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Straight dude loves gay blowjobs thinking its a chick
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The world had gone through hell and back only to come out the other side battle scared yet still living. If living is what you could call it, mankind was barely hanging on by a thread. If not for the aid of some unlikely volunteers then what little that remained would not be here either.

It was when a greater evil threaten the very existence of every "living" being that all those concerned with survival decided to unite against the evil that loomed over head. Who would have thought that those who were once enemies would now come to rely so heavily each other? As they say keep your friends close but your enemy even closer. The sun beat down on her from above, the crumbling roof top did nothing more then radiate the heat back at her.

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Sweat dripping down her brow was whipped away absent mindlessly while she continued to scan the area. With the almost complete destruction of the earth's environment the world was an unforgiving mistress now, far from the nurturing mother they all knew in the past.

Bringing her binoculars to her green eyes she scans the horizon of sector Z, her post. Lt. Commander Sheyera West was a pro at her job, having survived the initial attack almost thirty years ago with nothing but the lost of her family to count in the loses she was a veteran at this war.

She yawns a bit as she settles into her seat just a little bit more for comfort. Her long auburn hair was ties back and braided into several small plates against her scalp, what are more commonly referred to as "corn rolls".

In about 5 more minutes her shift would be over and the entire sector outside of New Hope City would be lost to the night as the stronger demons awakened to feed upon any living thing unfortunate enough to be caught outside. She takes a sip from the hydration device strapped on her back as she tries to stay awake on yet another boring day of watch.

Waiting just a few more moments she decides to call it a day early today and prepares to leave when the glint of something in the distance of the fading sun catches her eye. Excitement causes her heart rate to accelerate as she brings the binoculars back to her eyes she zooms in on the object that caught her attention.

Phoenix had been tracking the charging force for days on end. He hadn't eaten for most of them and sleep was never available when chasing a force that needed none. It was a marauding raid of demonkin going from town to town, outposts, ravaging and killing.

They had been struck with a blood disease from consuming the undead from a part of northern hinterlands. They were starving and nothing was filling their hunger. He had already took samples of their blood, taking out one of the lame injured pack members.

His cloak was ragged but kept the sun from blinding his eyes in the desert days and hid his armory of weapons. He was an alchemist of old, a long forgotten science, disused when the planet began to die. He made company of non-humans, he considered humans the most dangerous race of all. Though he did save them.He now stood on a cliff side looking down as the vibrations of the galloping force rumbling the rocks under his feet.

They were coming upon a fortress of a camp. He hadn't seen anything this sophisticated since an ice block palace in old Siberia. They had maybe 2 more miles before attack range. Phoenix began to run beside the mob atop the cavern's side following them waiting to engage. Shey grinned as she replaced her binoculars and activated her neural link, "Central Command this is Lt.

Commander West." "Go head Shey." she smiled at the sound of her friends familiar voice, "Hey Alex. I have a band of hostiles approaching my sector I'm prepared to engaged." "What is their classification?" "Nothing more then C" "Your orders are to return to the safety of the walls before they begin lock down for the night." "Negative. I'm going to fight them now and stop them from reaching our walls, decreasing the chance of one of them getting through." "Well I know you will do as you wish regardless of your orders, so take care." "Don't I always?

West out." she broke the link Adjusting the sword strapped to her back she checks the position of the demons once again and then jumps down from the 15 story building. With a ground shuddering thump she land on the ground going to one knee due to the impact.

She is only slowed for an instant before the sound of her black steel toed boots crunching the rubble can be heard as she races to her personal transportation vehicle. The black high gloss paint job was new and it showed especially with the setting of the sun. On a normal day she would have taken the time to admire the smooth and powerful machine, but right now she was on a mission. She removes her sword and straps it to the side where it would be easily accessible.

Placing her hand on the center the machine reads her bio-signature and lights up doing a self diagnostic on itself as she tips it up and onto its wheels.

She twists the accelerator feeding the engine some fuel, its roars like a hungry lion in search of its next meal. A hungry smile on her own lips she twists the accelerator down once again this time holding it down while at the same time holding the break down causing the rear wheel to spin in place building up speed and kicking up smoke. As the engine geared up she listened for the right moment before releasing the break and allowing the bike to surge forth like a race horse breaking out of the gate.

Phoenix was following along the ridge of the cavern racing along following the mob. He noticed as some of them began to mutate forming spikes on their backs and arms. "Bloody fuck. They are hitting the third stage of the infection."His left hand made an insignia in the air as it shined bright.

It dissipated and he exploded into a burst of speed, his feet touching the ground for only mere split seconds as he began to lead the mob. Shey raced toward the on coming mob without hesitation, though as she neared she could tell that their scent was different, like they were wrapped in a sickness.

As she neared they changed direction enough to now be heading straight for her, "Lets dance!" she calls out as she draws her sword and enters the pack, their snarls and snapping jaws reaching her ears as she slashes her way through the group. A rather brave one darts in front of her racing bike knocking it off balance and throwing her from it, her sword sailing to the top of the cavern.

