Teen gay thumbs movietures Piss Loving Welsey And The Boys

Teen gay thumbs movietures Piss Loving Welsey And The Boys
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I've know this girl for awhile. Since grade school I've been infatuated with her. Now our junior year in high school, we are great friends. But out relationship never advanced. She's a beautiful blonde. B 30 breasts on top of a wide hips and a perfect tight ass. I'm about 5/9, 200 pounds of ok muscle but not defined. An average teenager that has been with a few women but never her. My name is Nathan and this is my story. The first week into school she decided to come home with me to study.

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To help me mostly. I opened the door to my house and let her in. I couldn't help but trail my eyes across her ass. "Looks like no one is home" I said. She dropped her bag and walked through my living room and to our kitchen. "Damn girl were you going." I yelled after her. I saw a note on the table and picked it up. "Went to mattews wrestling meet be back in a few hours" I smiled and called after Kayla.

"Hey wide ass my Grandmas with my cousin. " she turned Around and gaped. "Wide ass? Fuck off" I laughed and walked toward her.

"Calm buffalo butt she won't be back for awhile" Kayla frowned as I commented on her wide sexy hips.


"So what if my ass is big" she said turning away from me. "I'm just saying. Wide ass adds extra cushion. " I smirked laughing. "She rolled her eyes and opened my fridge. I stood behind her as she bent over to open the drawer.


My body froze and i stared at her ass. She had lost a lot of weight and her legs and ass got thinner. Light showed through those thin legs like the passage to heaven. She wore tight shorts that she just fit into from the loss of weight.

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Her tight tank top rose up showing her thin striped underwear and a little ass crack. I wanted so bad to reach out and ripped them down and bury my hardening cock into her. I looked down as I realized I had a raging hard on. "I'll be right back Kayla. " I said turning around and going into my bedroom. I closed my door and let out a breath of air. My kayla is in my house we have hours of alone time, and i have a boner. I have to try now.

I adjusted my thick seven and walked back to Kayla with every intention to finally kiss her. Kayla was sitting on the counter eating a yogurt. "Bitch that's my yogurt. " She smiled and ate more. I leaned against the fridge. "Now more about that ass." I said smirking. She stopped eating. "What now more snide comments. "I smiled well were to start.


I pointed at her. "You hotter now" she frowned. "What was I before.

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" I smiled and waved my hand. "Ehh" she looked confused. "Ehh?" I smiled and walked to her. I took the yogurt from her delicate hands and rested my hands on the counter. "You've thinned down a bit" I said running my hands down her tight thighs. " your waist is smaller " I said quietly stroking her waist. She looked at me and bit her lip.

Is that good is she getting uncomfortable? "And this waist makes your nice ass look hotter. "I said sliding down to her ass and squeezing. She jumped and arched her back pushing closer to me. yes i can work with this i screamed in my head. I smiled and she looked at me. " any more comments. ?" She asked Now time do do it i have to. I smiled and leaned into her.

She pressed her lips to mine and my stomach went crazy. My years of yearning for her was being completed before my eyes I was in bliss.

I was also surprised at her ferocity. She used her legs to pull me closer to her as she pulled at my shirt. I lifted my arms and We broke our kiss for a second and went back at it. Her hands played with my pants until I broke the kiss. "Are you sure?" I asked looking Into her blue eyes.

She smiled. "You've wanted this right?" I looked at her and the man inside me unleashed. "Shorts off now. " I commanded. She bit her lip and pulled at her buttons. As soon as they were off I pulled them down and she picked her ass up as i stepped away from her.

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I pulled them off her legs and dropped to my knees between her sexy legs. With delicate hands I rubbed her fair soft legs and kissed them slowly.

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She let out a moan as I inched to her sweet spot. She worked her striped underwear off and lifted her legs up to removed them. She let her legs down and I kissed her pussy. She jumped and rested her hand on my head. I inhaled her smell and licked her perfect shaved lips. They welcomed me with warm cum. Kayla leaned back and pushed her ass out. I licked her clit and she pulled at my hair a little. With my lips and tongue I attacked her sensitive pussy until she was screaming.

"Oh god yes Nathan were have you been my life oh yes!" I pushed my nose on her clit and my tongue past her folds and licked the inside of her sweet pussy. She went crazy and came in my mouth. I drank all her sweet nectar greedily. She pulled my to her and we kissed again. She had worked her shirt off while I was eating her and her hard nipples were pushing into my chest. I pinched one in my fingers and she pushed her tongue past my lips as a response. tongue met hers with urgency. She pushed me back and pulled at my pants.

I let her push them down and I pushed my underwear down my cock sprang up and she gasped. "Dear god where were you hiding this " she exclaimed grabbing it. Her sexy little hand Could barley fit around it. I pressed it against her pussy and she gasped"Fuck me please. " she asked softly kissing me. I smiled " I've wanted to fuck you for yearsand now I should give it to you.

" I said sliding My hands to her tight ass. " please I want it. "She said rubbing me faster. "Fuck me now"she yelled. I pressed my lips to hers and lined my cock up with her little cunt.

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"I don't have any condoms" I said. "Do it now" she rubbed her hips against my head and My throbbing cock couldn't take anymore I pushed into her.

I gasped as her cunt wrapped around me and pulled me in her. I moaned and jumped as I came immediately. My cum sprayed in her womb and she moaned as it filled her. I squeezed her ass and pushed my cock deeper into her. "Umm sorry" I said embarrassed. "It's ok just fuck me" she kissed me and I started to slid In and out. Her sweet velvet walls wrapped around my cock as I impaled her. Her breathing quickened as I sped up. I rubbed her slim legs and thighs as my cock pounded her.

" oh god yes faster"she moaned as my balls smacked her ass. Her hands dug in my back and she wrapped her arm around my neck. "Yes right there " she screamed as she came. I moaned and slammed Into her my head slammed against her cervix and she arched her back as her pussy gushed around me.

At the same time her pussy twisted and sucked me into her. I moaned as her pussy milked me to an orgasm. "I'm gonna cum " I moaned in Kayla's ear.

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She looked at me. " please cum in me again" she kissed me as I thrusted on more time and poured the last of my cum into her. She sighed on my lips as my balls pumped seed in her womb. I pulled out of her and my cum dripped from her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me closer. "No don't go"she whispered resting her head on my chest. I kissed her head and rubbed her back. "I love you Nathan. "She said gripping me tighter. "I love you too Kayla. "I said. My heart nearly popped as my dream came true.

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