Me masturbo en un centro comercial

Me masturbo en un centro comercial
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"What about your parents?" Alice asked, licking her tongue through her pussy once more. "I'll just tell them it gets in the way," Susan laughed. "How much of a scene can they make.

They'll just look foolish." "Well, you don't want any problems with them, though," John said. "And that was a great blowjob. You can practice on me any time." "I like doing it," Susan said. "Are you ready to try me?" Alice asked, smiling up at her. "You mean you want me to suck your pussy?" Susan asked. "Only if that's what you want," Alice said. "Remember, only ever do what you want to do. That's the only acceptable reason.

If someone else wants and you don't, don't, understand?" "Yes, I understand," Susan said, seeing the seriousness in her face. "But I would like to try." "And I'd love you to," Alice said with a laugh. "Now let's switch places," she said, getting to her feet. "You sit here on the floor and I'll sit on the bunk.


It'll be much easier that way." "Okay," Susan said, slipping down onto the floor while Alice sat on the bunk. "What should I do?" she asked. "Whatever you'd like," Alice said as she brought her feet up onto the edge of the bunk as far apart as possible. Susan found herself staring at Alice's pussy which was spread wide open in front of her. She had never seen another woman this close before and she studied Alice's pussy with curiosity. Her pussy lips were spread wide open and Susan could see her inner lips curled out and around her outer lips.

Her swollen clit was sticking out from between her pussy lips, and she could see right into Alice's hole which was pooling with juices. Tentatively Susan leaned forward and just licked Alice's clit with the tip of her tongue.

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It felt so soft. Again she leaned forward and slowly dragged her tongue along Alice's pussy, tracing it and tasting her. She liked the taste, she decided after sucking on her tongue and filling her mouth with Alice's flavor. Then she opened her mouth and sucked one of Alice's pussy lips into her mouth, worrying it between her lips and gently gnawing on it with her teeth. She was pleased when she heard a soft moan escape from Alice. Susan was feeling intoxicated as she began to explore Alice's pussy.

Finally she dared to stick her tongue right up into Alice's hole, really slurping at the juices that had accumulated there. The thick sweetness of Alice's pussy juices filled her mouth as she savored her flavor. Alice was moaning now as Susan's tongue took on a life of its own.

By now Susan brought her fingers into play, exploring and rubbing all over Alice's pussy along with her tongue. Alice was rubbing her pussy into Susan's face as she sucked her. She couldn't believe how exciting this was seeing a young girl eat pussy for the first time.

And she had a natural knack for it too, she noticed as yet another spasm shot through her body. Then as she felt herself building to more and more of a climax, Susan fastened on her clit and began sucking it and teasing it with her tongue.

Immediately Alice began to cum, her whole body surging up as she pressed her pussy into Susan's face.

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She felt Susan's tongue slide down and into her hole, sucking at the juices that were oozing from inside of her. Susan couldn't believe how wonderful it was to suck Alice's pussy. It felt so nice and soft, and it was warm and wet. Then when Alice would respond to her ministrations, pressing into her or raising her hips up off the bunk, that made her feel so good. Then when she had gotten hold of her clit and sucked on it, Susan was shocked at the reaction as Alice began to cum.

When she began to suck on her hole and drink up the juices that were flowing, Susan realized that she had never liked anything so much in her whole life as sucking Alice's pussy. She joyfully sucked and slurped and swallowed as she continued to eat Alice's pussy. Finally Alice had to reach down and lift her face to stop her. "You've got to stop or you'll kill me," she said, smiling at her.

"It's just too wonderful to take." "Oh, I liked that so much," Susan said, her face smeared with Alice's juices. "It tastes so nice and it feels so good. I just loved it." "I could tell," Alice said, pulling her up. "You were fantastic. Now give me a big kiss," she said, pulling her close. Willingly Susan locked lips with Alice, their tongues swirling a duet of delight as they sucked the breath from each other. Finally they broke their kiss, looking into each others eyes.

"You should go to bed now," Alice said. "If you stay here, well, you're not ready for John like that yet. And it wouldn't be fair to him otherwise, would it? But you get a good night's sleep and we'll see you in the morning, okay?" "Okay," Susan said, getting to her feet.