She rolls to her feet and gets her back to the wall as she watches them encircle her. She arches one slender eyebrow as her fulls lips form a smirk, "Lets see what you got!" she says to them as she looks into their blood lusting eyes. There was a whirling noise in the air, her sword suddenly slicing into the dirt before her sticking up. A figure came sailing down from the cavern wall landing hard on its feet. He was cloaked in a black covering, tattered and teared from desert weather.

His hand reaching under it pulling out a medium sized shining blade. Its metal creased following square lines all about it, gears on its hilt.

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"Aye. Thought you might like that back Lass. This weather does hell on blades yeah?" His head masked by the cloak and goggles looked back and nodded."Whatever you do.

don't swallow the blood." A demon charged at him raising its hands over its head swinging down at him. He spun his blade transforming mid air.

The gears turning the blade separating and shifting its metal in sparks. It shifted and reconfigured into a massive 5 foot broadsword slicing through the demon's mid section like nothing. The blade sat back on his shoulder, his feet making creases in the ground from its weight, amazingly holding it with one hand. "What is it you Americans say? It is not the size that counts yeah? Heh." Shey smirked, "Yeah something like that." she eyed her new companion oddly, but decided now was not the time for the third degree.

She picks her sword up from the ground and gives it a twirl, "Ok now where were we? Oh yeah I was going to lead this dance!" she growls out at the demons as she rushes into them once more, using her sword to deflect blows then continuing the motion to kill another demon.

They were frenzied though so where they would have normally given up by now due to the face that their meal was no longer easy, they stayed to fight till they were dead. "So do you always wonder about in deserts looking to rescue helpless maidens or did I luck out and find a wondering knight?" she teases at her cloaked friend as she duck and rather strong blow and fell back to join him by the wall.

He ducked and dodged showing amazing manueverablility with the massive blade. He spun on the ground swinging it cutting out a large festering demons legs, it thudding unto its muscle bound stumps. Charging he dug the sword into the ground using it to pulvult him forward dropkicking the demon's skull with a sickening crack. Falling to the ground he rolled out of further punches slamming the ground around him.

Springing to his feet he dashed to his dug sword gripping it's handle tightly with the demons encroaching."Studying them.

preventing their spread of this disease. And Lass. if you were a distressed maiden you would have already eye fucked me for saving your pretty ass." His wrist flicked backwards like a throttle, the sword roared to life as he tweaked it over and over, steam billowing out like the revving of a motorcycle.

The blade seared the ground growing red. "But you didn't, so damsel no, fine? Yes. Though as far as knights go." His grip grew tight as he ripped the searing blade from the steamed earth and spun it above his head ending it in a wide arc cutting into the banding circle of them that had formed. The foul scent of burning entrails filling their nostrils as their guts spewed from their ruptured chests.

"I can assure you." A lumbering demon pushed through the falling dead towards them. The cloaked man hitched the sword on his shoulder raising his other arm towards the demon. His finger gliding out a red glowing symbol. It flared out exploding sending red glowing shards into the demon sending him wobbling back, heavy steps following as he started to charge forward.

"That my intentions are always far from honorable Lass." With that comment, goggles or not, a wink followed. His wrist turned the sword handle, it came to life again glowing its faint orange hue."Now lets clean up the sods before I die of the smell yeah?"Shey smirked, "Thought you would never ask." she brought her sword up holing it in front of her in both hands.

She spun it in her hands twice and on the second rotation a second blade appeared, "Get behind me." she warned him as she struck both blades together, a ringing sound began very low as the blades themselves vibrated softly.

Holding them out in front of her she howled long hard and loud, but the sound seemed to be swallowed up by the two swords who were vibrating violently now. "SHATTERING HOWL!!" she shouted as she raised the blades then slammed them into the ground their points aimed at the demons. A howling so fierce sounded as the swords bit deep into the earth as the vibrations stopped and the sound wave traveled through the pack of remaining demons, who fell to the ground howling in pain as their ear drums, organs, skulls and other bones shattered from the sound.

As the noise faded there was only a fell lifeless corpses left standing, their heads missing as they slowly toppled over.

Smiling and nodding her head in satisfaction she twirled her blades once again making them into one massive longsword. Sheathing the blade back on her back she looked him up and down, "Now what was it you were saying about those less then honorable intentions?" she says arching an eyebrow and taking a slow sip from her hydration device.

Suddenly her neural link kicked in, "Shey you need to get back to the city now. The commander wants to speak with you about your disobeying an order and they are locking the city down with or without you being inside." "Alright Alex I'm on my way and I have a friend with me." she winks at him, "A friend!

Fine we don't have time.

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Just get your ass back to the city." "Roger that. On my way." she goes over and picks up her bike which other then some dirt looked otherwise unharmed. It roared to life under her grip as she took her sword and placed in on its rack, then straddles the bike. Revving it a few times she walks it over to where her hooded companion stood, "Come on lets got for a ride." she says patting the seat behind her, "By the way the name is Sheyera, but you can call me Shey." The man tapped his sword on the ground after the blasting sound wave she had expertly performed.

"Not bad, not bad." He said with a covered smirk as he swung his sword out. The gears on the hilt spinning and whirring, the blade shifting its metal again till it formed its original short sword form. His hand guided the blade under his cloak where it clicked into place on a covered harness.

