Gay sex teen on bed and free nude twink boys SO super hot I call this

Gay sex teen on bed and free nude twink boys SO super hot I call this
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It had been a while since I had heard from Mike. That big cock of his was always on my mind. I talked to Melissa and she had not heard anything from him so we figured maybe he moved on. The frat parties were starting to become dull and pointless. They were filled with jocks that could barely spell their names, and worst of all, had little dicks. So I decided to hit some of the strip clubs and see what was going on, which was a waste.

I found a few guys worthy of my talents but nothing to write home about. One afternoon out of the blue Mike rang me. I was so excited! He said he had been traveling and that he was back in town and wanted to throw himself a welcome home party. Of course I agreed and got all the info on where and when. Mike wanted me and Melissa to come so I told him that I would call her and find out if she was available.

I knew that she had to work that night so I called her and left her a message on here machine, giving her the address and time. As was instructed I dressed very skimpy for the night. I decided on my short black leather skirt and waist short black leather jacket. I had on a nice set of black boots and that was it. As I dressed I was shaking just thinking of the fucking I was going to get.

After I dressed I slammed a couple of shots of Tequila and jumped in the car and headed to Mikes place.

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When I got there I went to the door and knocked. Mike greeted me by pulling me in the entry and giving me a big French kiss. As if just the thought of him didn't set me off, that nice tongue of his rubbing against mine made me shake again.

He pulled away and said, "You're shaking Babe, you ok?" "Hell yes, I am now, I have been waiting for you to give me a call for a month now!" I exclaimed. He smiled and took me by the hand and walked me to the main living room. As we walked he explained that he was sorry that he hadn't called and told me about the traveling he had done. We sat on a couch and he rubbed my leg, which was driving me nuts, I was ready to fuck this guy again.

I leaned in for another kiss but he pulled back, teasing me. "Hang on Babe, I want to tell you about the party tonight" he said. "While I was traveling I told all my friends about you and Melissa and the skills you two had.

None of them believed me." I started to get a little nervous thinking of where this was going. I explained to Mike that Melissa might not make it. He seemed disappointed and I told him that I am sure she would be here as soon as she got off work.

"No sweat Candice, I think you have had to wait for me to get back in town and have earned tonight for yourself" he said. He continued, "So since none of my buddies that I met believed me, I set this party up. If you are up to it, you can show them I wasn't lying." He handed me a tall drink, I didn't even know what it was but I immediately drank it.

"How many guys are we talking about," I asked. He just looked at me and smiled. "Don't worry about that, I want that to be a surprise," he said. "All you have to do is be your hot ass self and let the rest take care of itself." After thinking about it for a few seconds I agreed by grabbing his crotch and kissing him deeply. After a few minutes of deeply kissing each other I pulled back and said.

"Only on one condition, you tell me when you go out of town, so I can follow you and that magnificent cock of yours. I'll do what ever you want as long as I get that when I want it." I said with a coy smile. He smiled back and said, "You got it Babe." He then reached for a table behind him and grabbed a brown bag and I drank the rest of that drink down. I was now feeling it warm my body and I was starting to feel really good.

From the bag he pulled two black satin hoods. "One of these is yours and the other is Melissa's. But we'll leave hers up here if she decides to show up. I guess I looked a little nervous because he leaned into me and gave me another French kiss. His massive tongue pressing against mine was really getting to me.

I felt him reach up my jacket that was zipped, since the jacket was made to just cover my tits when unzipped. He began to run his big hands on my breasts rolling my hard nipples between his fingers. I loved the way he massaged my nipples. With one hand he unzipped my jacket and then he took that hand down to my crotch and rubbed my pussy. I let out a moan and began to kiss him harder. He then put his hand down the front of my mini skirt and rubbed my clit.

Suddenly he pulled away and pulled his hands out. "You fucking tease" I growled. "Damn Babe when I tell you to come slutty you certainly do. No panties and this jacket, damn! My boys are going to love you" He said. "Where are these boys of yours? Let's get this going, because I want that cock of yours." I asked.

"Hang on Babe; they are down stairs in the basement getting things ready. And if I think you are quick with them I'll let them fuck you all night long and you'll never get any of me." With that he placed the hood over me.

I knew I was going to get a good fucking because of all the steps Mike took. The hood that he put on me just had an opening where my mouth was. So I knew I would have this hood on a while. All I wanted was Mikes cock. I could still remember how it felt running that massive cock in my mouth. But why a hood, how many assholes did he expect me to fuck?

I was worrying maybe I got myself into something I wasn't ready for. I am by all means a slut, but the frat party where Mike and I met was the craziest I have ever gotten. And I was a hell of a lot more drunk than I was now.

