Sexy bitch pissing on threesome lurking with open pussy and lips wet for blowjob

Sexy bitch pissing on threesome lurking with open pussy and lips wet for blowjob
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It was a stormy night in September and I had just finished a nice warm cup of coffee. I was lonely and thought a lot about women. My name is Jacob.

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I had often fanaticized about training a slave in my basement. I lived out in the country so it would be the perfect place to hold someone there. Years ago I put cuffs in the walls and on the bed posts down in the basement in case I ever had the chance to full fill my wildest dreams. Just thinking about a petite woman in my basement under my control was giving me an immediate hard on … I sat on the couch and turned on some porn. Kicking back I watched as a man trained a woman to be his sex slave, I must have been more tired than I thought because without knowing I drifted off to sleep I lay there on the couch.

My television had a power saver connected to it so at some point it had turned itself off. I wake sometime around midnight to a hard rapping on the door. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening having just waked up of course.


I grabbed my robe which was draped over my recliner next to the couch and headed for the door. I looked at the clock in the hallway realizing what time it was I wondered who could be knocking at this time of night.


As I opened the door there was a woman in a Drench coat … sopping wet from the rain that was still poring even harder than before all over her … she had a hood on so I couldn't make out what she looked like, She stated that her car had broken down several miles from there and that this was the closest to civilization that she could find, she was wondering if she could come in until the rain stopped … I was hesitant to let a stranger into my house but I did feel bad for the woman so against my own judgment.

I let her in and offered her a warm cup of coffee and some of my lounge cloths she gratefully accepted the offer. I handed her a change of clothes just some pajama bottoms and a t I had laying around the house I told her the bathroom was down the hall and to the left… and she proceeded in that direction as I went to the kitchen to heat up the coffee pot.

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When she came back to the kitchen she was dressed in the cloths that I had handed to her and I was actually able to get a good look at her. She said her name was Kati gave her thanks for letting her stay till the rain cleared. we sat down at the table as we talked I watched her closely. I found her quite an attractive young woman. She was very petit about 5'4' 150lbs short blond hair about shoulder length with a tad bit of curl to it.


C cup bests and a nice ass. The coffee was soon done so I poured her a glass and she accepted it.

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As we drank we talked about each other's lives. She mentioned that she had been divorced now for almost twelve years … I asked if she was seeing anyone and she stated that since the separation she hasn't been able to find someone she could open up to and feel comfortable enough around.

she stated that all her friends felt so bad about what had happened that they didn't know what to say to her so they just stopped talked to her all the way around. I took a glance at the clock in the hallway and realized it was 4 am … we had been talking for hours and it seemed like only mines. I said. "I know she said taking in a deep breath … By now the rain had stopped.

"Op" she said as she ran to the window to look out into the darkness. "The rain has stopped. " I got up and walked over to her well that it has are u sure u want to proceed with your trip tonight or would you like to stay here I ask. "I have had so much fun just talking to you tonight you're the first person I've been able to open up to like that in years and I feel like I've known you for just as long even though I have only been talking to you for hours and I seemed to trust you enough I'd like to stay the night with you … she hugged me and thanked me and as she did I risked it and took my first move… I kissed her deep on the lips.

Not thinking anything would come of it infect I thought for sure that she would smack me. But she did just the opposite. She kissed me back. Our toughs twirled in each other's mouths arms wrapping around each other feeling each other intensely … I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them rotating my hands in a circular motion. She grabbed my cock and balls and began to rub. She was surprised to notice that I already had a hard on. You're beautiful I said and she smiled.

We were both breathing heaving kissing and caressing each other. I moved with her to the couch picking her up her legs wrapping around my hips passionately kissing as I hurried over to the couch and sat on it with her still on top of me she pulled my shirt off and I pulled hers off kissing her lips and her neck moving down to her nipples and sucking we were grinding each other the entire time.

I was so horny by now. I flipped her on her back onto the couch and ripped her pants off. she tor mine off as well and started sucking my big thick cock. I don't like to brag but I am over an average size with twelve inches in length and about 2 inches thick. When she first saw my cock she was a little surprised but that didn't stop her from trying to shove it down her thought … She sucked cock so good.

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I grabbed the back of her head and face fucked her for a little and she swallowed all of my pre come licking her lips as she did. I pulled her up toward me and kissed her. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it a bit… she was so horny she said I want your rock hard cock inside my pussy give it to me Jacob give it to me now. That almost made me cum. I pushed my thick cock deep inside her cunt picking her up and lifting her up and down to ride my cock she had her legs spared out words in a v shape.

She was so freaking hot. And God was she wet. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock and she screams my name and moaned louder than anyone ever could moan. She told me she wanted it up the ass i immediately pulled out flipped her doggie stile on the couch kissing her deeply before I did rubbing my cock against her pussy getting juices for lubricant I went slow cause I didn't want to hurt her I slowly pushed the head of my cock in her tight little ass hole she grunted loudly.

I could tell she was enjoying this but I could also tell that it was pain full. I pushed in deeper …I could feel her second opening by now. I pushed in all the way and she scram.

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Both in pleasure and in pain. I asked if she was ok and she said Fuck my ass baby fuck me hard. she grabbed the back of the couch and I began fucking her hard pumping her in and out in and out her ass whole squeezing me cock more with every stroke.

I moved faster and faster in out in out … her moaning turned to screaming and her breathing was heavy as she scream more I want more give it to me baby. I felt my cock pulsing in her ass with her tight hole throbbing around my thick cock I could hold it any longer I pushed in as fast and as deep as I could and came into her ass… it seemed like I blew the biggest load of my life.

When I pulled out of her as my cum dripped out every where she turned around almost immediately and started sucking it. licking every bit of cum off my cock. I kissed her on the lips and we went to the bedroom holding hands together we both fell asleep.

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When I woke up. it was dark and she was gone I woke up to a rapping on the door and looked at the clock midnight? That's weird I thought to myself. Who could be knocking at this hour and I walked up to the door I opened it was pouring rain and there was the woman I'd fucked not hours ago &hellip. Was it dream or was it real??