His eyes followed her to the bike and he stood a moment till nodding and proceeding to walk forward and sit behind her."Ah so Lass has a name yeah?

Names Phoenix Bishop O'Rion. But Phoenix will do love." Phoenix said from behind her his hands landing on her hips lifting his legs from the ground."Let's get goin', we don't want night to fall on us now." Shey smiled, "Hold on I'm gonna open her up!" she calls over her shoulder as she twists down on the accelerator and the bike gives a frightful roar as it thunders across the waist land.

She leans forward and ducks down to lessen the wind resistance as the lights in the distance grow larger. The massive gates that lead into the city were slowly closing as they went racing through, Shey skidding the bike to a stop. Surrounding them were several armed guards, guns aimed and ready, "Hello there boys.

So glad you all missed me." she says as she waits for Phoenix to get off then she does so as well. "Lt. Commander West you are order to see commander Thomas right now." Shey took her sword and attached it back to her back, "Yeah, yeah I know I know." she says as she pushes past the circle of guns and heads toward the barracks that were attached to the wall, she motions for Phoenix to follow.

Entering the cement barracks the bright florescent lights hummed as their boots echoed down the empty halls as she lead him to the end of the hall where her commander's office was located.

As soon as she entered the door her hands were already up for the fist that was coming her way, which she ducked but the hand around her throat she could not avoid. With a loud thump she found herself against the wall, meeting the gaze of a very angry dragonkin, his eyes a flame as smoke fumed from his nostrils. "If you ever disobey me again I'll burn your body to ashes. You understand me." Shey growled low and threatening in her throat and her commander released her and stepped back.

Shey stood to her full height and straightened her coat and uniform, "And you would do best to remember that you are only my superior because I did not feel like dealing with all of the political bullshit. You had better start taking those mood altered like your kind is suppose to." she growls at him as she walks around his desk and snatches a prescription bottle from the table and tosses it to him.

Silvin Thomas catches the bottle his serpent eyes still full of anger as he opens the bottle and takes a couple of the pills.


His scaly scarlet skin shimmered in the light as he takes a seat behind his desk, his large thick tail swaying as he walked. The leather of his chair creek under his massive weight as he steeples his clawed hands in front of him and looks Phoenix over, "So who exactly are you?" he huffed at him smoke still puffing from his nose.

Shey was leaning against the wall by the window looking out as the evening life of the city began. Phoenix had been leaning against the doorway arch watching the two converse until he was questioned. He pushed from the doorway opening his arms. "A simple traveler here to explore the wonderful countryside!" He said waving his arm out theatrically. His hands fell to his side and a small laugh emerged.

"I'm kidding, since this rock is dead as a drunk blaggard walkin into dublin castle at witching hour yeah?" He paused and sensed the joke wasn't going to snag in these parts.

His hands raised up pulling back his hooded mask and pulling away his goggles. It revealed a striking man with pale skin, piercing blue eyes and dark maroon hair sticking at odds ends. "Phoenix Bishop O'Rion at your service boss. You can take on Dr. or Rev. to the front of their, studied/graduated both. And you are. no wait. I know." His finger tapped his chin in thought. "Lizardman!


Book #24 Amazing Spiderman right?" His boots clicked the floor as he stepped forward as he leaned forward his hands on the desk. "Joking aside, you have a problem." His eyes got ice cold, his demeanor snapping to dire in mere seconds. "You had a stage 3 infected demon horde outside your doors. Granted Lass over here disobeyed orders but if we minced em' up on your pretty walls you'd end up with infected people. Ever seen a man rip out his own throat as it swell to the size of a lewyville slugger?

Not pretty." His hand disappeared under his cloak and brought forth a black vial. "4 days old boss, I'm guessing you have scientists so I suggest they figure it out fast.

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In my estimation with the 3 other rural camps around in a 50 mile radius you'll have a week until the rest of the demonkin that ate the undead will be at your doorstep wanting in. And last time I checked." He backed up crossing his arms looking over to Shey, his blue eyes scanning her up and down with a smirk of affirmation then looking back at the lizard.

"Demon's don't knock." Shey could not help but chuckle a bit at the lizardman comment, knowing that was one of her commanders biggest pet peeves.

She could hear the rumbling in his chest as he contemplated whether or not he was worth burning or would ripping him to shreds be better. Shey pushed up from her spot on the wall locking eyes with her commander who leaned back in his chair now with the black vial in hand as he eyes Phoenix, "I will alert the council immediately. Until then you are confined." "To stay with me until such a time as we can determine your intentions within our city." Shey said cutting him off with a smile, she was not about to let the man who had just saved her life be thrown in the brig because of some bullshit protocols.

Silvin eyed her angrily but did not correct her, "Yes staying with one of our best soldiers would be acceptable. She could show you about the city and keep you out of trouble." he turned to stare out of the window behind his desk dismissing the two without another word.

"Thanks commander for the chit chat. I'll cya in about 3 days when my shift starts again." she says as she taps Phoenix and crocks a finger at him for him to follow.

On their way out they cross paths with Alex an average sized werewolf, with golden blond hair and blue eyes "I'm glad to see you made it back ok." he said his voice full of concern but there was also a bit of jealousy as he looked Phoenix up and down. "Nothing I could not handle. Look I have to run find a place for him to stay, but I'll call you later." she says stepping past him and out into the cool night air. "Well I don't know about you but I could use a shower after today.

