Tattooed milf babe cockriding on the couch

Tattooed milf babe cockriding on the couch
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They shut the door behind them, and immediately started tearing off one another's clothes. Steve threw his wife's blouse on the floor by the bed followed by her jeans, at the same time as she tugged his own trousers off, and then his shirt… her bra… his shorts… until they were naked.

They needed this; they hadn't had a chance in several days because he had been away on business, and their excitement was at boiling point. Sue and Steve kissed deeply and hungrily for a long moment, and then she broke away. She put her hands on his shoulders and lay back slowly. 'What are you waiting for,' she said playfully.

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She looked him in the eye, and then looked down at his already-hardening penis. Steve looked at her. Her eyes. Her shoulders. Her breasts. Her stomach. Her… he roughly pushed her down into the bed, and positioned himself at her entrance.

He paused and kissed her hard, biting her lip and then slowly pushed himself inside her. It wasn't long before Sue was moaning, and him with her. The feeling of her skin against his, her lips, the sight of her breasts and the look on her face, the warmth of her pussy squeezing him, it was all so amazing. She sounded like she was enjoying herself too, which made the whole thing feel even more amazing. With each thrust into his wife, Steve felt the inevitable edging ever-closer, but he didn't slow down at all.

He could feel her pussy tightening slightly every few moments, which meant she was about to orgasm as well. All he had to do was hold it in for just a few more seconds. As anticipated, Sue let a high pitched moan escape, and Steve felt her constrict and contract around him as she held on tight to him.

He kissed her, allowing himself to creep past the point of no return as well. It happened.

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'Fuck,' he said, looking down at his wife, utterly helpless as he continued thrusting and coming into her. She looked back up at him, begging him with her eyes to empty every drop into her, push it as deep as he could. She closed her eyes and smiled, and after a few more seconds, he was finished.

There was a faint shuffling sound, and they both looked round. The door was ajar.

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They looked at each other curiously, but shortly they fell asleep: their curiosity wasn't a match for their tiredness. The following day was Saturday, and Sue went out not long after nine in the morning, to her part-time at a hairdresser's, leaving Steve and Marie alone until four in the afternoon, though when Sue left for work, Marie, their daughter, hadn't yet got out of bed.

So, after Sue had left, Steve sat around for a while watching TV. There wasn't anything on, but it was nice to be home.

When eleven o'clock came, Marie appeared in the living room, still in her light blue pyjamas. Weekends were lazy for her, just as much as they were for him.

She shuffled across to the kitchen in her bare feet, looking down at the floor, and without saying anything. Moments later, she reappeared, carrying a glass of Coke, and sat down on the couch next to Steve, cross-legged.

'Morning,' she mumbled. She sounded a little shaky, as though she was either catching her breath or else very cold.


'Morning Marie,' Steve replied. 'Sleep well?' He looked at her, but she was paying her whole attention to the glass of Coke she was sipping. After a moment, she nodded quickly. 'You?' 'Yeah.' He carried on looking at her for a few seconds, curious why she was being so quiet. Usually she was fairly talkative, telling him about what she was going to be doing later on, where she was going. That was something he was grateful for; she never did things in secret, never stayed out and made him and her mother worry.

Not that either of them had a problem with her going out, they just wanted to know she was safe. She must have realized he was looking at her, because suddenly she looked up at him, meeting his eyes. Something was a little different. They were a darker colour, and her cheeks were… she was blushing.

Why would she be blushing? 'Are you alright?' He asked eventually. She downed the rest of her glass and put it back in the kitchen. 'I'm fine,' she nodded, and padded back up to her bedroom. 'Whatever,' he said after a moment, and went into the kitchen to get himself a coffee.

It was a cool day, and coffee was his preferred remedy for a chilly day. There was some news on the TV, telling him about the latest bullshit some bullshitter in the bullshit government had said. He turned it off. Yuck. He sat in silence, sipping his coffee, until his concern got the better of him. Marie wasn't usually like this, and if she was being like this now that meant there had to be a reason. He wanted to check she was alright, so he put his half-drunk coffee on the floor next to where he was sat, and walked up the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door.