"Good night, Susan," John said, kissing her. "You were wonderful." "Thanks," Susan said, blushing. "Good night." And she slipped out the door, standing in the hallway leaning against the bulkhead. She couldn't believe how much she had just enjoyed herself. And what she had done! She had never even thought of anything like that. And she had loved it. Sucking John's cock had been strangely delightful. She knew that she liked the taste of men's cum now. She had liked the taste of Ed's and also John's.

But more than anything she loved the taste of Alice's pussy. She wondered if it was Alice or if that was the way pussy tasted. Without thinking, Susan let her hand fall between her legs, right there in the hallway, and her fingers were in her pussy.

She stuck one finger inside herself and got it nice and wet, then brought it to her mouth and sucked on it, tasting herself. It tasted nice, she thought, savoring it, but it was different from Alice's. Turning to her own door, she opened it and went it, closing it behind herself. Jimmy was laying on his bunk, naked she noticed, his cock semi-hard. His eyes widened when he saw her but said nothing as she flopped down on her bunk across from him, her back against the wall and her feet up on the bunk.

"Did you have fun with Sue?" Susan asked him.

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"Y-yeah," Jimmy stammered, trying not to stare at her open pussy. "And Mary?" she asked. "Yeah," Jimmy said, smiling now. "And Bunny?" "Yeah, Bunny too," he replied, sitting up and swinging his feet around to the deck. "Why?" he asked, now deliberately studying his sister's body, noticing her hard nipples and her open pussy, which glistened with wetness. "You seem to be having more fun," he said. "What makes you say that?" Susan asked. "Where's the rest of your bathing suit?" Jimmy said, pointing his finger at her pussy.

Susan drew a quick breath as her hands shot between her legs to cover herself. She had forgotten her suit! She hadn't even realized it. Then she remembered her decision. "I've decided not to wear it any more," she said, nervously staring at him. "Well, if you can't sit here in front of me without covering yourself with your hands, how do you expect to do it on deck in front of all those people you don't even know?

And what about mom and dad?" he said. "I don't care," Susan said, still covering herself. "Uh-huh," Jimmy said deliberately staring at her crotch. "I can see that." "Well, I don't," Susan declared, pulling her hands away and crossing her arms on her chest.

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"See," she said, trembling as she watched her brother stare at her wide open pussy. "Where did you leave it?" Jimmy asked, lifting his eyes from her pussy. "At Alice and John's," Susan said, remembering. "She's sexy," Jimmy said. "I'd love to eat her pussy," he said before realizing what he was saying. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean it to sound like that." "You're right though," Susan said.

"You would like it." "What do you mean? How do you know?" Jimmy asked, staring at her. "Because I did," Susan declared, staring back at him. "You did what?" Jimmy asked, not believing what he was hearing. "I sucked Alice's pussy," she said, looking at him with a smile on her face. "And I sucked John's cock, too," she added. "You're joking," Jimmy said. "No way." "And," Susan said, sitting up, her knees wide apart, "Alice sucked my pussy too," she said, her hands going between her legs and spreading her pussy lips wide, one finger gently drawing circles around her clit.

"I don't believe this," Jimmy exclaimed, unable to pull his eyes from his sister's fingers in her pussy. "It's true," Susan said, still playing with herself, liking the control she was having over him. "I just lay on the bunk like this," she said, laying back with her knees up and wide apart. "And she just sat in front of me and sucked my pussy," she said, her fingers still busy.

"And then we switched places." "Why are you making this up?" Jimmy asked, his cock twitching as he stared at his sister's pussy spread wide open in front of him. "I'm not," Susan said. "And I'll prove it." "How can you prove it?" Jimmy asked. "You know Bunny has sex with her brothers?" Susan asked, totally changing the subject.

"What?" Jimmy said, confused. "Yeah," Susan continued. "I've seen them both suck her pussy, and I've seen her suck both of their cocks, and I've seen her fuck both of them," she said. "What's the point?" Jimmy asked, confused but excited by the picture Susan had just painted.

"The point is I can prove it," Susan said. "How?" Jimmy asked. "Would you believe me if you sucked my pussy?" Susan asked, propping herself up on her elbows and staring at him. "What?" Jimmy exclaimed, his eyes popping wide open. "You heard me," Susan said, a smile on her face.

"You suck my pussy and I'll even suck your cock. Then you'd believe what I told you, wouldn't you?" "You're nuts," Jimmy said. "You'd believe me, though, wouldn't you?" Susan pressed, sitting up and looking at him.