Lets head to my place." she says as she starts to walk down a block, her bike was being looked at by the mechanics of the military. Her place was a few blocks away but Shey walked with a brisk pace wanting to wash the stench from her clothing of the death of those foul demons before she went out for the night, then she had to decide where to stash Phoenix for the next few days she had spoken up rather quickly and had not thought about where he could stay.

*I suppose he could crash on my couch.or I could find him a hotel?* these thoughts went through her mind as she stopped at a rather simple looking building and lead the way inside, up to the 8th floor. There she presses her palm to the panel by the door at the end of the hall, the door gives a hiss as it slides open.

"Welcome to my humble abode." she says as she enters and the lights turn on automatically. Her apartment was lightly furnished with a large comfy, used looking couch, a big screen television and her queen sized bed occupied most of the living space.

The bed was set against the wall of windows and was freshly made with new bedding. There was a small kitchen off to the right when you entered, a cooking unit and Refrigerator took up that space. There was a closed door off to the left of the bed against the wall opposite the kitchen. Her boots thumped on the hardwood floor as she removed her jacket and tossed on the back of the couch.

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She removed her sword next setting it in a corner by the bed. Removing the rest of her outer uniform until only a black tank top remained, the discarded clothing was taken away by her automated laundry system on the floor. They would return in about an 1 hour, washed, dried and pressed in the eternal wall closet unit next to the bathroom door. "Well this is it.sorry to say this but I'm not exactly sure what to do with you now that I have you here. I just did not want to see you locked up while the council took forever to decide what to do with you." she shrugs, the simple movement showing off the muscles in her arms and shoulders, as well as drawing attention to her more then adequate breast as she crossed her arms under them, resting on her flat stomach.

"Aye Lass, looks like a bloody mansion to a man that hasn't seen a home in over 3 years yeah?" His ice blue eyes looked around the room scanning. His pale skin seemed almost white, his hand rising to comb through his hair spiking its red sheets back.

He stepped forward with heavy clunks of his boots and stood for a second. His eyes scanned her blatantly. He wasn't shy, that was for sure. And was more than confident of himself, but a comforting feeling was always felt by the look in his eyes. "Alright then Lass, where do I put these?" He said as his hand ripped away his cloak. It revealed an armament of a small army. On his back, the broad sword that had shifted into the giant sword he wielded next to her earlier.

To his right belt side a sheathed 3 1/2 foot katana. On his chest a bulletproof vest with six guns holstered to his rib cage, three to each side. His belt was lined with shotgun shells, every sixth shell segmented by a frag grenade.

Crisscrossing his broadsword was a custom looking rifle. A long vertical double barrel 12 gauge, a cylinder loading chamber looking like a revolvers, its casing silver and gleaming, engraved, the butt of the gun dark wood, old finished cherrywood. His pants were worn and torn, lined with ammo clips. Phoenix opened his arms, he was waiting for her to ask how he carried it all without being super human or like her. Silence always made him feel awkward.

"So, I'm guessing one of the house rules are no peeking while the Lass is in the shower aye?" He smirked. "Then I guess Ill have to go out on the street. Oh well!" He laughed a little joking. "But really, this stuff at the end of the day starts to cramp my shoulders, do you mind?" Shey barely had time to keep herself from staring open mouthed at him, she sniffed the air again, *Definitely human, but definitely stronger then the average human.* she thought as she moved over to show where to store his gear, "Well you can store it in my closet, there its out of the way." she says as she goes to the closet the doors opening as she stopped in front of them.

Sliding slowly to either side revealed a simple wardrobe, mostly extra uniforms, though there were a few jeans and a variety of shirts. There was even a rather small looking black dress that hung in the far right away from everything else. She moved some shirts freeing up a shelf for him as she turned to show him where he could put his weapons, "There yah go." she says standing back and watches him as he removes his weapons and puts them up, the excitement of the day had her pulse still a bit high which made other things come to mind.

She took note of his body and his scent more as he moved the gear to reveal more skin, added onto it the fact that he was obviously was not a bad thing either.

"If you wish to peek I wont stop you, but I wont be held responsible for any bodily reactions that might occur that may not get satisfied." she smiles a slow teasing smile at him. Watching the weight of the gear she could not resist the question anymore, "So how do you carry all of that weight anyway? I know that you are human.I can smell that.but still that's enough weight to give me a work out." she comments a bit curious about this strange man from the wastelands.

"Aye, heavy it is." He stood over the guns and armaments a moment pondering and then decided to reveal his thoughts. "I used to be an inventor, used to create weaponry and survival gear. I saw the war coming, I was based in Scotland when the bomb hit. Forced most of us underground. What followed was probably similar to what you experienced. Demons appeared, monsters, mythical things of the sort. My comrades died. I stayed underground for a few years." He spoke and then looked at his hands.

"Don't get much sunlight down there yeah?" He smiled a bit. "I knew I had to move, and try and figure out what was going on. I created a four piece system, gauntlets and boots. Maximizing the gravity around my body gradually forcing it to work harder. Around a year or so after." He paused and continued to unstrap his holstered bulletproof vest revealing densely cut muscle structure, his abs clearly segmented and cut, each muscle visible in its twist and turn.

