Schwarzem Gummi 4 Wege Ficken

Schwarzem Gummi 4 Wege Ficken
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The following is a true story, and only embellished a little. I've known Maria since I was about 3, and have seen each other maybe 6 or 7 times a year every year. We are now both 17. For so long I could only think of Maria as just a great friend whom I had done so much with and knew so well. But as I hit teens, like many boys of that age, my mind began playing with the sexual scenarios we might have.

She began to grow small but well-formed breasts and she became overall curvier. It was late spring and my family were visiting hers. We are the each the oldest of our siblings. My siblings and hers were playing a game together in Maria's bedroom, it involved something like putting a blanket over your head and whispering a secret message to someone else in the group.

The details of the game aren't important apart from that Maria and I were frequently seeing each other close under the blankets. Each time we stood closer and closer to one another and on the fourth time our lips touched and we imagined ourselves in a grown up love story, rather than 13 year-olds. We kissed more and more lengthily on every occasion, growing with confidence and skill.


The game drew to a close and our siblings went downstairs. With them gone, we enclosed each other in a passionate embrace our young tongues entwining, and our hands exploring the others' body. We undressed slowly, my hands gliding over her round tits, her hand stroking me in my boxers.

As young and reasonably naïve teens we never did anything more exciting than that but for a year and a half, we would get away from the others and do this in secret. On one occasion, she began to give me a hand-job, but the sound of parents walking up the stairs ended that swiftly. I still remember her gorgeous eyes smiling up into mine as she fumbled with my balls.

On the next few occasions we matured more emotionally and we became less sexual with each other, just holding hands and kissing. We stopped altogether at 15 and saw each other less and less, and for shorter periods of time. That didn't stop me from fantasising about her though, her sweet mouth on my cock, or her perfect tits bouncing while she rode me. 3 months ago, a week before Maria's 18th, we invited Maria and her family to our house to sleep over.

Maria and I used to sleep in the same bed, the parents with no knowledge of our activities, but we were too old to get away with that now. Upon seeing her, I was inexplicably struck by her beauty. Maria looked like a young woman, her now beautiful and fully developed breasts catch my eye. Her mouth curved into a smile that made my heart turn. Her brown eyes stared back at me, they are still large, but so much deeper and more intelligent than I had noticed before.

We hugged, perhaps too quickly, both of us trying to mask our staring. As she turned to pick up her bags I caught a quick glance at her fit ass through her tight leggings. The day went on. We spoke about normal things, college, going off to university next year. We mingled politely with each other's families and enjoyed catching up once again. Later, the parents walked into town together for an evening out, leaving us to babysit the younger ones.

Maria and I sat on my bed, and we began to talk about when we were younger. "It's funny to think we've known each other so long", I say. She smiles. "Yes! Although I cannot envision not knowing you, we've done so many things!" She replied. Maria picked up a photograph on my shelf of her and me at the age of about 13.

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"You remember what we used to do with each other?" she said. We had never actually spoken about it, there had always just been a mutual, but unspoken understanding between us.

I paused, then responded, "Yes, how could I not?" I avoided looking at her for a moment, pretending to look out my bedroom window.


After some silence, she says, "I think we've grown up since then." I turn as she says this, and Maria is looking at me. I recall her look as being sincere but perhaps there was some longing in her eyes too. I sat next to her, in silence and Maria leant her head on my shoulder. We could hear faintly the sound of the film put on for the younger ones downstairs. She placed one hand gently on my right leg, my heart began to beat faster. Her hand wandered slowly closer to my crotch, teasing me, her fingers caressed my belt buckle, gently undoing it.

I could feel her breath on my neck. Maria then moved in front of me and slid my belt out completely.

We locked eye contact and leaning forward we kissed, first gently, then passionately, like long lost lovers, like we would've imagined ourselves when we were only young teens. My hands fumbled at her shirt, undoing the buttons and swiftly pulling it over her shoulders. Her soft womanly tits awaited my touch, my hands stroked over them, holding them carefully, respectfully.

Maria slid off my trousers and put her head close to my dick, which was tenting my boxers slightly. I remember her so vividly on that day, looking up into my eyes, biting ever so gently on my cock, making it jump still in my pants.

My heart raced then as she pulled off my underwear entirely and held my dick, it's full 7 inches hard, in her delicate hands.

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Having never received a blowjob, I was excited with what to expect. In a single slow movement Maria slid her lips down my shaft to its base, holding unwavering eye contact.

I nearly blew my load there and then, but that would have been a shame, so I resisted. She picked up the pace, taking almost 6 inches all the way into her mouth, had she been practicing? My dick glistening in her saliva and my own pre-cum. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her tongue up and down my throbbing length.

This seemed to last for minutes, and yet felt like it wasn't long enough.

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She finally stopped and removed the rest of her clothes on her own. She stood, completely naked in front of me, as if for inspection; I sat on the bed as my eyes feasted on her every curve.

She gave a beautiful smile and sexily straddled me, lying me down on the bed. She tenderly brushed her lips against mine, her dark brown hair hung down around my face. Then, very carefully she took my throbbing dick and positioned it below her slit, which had become quite moist, and slowly sat down until I entered her fully; the tip of my cock just touching her cervix.

We lay locked into each other, gasping together.

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I ran my hands through her hair and began gently rocking her up and down, my cock in and out. She breathed hot breathe down my throat, she bit my tongue driving me mad, and making me oscillate faster.

I grabbed her ass as it wobbled around my cock with each stroke and began shoving myself in even more deeply. She was letting out cute moans by this point and would occasionally scrunch up her nose and squeeze me in ecstasy. With my speed increase she began moving herself as well, which creates the slight slapping sound of my balls against her ass. The feeling rose within us and we bucked more and more furiously, bit each other's lips harder and dug our nails into each others' backs.

Maria let out a louder moan and I felt her tighten around me. This caused a stirring in my balls, "I'm about to cum." I announced.

"Fill me, I don't care if I get pregnant, I love you!" she screamed as she orgasmed, prompting my own. I shot ropes and ropes of thick, hot cum into her, our juices mingled and ran down her legs. She quivered above me, a single string of saliva connecting our mouths. She then relaxed on top of me and my dick became softer inside her.

We stayed like that for nearly 5 minutes, listening to each others' hearts beating, the film was still audible downstairs. Maria slowly pulled away from me, my cum spilling out of her into the bed covers.

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We quietly cleaned ourselves up and I flipped the bed covers to hide the stain. No one would find out what we did that night. Maria didn't get pregnant, and we are still together, and are at separate universities.

We meet more frequently than we used to and sometimes spend days naked, holding each other. We are more cautious now and use condoms, but Maria considers going on the pill to get that feel of flesh against flesh again. Please let me know if you enjoyed this. Hopefully more to come soon.