"Sit right there Candice." He said definitively. I could hear him walking away and I heard a door open. A few minutes later he came back and lifted me to my feet. I heard a heavy bass start up, but it wasn't loud. Kind of like when you are standing in queue at a club and you hear the bass through the walls. "Ok Babe, they are ready, just hold my arm and I'll walk you. Just make sure you fuck these guys like you did me at that frat party.

And don't take that fucking hood off until I tell you" he growled. I was starting to shake again. My pussy was even getting wet at the thought of what was about to happen, even though I was apprehensive.

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He opened the door and the bass got louder. The music was just beat music. No lyrics or anything, just a steady rhythm.

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We went slowly down the stairs. Soon we were at the bottom and we walked a little more into the room. We stopped and Mike pulled his arm away. "Stand there slut and don't move until told." Mike said to me almost yelling.


"Ok mother fuckers, this is the little white bitch I was telling you about. All you fucks get some time with her and I expect you to give it your all cause she don't get no dick from me until I am sure that you guys are convinced I ain't no damn liar." From the blackness I heard another voice yell "Hey Mike I thought you had two little white cocksuckers for us?" "Yeah this bitch here is enough, trust me, the other little bitch is working and will be here later." He yelled back.

Mike leaned in and quietly said, "Here you go Babe, I think you'll like this. After you're done with them then you get my full attention, anytime, anywhere. "Ok come get your white pussy boys!" Mike yelled. I heard a lot of scuffling of feet but I could not make out how many.


"Ok you slut you do as told or we'll make you do what we want without askin" Mike said. "Get on your knees and get ready for cock" Mike said as he pushed me down to my knees.

I heard a guy right in front of me and then I heard his zipper. I started to get ready. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. I licked my lips to get them moist as I was so nervous they were dry. I felt someone grab my hands and put them behind my back. Then they got a towel and zip tied them behind me. The towel told me they were'nt really going to hurt me. I felt a big set of hands grab my head and they guided me a little forward.

The next thing I knew the air that I was breathing through the hole in the hood became musky. I felt a decent sized cock head pressing against my lips.

I ran my tongue slowly over the head and felt no resistance, he wasn't hard yet. I continuously ran my tongue over his hood and would pop his head in my mouth.

He had a decent cock, but I have had better. When his cock head was in my mouth I would roll my tongue over his head which was growing bigger with each lap of my tongue. I began to feel hands on my tits, caressing my mounds and flicking my now hard nipples. The guys cock that I had in my mouth was responding to me licking and rubbing his head with my tongue.

I took a little more of his shaft into my mouth and began to meet some resistance. He was getting hard. The guy I was sucking must have taken a step back because I felt my center of gravity go forward. My head and throat were at a good tilt and he began to fuck my mouth, stroke after stroke going into my mouth deeper and deeper.

With each thrust I struggled to keep a good breath. I knew he would want to fuck my throat so I prepared and invited him to by laying my tongue flat on the bottom of my mouth.

I was starting to really get hot, I could feel my crotch getting warm and damp. Soon the guy was thrusting his cock all the way in my throat. I just kept my breathing and enjoyed the feel of his cock on my tongue. He was getting ready to go because I could feel the veins on his shaft. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth, I lept forward and tried to catch his cock. I was completely ready for cum in my mouth but some one grabbed my shoulders and held me.

I then felt his goo on the hood I was wearing. He had two or three good loads for me and I ran my tongue through the hole in the hood to see if I could get my first taste.

When I did that I heard a few cheers and another voice I hadn't heard before said, "Damn Mike this bitch is the real deal. She loves black dick!" "What did I tell you fool, just wait till she gets on mine, she'll go fucking crazy" he replied back. As soon as I caught my breath which was just a few seconds I felt another cock pressing against my lips. I immediately took him deep to get his whole rod soaked in my spit.

He was much bigger around, probably 2 inches in all and probably 8 inches long. Not my Mike, but at least it was an improvement from the other guy. I heard a metallic snap and Mike said "Jack these cocks around you with your hands cunt and just keep sucking cock. You gotta lot of work ahead of you." I then felt the zip ties snap in two and I instantly raised my hands, after some shuffling I had two nice hard cocks to masturbate while I sucked the fairly impressive one in my mouth.

I gave the new cock my usual treatment, rolling my tongue over his cockhead, reaching forward after every few licks to take his shaft into my mouth.

I would take him deep hoping he would start force fucking my throat. After a few dips he got the picture and I damn near gagged with his first thrust. Finally I adjusted my breathing to meet the off beat of his thrusts. He fucked my throat for about a minute all the time the guys were rubbing my tits.

Finally they pulled my skirt above my waist and began gently fingering my pussy. I could feel the big fingers of these guys rubbing my clit. With each pass of a finger on my clit I would moan into the cock that was down my throat. I began to lean forward into the guy in front of me and began to bob my mouth on his dick.