"I got my results. I could function normally in four times the earth's gravity. Not bad aye?" He smirked as he stretched. "Bloody hell its good to get that off though." He rolled his shoulders and noticed her looking at him. He thought once about taking her into the shower. thought twice. and again. and again until Phoenix was beginning to think it was a bad idea. Anything he obsessed over ended up to be a bad idea. He was popular with the ladies but it had gotten him in trouble before.

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or thing rather. Phoenix gave a shiver to the memory and then looked at her. "How's about I take one first, that way I'll be oughta your way" He smiled and began to walk past her, his hand grazing her thigh. Finding his way to the shower he slid the door open taking off his boots with a thud and removing his pants throwing them to the side with a loud clunk, a side-arm he must have missed.

From behind his back was tattooed largely in wings of flame reaching from his shoulders to his lower back. His back was sculpted as well, all his muscles were. Phoenix stepped into the shower letting the water hit him. "Aw fuck yeah." He muttered a bit too loud, if you had heard it without knowing he was alone you'd think it was a moan. He hadn't had a running water shower in years. This beat wading in streams, rivers, and lakes. His hands ran the water over his body as he breathed the steamy air in with satisfaction in every exhale.

Shey felt a slight tingle run up her spine when his hand grazed her thigh. Shrugging it off she went and plopped down on the couch turning the television on and there on the big screen was the latest cause of a lot of problems in New Hope Councilmen Jeffery Sanders: "Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to remind you all why we are here today.

Not for me to try and get your votes for election as the leader of the Council. No today we are here to discuss our growing problem with the 'monsters' that we allow to roam our streets. Freely and unsupervised, these 'monsters' are suppose to protect us from the monsters that are outside our walls. What I want to know is who is going to protect us from the 'monsters' in our walls? Who saves the humans from the 'monsters' when they are responsible for our safety?

When they are the police who do we call for help?" there was a roar of applause and cheers from the feverish crowd. Shey glared at the man who was basically calling her and the entire protection force monsters, when if it were not for them there would be no hope.there would be no humans. Shey could feel the wolf inside her getting angrier by the second, her eyes glowing intently her fingers growing claws, yet still she watched the fat, middle-aged man with the pleasant smile berate and disrespect all that she had done for them, *Ungrateful monkeys* she thoughts angrily as he continued in his feverish voice, "There was a time when we were afraid of these 'monsters', when we would warn are children about them with bedtime stories of the bogymen.

Now we just open are arms and expose ourselves to them. What will we do when there is no longer any monsters outside to kill and hide from? What will we do when the 'monsters' within our walls have nothing left to satisfy their lust for blood?" That was enough for Shey she turned the television off and sat there staring at the blank screen, when she felt someone trying to communicate with her through her neural link.

"Yes." she answered, "Its me." "Alex what are you doing? I told you I would call you" "I just wanted to check on you." "You mean to say, you wanted to see if I was fucking that other guy." "You know thats not true." "But it is Alex, we had a thing it did not work out just let it go." "So you can go and fuck someone else instead of me.especially a human." "You had better get that anger under know the full moon is near and that makes us all a little testy." "I remember how that use to make you feel." his tone was a little too dirty for her, "Look I'm not fucking him so just get that out of your dirty little brain." then from the bathroom came a male's voice, "Aw, fuck yeah." Shey paused for a minute waiting to see if Alex would say something, "I hope he makes you happy and is ok with sleeping with a bitch who lets anyone sniff her." Before she can spit at out an angry response the connection is terminated and Shey is left to fume to herself.

Phoenix had had enough of the shower and stepped out drying off and wrapping a towel around his waist. His wet steps padded a few feet before he was next to the couch arms crossed with a raised brow. "Someone's bloody pissed at a sod aye?" He said running a hand through his wet red hair. His blue eyes even more sharp after he had been cleaned.

Phoenix turned and walked back over to where he had pitched his pants and found they were gone. "Well flying fuck." He turned his head and found a holstered .45 on the ground. "Ah, there we are." He bent down and picked it up pulling it from its holster and throwing the gun's sheath in the closet. He sat down next to Shey in silence for a moment twirling the gun around his finger before letting it rest in his grip.

"Now. Lemme guess the issue on the Lass' mind yeah?" He clicked the release on the .45 letting the cartridge fall into his hand. Holding it up in silence and blowing away the imaginary dust. "A) My company is bloody awful." He said sliding the cartridge back into the gun. "B) You missed your favorite Soap Opera on TV." He said jerking the slide back.

"C) Someone was on the phone." His thumb clicked the hammer back and he smirked. "Now I'm guessin' you're not the talkin kinda bird so we'll play a game. I've had this .45 colt for well over 5 years now. Cleaned it and assembled its parts millions of times. It's loaded and cocked. I know for a fact that on my third catch when thrown it will go off.

SO. You have three tries." Phoenix smirked standing up catching his towel from falling. He held the gun by the barrel and threw it upwards spinning around and catching it behind his back by the handle. "One." He muttered throwing it up vertically it spinning in the air, if it went off it would likely send a bullet through his chest. He turned again catching the gun sideways jutting his arm out.