"Yeah, I'd believe you," Jimmy admitted, totally unprepared for his sister to even be talking like this. "Fine," Susan said. "Suck my pussy." And leaning back, she again brought her feet up onto the edge of the bunk, totally exposing and opening her pussy to him.

"I thought you liked sucking pussy," Susan said, taunting him as her fingers played in her pussy. "Or maybe you want me to go first," she said, sitting up and sliding to the floor in front of him. "Should I suck your cock, Jimmy," Susan said, grasping it and licking the head. "Would you like that?" she asked, opening her mouth and softly sucking the head of it in.

"Umm, your cock tastes good, Jimmy," Susan said, continuing to lick and suck on him. Jimmy just sat there in total shock. He couldn't believe his sister was sitting on the floor in front of him sucking his cock. And their parents were right across the hall. And the things she was saying about Alice and John. Could she be telling the truth, he wondered as he looked down at her with his cock in her mouth.

"Umm, Jimmy, this is nice," Susan said. "But there's nothing better than Alice's pussy, believe me," she said. "And I'll bet she'd let you suck her too," Susan added, opening her mouth and sucking on his cock again. Jimmy watched in amazement as his sister just sucked his cock.

It felt great and he could tell that she liked doing it. It wasn't long before Jimmy felt his balls starting to churn as he approached orgasm. Susan seemed to sense this and increased her sucking, trying to fit as much of him as possible into her mouth. Then Jimmy felt his balls explode and cum was shooting from his cock into his sister's mouth. "Mmmm," Susan said from around his cock as she gulped and swallowed as his cum filled her mouth. Jimmy just sat and watched as she sucked him dry, swallowing every bit of it.

Then she looked up at him with a smile on her face, licking her lips. "Now it's your turn," she said, sliding back up on the bunk and bringing her feet up on the edge. "Come on, Jimmy, suck my pussy for me now," Susan said, her fingers trailing between her pussy lips. "Come show me what you've been doing for those other women," she said.


Jimmy just stared at his sister in total disbelief. This was not the same sister who had boarded this ship just two days ago. This was a total stranger. But this was a total stranger laying with her legs up and apart and a beautiful pussy spread in front of his face begging to be sucked. There was no way he could resist. So Jimmy fell to his knees in front of his sister's wide open pussy and just glued his mouth to her hole, immediately slurping the juices that filled her. Susan sighed in delight as she felt her brother's tongue in her pussy.

It felt just as nice as Alice's had, she thought as he sucked her. She could feel his tongue shooting in and out of her hole, tongue fucking her pussy. Now she understood Bunny much better, she thought.

How nice to have brothers to share with. No complications, no future, just fun. Jimmy was in heaven as he sucked his sister's pussy. It was by far the sweetest of all the pussies that he had been lucky enough to suck. He was amazed at the copious flow of juices from her pussy. He could hear Susan sighing and moaning as he sucked on her. He loved the feeling of her pussy lips between his teeth as he gently gnawed on them, hearing her moan and feeling her writhe under his tongue.

And catching her clit in his mouth and sucking on it, it was just so sweet. Then he heard Susan's breathing speed up, become shallower as her orgasm approached. Sucking on her clit, Jimmy pushed two fingers into her tight hole, hearing her groan.

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He slid them in and out, sloshing in the juices that filled her. Then she cried out, gripping his head in her hands as she held him tightly against her pussy. Removing his fingers from her hole, Jimmy glued his mouth to it and sucked and slurped as she came, bucking against his face and her thick, sweet juices flowed into his mouth.

Susan was beside herself as she began to cum in her brother's mouth. His tongue had excited her so much and her orgasm was so powerful, it left her limp and empty when it ended. She could still feel Jimmy sucking the last of her cum, his tongue slithering up into her hole.

Then finally he sat back, her juices smeared all over his face. "Oh, Jimmy, that was so good," Susan said, struggling to sit up. "Now I know why all the others want you to suck their pussies. You're a pro." "Why did you do this, Susan?" Jimmy asked, still shocked.

"Because I wanted to," Susan replied, staring at him. "Didn't you like it?" "I loved it," Jimmy said. "I was just wondering why?" "Because I want to have fun like everyone else," she said. "And if Bunny can be with her brothers and her father like she says, well, so can I." "What if mom and dad find out?" Jimmy inquired. "They'd kill both of us." "I won't tell them if you don't," Susan laughed.

