't really have to use in real life. I kind of drifted off in this class a lot to pass the time, but today I didn't. There was this girl in my class I just loved to listen too. Besides sleeping and being an asshole to make my friends laugh in that class, she was the reason I loved to be there. Morgan, she was about 5'2 and around 100 pounds.

She was originally from New York and had moved here some time ago. She wore her heart on her sleeve and that made me get so into her over my sophomore year. It seemed like she never really noticed me and always made points about how ugly I was to our little circle of friends, in the class. She never really caught the other guys eyes in our class it seemed by the way she dressed and the way her attitude seemed, but to me, she was perfect in every way.

I loved the way she shook her head, and her brown hair swayed in the wind, I loved the way she looked at you with those large puffy brown eyes and smirked at you to make you realize how stupid you were acting, and I loved most of all, her smile.

We had a little ring of friends in that class. There was Jeremy, Bekah, Meand Morgan. Jeremy was the jack ass of our group. He seemed to be more close with Morgan then the rest of us. I think, maybe it was because they were both from the north and could cope with each others personalities.

I wasn't your usual hunk of a kid you would find in a popular kids traits, but all the guys in school liked the way I acted and were cool with me judging by how they acted towards me. I was a tall, lanky fellow around 6'0 and about 160 in weight. I had curley brown hair and brown eyes to match as well.

I had a bad ass reputation in the school and a lot of people didn't mess with me. Usually that did it for some girls but for Morgan, the only girl I wanted it from, didn't look my way twice. One day while we had some free time. Jeremy was talking to us about something not important and I slowly drifted off into a little bit of a daze.

During my little half sleep I was encountering, I felt a small pinch on my leg. It felt as though there was some one touching my leg.

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I awoke and looked under the desk to see nothing touching my leg at all. I wondered for a moment what the hell it could have been touching me. I thought to myself, could it be Morgan, Nooooo, it couldn't be, she hated me in every way. I pondered to myself as Jeremy kept talking and making the girls laugh. The next day in class I was wide awake and ready to learn for once. We had our little discussion part of the class and then we went onto lab.

Lab was a time in class were we all joined into our little groups and started conducting experiments. Through out the experiment it seemed all way's, Stupid, and pointless but id say half way through the experiment I was doing something with a beaker of some kind when I felt some one pinch my ass. I turned around to see Morgan sitting in her chair looking at the beaker in my hand. "What the fuck are you looking at?" She asked me "Did you just pinch my ass Morgan?" I asked her "Holly shit Morgan you're a fucking ass freak"Jeremy said after looking up from his conversation with Bekah to Morgans direction "Shut the fuck up Jeremy, god, you know I wouldn't do that, especially with Rob" she assured him "What ever ass freak"He said in a monotone voice She sighed and I shrugged it off as if nothing happened and went back to my work.

Through the rest of the experiment, it seemed as though Morgan kept walking back and fourth from her chair to another. This wouldn't be weird except the fact that every time she passed me, her hand grazed my crotch area and her boobs swiped across my chest.

I didn't really see it as anything but it kind of raised my suspicions a little bit, that she was trying to come on to me, in a way.


Its not that I didn't like this treatment, but every time she did something like this I kept on getting a boner. It was hard for me to keep my boners from the public because I had 8 inches of cock that needed to be pushed down every time I got one. The next day started out boring as hell. It seemed as though the teacher was putting every one to sleep with her boring antics.

I needed to relieve my self from that fucking hell hold before my head exploded. I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. I went outside and walked my way down the hall. On my way I herd our door open and shut.

I turned around to see who else was leaving our dungeon of boredom but I saw no one emerging from our classroom. I sighed thinking no one else had come out and turned around to complete my journey to the bathroom. I walked in and did my business at the stall and walked over to the mirror and started examining my face in the mirror. I herd the door to the bathroom open and shut which startled me a bit seeing as how it was so silent in there for one second and all that noise the next.

I brushed it off as though nothing had happened and went back to work on my thorough examination on my face. While looking at my face I was startled by something. I felt some ones hands slowly moving down my stomach, down to my cock. I turned around quickly in shock. "What the fuck, dude are you fucking ga."I was interrupted when I noticed that the person doing this was no man. The person doing this was Morgan. "Whoa, Morgan what are you doing in here" I said with a shocked expression upon my face "You know what I want Rob, I want your cock, I want you to fuck the absolute shit out of me Rob"she informed me.

"Morgan, I don't know if we sho."I was cut off when she put her finger on my mouth telling me with some sort of sign language that she wanted me to shut up. She then started sinking down wards until she got to her knees. I felt my pants being undone and my cock being pulled from its thresh hold which was my boxers.

"Mmmm I've wanted this huge cock since the first day I saw it sticking up in your pants.

