Blowjob lots of cum and milf big tits crony cronys sister first time pawnstar meets a

Blowjob lots of cum and milf big tits crony cronys sister first time pawnstar meets a
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She was a south east Asian girl. I don't know where from exactly.

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They usually say Thailand, but I didn't ask. I didn't really care. I don't think she had been trafficked. She was pretty enough, but not stunning. I paid just £30 in a 'walk-up' on Romilly street in Soho, London. 'Walk-ups' are flats above shops or restaurants where you just walk up from the street, knock on the door and either an old woman (the maid) or a young lady in her underwear (the prostitute) let you in and show you through into a dimly lit bedroom.

The maid sits outside the door so she can raise the alarm if the punter gets violent, answers the door while the girl is busy and looks after the money.

At the time there was a list of prices and services on the wall for you to choose from.

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At the top of the list £20 for a quick blowjob, at the bottom £120 for an hour. The services in between varied, anal, spanking, toy show, 69, sometimes even watersports. Thirty quid, plus two for the maid, got me 'French & Sex'. A covered blowjob and sex in one position, nothing else. However with some girls you can get away with more than with others. (One girl I saw a couple of times sucked me even though I hadn't paid for that.) I had a feeling this girl was an easy one.

I got naked and lay on the bed.

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She played with my cock to get me hard, but put the condom on when I was only half way there and started to suck. Before long I got hard and she started to give me a shallow bj. This is where I took my first liberty. I stroked her hair while she's blowing me, then I pushed her head down and thrust my hips upwards so she choked. She got a bit upset, but didn't get angry, she just took a second to catch her breath and went back to it.

I did apologise, although I wasn't really sorry. After a bit I said, "Okay". This meant I was ready to fuck her. She lay down on the bed next to me, took a squirt of lube from a pump on the bedside table and rubbed it on her pussy, then told me Okay. I mounted her in missionary position.

She opened her legs wide and guided me in. They guide you in so you don't shove it up their arse without paying for it (about £50-£70 depending on the girl if I remember correctly). They rarely open their legs so wide though, only the Asians do. A lot of Eastern Europeans hardly open up at all and keep their feet firmly planted. Now, usually you are not allowed to kiss them.

Some charge £10 extra and you can, but for the most part it's not allowed. I went in for a kiss anyway.

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She winced and moved her head out the way. I tried again and got her cheek. I tried again and got her full on the lips. Still she didn't say anything or try to push me away.

Finally I hooked her leg with my arm and grabbed her face so she couldn't turn away from me. I kissed her full on the lips and shoved my tongue in her mouth. She resisted at first, but she eventually gave in and even tongued me back a little bit, believe it or not.

I pounded her fast and hard as I snogged her. I soon came with a few grunts.

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I stayed on top of her and inside her until I got my breath back. I know snogging a prostitute is a stupid idea, but it's not the only time I've done it. I paid the ten quid extra once or twice. I've even paid extra to lick their cunts and I've licked a few without paying too. Yes, I am one of the few weirdos that likes licking out whores.

Her English was pretty bad so we didn't say much. She took the condom off me and cleaned my cock with baby wipes. The weirdest thing was, as I was getting dressed she said, "You smell nice." And gave my neck a little sniff. I do make sure I am clean and fresh smelling when I go to these girls. It's bad enough that they are fucking men for money, they shouldn't have to put up with a disgusting stench too. When I was ready she showed me to the door, thanked me and told me to come back soon.

Just being polite and giving good customer service the way Asian girls always do. I'm sure if she never sees me again in her life it'll be too soon for her. The whole thing from me knocking on the door to leaving took less than 15 minutes. I have to emphasise that none of the above is made up. It's not a fantasy. It happened in 2012. The walk-up experience is far too workaday and business like to be a fantasy.

This is just one of approximately fifty experiences in theses places I've had so far. Most were pretty mundane and repetitive, the same thing every time.

I can't even remember the majority of them. In a lot of ways it's a less intimate experience than getting a hair cut. It's quicker too. Often it's totally business, hardly any social niceties at all. The girls, especially the eastern Europeans, can be so cold and distant you might as well be fucking one of those 'Real Dolls'. Somehow I get off on the fact that I'm just using them for their bodies. I kind of like that I obviously disgust them and they just want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Other times the girls are lovely, good looking and really friendly.

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They actually seem to care if you enjoy it. It's amazing for under £50. If you work nearby, you can stop in at a walk-up during your lunch hour and still have time to eat. When I was in my early 20s and at university, my girlfriend was at Central St. Martin's. I often used to leave my college early and catch the train into town.


I would pop into one of the walk-ups before meeting her for dinner. Then we'd go home and I'd shag her too.


Usually I was careful to wash first. Not to avoid spreading diseases or anything. I just didn't want her to smell or taste the rubber from the condom on my dick. There were a couple of times that I didn't bother, but she didn't seem to notice. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I will answer then as honestly as I can.