Euro doxies endure incredible and lecherous foursome session

Euro doxies endure incredible and lecherous foursome session
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I was home alone and was just making coffee for me and mum. She went to see her new fuckfriend - Greg - and i was looking forward to hear if she had a good time (which is the most important for me) and ofcourse if my dear mommy blessed me with removing her high heels before being fucked senseless in my car.

I give her my car here or there for things like that, if she needs more room or in this case, heater on her car isn't working and it can get a bit chilly in the night already. All just to make mommy happy. Well, and i'm very satisfied with the case that she's so open with me, too.

She's 38 years old, great looking, and single since my birth. I encouraged her in dating a guy years ago, and she did. She was very happy, but it didn't turned out to be more than a fun dating and sex. After seeing her face glowing and happy at that time, i encouraged her to continue doing same with others. It took some time, but eventually, i turned my locally respected mother into a fun loving adventorous lady.

We've been close since ever, so she told me more and more about her ''dates'' in details, too, and soon i was giving her massages, we've been completely comfortable naked around each other, i gave her advices, i went with her to pick up sexy clothes… And, i started enjoying kissing her, teasing her and touching. I just love her smell and the scent of her pussy juice. BUT. I'm not into incest at all. We always stop each other when we go a bit over the line, and it's great for both of us.

I know i'm one of the rare, but i'm just a son who likes to see his mom getting some fun and who likes to know she isn't wasting her beauty being alone, and that she's rather properly used. I finally heard my car stopping infront of our house, and soon my mom was on the doors. I've asked ''Hey mum ! How's it going ?'' with an evil grin on my face, already close enough to smell a mild scent of sex like i'm used to, and when she bent down i could already see a part of her corset and i've noticed that she wore nothing but a thin jacket on the top, so she only had to unpin 3 buttons and she was all ready for a go.

But it was enough to look discrete and respectful for the unsuspecting neighbours. She responded ''I'm good, just a bit exhausted from a long walk by the forest.'' and just gave me that naughty look and bit her lip, then we both smiled a bit and she hugged me. I leaned to kiss her but she stopped me ''No, no honey, let me wash first !''.

I teased ''Wow, looks like you were a good girl tonight !''. She laughed, ''Knock it off, boy''. She went to shower and i poured our coffee. I brang her a nightgown and spanked her on the butt when she was putting it on. ''So how was it ? Did you remove your shoes before getting ''too involved'' like you said last time ?!''.

''Ohh come on, sweetheart, ofcourse i did. And thank you for being such a good hearted and understanding young man. I really don't know any son who would take care of his mommy so much, even to care about ''those'' things, like you do ! And thanks for asking, i had a great time. If you ask Greg, i'm a goddes. Tonight i did something for him that no woman did before''. ''And that would be.'' I immediately got that playful smile that i enjoy so much, but i tried to keep serious because i had a feeling she won't tell me yet and continued ''Oh come on, mum, you know you can tell me, and besides; i've saw you doing plenty of things and taken care of you when my friends fell asleep drunk, so as you, and there was cum oozing.!'' ''Ok, ok, ok !'' I started smiling so that she wouldn't have any moral problems again.

''Well, you know that i like cocks that are small when soft and that i like to feel them growing in my mouth. That's what i did to him today, and he did nothing but lay back and carress my body till his first orgasm. I didn't even used my hands on him. And just before orgasm, i stopped with all his length in my mouth, and looked him straight into his eyes.

This thing always works, and the look on his face while cumming is priceless, and it's worth to fight reflexes in my throat for it ! After that ofcourse, he returned the favor while he recovered, but i didn't came, which is good - after 10 minutes, we almost came simultaneously.

By the end, as we were cuddling in the car, and i was slowly dressing up, he helped me hook my panties - and changed his mindl. He literally begged me for them ! You know that i really don't see the point in that, like i didn't when you wanted to have them, but i gave them to him.

And he asked for permission to have it exposed in his car, and added that as long as he's alive he wont tell anyone to who these panties belong to.'' ''Woow, great, mum, but hey, didn't he cummed in you the second time ? There was probably cum oozing out on the panties, too''.