"Two. Now three is either gonna really hurt or get the Lass to spill her guts aye?" He turned again beginning to throw it upwards. Shey spoke up in a hurry, "Its the third one." she found herself on her feet and her hand out grabbing his hand with the gun stopping it. There was a surge of electricity through her from the touch, anger at being called a whore, the fight earlier and then the full moon made all of her hormones running hot. She looked up into his ice blue eyes and she felt a shiver go up her spine as she noticed that he was a bit damp and wearing only a towel.

It took a bit of effort to turn from him and walk to her closet, she found a pair of sweat pants that would fit him, she always wore hers baggy. Taking them out she tossed them to him, "My friend called and well to make a long story short, its the full moon and he is still upset out our falling out.

He thinks that I'm here fucking you." she said shrugging and wrapping her arms about herself again. Sighing she grabs a t-shirt and a pair of jeans from the closet, then a bra and a pair of boy shorts from a drawer, "Its my turn for a shower. You just make yourself at home, there is food and drink in the fridge your welcome to it. Your clothes will be done in about half hour then they will be in the closet here. After I have showered and change then we can decide what your plans are while you here in the city." she says as she holds her closes to her chest and walks past him into the bathroom, her bare arm grazing his as she passed sending another thrill up her spine.

*Gezz Shey get it together* she says to herself as she enters the bathroom pausing to lean her back against the door. Taking a steadying breath she strips out of her soiled cloths and gets into the shower, "Hot" she says. Thinking about more then just the shower as she rinses her body and then deftly begins to undo the braids in her hair. She lets the water wash over her as she tries very hard to think of something other then his muscle rippling body.*God I need to get laid* she thinks to herself as she starts to wash her hair.

"Sounds like a sore sport yeah?" Phoenix gripped the sweats mid air clicking the .45 to safety and tossing it on the couch. He began to put them on and then looked up. "Fucking? Me and you? Well that's a damn bloody shame. I'd hate to prove the blaggard right" Smirking he pulled the sweats up and tied them loosely. They sat low on his hips, his abs cutting down between his hip bone's lines. There was a clanking noise in the kitchen as she was in the shower. Running water, pans being rustled, coffee maker running.

His voice suddenly came very close to the shower door. "You're a good Lass Shey.


don't be deserving a blaggard ejit like that yeah?." His voiced paused a moment then dissipated down across the room as he whistled a tune sounding like it was ripped from a Celtic song CD. Phoenix knew his way around a kitchen, he was brought up around homemade food and was taught by his mother well. He was brought up that he was to cook for his woman in the morning.

Shey was in no way his woman and he was never tied down but he still cooked for them. Phoenix was delighted at the sheer size of the fridge, he had everything he needed and more. By the time Shey would get out of the shower Phoenix had laid out two plates on the counter of the kitchen. Plates surrounding it, eggs sunny side up, scrambled, and eggs in a basket along with biscuits and jam, sausage, bacon, all warily close to rare, a pitcher of juice, kettle of earl's grey tea, and a two mugs of very light colored coffee.

Phoenix stood over the sink scrubbing the pan he had cooked eggs in still bare chested, pants low on his waist, a colt .45 sticking out of the back of his waist band. A rare sight indeed. "Bloody amazing she had all this and none of it cooked. tsk tsk." Phoenix muttered with a smile as he began to whistle again. Shey came out of the shower to smell of mouth watering eggs, bacon, coffee, etc. All that exercise from earlier had worked up quite an appetite, toweling off her hair, she emerge from the bathroom wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of hip hugging dark blue jeans.

Feeling a lot better, more human actually which was funny, she takes a seat before the spread, "Smells wonderful, but you did not have to go through all this trouble." she says as her eyes roam up his bare chest and back, watching as he muscles worked while he washed out the pan. She looked away back down at the food in front of her and took up her plate ans began loading it up with food.

She ate fast at first polishing off a whole plate of eggs and bacon, then helped herself to another plate. It was at this time that she was eating her second plate at a slower pace at she noticed that he was whistling, very well in fact. It had a Celtic feel just like his accent, which reminded her of a time long ago when she lived in another place at another time. She was thinking about this as she stared down in her tea cup of tea, taking a deep breath she returned to her meal and looked up at him as he joined her at the table, "So have you thought about what you want to do while your in the city?" she asked as she smeared some jelly on a biscuit.

"Aye, I was taught by my mum to cook for the lady of the house. This was nothin' lass. Hope you're feelin a tad better yeah?" He smiled breaking from his whistling as he finished up the pans.

Phoenix turned to sit with her placing things on his plate. He nodded to himself at the taste of the food satisfied with its making. Taking a sip of the white coffee his blue eyes looked at her over the rim of the tipped cup.

"Try it yeah?" He motioned for her to try the coffee. "Called Angel Wing. Coffee with milk tea and vanilla bean extract." He smiled and started eating again before answering her question. Pausing he looked to her.

