Bora brincar de ser feliz

Bora brincar de ser feliz
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…aaaa…Test Mom By Blueheatt __My buddy Bevis and I (Butthead), had listened to older guys talk. We were young teens and we wanted to know how to get girls to let us fuck em. Neither one of us had sex with a girl yet. We were at his house talking about&hellip.what else…fucking girls. We were talking in his mom's spare room and watching porn on her computer.

We didn't know his mom came home and was listening to us talk by the open door. We talked freely figuring his mom was not home. We didn't know anything yet on how to 'put the make' on a girl. We were learning from watching and listening to guys at school. I got an idea.

I said: "Let's go talk to my older sister Jan, and use her to test our methods of trying to persuade girls to let us fuck them…he he…" Bevis liked my sister and was all for it. Bevis said: "She's got some nice big hooters, let me go first and you just watch and let her guide us." I said: "Ok, you try out stuff on her and we'll get her to tell us if girls like it or not&hellip." That's when Bevis mom stepped around the corner and scared the crap out of us.

She said: "Don't do that guys, I will help you." Bevis mom Sandy, she was so aaa. and,aaa scarey, I gulped. She was about 4'2" and had 1/4 tits. She was wearing very tight jeans and a t-shirt with a red bra showing thru it. I was against her teaching me anything.

"Mom, I want to try out stuff on Butthead's sister, she's a hot girl to me." Sandy smiled with one tooth and said: "Why can't you do both?" We both looked puzzled when she said that. "Stand up Butthead&hellip. The time will come up when you need to dance with girls with close dancing. They like it and you get to hold them close and maybe&hellip.push yourselves in real tight into their tits and crouches.

Let me show you guys on Butthead." I was already loosing a boner when she showed me how to hold a girl close. Bevis watched, I knew he was getting bored with this.


Watching me dance with his own mom when he wanted to go see my sister Jan. "I'm going over to your house Butthead, and see your sister.Ok?" he said. I lived just across the street and said: "Ok." As soon as Bevis left 'Meg' as she insisted I call her, (meg-a-butt), started pulling me slowly closer to her as we got some kind of dance going.

I was in boys detention. Her bra was now poking me in the chest and I could help it, I now had a little boner. She pushed her crouch in tight to it.

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I was so jittery. I said loudly in her ear hair: "Meg, thank you for teaching me all this, I feel awkward and you make me feel (ouch) better. Do girls like it when the guy pushes himself in to her crouch?" She looked right in my one eye. She had a eye that smiled at me. She said: "Take it slow sonny but oh yes…they like it. Feel my back as we dance, and carefully reach up and put my head on your shoulder.

Kiss my neck next, they like that too."(.ukkkk.) …and as my heart beat faster. I was dancing with a cold babe, my boner was between her legs and she was feeling my back with one hand, and holding my other hand tight against her upper tits. I wanted this to end. Megs thoughts&hellip. Bevis was a good looking kid.

He should have his braces off in 10 years. Tall and with a good starting build. I realized I was getting carried away and wasn't stopping it, it just felt to good. No one could see us and I was 'just' helping a young guy with girls&hellip.I told myself. Something was happening to me though, I was liking this too much. I hadn't had a boyfriend forever, or one that I wanted. Here was Bevis, so prime, to eager to learn and&hellip.I could train him to my liking.

He felt so warm in my arms and so wanting to please me&hellip.I found myself taking advantage of him. I said softly in his ear: "IT'S OK IF YOU GET AN ERECTION, THAT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL…… (don't yell!) oh… &hellip.Keep it tight against the girl crouch and she'll know you are sexually aroused by her&hellip.girls like to know that." I just kept him slow dancing as our hands went roaming around us.

I hadn't been this turned on in a very long time. I felt like I just wet my panties as a trickle of wet came in my pussy.

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It sucked the wind right out of my chest. My mind rushed ahead and I wanted Bevis and I to get a lot closer&hellip. Words came out of my mouth without thinking what I was saying. ("…Bevis, you are so special to me…I'm glad you like me…can you keep a secret?" He nervously nodded his head.

"I want to teach you a lot more, but we have to do it in total privacy, and absolutely no one must know about this. Is that Ok with you?") He nodded again. I ran my fingers thru his hair and whispered: ("Here's how a girl likes to be kissed&hellip.close your eyes.") I laid the sexist, wettest kiss on him I could.


I slowly stuck my tongue in his quivering lips and let it go wild. His knees began to buckle, and he withdrew to take a big breath. His erection jolted between my legs and he moaned. I realized.he had just shot cum in his own pants. I whispered: ("…tomorrow… Butthead plays soccer after school, you come over and we'll continue, Ok?") He was panting and nodded his head. I pushed him towards our bathroom.

He was in a daze with a smile like I'd never seen him have before. I headed to our other bathroom to change my jeans, the crouch was all wet…inside and out.