''No'', she jiggled ''He wanted my mouth again''. ''Well, great then.'' and i started to tease her ''Now, when you'll meet a guy, and he'll start to lick you out, you'll hear ''Wait a sec. I'm familiar with this scent, isn't this from Greg's car ?''. She played along ''Guys that tend to be jealous when they're with me for the first time already, won't have a chance to get that scent from it's source, honey, you can be sure about that''.

''But, you can be sure that atleast 10 guys will now get to know your scent. Which is kinda kinky alright. But wait. What if you would give a present to my firefighters' department, we could surely use an air freshener in our truck !''. ''Come on sweetheart, are you serious ? I don't even think that posing for the calendar was a good idea, i can feel those looks on the street when i pass by, they are just stripping me with their eyes !''.

''.Well, they were before, too, but i think you just notice it more now.''. ''And, you've had enough questions and teasing for my posing from guys already. Now think about how it would be with my underwear in the firefighter's car -''.

''And everyone of my colleges would get to know your scent probably, that would be awesome''. ''Honey, please stop, you know that you would soon get teased too much and asked way too much, and if people would know what things can we disscus.

I think they would soon start talking that i'm seducing you or maybe that we are having sex even !''. ''Yeah, yeah, you're right. I'm just teasin' ''. After a break, my mom spoke again ''It would feel nice really. To go away from all this, and spend this weekend in perfect peace.''.

''Girl. I have a room free for two this weekend, just a bed and bathroom but it's enough, and it's free. My italian friends called me that they had to leave early, and that we can go and spend few more days there ! ''Hmmm. But, they won't be there, right? Because after those days with them on the boat, i certainly know that i can't expect a peaceful weekend, if they lust for me so much !''. I grinned because they really fucked my mum (3 of them) senseless and lived out every fantasy on her on a cruising with their yacht in the spring.

''No, they are not there. And yeah, you had a plenty of work but as you see, they respect us and they are good, too. If they were just using us, especially you, they wouldn't called and gave us the apartment free''. ''You're right, i know that. Well, what the heck. Let's do it ! It would be good to use these last warm days, and besides, i could use some colour again.

I already have tan lines on my breasts again, too, so i could use some topless tanning before winter. I just don't risk it around the house anymore since that mailman.

Uh. ''. The clock was 3 AM, saturday morning and i felt something on my neck. My mom's warm kisses. ''Mmm.''. She whispered ''Wake up, honey.

Time to go on our little trip''. I felt her thigh touched my morning hardon when she crawled closer to me, but she's used to it, so she didn't mind. We dressed up and we were good to go. I was driving, and when i sat in my car, i felt that i sat on something, i looked, and it was her vibrator. ''Mom ! And you're saying that we have to be discrete, so we don't disgrace ourselves infront of locals and coworkers !''.

''Shit, sorry honey, i totally forgot''. A kiss settled all, i gave her a smile and we went. On the road, there was nothing interesting, except when we were waiting on red light, a bunch of guys, going from a party stopped by us and she had her gourgeous legs with just a bit cellulite, exposed stretched to the front window of my car, and she had a light on because she was reading something. The guys were checking her out, and she noticed it and started sending them kisses.

I was acting like i don't see, so that they will have more courage, but it ended up with her putting her two fingers in her mouth and slowly kissing them and sending them a kiss like that.

It was quite hot. We laughed as we drove away and i teased her ''Just don't get my seat wet''. We finally arrived to the Italian coast. We were both a bit knocked out by the ride, and we quickly arranged all the necessary, put our things in the apartment, and lay down together for few hours. I heard a voice.

''Good morning sweetheart ! Do you like my new bikini ?'' I looked and i saw mommy posing and shaking her hips infront of me. She bought a nice bikini and was ready for the beach. In 10 minutes, so was i. We went to the beach and we were glad to see that we're more or less alone.

We had a nice sandy beach just for ourselves, you only noticed a fisherman or two on the rocks and few people on the pier. We went to the water, played with the ball, teased each other, i went beneath her and pulled her bikini down and things like that. We had our crazy, kinky talks again and for the first time, she offered herself, if i wanted to put fingers in her.

''Did you ever had sex in the water, honey ?''. ''No, i didn't.''. ''Well, you're not missing anything. But, if you want to try what's it like, you can atleast push two fingers in me''.