There was a squeal and a rustling sound, and the she told him to come in. He opened the door and stepped inside. Marie was under the covers, her face bright red. Steve sat down and looked at her. 'Are you sure you're alright?' He said. 'I'm fine,' she whimpered. There was something familiar in that tone of voice, but he couldn't quite place it.

'Hmm.' He said. 'Okay.' He started to stand up, but she spoke. 'Dad.' He sat back down. 'What is it, honey?' 'I love you,' she moaned, reaching an arm around him to hug him. He lost his balance and fell onto her. He tried to straighten himself and sit up again, but she wouldn't let him.

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She held him tight, and as she did, he noticed some small rhythmic movements occurring under her duvet. Wait a moment… '… are you masturbating?' He said in disbelief. She smiled and looked at him, her face a deep crimson. 'I love you, Daddy.' And she moaned again.

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He didn't know what to do. He stood up, ignoring his daughter's protests. 'Marie…' he started, but then he realized he didn't have a clue what to say. She looked up at him. He took an edge of the duvet in his hand and pulled it aside to find his daughter naked, her normally-pale skin stippled with goosebumps, her long legs quivering… her fingers working her clitoris.

Well, he thought. Marie showed no offence at her father exposing her. For a moment, she carried on masturbating just as she had been, but then she stopped and sat up, propping herself up on her hands. 'Um, Marie… I'm sorry. I should leave you to it.' He turned to leave, but she stood up and closed the door again. 'Please don't go.' She closed in on her father and hugged him, pressing her small breasts into his chest, and after a moment, she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

She licked his lips, making his spine tingle and his penis grow. She must have felt it swelling against herself; she stepped back and brushed it through his jeans, making him twitch involuntarily. He fought the urge to ask what she was doing. It was obvious what she was trying to do.

What was more, it was working. 'Oh,' he said, 'and why shouldn't I?' She stepped back and looked at her toes. 'I don't know,' she whispered. 'Don't you?' He pushed her down onto the bed and knelt over her. 'Don't you?' She whimpered, a sound half way between fear and intense excitement. He leaned down and kissed her, just as he had kissed his wife the previous night.

She put up no resistance. For the first few moments she didn't react at all, but then she responded, kissing him back passionately. After a moment, he broke the kiss and knelt up again. 'Do you like that?' 'Yes,' she breathed. 'Did you enjoy the show last night?' The notion had just come to him, everything falling into place: the shuffling the previous night, the door being ajar, Marie being quiet earlier, and now this… 'Yes.' 'You liked watching me fuck your mother?' 'Yes.' 'Did you play with yourself?' She bit her lip, acting shy.

'Maybe…' 'You little voyeur!' He spat in mock fury. He leaned in over her and kissed her neck, and then bit it gently, playfully. 'You little voyeur,' he repeated, tenderly this time, whispering in her ear. 'Getting off on your parents fucking.' She gasped when he bit her neck, and then said 'but I can't help it… I heard you both making noises and I was curious what it looked li…' He cut her off by biting her lip, and then whispered, 'I know.' He then lifted himself off her and stood up.

'You imagined yourself where your mother was, didn't you?' She nodded. 'You want to know how it feels to be fucked by your daddy.' 'Oh fuck yes.' He raised his eyebrows. 'Language,' he taunted. 'Sorry, Daddy.' 'You will be.' And he started to undress. When he was naked, he climbed onto the bed and opened Marie's legs, holding her knees in his hands.

He lowered his head and looked at his daughter's pussy. It looked just as her mother's had, when they had been younger; two tight lips, surrounded by a sparse growth of short hair. He blew the hair, and she gasped. He pulled the lips apart with the sides of his thumbs and started to lick gently, up and down, flicking the little knot that was her clitoris. She was already very wet, but she squirmed at his touch and before long she was oozing juice into Steve's mouth and down his chin.

It felt good to do this to a girl, it always had, and he even began to forget himself for a few moments at a time, forget it was his daughter he was going down on.