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I wanted you to fuck me with this big boy then and there but I felt if I waited long enough, it would be that much better. Do you want me to suck your cock, big rob? Huh? Do you want me to take your cock and slide it down the back of my throat until you cum and I swallow it up and let it go into my belly?

Huh big boy? She taunted me "Oh yes Morgan, please, I beg you, suck my cock" I begged her "Alright Big boy"She said with a smile And after our conversing of dirty talk, she slid the head of my cock into her little mouth. She swished her spit all around the tip and let her tongue drag over it as if she were a child licking a loli pop. She kept moving her mouth off and on the cock taking more and more of it in her mouth every time she went down.

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It felt so unbelievable getting head from her. Her mouth felt so warm on my dick and her spit felt so good as it splashed around on the head of my cock.

She used her teeth gently to tickle and tease my dick.


I wanted her to give me head for so long. One of the reasons being that I thought she was so cute but the other is she had one of the biggest mouths I had ever seen.

She then took my cock and slid it down it seemed as far as she could.

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I could feel her throat start to message my dick and it drove me crazy with pleasure. It seemed as though I was gonna faint from what her throat muscles were doing to my dick, until her gag reflexes kicked in and she dislodged my dick from her throat and started gasping for air.

"Damn that cock is huge"she informed me "Hell yea it is no put my dick back in your mouth slut!"I told her as I held my dick in front of her face. She put it back in her mouth and started working her mouth and tongue all around until I started to cum.

"Ooooooh, shit bitch, im gonna fucking bust my load down your little throat.

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Ooooo fuck yes aaaaah" I yelled I then blew my hot cum all down her throat and into her flat stomach. I herd her moan a bit as he pulled my cock out until she got to the head and started stroking it making sure she got all of it in her. She then pulled it out and stood straight up now still looking up at me, from the slight height advantage I had over her. "Lets see that pussy of yours" I told her "Ok baby" She replied I pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it on the ground beside her.

After I accomplished this I un hooked her braw and dropped that to the floor as well. She had huge tits for her size and I had always wanted suck on her teenage nipples. I lowered my head to her chest and put my mouth on one of her little nipples and massaged the other one with my hand.

I used my tongue to swirl around her nipple and swish my spit all over her tit. My other hand was gently pinching her other nipple and twisting it. "Ooh shit, Rob, you have the fucking greatest mouth ever. Lets use that mouth to get me off, sound good to you big boy?" she asked me "Oh fuck yes" I answered while I raised back up.

She unzipped her pants and pulled them down and stepped out of them leaving her in just her panties and shoes. Soon after she was naked due to me pulling her panties down and taking them off. I stood up and while doing so, I took a glance down at her little shaved pussy. She was soaking wet announced by the way the droplets ran down her thighs. My mouth was watering like a lion looking at its next soon to be meal. "All right lest get that pussy in my mouth" I said while I turned around and picked her up onto the sink "Mmm suck my pussy rob" she demanded I didn't need to be told twice.

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I went down to my knees and put my mouth on her little clit. I dragged my tongue up and down her little rose bud of pleasure, while I took one of my fingers and started fingering her tight pussy. She arched her back and bucked her hips into my face every time my tongue flicked her clit, or when ever I put 2 fingers inside of her and pumped my hand into her.

"Oh yea you're my little pro pussy licker arnt you big boy" she asked me in a taunt like fashion I stood up and looked into her eyes as she was into mine. "Here we go: I informed her: And with that I plunged my nine inch road into her dripping wet, tiny pussy. Her pussy wrapped around my dick so tight that I had a hard time pushing my rod all the way into her.

Some how, I got 6 inches into her and started pumping her little twat with my giant dick. Her dirty talk drove me to fuck her faster and harder. She was so wet, it kind of felt like fucking a glass of water, or a shot glass of water seeing as how tight she was. As I kept pounding away she kept having orgasms one after another, each and every one made her arch her back and spray her juices all over my legs.

Seeing as how tight she was I only fucked her for like 10 minutes. While I pushed my rod into her and out of her still coming close to going over the edge I screamed really loud and she did too!

"Oh god Morgan im gonna fucking fill you up with my cum, biiitch" I yelled "Oh god do itcum in me Rob do it, oooooooh shit" she told me Right there and then I bursted 4 streams of cum into her little cunt.

After I came as much as I could inside of her, we put our clothes on and I walked back into the class room, shortly after she did as well.

For some reason the teacher didn't notice we were gone that long. "Whoa Morgan and Rob. You to must have fucked hard eh?"He asked us in an obnoxious tone of voice. "Oh yea Jeremy that's it fuck face, you have exposed me and Rob for the sex partners we are." she said in a sarcastic way. "Hmmm what ever you say, Robs bitch" He said with a smile She sighed and gave a little wink at me before going back to the normal way she acted to throw Jeremy and Bekah off "What the fuck are you looking at Rob" "Nothing bitch" The End