Zwei Schwanz anal dp Schlampe emanuelle

Zwei Schwanz anal dp Schlampe emanuelle
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As we just droped Mike off at his house it was about 12:20 and i had ot be home at like 1 so i had 40 minutes to kill with Dave. As we got out of site of Mikes house i looked down at Daves stomach and saw his prick was rising very fast. I took a deepbreath and ask "dave you want a blowjob?" he said "nah not right now, lets wait till we get to my house" "ok" as we round the next corner dave stoped and pulled over to the side of the road and pulled out his prick.

I took a hold of his huge cock and started to stroke it up and down as he pulled away from the side of the road. I than lowered my head down and entered his cock into my mouth giving him the best blowjob i could. Knowing that i could get caught at any second by a cop or who ever made it that much more fun and exciting. As i was sucking him off Dave took his hand and placed it on the back of my head. He slamed my head down as hard as he could almost making me choke.

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My mouth almost reached his balls. I quickly adjusted to his huge cock down my throat and started to take very small stokes with my head up and down. Probaly only going up and down half of inch. "fuck dude why didnt we ever try this before?" "lol yeah i know its lots of fun and i love your cock in my throat" dave laughed. "dont even wrry about droping me off at home at 1 i got till like 2 or whenever, my mom wont care.

just as long as u return the favor" "u mean like this?" he started to rub my cock up and down teasing me in everyway. i only had basketball shorts on so he could get to my penis pretty fast. He stoped as the stop sign undid his seat belt and slid back my shorts and with in 10 seconds he was blowing my brains out!!!

"holy fuck" ive never seen him blow me as fast as he was now. i couldnt belive it i was already about to cum right there!!. He than raised his head and took control of the car and started to drive off. Either he forgot or he really wanted cock tonite cause as he was driving he was still jerking me off and boy was i loving it!.

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"yo, im ganna go threw the drivethrew and get some food" "ight, sounds good" we were about 1 hour away from were we lived and didnt know anyone in the town acept Mike. So as dave drove up to the second window and was just about to get his food served i looked at the lady in the window and just started to blow dave right there!!

infront of the lady. She was so shocked she couldnt belive she was seeing a guy blowing another guy right infront of her. Dave just started to smile, he grabbed his food and drove off. "hahah boy was that fun". "dude haha i cant belive u did that lol but it was kinda fun" "haha yea i know" It was going on 12:40. Ive been blowing him for a solid 30 minutes now and enjoying each minute of it. We had about 30 more minutes till we got him. I blew dave the rest of the way home till we got to his house.

As we arrived we went into his bedroom. He played one of the pornos we most of the time watch and we both started sucking eacother off in the 69 position. That probaly lasted 10 more minutes than dave through me against the bed (me against my back) he gave me the sloopiest blowjobs i had ever recieved and probally the best blowjobs i ever recived he than placed his legs on both side of my body grabed ahold of my yet slimy cock and placed it right in his asshole.

He than just slowly putting all his weight on my cock and letting it slide right in his ass.

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Hs graduatly started moving up and down to work it in there. Faster and faster and faster " ahhhh fuck yes keep going ahh YESSSS DONT STOP" as i started to scream.

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As he was fucking me faster and faster i made a ring like shape with my finers with my thumb and pointer finger and placed it around his cock. I just held it there in postion. As i was fucking him he started to fuck my fingers.

"fuck dude im about to cum" "just leave it in there for 2 seconds than come up near my mouth and fuck my mouth till u have no cum left" i did as told "her it cumms ahhhahhhhhhh im cumming cumming" After i let a few quirtts of cum into his very tight asshole i did as told and brought my cock right into his throught.

My cock was all the way down each and everytime it went in. Everytime i could feel the lips touch the little stubs of hair that was left over from when i shaved my member. Each time waiting for more and more cum to come out. "im cummmming" he got ready to take my huge load in. As i felt this warm sweet sensation comeing out of my cock i moaned with enjoyment.

I than took his cock and tuged it right into my mouth. I to gave him the slpopiest blowjob i had ever given and than grabed ahold of his cock and gentle pushed it into my ass. right off the bat i started to ride him faster and faster. It felt so damn good having his huge cock inside of ME!!.

I wanted his whole load but not in my ass i wanted it all for me and all of it to go all over my face and into my mouth. As he said im about to come i quickly got up slide his cock out my ass got on my knees like a good little boy and deepthroated the hell out of him.


he stated to fuck my mouth hard as possible his huge balls slapping my face each time he forced his cock down my throat and with ever enjoyable throatjob i got he finally came' I have never seem or felt as much hot,juicy, sensationable cum in my life. I than blew him dry. Getting every last drope of cum i could out of his penis till i sucked him soft and he could not take it anymore.

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He contiued blowing me for another few minutes after that cause he just loves cock but not as much as i do. The next moring his parents had left early for work and it was just us two. So we both jumped into the shower and started to wash eachother bodies. I took the soap and put some on my hand and started to give him a hand job. Than i bent over to wash my feet and what i was hoping for finally happened.

I felt his huge soapy cock slid right into my ass hole.

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"Ahhh fuck yea fuck me harder" "ok" "ahh fuck it hurts but dont stop keeping fucking me harder" With each penitration i heared his balls smacking my ass and i felt him took ahold of my sides and foced his cock all the way in. "FUCK" i scream "have u ever been in this deep inside of me? cause i LOVE it" He continued fucking my brians out for about 40 more minutes till it was my turn. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I than started to slide my fingers to his ass hole and started to finger him.

I was sucking his sweet cock and fingering him at the same time.

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I couldnt belive it. As he cumed all over my face and in my mouth i stood up and we started to make out. I still have a full mouth fulll of cum inside of my mouth. I than started to push all of it into his mouth and he repeated. As he started to get dry dave went to pick up his cigerets that were on the ground. There it was his ass right in my face. "hrmmmm" as i thought to myself "what should i do?" i than took ahold of his as cheeks and started to lick his ass crack.

I knew right away that he liked it because he started to jerk himself off. I got it nice and wet so i could than fuck the hell out of him like he did to me in the bathroom. I bent him down a little more than stuck it straight in him.


Fucking him as hard as i could and not telling him when i was about to cum i just blew my load right there. I than got down on my knees and started fingering him again and putting my mought right next to his ass hole so i couold get every drop of cum that fell out. After i was done out of no where he picked me up slammed be against the wall and stuck it right in. As he was fucking the hell out of me we started to make out.

It was the best!!!!!!