Tori Black and Lana Rhoades

Tori Black and Lana Rhoades
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My boyfriend, Mark, decided that it would be romantic for us to go camping for a night, in the middle of the nearby forest. It will just be the two of us. He fits everything we need into his van. It's Saturday when we head out.


We stop at McDonald's for lunch on the way. After driving a few hours into the forest, we find a small clearing and start to set up the tent and a fire.

For dinner, we roast some hot dogs over the fire as it gets dark. "Looks like we're all out of hot dogs." "What about that one?", I joke, pointing at Mark's pants. He laughs, "as long as you don't roast it first." "Mmmm, let me just have a taste", as I start to undo his pants.

I slip my lips over the head of his cock and then lick it down and back up the shaft. I hold my breathe to take him into my throat, my lips reaching the base of his cock, and back off, his cock now moist with saliva. I move back and forth over the front few inches and once he's close to cumming, I take another deep breath and go all the way to the base again, so I won't have to taste his cum. After that, he pours water on the fire to put it out and we retire to the tent.

I lie on my back and can barely see his outline. He kisses my neck. Nibbles my earlobe. I let out a light moan, letting him know to continue. He makes a little path of kisses down my chest.

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He licks around my left nipple, but doesn't touch it. Then he licks around my right one. I feel a light kiss beneath my tits, as if he's done with them, then suddenly feel him suck hard on my right nipple, pinching lightly with his teeth, while pinching my left nipple with two fingers of his hand, squeezing me with the other three.

"Ohhhh-OOOhh-ooooohhh!!!", I cry out.

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He massages my tits in a circle, and I feel the head of his cock against my wet pussy. As he slowly slides it in, I hear "Oww-OOOOO-oooo!!!" in the distance. As if some dog or wolf was trying to imitate me.

Mark's cock is sliding back and forth slowly as he massages my tits.

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Then he speeds up. I let out another moan, louder this time.

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A bit of scream this time, really. "Ohhh-OHH-ohh-OHH-ohh-OHH-ohh!" Lets see that animal try to imitate that one.

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Sure enough, I hear my scream of pleasure imitated, but much louder this time. It's kinda fun messing with this wolf's head like that.

I counter it's repetition with another scream. "Ohhh-OOOHHHHHohhhhhh" This time, however, the response was almost deafeningly loud and Mark suddenly stops moving. He leans close to me, his body weight holding me down, his cock still in my pussy, and whispers "There's a wolf right behind me." I pause for a second. I hear Mark's breathing and feel his heartbeat. I also hear what sounds like growling. "The van's right outside the tent," I whisper back, "We could run." As we get up, I see the wolf looking at us and growling.

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I feel my boyfriend's comforting grip on my arms as we approach, ready to pull me back if the beast lunges at me, I assume. Then, to my complete shock, I'm flung forward at the wolf, and barely catch a glimpse of my so-called boyfriend as he darts out of the tent, completely naked.

I hit into the wolf and fall back on my ass. I turn myself over, push myself up with my hands and start to take a step with my right foot to get up and go after him, but feel a sudden sharp pain in my left calf as it's jerked back, forcing me back down onto my face. I hear the van starting up. I look back and see that my leg is in the wolf's jaws, my blood spilling all over the tent floor.

I try to kick him with my right leg, but he's got a good grip, and pushing him just pulls at my leg, making it hurt worse. I scream as the wolf rips off a large bite of my leg, my flesh dangling from it's mouth as it begins to chew. I start to crawl out of the tent on my hands and right knee with tears blurring my vision.

As I poke my head out, I feel the wolf's jaws once more on my left leg. He drags me back into the tent as far as he can pull me. I try to grab onto something, anything, but I'm pulled back with my tits scraping against the thinly plastic covered ground. The wolf tears off another bite of my leg. I hear the van drive away as the wolf presses his paw against my back to hold me down.

I scream as he rips off another chunk of my flesh. My foot is numb from the middle of my calf downward, hurting from where it's numb. Looking down, I see that he's lying on me, gnawing on my separated foot. I pull myself forward about an inch, with him on top of me.