She was breathing hard and moaning openly, and within just a couple of minutes she was thrusting gently at his face. 'Fuck,' she whispered. He pulled away, making her whimper. 'Language,' he said again, and opened her lips with the finger and thumb of his left hand and gently tapped her clitoris with the fingers of his right.

She jumped and yelped, and then shivered as she said 'I'm sorry Daddy.' 'Good girl.' He leaned in again and started to softly suck her clitoris, sliding his tongue in and out of her as he did, tasting her arousal and youth, and feeling her inexperience through her occasional twitches on his mouth.

He pulled away again after another minute of this, keeping contact between his bottom lip and her pussy. He stroked up and down with it, and then spoke. 'Is baby going to come for me?' 'Yessss…' she moaned between heavy breaths, 'I'm going to come for you Daddy.' He went back to tongue-fucking his daughter, deeply and ferociously, until he felt her coming against his tongue.

Her spasms were hard and fierce, and she grunted, 'Daddy, I'm coming, I love you Daddy!' Not stopping, he moaned into her, acknowledging and reciprocating what she had said.

When she was done, he kissed her clitoris and let her lips close. He kissed them too, and then knelt up again. 'Did you enjoy that?' He said.


'Mmm, yeah…' she breathed. She sat up and kissed her father, and then looked down at his now-painfully hard penis.

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She started to reach down, but he slapped her wrist away. He turned her around on her bed, so her bottom was facing up, and he pulled her up and spread her legs apart, and then traced his middle finger up and down, from above her pussy to behind her anus. He licked his finger and traced a circle around her anus, and knelt down again, whispering as he did.

'Your mother always likes me doing these things to her too, you know…' He kissed her anus and traced his tongue around it, brushing the hole with the tip of his tongue. After a moment, he started to push it in, but she gasped and pulled away, suddenly panicked. 'No, please…' she started. 'Need to go?' 'Um… yeah.' 'Okay,' he said, and wiggled his tongue against the hole for a second, making her shiver. Obviously Marie liked it as much as Sue did.

He spat, leaving a big gob of saliva clinging to her anus, and lifted himself up again, holding her waist in one hand and positioning his penis at her anus with the other. His tip glided up and down, stroking her puckered anus, until she gasped slightly again.

He slapped her buttock and lowered his tip so that it was between her lips, burning against her. He opened them with his finger and thumb, and slowly pushed it inside, just by an inch. She moaned loudly in mixed pain and pleasure, and he slapped her again.

Then he took her long chestnut hair and wrapped it around his wrist and pulled her head backward, pushing himself the rest of the way quickly at the same time. She screamed in pain, but as he held himself inside her for a moment, she started to relax around him.

He gripped her left buttock hard and leaned down. 'Now that's over with,' he growled, 'keep your mouth shut. Do you understand?' 'But it hurts…' 'It won't for long.' She nodded.

'Okay Daddy.

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I trust you…' 'Good girl.' He pulled out slowly, just to the tip, and then thrust in again. She was clenching at first, but after a few minutes she relaxed and, from the sound of her breathing, started to enjoy it a little. This was so wrong, but she was so tight that it didn't take long for Steve to start feeling the moment building up inside him, that familiar ache in his balls that meant something was brewing. Marie was starting to twitch a little again too, so he slowed down slightly, wanting to tease them both for as long as he could.

But it was no use. She stiffened under him and her pussy clenched, and she broke the silence and moaned. 'Daddy, I'm going to come AGAIN!' She half-screamed the last word and growled, fighting her father's grip on her hair as she tried to bury her face in her pillow.

He slapped her backside again, harder this time. 'I said keep your mouth shut!' She moaned hard through her clamped-shut mouth, and he felt her warmth constrict and relax around him repeatedly. He gave in and fucked her hard, pulling her head back hard by her hair until he started to come inside his daughter.

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His heart raced and he went lightheaded with the intensity of it, and he yelled openly as he continued shooting jets of come inside her, until it died away and they were both panting on Marie's bed.

A few minutes passed, and they sat up. Steve kissed his daughter. 'I love you,' he said, 'even if you are a little voyeur.'