Deutsche mutter erwischt sohn beim wichsen

Deutsche mutter erwischt sohn beim wichsen
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I woke up that morning like a king, or maybe just some riddiculously rich guy that shares a bed with two beautiful women. Mom was on my left and my sister was on my right, I thought about being quite happy to wake up this way every day. I gently lifted the duvet and took sight of my naked family, through the night any garments that had remained on their bodies had been shed, now they were just two beautifully naked women. My Mom's ass was pointing directly at me, while Bobbie was sprawled on her back with her arms up behind her head.

I'd have taken a picture of both of them if I'd had my phone with me. I glanced at the clock and new that I had ten full minutes to appreciate the pair of them before the alarm went off, I was surprised to be awake at all following last nights adventures. I had taken my sisters virginity, with the help of our Mom of course, it all seemed magical. A week ago I would never have dreamed about being where I was now, and if I had to dream up a fantasy at all it would have involved Faye.

Today Faye and I were going to meet at lunch, everything that had gotten us this far would be laid out on the table.

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Minus a few details of course, but today the final outcome was very much in the palm of her hands. Today was the day it was all going to end. I slipped underneath the duvet and down the bed, somehow managing to not wake either of them up I left the room and went into my own room.

I checked myy phone and saw no new messages or calls, I glanced back at the window as I turned to leave the room, Bobbie was standing in my bedroom doorway.

Her hair was a little matted and she looked groggy, beautifully naked still, she reached into the sky and stretched. Her nipples went hard as the goosepimples began popping up over her skin. ''What're you doing?'' she asked. ''Just getting ready for a shower, you should do the same.'' I told her, she smiled and closed the gap betwene us with a few steps. He arms wrapped around my waist and mine around her back, I kissed her on the top of her head and she looked up at me with her round blue eyes, ''Thank you for last night.'' she said.

''Dont mention it, it was my pleasure.'' I replied. ''My pleasure too,'' she shot back, ''Maybe we can do that as a family fun night every night.'' she suggested. ''I have no problem with that,'' I told her. It was when she mentioned family fun night I was reminded of my Father. He was still around somewhere, I highly doubted that he had listened to anything I told him. We made our way out of my room just as Mom came out of hers, she had her pink robe on though it was wide open.

She looked as tired as Bobbie did. ''What're you guys up to?'' she asked, then in a playful mood Bobbie reached down and cupped my penis in her hand, ''Nothing Mom.'' she replied to her Mother grinning. ''Good.'' Mom told her smiling, ''I'm guna go and make a start on breakfast, you two get showered and dressed.'' she instructed.

We both synchronised a ''Okay Mom,'' and headed towards the bathroom. There were no words between us, no hint or suggestion, but without thinking twice we both climbed into the shower together and turned the water on. Coold water rained down on Bobbie's head, quickly transforming her into what looked to be a drowned rat. A drowned rat with granit nipples.

Her supple B-cup breasts would soon match Mom's D-cup, and while I looked forward to that day I appreciated the moment. Grabbing the sponge off the side as the water began to warm I poured body wash all over it, I then began to rub the sponge against her skin. The foam began to form and while sponging my sisters back and arms was a new experience, I couldn't wait to start 'cleaning' her breasts.

She turned her back to me and was almost leaning against me as I reached around her and began slowly running the sponge across her chest. ''Feels so much better when somebody else does it.'' she told me, I ran the sponge carefully around each of her breasts, before slipping down to her stomach.

She let out a little moan as the soap began to run down to her more sensitive area. ''This shower isn't the only thing making me wet and warm, Doc.'' she said. I smiled to myself as I felt my cock stifen up against her back, she slipped her arm behind her back and I felt her hand wrap around me. She tilted her head to the side and looked at me, we kissed for a moment as the sponge fell from my hand. My hand slid all over her body, tweaking her nipples as she moaned into my mouth, I then wasted no more time and allowed my hand to drop to her clitoris.

Her moan turned to a gasp as I cupped her by her tight little pussy.

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''I want you to fuck me, right here in the shower.'' she whipsered in pleasure. I didn't have the power to tell her no anymore, we had come too far and the seal had been broken. I put my free hand on her shoulder and bent her over, she reached out to the surrounding wall to support herself as I began teasing her pussy with the helmet of my cock.

''You ready for this, little sister?'' I asked her playfully.

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''Oh god yes,'' she moaned. There was enough soapsuds to act as a lube, I slowly began to push my way into her, feeling the tighteness of her recently removed virginity. I felt her clamp around my cock, I ran a hand up her back to sooth and relax her while at the same time pushing further into her. Her head came up and her back arched a little, I was a couple of inches away from balls deep, I knew it was far more than she could take so I stopped it there and slowly began withdrawing, she backed up against me a little, almost as if she was scared to loose what she had inside of her, I slid back into her and repeated the process.

She began panting heavily, her moans got louder each time I pushed into her. She even reached back and pulled at her ass cheek, ''Fuck me, yes,'' she panted. I reached under her and cupped one of her breasts, she removed her hand from her buttock and held mine against her breast.