"Well, spending more time with you wouldn't be that bad now would it?" He gave her a sly wink remembering he had forgotten something he stood and clapped his hands together and turned to the fridge talking as he walked. "Thinkin' you could take me round the perimeter. Show me the defenses. Look at your forces, their weaponry, dunno maybe go out on a date to eat." He paused a moment and laughed as he turned around with a plate of chocolate dipped scottish shortbread.

"Just jokin' bout the last part lass. No need for me to complicate things in your social circle. Try these yeah? Found the shortbread, thought I could mix it up a bit" Phoenix stuffed one in his mouth placing the plate down on the table taking the .45 from his waistband and disassembling it on the table cleaning the parts with a dishtowel.

"What you want to do?" Phoenix said with a mouthful of food laughing. Finishing off her third plate she finally satisfied her high metabolism, as she sipped the delicious coffee and took a bite of one of the chocolate covered shortbread. She chewed it as she watched him clean his gun, the muscles of his bare chest working *I can think of something we could do that would take up most of the night* she found her lustful self thinking. She sipped the coffee as she tried to get that look of desire out of her eyes but realized that she was not doing a very good job.

"Well I can give you a tour of the city.Most of the city comes to life at night, because its cooler and well some of its citizens are ultravioletly challenged." she smiles slowly as she looks him in the eyes again, "There are some fun spots to hang out in and I'm not tired at the moment, probably sleep in tomorrow.

You could get a real feel for the defenses at night because that's when they are at their most important." she continued on, she could here the calling of the almost full moon as her golden eyes seem to glow with some kind of an inner power. She licked her full lips slowly as she drew her finger slowly around to the rim of her mug in front of her, "The choice is yours I'm open to any suggestions." she said looking over at him, wondering if he had heard the emphases she had placed on the word 'any' or perhaps she was losing her mind just a bit.

Phoenix was listening intently even though looking preoccupied with the weapon. He attached the slide finishing and spun the gun around smirking. "Any yeah?" he set the gun down neatly and steeple his fingers resting his elbows on the counter. "Alright then. You give me the tour, I get some better clothes, and we go and find some real fun." Phoenix rose going to find his clothes and turned to her.

"Whether it be out there. or here." His hand swung to the bed nonchalant with a wink. "Now, new clothes! Day must start!" Shey could not believe how easily he agreed to sleeping with her when they had just met, perhaps he was only doing it because he felt sorry for her or thought her some kind of sex crazed beast?

Shrugging she gets up from the table still sipping the coffee as she goes to her closet and opens it. There she takes out his shirt and pants, that were now wrapped in plastic neatly folded and mended, looking like they did the first day he wore them. She tosses them to him then goes back into the kitchen and starts cleaning up, "You go and change I'll handle the dishes." she says to him as she starts setting stuff in the sink and some left over food in the fridge, there was not much she had eaten quite a bit.

Phoenix looked at her walking away and shrugged. He threw the towel across the room so it landed lopsided on the bed and ripped open the packaging with intolerance and got dressed. His pants were green and white camo, what they used to be years back. He paused a moment looking at them struck with memory and dread.

His heart beat faster and he sighed, a slow hand running over his thigh, fingers touching gingerly at a scrape mark of stitching where his badge used to be sewn. Phoenix shook his head out of his memories, he was one for living the now.

Pulling the t-shirt on he looked satisfied as his head pulled through a 180 of what he had just shown. The shirt fit tight on his build and he looked at home. His smile broadened as he walked back to the closet rifling through his gear. Pulling a singular handgun from the group and fitting it into a side sewn in holster on his right leg where it fit like new. "Well bloody hell, hasn't fit there for years. After that were-bear tussle in Scandinavia few holes got put in, wasn't the same.

This is bloody amazing." He pulled the gun spinning it once and pointing it, then returning it. Phoenix bent down retrieving his boots and pulled them on, clicking a device on each side they pulled in fitting his foot tightly with a hiss. His clomping step echoed ending behind her. He was leaning on the counter folding his arms. "You know what? You think too much Lass. Always got that scowl on your face, something always on your mind. Anything wrong is expected by you and if something goes right there is something wrong behind it or is sure to happen aye?

Always tense, fearin' someone be lookin' or judgin'. No one seeing you for who ya are, and when you go to say it you tense up." Phoenix walked up behind her rubbing her shoulders and her neck till he felt the muscles relax "You're a great Lass, I've known you for a few hours and even I can tell.

Let that personality of yours show a bit more, at least to me aye? I ain't gonna hurt ya." His hands released and he backed up and gave her a poke in the side turning away. "But hey, what does the human know aye?" Phoenix shrugged walking away and flopping down on the couch taking up the remote and scrolling channels. "Don't happen to have a Scrum game on?" Phoenix had a knack for taking a serious conversation and then ending it with something simple and light hearted.

Shey growled/whimpered low in her throat at the effect that his touch had on her already strained control. She turned as she watched his well toned and muscled body walk over to her couch and sit down turning on the t.v. *Show who I truly am.* she muses in her mind as she sets the dish in her hand on the table, her golden eyes lit from some internal fire she stalks her way up to the couch to stand behind him. Bending down, as she traced her hands along his shoulders, she breathed deeply of his scent as she nibbled on his ear.

"You smell good." she says in a throaty voice, as she moves to his other ear to nibble it and his neck, "Very good. Do you know what the full moon does to my kind?" she asked as her fanged mouth kissed and nibbled along his neck and shoulder, as her hands moved down his chest.