I was panting, I don't ever remember having a guy cum in his pants over me. I had to have more of him. I laid on my bed and just enjoyed the feeling of him pushed up against me& trying kissing&hellip.and feeling of him jolting and gasping… as he shot his load of cum in his pants. I was so hot I slowly rubbed my pussy as I drifted into a sleep&hellip. Butthead&hellip. I knocked on the screen, and Jan yelled: "Come on in Butthead, I don't think Bevis is here." (Perfect!) I walked over to her and ask if we could talk 'private'.

She smiled and said: "Why sure, come in my bedroom, and we'll shut the door."( Perfect again! ) She sat on her bed and brushed her short hair. I took a good look at her big ugly tits as she quickly looked at me and smiled…busted…but she didn't seem to mind. All the question and plans I had made went blank. Instead, I ask her if I could brush her teeth.

What a lame smile she gave me and stood up. "Scoot back and open your legs." she said. She handed me the brush and sat with her front to me between my legs. I was not use to this and my hand trembled at first. She sat tight against me as I started in.

She smelled so rank after just taken a shower. I gently started brushing her long tooth. I tried not to get a boner, but It showed up anyway. It was very embarrassing in a way, but she just squirmed her front tight against it.

She turned her head and said: "What did you want to talk about Bevis?" All I could say was: ".aaa…Girls&hellip.oh& what turns them on." I saw her smile, close her eye and say: "Well, having a guy brush my teeth is a turn on for me." I swallowed hard. She began to make this 'mmmm' sound as I brushed.

"What else?" I asked. "I need a girl to teach me stuff, I ain't never messed with a girl much." She reached up and pulled my head down some and whispered: ("…you've come to the right girl. I can teach you anything you want to know.") Jan&hellip. I couldn't believe the luck I was having. I had seen Bevis eyeball me several times, checking out my one tit. I thought he was cute, but to young to mess with.

Now he was asking 'me' to show him about girls. To be able to train a young teen to what I liked had me getting wet already. I could feel his hardon in my front and now was the time for me to take advantage of him. I began to whisper to him: ("…Butthead, do you like me?") "Well& you gotta nice body and I like looking at you Jan." he said. ("&hellip.bang my head, will you Bevis?") He put the brush down and started in. I leaned my head against his shoulder as he felt my hair and banged my head.

I love a guy to do that and I said: ("…girl like this, now lick the side of my face.") He did as I instructed. He was my personal slave now and I wanted a lot of things from him as I enjoyed the foreplay I was starting. ("…now un-hook my bra, take a look at the hooks, their not always easy to undo&hellip.(.RIP!…) there…you got it real easy.

Now take my robe off my shoulders&hellip.that's it…down to my waist. Now pull down my bra straps down off my shoulders…there…now slip your hands under my bra and pull it…SNAP!

&hellip.perfect…hold my tits and feel them gently&hellip.feel my nipples and roll them between your fingers…oooooo.yes!…just like that&hellip.girls love this and your doing a great job of it…keep licking my face…get closer to my lips…mmmm…turn me…now kiss me like the girl you've always wanted&hellip.mmmmmm……aaa I don't want you.

Bevis&hellip. She had me so horny I thought my boner was going to bust thru my pants. Now I was kissing her and feeling her tits. She said I was doing a good job, but all I knew was how bad I wanted to fuck her he he he he&hellip. She sat up, smiled and put her arms around my neck. She was horny looking I was in horny land and couldn't hardly breathe. She whispered: ("…tomorrow, we'll meet here again and you'll like part 2.

I really like you…now let's do a 'tongue kiss'. Let me show you.") She kissed me real hot and I felt her tongue going in my mouth.

It was hot and she was kinda tasting my tongue with hers. I kind of tasted like a cheese burger. I started teasing her tongue back with mine. She sucked a big breath and squeezed me tight. I guess she liked it…I know I sure did. We heard noises down stairs and I quick took off my jacket and tied it around my waist to hide my boner. I went in Butthead's room and quick played with his computer.

My mind was only on Jan and what had just happened. It was Butthead coming home from my house. He came in and shut the door. We both smiled. We both started talking quietly at the same time.

"Dude! Your mom is the coolest!, I…" "Your sister let me un-hook her bra!" This was the first time we both decided to start keeping things to ourselves. I didn't really want to hear about him feeling up my mom and stuff, and he didn't want to hear about me and his sister. He went to the door and listened. He shut the door and said: "Sis just left and we have about an hour before my parents come home…&hellip.

I gotta wank!" He grabbed us towels and tossed me one. We had joint wanked before and now was the time. He sat on the bed and pulled his shorts down. He had a big boner that sprung out. I joined him and did the same. We closed our eyes. We knew he was thinking about fucking my mom and I was thinking about fucking his sister. We never spoke. We just jacked and flooded our towels as cum went flying everywhere& was the best wank we'd ever had.