My thrusting started to pick up pace now, the water was running down her back and splashing between the pair of us, I could feel my balls tighten with each sound that came out of her mouth. I knew that wherever Mom was in the house she knew what was going on, she probably expected it to.

''Doc, you're going to make me cum,'' she moaned, my hand left her breast and reached down between her legs. I began rubbing her clitoris as I pumped her vagina full of cock, the results were amazing. She began bucking uncontrollably and her moans of pleasure turned into a long begging scream.

She came with what I could only imagine to be one of the most intense orgasm's she will ever have. It was certainly the one she will remember the most. Her legs quivered before she slowly sank down to the shower floor, I began tugging on my cock and it wasn't long before I held her by her hair and pulled her head backward, spraying her face with string after string of my man milk.

''You okay baby sis?'' I asked her, she looked up at me with a face full of cum and her two beautiful blue eyes and nodded her head, ''That was,'' she began and then paused, ''amazing. My legs won't stop shaking.'' ''You'll be fine in a minute,'' I told her smiling, ''Let me help you get cleaned off, you can stay where you are.'' I offered.

''Good,'' she replied, ''Because I can't move.'' As soon as I started making my way downstairs the smell of pancakes hit me, I zipped into the kitchen and saw a fesh stack on the table waiting for me. I moved over to Mom who was finishing up her own plate and kissed her on the cheek. ''I love you Mom.'' I told her.

She smiled and turned her head to return the kiss, ''I love you too baby, now eat up because you're going to be late.'' A few minutes later Bobbie walked into the kitchen, ''Bobbie,'' Mom began, ''I don't think you've ever spent so long in the shower. Must have bee a good one.'' she said smiling and throwing me a wink. ''Best shower I've ever had Mom,'' Bobbie replied kissing her on the cheek as she sat down.

We ate breakfast as a family, and at this point it could be said that we now did everything as a family. I wouldn't have it any other way, either. The school morning was dragging more than usual, maybe it was because I couldn't wait to meet Faye at lunch, or maybe it was because Zak had been chewing at my ear all morning about how I ditched him. ''There's a lot going on at home right now,'' I told him, ''So stop crying.'' ''I'm not crying, my overbearing Aunt had to help me get that achievement.

My damn Auntie!'' he shot back. ''I thought you liked your Aunt.'' I reminded him, he had always had a thing for her. Maybe it was down to him having a thing for anything with breasts, but he would always tell me how hot she was. ''I do like her, but when I have to concentrate on a clean infiltration and she's all about showing me her latest tattoo, wwhat am I supposed to do?'' he asked. ''What tattoo?'' I asked, ''I thought she was getting new boobs.'' ''She did, and then she got some kind of bird underneath them, like the one under Rhianna's boobs.'' he told me.

I nodded my head smiling because I knew what it was like to look at a member of your family like that. The difference here though was that his Auntie was just two years older than him and had been sexually teasing him like this for years. ''So did she show you her new boobs?'' I asked. ''No, she just lifted her top up high enough to give me the under-boob and a look at her tattoo. Aparantly she doesn't need to wear a bra anymore. I swear man, if I didn't know any better, I would honest to god punch her in the mouth with my cock.'' he said.

The dinnerbell finally rang and I told him I would catch up with him as soon as I dropped off some over due homework. My heart began racing as I made my way through a mass of people heading the opposite way I was. I pushed open the twin doors that led to the field and began looking for her, I had a feeling that I knew where she might be though.

There was a break in the bushes at the far end of the field, it led to a completely enclosed area out of view from anyone on field patrol. Kids would go there to smoke cigarettes among other things, I made my way towards what we all referred to as the blind spot. I wasn't surprised to see her there waiting for me.


She had her arms folded and didn't look impressed to see me, which was strange considering that she had invited me. ''You fucked my mother.'' she spat. You ever heard the expression 'a deer in headlights'? Well that didn't begin to explain the expression that swept over my face. She produced the voice recorder that I had planted in her Mom's room and it all dawned on me, it had recorded everything.

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I remembered Pamela walking towards me, after stupidly taking a viagra I was a lamb to be slaughtered. She came towards me and began unfastening my trousers, before I could have a second thought she had freed my seven inch cock and dropped to her knees.

She didn't need to use her hands, my hard cock wasn't exactly a moving target. She opened her mouth and took about six inches of me without batting an eye lid. Her eyes met mine as her head began bobbing backward and forward, her hair was tied up in a loose bun and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, so i placed my hand on top of her head and released her flowing red hair. She shook it a little before taking me back into her mouth, her right breast became exposed and I got a look at her lightly freckled flesh and pink nipple.

I tried to picture the exact same breast on Faye, but all that was in my head was Pamela. I grabbed a fistful of her red locks and pulled her to her feet, she had a look of lustful excitement about her as our lips momentarily met. I threw her onto the bed and couldn't believe for a moment what I was doing, it was as though an animal had over taken me.

She had a smile on her face as she pulled up the dress, her vagina was clean shaven and it took me around two seconds to bury my face into her. Her back instantaniously rose up off the bed while her head was at full tilt. ''Oh my fucking god yes,'' she cried, she grabbed me by the hair then and pulled up up to her, ''I want your cock so fucking bad.'' she told me.