The last sentence she almost whispered and i was already in her. It was great ofcourse. We went out and put sun cream on each other, i enjoyed the looks of nearby fishermen towards my topless mum next to me. In a while, we rented a small boat so that she could suntan completely nude also. And so the day slowly passed. We went on a dinner. After dinner, i got a bit naughty and wanted to get her drunk.

Maybe something would happen, i thought, or i could atleast get to know more details about her adventures and play with her a bit more back at the apartment.

I had no idea where will all this lead in the end. I managed to get her drunk enough in the restaurant, that she didn't complain much when i bought another bottle of red wine and came up with the idea to drink it on the beach. We went to the beach, laughed, drank a bit, but then mum complained that she could use a glass.

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I looked and the restaurant was closed already, but i noticed few young guys on the rocks. I went there and asked if they would maybe have some cups, and they did.

I had to return the favor so i asked them to join us for a drink, but they said that it's better here and they insisted till the end that we have to join them. At the time, they thought it's my girlfriend, not mum.

Mom was complaining a bit, but she was drunk enough to go. So, we were there alltogether, with 4 guys approx.

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my age, (19-24), we had enough to drink and we were just getting to know each other. I didn't knew how would i let them know that she's free, and that they can have a go with her, and after all that; that i'm giving them my mum !. My mind raced, as i've got a confirmation. They got to know her age (though she lied, she said she's 34) and one stated ''Wow, i can't believe it, onnisely, you look better than most of girls my age''.

That was my confirmation that they are thinking just like me. Soon, i invited one guy to come with me, when it was the right moment and they had my mom occupied, so she won't notice much.

''Hey, what's up ?'', he asked a bit unsure. ''Well, i'll just put it that way. This woman is my mom.

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She's single and i just want to let you know, if you would want to fuck her. This is your chance, and you'll be doing me a favor.


I like to keep my mum happy and her needs satisfied, that's all''. I thought he was going to collapse there right away infront of me ! '' How.What. Why are. WOW ! Dude, thanks, but.

Wow !'' I calmed him down ''Don't worry, i saw her being fucked plenty of times, she knows that i approve it, and so we're used to these things. You can go all four on her, i'll help you as i will be able to in any way, and you just exchange places on her.

If you will be up for it, signal me and i'll make the situation right''. We went back and in few minutes friends talked, and i got a signal. Shortly, we played some music and i got my mom laying on a nice straight rock, and we were all licking whiskey from her belly, and when she asked in joke if she won't get any, one guy preserved that whiskey in his mouth and kissed mom deeply so he gave it to her.

Mom saw that something changed, and quickly realized - her sweetheart son, that came up with the idea of peaceful weekend with no other guys, just threw her in the middle of four guys and she knew, that the boys will use her till the very end. I told the guys that i won't drink anymore so that i will be able to take care for her after they're finished, so they don't have to worry about anything after using her.

''Man, thank you, thank you, thank you, hundreds of times, but. why i mean, what do you get out of it ?''. I responded ''Just joy because i like to look and help a bit, and the satisfaction of seeing mom's face happy and her body in top condition''.

''You're a legend''. Soon, we had to move even further on the rocks, because someone could hear us and besides, mom was already topless and i just saw a hand between her legs also.

There, the fun started. I was preparing towels, when i already heard some butt spanking and kissing, and before i would knew, she was in a doggystyle position, and 2 guys pulled her bikini panties down.

''Mmm, look what do we have here. What a nice pussy (and mom grinned, playfully trying to hold her legs together like a shy teen), we really shouldn't leave this little pussy so unentertained, should we ?''.

Then one guy started to finger her and lick, the other thought for a second, and then came to me, while the other two were caressing her and masturbating. ''Dude. We have a 22 years old friend who's a virgin here. He's that fatty there. I just wondered. We're actually celebrating his birthday today and do you think you mum could give him some special attention. I mean, i really don't want to ask too much, just.''.

In few minutes, we were singing happy birthday, and he had my mom in his lap. Then, i noticed his dick was still not fully erect and a bit soft, and small when soft. I instantly knew what will happen. We all smiled when we saw his face while my mom was on her knees, carressing his cock and balls with her experienced mouth, and letting him cum in her mouth.

That was his first blowjob he ever got.