"Did you like sucking my pussy?" she asked, looking him in the face. "You have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted," Jimmy said without hesitation. "It was like drinking honey." "Really?" Susan asked, a big smile creasing her face. "You mean it?" "You bet I do," Jimmy said, smiling at his big sister. "Whenever you want," Jimmy said, leaning forward and dragging his tongue once more through her pussy. "I love your pussy." "Oh, Jimmy," Susan said, leaning forward and hugging him.

"I never realized what a great brother I had before. "We can suck each other all the time if we want, can't we?" "You bet," Jimmy said, feeling very grown up. "I'm going to sleep great tonight," she said, laying back on her bunk. "Good night, Jimmy. Thanks." "Good night, Susan," Jimmy replied, getting up from the deck and sliding into his bunk, a smile of total satisfaction on his face.

"What a great life." "It is, isn't it?" Susan agreed with a laugh. "And it's just going to get better." The next morning Susan didn't even wake up until she heard the call for the first dive. Opening her eyes and stretching, she saw that Jimmy had already gotten up and gone. She smiled as she remembered the last night, first with Alice and John, and then with Jimmy. As she got to her feet she looked for her suit, only to remember that she had left it in Alice and John's cabin.

Then she remembered her vow to go naked for the rest of the trip. Feeling a little nervous about facing her parents this way and also a little apprehensive about just appearing naked in front of everyone, Susan delayed leaving her cabin until she was sure that everyone would already be on the dive deck.

Then taking a deep breath, she opened the door and stepped out into the hall. Slowly making her way up the stairs, Susan encountered nobody as she stepped out onto the dive deck.

She could see that everyone was almost totally suited up already. Taking another deep breath, Susan walked briskly over to her gear and sat down, wriggling into her BC. No one said anything other than good morning or asked how she had slept. Jimmy looked at her curiously but she avoided his eyes this morning. It seemed nobody had noticed. Then everyone was standing up and heading down the steps to the dive platform. As she fell into the water she heard gasp but had no idea what it was about.

She quickly drifted to the bottom, feeling the wonderful feeling of the water enveloping her. There really wasn't much of a difference, but in her mind it felt totally different to Susan diving nude. When she surfaced at the end of her dive, feeling full of peace and contentment, she went up the steps and sat down at her place and began to slip out of her gear.

While she was doing this Jane and Don came up the steps after finishing their dive. When Jane saw Susan her face turned beet red. Walking over to stand in front of her, still in her dive gear, Jane stared down at her daughter. "And where is your bathing suit?" she demanded. "I decided not to wear it anymore," Susan replied, nervously meeting her mother's gaze. "And who told you this was okay?" Jane asked, her jaw set firmly. "I decided for myself," Susan replied. "What's the problem with it?

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You're walking around naked all the time. Everyone on this ship but me and Sue are," she exclaimed.

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"I don't want to feel so different. No one will bother me." "I want you to go put some clothes on," Jane insisted. "I don't care." "Well, I won't," Susan said. "And you can't make me. If you try I'll just make a scene in front of everyone and you'll look stupid and you know it. You don't feel weird being naked anymore, do you?

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But at first you didn't even like it that dad had switched bathing suits on you. Well, I'm comfortable being naked now and that's what I'm going to do." "And if I say no?" Jane insisted. "Then you'll punish me back home," Susan said. "But for five more days I get to be naked and dive and have fun. If you want to lock me in my room forever when we get back, fine. You do what you think you have to do. But I'm eighteen now and I'll be graduating high school in two more months.

I'd think you would give me some credit already," she said. "This isn't the end of this," Jane said, moving to her own space and sitting down, the weight of her gear tiring her out. "Well, I think you look beautiful naked," Susan said. "And there's nothing to be ashamed of about your body. Everyone has one, they just look different, that's all." "Out of the mouth of babes," Don said under his breath to Jane.

"Leave her be. Let's give her her head and see what she makes of it," he said. "Besides, she is beautiful, isn't she. Just like her mother." "Oh, you," Jane said, turning to look at him, unable to keep the smile off her face.

"But she's my only daughter," she complained. "Yes, and look how she's grown up," Don said. "How many parents get to spend time with their kids of this age naked without any weirdness or hangups? Let her be, she'll be fine. You can keep an eye on her if you want. I mean, she's sharing a room with her younger brother.

What trouble can she get in to?"