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I then quit stroking my two dicks on each side of me. I wrapped my hands around the shaft I was sucking. I held my mouth over his head and rolled my tongue over it. The fingers at my pussy were now fingering my wet cunt. First one finger then two, until the mystery hand had four fingers massaging my clit and vagina.

The fingers began to quicken their pace and my pace quickened as well. I jacked the cock in my mouth in a rapid and smooth motion while I bobbed my mouth on his cockhead. I moved one hand down to the nuts right in front of me and began to knead them, all the time taking his cock deeper into my mouth. I would squeeze his balls and deep throat him and hold for a few seconds. "Man this cunt sucks cock like a pro Mike" one of the voices said as I began to quicken my thrusts of my mouth on this cock.

Finally the guy began to tense and pulled out of my mouth and immediately shot cum all over the face of the hood. I caught some of it on my tongue and brought the salty jam into my mouth. I purred as I jacked his cock dry and wiggled my pussy with the motion of the fingers in my crotch.

I swallowed what cum I had and begged for them to fuck me doggy. "Shut the fuck up bitch" Mike said. I began jacking any cock I could find and would move my mouth to each one sucking the heads as I jacked them. Suddenly I felt someone moving underneath me and I felt a hot tongue rubbing my clit. I moaned heavily and rubbed my swollen pussy all over that tongue. As some asshole was lapping my clit with his tongue I would let go of a cock and a new one would fill my hands. I began sucking and deep throating any cock I could get into my mouth.

The guy below me moved away and a new tongue began to rub my clit. This guy was much better at eating pussy, he ran his tongue over my swollen clit and fingered me while pressing my vagina. I have no idea how many cocks I sucked to that point but I lost count at ten. There was one really big cock head on one guy and I worked my tongue on it for a while. Each time I ran my tongue over the top of his head I tasted salty precum. I was ready for some cum in my mouth.

I would take him in my mouth and graze the edge of his head with my teeth. Finally after a minute of sucking him like that he exploded into my mouth. I gave out a loud moan as the tongue on my pussy was rewarded with my orgasim. I swallowed the cum which was four good squirts worth. I sucked that cock until it was dry and limp. Everyone kind of took a break so I guess I had had everyone's cock in my mouth that was in the room. I got very hot at the idea of me on my knees with unknown number of cocks surrounding me.

"See you fucks, I told you this slut could suck some major dick" Mike said. Everyone cheered and it sounded like a fucking crowd of guys were in there. I started to beg to get fucked but Mike told me to shut up again or I wouldn't ever get to suck his cock again.

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I heard more shuffling in the back of the room. I heard a piece of furniture being pushed around and as the noise got closer I figured my wish was about to come true. I felt a stool that was cushioned hit my lower stomach and someone pushed me over it onto my stomach. Then they kicked my legs apart and someone began licking my pussy again. I wiggled on the cushion to get comfortable, my knees were on the ground and my pussy was ready for a doggy style fucking.

The hood was starting to piss me off and I asked if I could take it off. I was anxious to see how many guys had fucked me. I got another shut the fuck up and a very hard slap on my ass that tingled my clit when it hit.

All at once I felt two cocks trying to enter my pussy and my mouth. I swallowed the cock into my mouth and felt a nice sized cock head spread my pussy lips.

The guy behind me slowly started to thrust into me. I tensed my vagina around his cock as he pulled out. I could hear him moan at that. The guy in my mouth began to slowly stroke his cock into my throat. As he did I would knead his balls with my hands. He pulled out and I lurched forward and caught his balls in my mouth. As the guy behind grabbed my hips and began to thrust into me deeper and deeper. His pace quickened and I began to get out of breath.

I took the balls out of my mouth and panted and moaned at the cock in my pussy. I love getting fucked doggy style. It makes me feel totally at the guys control. I jacked the cock in front of me in smooth strokes as I sucked one nut at a time into my mouth. The guy fucking me was not very long but wide and I could feel the veins and his cock head on my pussy walls. He was really getting into it and I thought he was ready to cum. I then began deep throating the guy whom I had been jacking.

He cam with such force that his jiz hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little. I swallowed his cum too and felt the guy behind me pull out and he cam on my back. His goo was thick and hot and I ran my fingers over my back and immediately ate his cum from my fingers. Slowly licking each finger of cum, one by one.

I soon had two new cocks in me and the scene repeated itself with me taking one doggy style and sucking one in front of me, and jacking any cock I could get my hands on. I had jacked about five guys off and they cam on my back. The guy fucking me cam in my cunt and I got another load down my throat from the guy that I was sucking.

I laid on the cushion panting and moaning and waiting for two more cocks. None came immediately so I began to finger myself.

The guys must have been getting something to drink or whatever, I just laid there and brought my self to climax for a second time. Then I just laid there and everyone in the room began to cheer. I rested for about five minutes and waited for the next black dick in my mouth or pussy.