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She looked at me, and i said ''Be a good girl'' and winked, and she swallowed it all while looking me in the eyes. Guys went nuts. The other three guys then fucked all her holes around and around, exhausting my sweet, drunk mommy as much as they could while i helped her change positions, taking care that she had somewhere to lean on, that she didn't had dry mouth, and i gave our towels for wiping her when guys emptied condoms in her mouth or between her tits.

Ofcourse, they maybe wouldn't even notice how dirty she already is, because they were drunk, but i had the chance to make sure they had a great experience.

In that time, the virgin already recovered, and it was his turn again. At first she was all his. He fucked her doggystyle as it's the easiest, then missionary, she learned him about spooning, they tried 69, and soon another guy joined in, and she was double teamed again.

All this went on for the whole night. Then finally, the guys one by one stopped and even fell asleep on the rocks, and when the last one was done, my mom was drunk heavily already also, and even she took a nap between them. I left them like this for some time, and cleaned a towel in the sea, then went up and i lit a cigarette. I watched them with joy. Guys, naked around her and my mom in the middle. She had cum in her hair, on her lips, and her skin shined from sweat and juices in the moonlight.

Her thighs and butt was a bit sore and so was the skin between her tits. When i smoked my cigarette, i took care of her. I wiped her off with wet towel, noticed that the guys followed to rules and didn't cum in her pussy, though i had to carefully wipe cum off her butt and then all her body.

It wasn't because i would feel gross because i had to hug her after it and carry her to our apartment, it was just if we meet someone, that it won't be so obvious that someone fucked her brains out totally. My mommy deserves respect . After that i woke her up, and kissed her on the lips. She gave me a smile and she was still able to say ''Don't. kiss me. honey''. I smiled and woke up all the other guys so that they eventually dressed up and went in their car to sleep. The morning was in just few hours, so i wanted to spare them the shame of being found naked on the rocks in the morning.

I carried my mom few meters, then i was just holding her and she would go alone, but few meters before our apartment, she again asked me ''Honey. please carry me again, i'm hurting''. I immediately remembered how sore her butt and thighs are, and i carried her. I laid her in bed, undressed her and covered us both. I brang her water and told her that i'll position her so that i'll be able to take care of her sore thighs.

''Oh honey. you don't have to. thanks, honey. sorry'' She fell asleep immediately. I covered her upper body so she wouldn't be cold and took a creme and lubed her thighs, butt, checked out her pussy. And then i took a little time for my own fun too. I jacked off caressing her at first, and when i noticed that she isn't aware that i'm giving her nipples quite a hard time, i climbed on top of her and i did something that i never did before.

I fucked her tits.

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The feeling was undescribable. Fucking the tits that kept me alive when i was small. And even after they were used by 4 other guys ! I couldn't stop there, i pressed my cock on her lips, but didn't had the courage to cum in her mouth, she could start choking.

And one more thing i never did before: I remembered that they didn't cum in her. I licked out her sore pussy and i was in heaven. I came heavily on her, caressed semen over her belly and tits to dry quicker, and fell asleep. In the morning, i cooked breakfast.


My mom was still asleep. I climbed in bed with her when i finished cooking, and slowly started to kiss her. Well, it came to a very deep kissing on the lips before she finally woke up. ''Good morning, my princess. How are we feeling today''. ''Uhh.

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Fuck. What did i do ??''. I calmed her down ''Nothing, don't worry, i took care of everything and kept and eye on you every second''. That always calms her down. We went to eat and she went to clean her teeth first. She came back and said wow, i had such a stupid taste in my mouth.

''You swallowed lots of cum. That's first. 4 guys, cumming 2 or 3 times''. She covered her mouth with her hand for a bit. ''But i think it'll be because guys went to pissed into the sea next to you and put their cocks in your mouth right away, so maybe you have some piss involved.

Just few drops'' I grinned and calmed her down again, i didn't wanted her to have moral problems again. After the breakfast we were already smiling. She stated ''How can you still look at me as your caring mum after all what you saw''. ''First, i put you there. Second, you will always be my caring mom and i'll be your caring son.''.

''Mmmm honey. That's so sweet.

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I would kiss you but i still feel like i have that cum mixed with piss in my mouth. Sorry, really''. ''Don't worry, mum, i've cleaned it up all in the evening''.

''Really, you did ?''. ''Yes. Atleast so much, that i was able to french kiss you properly in the morning''. She smiled and we kissed deeply then went to the beach again.