After the longest school day ever&hellip.we walked home together. He went to my house and I went to his. His sister was waiting for me and quick let me in. She pulled me into her bedroom and pushed me down on my back and got on top of me. She said: ".let's continue where we left off yesterday. We were tongue kissing and you were feeling my tit.

She had on her robe again, only this time no bra or panties. Her hands and arms went crazy feeling me as I joined in feeling her. She reached down and pulled my shorts down. She felt my boner all over and then opened her robe put it between her legs.

We were both breathing heavy now as she clamped her legs on my boner&hellip. (didn't that hurt?. .Shut up…Bevis!) She said: "…girls like to get on top sometimes, always remember that. Now rub your boner on my pussy&hellip.that's it…kiss me and feel my tits while you rub your boner on my clit, the thing at the top of my pussy." She took my hand and guided it to her clit.

She pulled my boner up so it rubbed right on her clit. She opened her legs wide and began to hump her pussy on my boner. It was awesome to put my hands on her cute ass and feel the motion as her hips rotated her pussy on my boner.

I was so close to fucking her I was squirming with the feeling. She started sliding her body down lower on me. She was licking and kissing all the way down. Oh my god…she going to suck on my boner I bet. I couldn't hold still, it was tingling to much. I watch her long hair floating over my boner, blocking my view…but I could sure feel her hot mouth going over my boner…… ---- Butthead…… I went in Bevis's open garage door.

As I walked in the big door started closing. Meg was standing in the people door smiling. She had closed the big door.

She came out in a long night gown and stopped me. We went into our dance mode as she began to talk softly in my ear: "…your first sex may be in the back seat of a car. I want to show you&hellip.(pause)…'.oh …hold me tight&hellip.feel me and kiss me…I need your love, and I want you close to me.'…(er.a.sumthin like that&hellip.) …I lost it and I was falling for him in a big way. He was falling for me too and told me he was in love with me.

That just made me want to get him in bed all the more.(wait a minute!). It all just snuck up on me and it was just that he reminded me of Bevis's dad when we were young. Bevis's dad was in the hear after now.

'god rest his soul.'… and Butthead was like I got a new man to start over with. (what the fuck is she talk about?) I had to be so careful and keep this all very quiet or his parents or the law might step in and take us away from each other. We went in the house and had a long talk sitting on my bed. We played Donkey Cong as much as we talked. It was beautiful…the look in our smiling eyes and both our hearts were so excited.

I was so happy and he was so loving to me.(…aaa…when do I score?) The time&hellip.I checked and soon Butthead's parents would be home. I had to give him a sample of the good times ahead of us. I laid him back on my bed and pulled down his short pants. There it was. My future cock to have. I felt it carefully and kissed it softly.

I could hear him breath heavy and singing a Mega Death song. I got on my knees at the foot of the bed and started getting 'my' new cock all wet by licking it. He began to moan and reached up to hold my hands. He whispered: ("…Meg… I .I'm gonna cum…") &hellip.

I immediately deep throated him and let my tongue massage the underside of his throbbing cock. He jumped and there it was, the blast of warm cum filling my mouth. He squirmed as I held his balls and swallowed. I wanted it all and I even lick up the overflow off his small patch of pubic hair. His cock kept throbbing even after every drop of cum was now in me. He lay all smiling and content and muttered how much he&hellip.liked&

me&hellip. I got him up and led him to the door to the garage. He and I were in a daze. He turned to me with is smiling eyes. I was ready for a hot goodbye kiss when he leaned over and parted my robe, and sweetly kissed my pussy. An orgasm shot thru my pussy and buckled my knees. No man had ever done that to me&hellip.ever.

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I managed to get him out the door with one of Bevis's jackets held in front of him. He still had a big boner. I knew his parents would be home any minute. I closed the big garage door as he walked into the wall&hellip. I headed for the bathroom, closed and locked the door.

I sat on the toilet seat and spread my legs. In went my fingers in my pussy. Oh there…a few strokes and an orgasm was just waiting there as I barked my orgasmed many times&hellip.I thought next time it will be Butthead's cock in me giving me a barking climax&hellip.

Butthead&hellip. I had to go lay down and relive the things that just happened. My boner was still hard and throbbed with red marks. Bevis&hellip. I had never had a blow job before and now I knew what the other guys were talking about. Jan's mouth felt so good as she put my complete boner in her mouth. I felt her hands on my balls and she quick grabbed my middle fingers and held them.

She was so loving as she put them on her tits and moved them around her tits. I couldn't stop as I felt my cum start shooting in her mouth. She kept her mouth on it and moaned so nice.