"You wanted me to open up to show myself to you. Now I'm going to show you what the moon does to me and why my friend was so worried about me being left alone with you." Her kissing/nibbling continued to the other side of his neck, she could feel his pulse quicken under her lips and tongue, "Are you sure you want to see the real me?" she asked in a husky voice against his ear.

Phoenix got a shrill up his spine when she came over to him and he smirked. Wickedly. His head tilted with her kisses and nips, another chill down his spin from her tongue, his imagination running. He was fully aware of what she was and maybe that's what made him feel so inclined. nah. intense when he looked at her. Phoenix's hand caught her arm and ran it slow over muscle strained shirt.

"I'm simple Lass, I just want the real you, so as an Irish man says to the tender." His hand guided hers down to the crease of his pant line. "Give it to me." Shey growled rather loudly in her throat at his acceptance of her beastly urges of her own.

In a simple and easy graceful movement she was over the couch and on top of him. Her eyes hungry with need as she gave in to her urges and ripped his newly mended shirt from his body, giving her full access to that yummy chest of his. Bending down she traced kisses all down the center, over ever cut and line of muscle, marveling the way he felt and tasted under her tongue.

She was nuzzling his neck when she ripped her own shirt from her down, showing off a black bra that was straining to contain her ample chest. Her body rippled and surged with muscle, and desire as she bent back down to him to kiss him hungrily on the mouth her fangs dragging a bit on his lip drawing blood. Sucking on his lip for a moment she then looked up to meet his eyes before a mischievous twinkle came to her eyes as she began to kiss down his jaw line, to his chest, his stomach only to stop just at the top of his waist line as her hands rubbed the noticeable bulge there.

Slowly she unbuttons his pants, sliding the zipper slowly down then with a simple adjustment of fabric she freed his dick from the confines of his pants. Starting at the base she licked her way up the smooth shaft, slowly until she came to his head where she planted kisses and nibbles on it before taking him into mouth.

Drawing him in as far as she could then slowly out, again all the way in, then slowly out. Her hands about his waist pushing his hips forward as she drew him in and then out again. Over and over again she did this as she felt his pulse quicken to an insane pace her own increasing to matching his growing excitement. She pulled down the straps of her bra to allow her breasts to go free, her mouth still on his dick drawing him in and out now her pace a bit faster, yet still steady.

She sat up long enough to ripped the jeans from her own body as she looked down at him, "Do you still want this?" her voice is husky as she growls this to him. Phoenix was pinned and smirking coolly.

A chill rippling down his spine at her kisses. When she met his mouth he kissed her passionately, his tongue massaging hers. A slow moan escaping him as his hips jerked up when she took him in her mouth. His blue eyes scaling her and looking at her chest wishing she'd use them there too. A moan accompanied by "bloody.fuck" as his back arched, his weight shifting under her entangled in pleasure.

When she stopped and looked at him asking what he thought was a bloody insane question he looked at her almost dumb founded. "Are you stark mad Lass?!" It was then that he leaned up his hand wrapping behind her neck gripping her hair pulling her with amazing strength into his lips where he kissed her deeply, his hand between her legs pushing his fingers up into her cunt massaging dripping with her cum.

"You bet your bloody ass I do" Phoenix muttered in a break on their kiss. Shey growled/moaned loudly as grabbed his wrist and removed his hand as she positioned herself on top of him, then slowly she lowered herself onto his dick her body shuddering from the sensation of him gliding over her throbbing clit.

Grabbing his hands and moving them up to her breasts she began to rock her hips back and forth working his dick in and out of her. Her backed arched in pleasure as she gives in to the desires that she had been holding back all day, her instincts running lose she fucked herself on his dick faster and harder. A sheen of sweat began to coat her naked body as she focused on nothing but the sensation of him inside her, pounding herself down on him driving him as deep as he could go. She could feel the heat building inside her as she felt her nearing climax, his hands on her breasts, his dick inside her she continued to rock harder and harder losing herself in the moment.

Looking down she pulled him up to her so that she was now sitting in his lap, his head at her breasts as wrapped her legs about him arms running through his hair. "Ah fuck me!" she cried out she could feel herself about to cum and hard. "Fuck me!" she howled to him.

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Phoenix was suppressing moans under her, biting his bottom lip. The mere sight of her fucking herself on him, her ample breasts rising and falling was enough alone to send him up and over the edge.

When she pulled him up and sat on his lap he kissed her hard pushing her back and laying between her legs beginning to thrust into her as hard as she had been fucking herself on him. Sweat droplets beading across his chest and brow. Strong arms supported his weight as he thrusts into her hearing her moan almost scream. He felt her cum hard, her muscles tensing around his dick making her tight as he thrusts into her. Angela's cum dripping across his dick as he continued to push deep inside her.

Phoenix's fingers clenched into the couch's fabric as his legs tensed as he fucked her into his climax letting out a shuttering "bloody fuck" and a moan exploding inside her with orgasm.

His arms went to his elbows as he breathed heavily his head close to hers, his blue eyes looking sideways to her own with a slight smile on his face."Not bad for a human?"