Her legs were wide open, knees were bent and her heels buried into the bed. I pushed my way inside of her and slipped in to the hilt. Her jaw dropped and her eyes bulged as her head dropped back down, I pulled open her dress exposing both of her breasts.

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They were perfection personified, I began thrusting in and out of her with as much force as I could muster, causing both breasts to swing up and down, her nipples were hard and on the move, I tried catching one in my mouth as she moaned and begged me for more.

We fucked like animals all over her bedroom, every word exchanged, every sound that was made between us was turned up on the voice recorder. Faye stood there staring a hole right through me as I looked at her feeling nohing but shame. ''I'm sorry.'' I told her, it was the only words I could find. She stopped the recording and took a step towards me, ''I know what she can be like,'' she told me, ''And I'm sure you had no other choice.'' When she said that, I was swept away with a wave of confusion.


There's no way she could be okay with me fucking her mother. She hated her Mom and what she and her Father had been doing to her. ''When I heard this the first time, I couldn't actually believe it. I was so angry with you, I never wanted to speak to you or see you again.'' she told me, ''Then I listened to it again, and I was picturing it.

And while I was picturing it, I started getting into it.'' she said. Was she serious? I wondered, was she really telling me that she was getting off listening to me and her Mother fuck like rabbits? ''I listened to it again, and again, and again.

I had to, I felt addicted. Part of me began to wish that I had asked you to plant a video recorder instead of a voice recorder.'' she said as she took another step towards me.

She was almost nose to nose with me now, her school skirt fluttered in the wind and her hair billowed with it.

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''I knew that today Mom would be at yoga and Dad at work, so I went home before coming to school. I listened to everything through my earphones, I've been sat here in the blinspot since school started listening to what you and my Mom did.'' ''So, you.'' I began, but was unable to find the right word to finish the sentence.

''The only way I could sttop listening to it, was to--'' she stopped herself and turned away, ''finger myself. So there it is, I orgasmed listening to you and my Mother fuck each other stupid.'' she confessed. I wanted to take her in my arms, to comfort her somehow. She had found her kink, she was just beginning the journey of sexual self discovery, a journey I had began when I first started sleeping with my Mother.

''And it was after you and Mom, that It recorded the most important thing.'' she said. ''What important thing?'' I asked her, she turned back to face me and pressed play on the recorder. She had to wind it on a little while before she got to it. It was the voice of two males talking, two very familiar voices. ''What the hell are you doing? You look a mess.'' said the first voice, which after a few moments I realised was Faye's Father. ''How much longer am I going to have to wait, you remember the deal we made.'' said the second voice, who I quickly identified as my Father.

''I didn't think you would be stupid enough to fuck things up with your family! Why the hell did you walk out on them anyway? That wasn't part of the deal. How the hell am I going to get mine now?'' He demanded. ''I'll make it right don't you worry chief, I'll go over there tonight. I'll go in the back way and through the back door, I'll make things up with Liz and we'll be back on track.'' Dad told him.

''Yeah sure, providing you don't get shit faced before hand.'' ''Don't get brave now boy, I'll smash you in the mouth before smashing that daughter of yours.'' Dad threatened. And then came the kind of response from Faye's Father that would turn your blood cold, ''You ain't touching Faye, until you present me with the ass of your Bobbie.'' Faye stopped the recording, I was in shock as I struggled to understand what I had heard.

''They made a deal, Doc,'' she said, ''A sick, twisted daughter exchange.'' ''We have to do something,'' I told her, ''We need to go to the police or something.'' I said, I felt sick inside.

The thought of her Dad going after my sister made me want to puke. What would Mom say? ''We're going to burrn them.'' she told me. For the longest time she had carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, after finding the video camera footage of her Mom and Dad drugging and abusing her, everything was on her.

But now it seemed that karma was taking something from me too. Because while I have been somewhat innocent in this whole mess, she would never have known any of it was going on if I hadn't planted the camera in the first place.

And now Bobbie was in the line of fire too. Prey to a sexual predator that bargained his own daughter for another mans. Part of me wishes that I had ended it last night when my drunken father stumbled into the back yard.

I wanted him to go away for good, to be out of our lives. I could have killed him, and now I wish I had. But that was before I knew what he had done and what he was planning to do.

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Faye was a hacker, she could do anything when it came to the media we had. The video and now the voice recording all combined together would be a damning package to anyone. ''What are you thinking?'' I asked her. She took a step towards me and without warning she kissed me. The lips I had spent what felt like an eternity desiring were know locked with mine.

My hand came up to touch her but I resisted the urge. I wanted this to be what it was, a longing romance that had finally broken into intimacy.

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Her lips tasted of blueberry and her perfume filled my nostrils, my blood began warming up. The kiss seemed to come with it's own pheromones. She broke away and smiled, ''I've wanted to do that for a while.'' she told me. I returned the smile, though it felt more like a goofy grin, ''You and me both.'' I told her. ''I suppose I really should of thanked you sooner,'' she said. ''Thanked me for what?'' I asked. ''For putting your Nanny-cam in my room.'' she answered.