I look back at him, and he doesn't seem to care. "He probably won't want to eat much more than that," I think to myself. "He's just one wolf. If I get out, he'll probably let me hop away to keep my foot." I get ready to pull myself another inch or so as I turn back to the look at the entrance again. Before I move, I see another wolf walk in. I watch in horror as several more members of the pack enter the tent.

I'm screwed. I see one going for my right hand, but I pull it back. Then I feel another's jaws pierce my left hand. "AHHHHHH!!!", I scream. As I scream the one that went after my right hand grabs it and begins to pull. They both pull at my arms and have excellent grips.

I feel an enormous pressure in my elbows and shoulders and tremendous pain as they begin to rip until my right arm finally tears off at the shoulder. Immediately, I'm pulled to the left like the winning half of a wishbone on Thanksgiving. One of the other wolves takes the other end of my severed arm and begins to eat, sharing it with the victor of that tug of war. I feel a sort of phantom arm extending from the pain where my arm used to be. The other wolf presses his paw against my arm and shakes his head to rip it off at the elbow.

I scream again, my tears this time completely blurring out what's going on. I can hear all the biting and chewing. Survivng this is hopeless. I lift my head, trying to expose my neck to entice the wolves to put my out of my misery. Instead, I feel the stump of my remaining arm get bitten into, then a paw pressing against my side trying to tear it off. I don't even resist anymore. I pull against the force, helping the wolf to separate what's left of my arm. The wolf lying on me gets off and one of them grabs me by my right shoulder wound and pulls me into the middle of the tent.

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I've always thought animals to be more merciful, going for vital places in the body first to kill their prey so they wouldn't suffer as much. Why won't they just kill me already? I keep lifting my head to expose my neck, hoping one of them goes for it, and ends this painful torture.

The next bite I feel is in my right leg. I feel several bites at a time.


Must be two wolves eating it. The pain is unbearable. My whole body begins to go partially numb from feeling so much pain everywhere. This comes as something of a relief. I can still feel them as they bite into me, and it still hurts, but not as much.

Maybe I'm just getting used to it. I don't know. It's still horrible though. Soon, all my limbs are completely gone and the wolves leave.

I'm left with four painful wounds and the inability to move, in a pool of my own blood and tears with a few scattered well-picked bones.

I can feel phaontom limbs where my limbs are supposed to be, moving them around trying to get up, hoping this all isn't real. I figure out how to move by lifting up my upper body, pushing my chest forward, then pulling my lower body along. It takes a lot of time and effort to move even just a few inches, especially after loosing so much blood, but I pull myself along.

If I can get help, great, but what I'm really looking for right now is to just die. Help is too unlikely and I just want this to end. I get out of the tent and my movements start pushing dirt from the ground into my pussy. Fucking great, as if I wasn't uncomfortable enough. This way of moving exhausts my already exhausted body quickly and I'm asleep before I even leave the camp. I wake up feeling a long slimy tongue pressing against my pussy, lifting my lower lorso.

As I open my eyes, I see the wolves around me again and feel teeth embed themselves into both my pussy and ass. I scream as the sensation of pain is new again. After a few bites are taken out of my pelvis, the others approach and begin biting me. The first two continue from my shoulder wounds, painfully reopening them. Another takes a bite of my right side, his teeth tearing through my nipple and back.

I feel it much harder to breathe, so I guess that he took part of my lung. "Take my heart or something you sadistic fucks!", I scream, just wanting it to end.

The next wolf to join in puts his jaws around my neck. "Yes. Do it! Kill me!", I think, feeling it's teeth barely against my skin. Finally I'm killed, as blood spurts forth from my neck when the wolf bites into it, and tears off my head.

It wasn't until over a decade later that the tent was found, full of holes, flattened and with plants growing through it. By then, there was nothing left of me, the van's tracks, the fire we built, or the clothes we left there, but whatever those tents are made of seem to last a while.