My body jumped as more cum came out. She and I squeezed her big tit. I went weak in another world and just had to play Donkey Cong. She moved up and put my boner somewhere on her tit. She made me cum some more. I was floating somewhere in my mind&hellip. I pulled her up and held her and felt her body.

Her pussy was wet as my leg&hellip.I can't describe how that felt. Next time I had to have sex with her, she was driving me crazy for her.

She gently licked my face as I kissed her beautiful hair&hellip.she smelled like popcorn…I wanted to take her home and hide her in my bedroom forever&hellip. After school each day we went our separate ways. Him to my house, and me to his. It was our two hours of heaven. Jan and I would get naked and she showed me how to lick a pussy. I was livid with desire to fuck her. She showed me what 69,68,71 and 11 meant and we did that a lot&hellip.

I was waiting for the big one, to really fuck her.


That day we were so hot and panting with our kissing and licking, she got me on top of her and said panting:…"…fuck me now Bevis, fuck me now!…" It was finally happening. She raised her legs way up and we both put my cock & balls in her wet pussy.

She had told me to finger a girl's clit while you fucked her. I did she said…Ouch!!!! We started fucking as the world stopped. Her legs came across my back as he kept licking my face and moaning.

We fucked together as our bodies started making a slapping sound as we speeded up. I started losing my breath as she made putt putt noises. My mind went blank&hellip.I started cuming in her as we both took off …aa.aa…out of this world. She was pulling my hair and moaning as her pussy massaged my shooting cock. I went nuts. We kept fucking until we got to weak to move the & that a Mega Death song?

Jan&hellip. What started out as a fun little 'boy toy' for me had all changed now. He was now my own lover and I held him to keep. When we came together all the world stopped and love took over us. I couldn't even' moan it felt so good. I locked my body around his and held on tight. He was mine to keep and I was one happy girl. We squirmed our bodies slowly together and let the ultimate feelings just flow between us&hellip.he was the mostest loving guy alive to me…he softly played the tuba to me as I drifted in his world&hellip.

Bevis… Meg and I were animals now. The minute I set foot in her house we locked up kissing and dropped to the living room floor. I loved to put my hand up her dress and feel her warm pussy. &hellip.This overwhelming rush we got was thrilling to us. I would say: "Meg, your mine. I like you so much I have to have you close to me 24/7. She would almost black out with those words. She said: "…my god, your just a love animal!…your never leaving this house&hellip.(big gasp.) No guy ever loved me like you do.

"&hellip. Meg&hellip. He was shaking up my soul and I wanted it shook up. All my planning for our first sex was gone. He was pulling my panties down as I pull his shorts down. We had to fuck, and fuck right now. I Held his big warm cock and open my legs wide open. He pushed and in it went.

Now it was happening and fast. I was the hottest I'd ever been in my life. I wrapped my legs around his and we both became two wild animals in heat. &hellip. Oh god&hellip. the feelings were running wild in me as he began to growl and lick me hard. I jammed my tongue in his mouth and we let our tongues fight it out. Every cell in my body wanted him in me. I may have hurt him squeezing him so tight&hellip.I just don't remember. It built up…and up&hellip.and then I squealed as I climaxed and shook all over.

He let out a groan and we felt his cum flood my pussy. Every part of me trembled as he pushed in my pussy deep. I had grabbed his shirt and ripped it. He pulled my hair and licked me as I saw bright lights go off in my head. My body was fucking him but my mind was gone to heaven. We stayed locked together as the last cum spasms shot in me&hellip.I think…I wasn't sure of anything right now &hellip.except I had him in my arms…and he was licking me.

We stayed right where we were as it got dark. We didn't want it to ever end…his cock never went down as we continued fucking all night long&hellip. I walked out in the front yard that afternoon to take a fuck break.

I left Butthead in his euphoric dream nap in my bed. I had on a long house dress, with nothing on underneath. Here comes Jan in a long thin dress.

I could tell she was naked under it. She slowly strolled over to me. We began to giggle. She stepped close and said: "I've stolen your son, and I'm keeping him." We smiled. I said: "I've stolen your brother and I'm not giving him back." We giggled again and agreed… it was a beautiful theft.

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*In the next few months everything began to change. One night Bevis crawled in his mom's bed with her. He got on top of her. He said: "Mom, I know all about girls now.

Now let me show 'you' how to tongue kiss&hellip." &hellip. Meg froze at first and then the tingles set in. Slowly her arms went around him and all the rules&hellip.well her mind went…blank. Across the street Jan quietly went in Butthead's bedroom as he was wanking under the covers.

She smiled and crawled under the covers with him. She got on top of him and said: "…let me show you a better way to do that." She reached down and put his little wiener in her pussy. His arms came up and felt her big tit. He then grabbed her butt cheeks firm and pulled his wiener in tight to her.

He whispered to her: (".aaa…let me show 'you' a few things, sis.")