I could hear the guys talking mostly about what a slut I was and they were gonna fuck me all night long. Mike approached me and kneeled down and whispered, "Are you having fun Babe?" I let out a moan that sounded like Umhm. I then panted back "Give me your cock to suck and I'll really be having fun then." "God Damn this cunt still needs cock boys, whos ready for round two" Mike yelled.

I felt two hands under my arms that lifted me to my feet. I staggered once from being on my knees for so long and the hands caught me again. I could feel a guy in front of me and behind, and I could visualize my white skin in between these two hung black studs.

Now the hands forced me to my knees and I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I rolled my tongue on his cock head and a hand on the back of my head slammed the cock in my mouth down my throat.

It stunned me but I soon was taking his length down my throat. Suddenly he pulled out and four hands spun me around. I felt a new cock pushing on my lips. So I deep throated him for about ten thrusts. Then those hands grabbed me under the arm pits and lifted my whole body off the floor. I threw my arms around the neck of the guy in front of me. I purred "oh God fuck me". Even as I purred my request I felt a dick slide into my pussy and I began to bounce on his cock.

"Slow down bitch!" a voice behind me growled. So I stopped and both men pressed against me. We were so close that I could feel their heartbeats. The guy in back slowly started to push his cock into my asshole. I was in fucking heaven. The guy pulled out and then I heard him spit on his cock and he slammed into my ass. I then began to pull my self up from both cocks.

Slowly at first because the dick in my ass was not exactly small. I quickened my pace and could feel the cock in my pussy caressing my clit when I came back down his shaft. I just moaned and panted as these two guys fucked me. Soon both cam and laid me on my back. As soon as I hit the cushioned stool some one forced my head back and placed his cock at my lips. I inhaled deeply at the musky smell of cock. And began to run my tongue over his head and at times I would pull him close to me so I could take his balls into my mouth.

Soon I felt someone raise my legs and place them on their shoulders and they quickly sank their cock into my cunt. Two more guys came to my head and I began sucking each cock in turn.

All the guys in the room took turns fucking me and having me suck their cocks. The sizes were all starting to run together, I just knew I was feeling good being these black dicks cunt. Never before have I fucked so many men at one time or in one night. I came to the cock that had the huge cock head and I began to suck him off. I love the feel of a big cock head in my mouth. I sucked him until he was hard then he began to fuck my mouth and throat.

My mouth was getting tired from being fucked and sucking so I pushed him away and told him to stick that cock in my ass. I heard some noises like they were trading places or something and I felt more hands on me. The hands picked me up and spun me and I was back on my stomach but not on the stool. I took every advantage here and laid my chest on the floor with my arms spread wide.

I shot my ass as high in the air as I could and waited. I heard someone spitting and the I felt the most painful but amazing feeling on my anus.

My asshole was fairly stretched out but still not enough. The big headed cock then slowly pushed into me. I began to scream with pain and pleasure as that cockhead filled my ass. Finally after what seemed to be forever he began to thrust into me. Each stroke sent shivers up my spine and a yelp of pain from my lips.

I was moaning very heavily now. I lifted my self back up and began to thrust back on his cock trying to get every inch into me. We continued on for at least ten minutes with me slamming back into that dick. Soon a new hard cock was in my mouth and I was sucking cock again. All of the guys made their rotation again, I was being fucked doggy taking cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass. They all cam and I fell exhausted to the floor. I must have cam ten times during the whole ordeal.

And all the time with this fucking black hood on my head, which was soaked with cum. The guys all went and rested, sitting and standing around me as I lay there breathing heavy my legs wide open showing my exposed pussy. Mike leaned over me and said "God Damn I think we wore this bitch out." I immediately rose up reaching for him. I found his waist and tried to rip off his pants.

I wanted his cock. He pushed me away and said, "hang on Babe your not done with these guys yet. I am just letting you rest." I felt a hand on my head and he ripped the hood off my head. I couldn't see anything at first. Everything was a blur. Most of the light in the room was focused in the center of the room, where I sat. Slowly I began to see shapes and could make out the guys that had been fucking me all night long.


When I finally was able to see them distinctly I counted 18 black cocks, not counting Mikes. I began to smile sheepishly and looked at Mike. I stood up and drank the rest of his drink and gave him a deep French kiss.

"Thank you Mike I have never fucked so many or so many times in one night. Shall I suck your cock in gratitude?" He smiled at me and said "You still need cock after that?" And then the doorbell rang. Mike ran up stairs and after a minute he came to me and said that it was Melissa.

He said he was going to do the same thing to her that he did to me and did I think she would do it? I told him yes but to explain it like he did with me. So he told everyone to be quiet and told me to sit back, relax and watch. Continued part two Mikes homecoming party.