Gay video Letting his pecker stand to attention for a few moments

Gay video Letting his pecker stand to attention for a few moments
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Firstly, my name is Lucy and I'm 24, 5ft 5 with long thick blond hair, 32b/c breasts and I weighed at that time about 110. Most people would say I was nicely put together, my ex always said I was well fuckable and the way he's friends looked at me I knew he wasn't exaggerating.

I didn't find it difficult to get guys. They just came to me and I had difficulty saying no. Young, old, good looking, ugly, thin or fat. If they had a dick I needed it inside me. And for some reason, boyfriend, friend, stranger, I loved it bareback. The feeling of a guys spunk flowing into one of my three holes after a filthy fuck was the best feeling in the world. One of my x's called me his little cumslut and he was right.


I'd let several of his friends throw a load or two inside me while he watched. To be honest, he passed me around his friends and brothers like I was a cheap whore and I'm sure there were a couple of guys who'd paid him to fuck me. I'd been working at the brothel for a little more than five months and I was still fucking Faith's Dad (Michael) whenever he came to London for business.

Although, Michael was fucking my little sister more often than he was fucking me. I guess he got off on throwing his load into her arse. She loved anal. She was barely 20 and he was in his 50s. I guess I couldn't blame the bloke really.

Most guys his age would kill to bareback fuck sisters. He's already fucked the both of us at the same time. I guess Michael was in paradise. Friday came and for once it was my day off. No brothel, no strangers climbing on top of me or taking me from behind for money. But, that didn't stop me getting horny. Thursday had been a busy day, 9 guys had fuck me good and hard, using my body and my pussy for their pleasure.


Blowing their spunk over my tits or dropping a load down the back of my throat. I was expecting to see Michael that Friday night, so I wasn't thinking about finding a guy to fuck for the evening. Unfortunately, when I got home from a day out shopping I heard moans and groans coming from Katie's bedroom. I pushed the door open a crack and saw Michael, his hard cock thrust up Katie's arse. He was holding her hips and pounding in out of her shit tunnel.

I guess I could have gone in, but I wasn't in the mood to share a guy with Katie. I was more in the mood to let a couple of guys share me.

Besides, the look on Michael's face was one I'd seen before. And a few second later he blew his load into Katie's shit hole and collapsed down on top of her young body.

I slipped away and went into my room. I didn't want them to know I was there so I got changed quickly. I slipped on a tight little black dress, took my knickers off, grabbed my coat and left.

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My pussy was soaking wet and I knew I needed something big and hard inside it. I got the late train into the centre of London, got the underground to Leicester square and walked up to Soho.

I met a few friends in a few bars, got my arse squeezed or stroked by a few guys as I pushed my way to the bar. By midnight, I'd slipped off into a soho club, danced drank and got merry.

Some guy, I didn't know his name danced up behind my, wrapping arm around me. I wondered what he looked like as his hands caressed my flat stomach.

He pulled me back against him, but as soon as I felt his big hard cock pressing against my arse crack, I didn't really care if he was good looking or not. What was important was that this guy would be inside me soon and if I was lucky he'd flood my pussy with his hot spunk. I grabbed his hands and pushed them up over my tits so he could feel and squeeze them.

I turned around, pushed him against a wall and without taking the time to ask his name I thrust my tongues into his mouth. He tasted of beer and his eyes seemed glazed from having drank too much. His fingers quickly found the hem of my dress.

He lifted it up at the front and pushed a hand between my legs. He took a breath as he found my clean shaven bare pussy. I undid his trousers and pushed my hand into his pants. I rubbed his hard cock softly as he finger fucked my wet cunt and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I dropped to my knees in front of him.


The music was loud and people were still dancing around as I took his big cook into my mouth and started to suck on it, wanking the base to get him as hard as I possible could. I felt his hands on top of my head as he thrust his cock into my throat making me choke.

I could feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my legs. I was so close, I was going to let this guy fuck my cunt. I stood up quickly, "Fuck my cunt," I whispered.

He turned me round and pushed me face first against the wall. My skirt was up, around my waist, and I felt his cook pressing against the entrance to my cunt and then he thrust it in hard, as deep as it would go. And then he start to fuck me, hard and fast like he was using my cunt as his private little spunk hole. That's when things went bad. I heard some girl screaming and hitting my fuck on his back.

"What the fuck you doing with that slut," she shouted. He pulled his cock from my cunt. "I'm sorry," he said.

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The shouting went on as a group of strangers stood around, some shocked, some laughing. I pulled my skirt down and pushed my way to the exit, frustrated. I'd been so close. He was just seconds from blowing his hot think cum inside me.

I got my coat from the cloak room and made my way to the taxi rank. It was still early; the clubs weren't quite kicking out so there were plenty of taxi's all waiting for closing time. "Hey," a voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw a guy in his late 30s following me. "Yes," I said. "I just saw you in the club, with that guy," he said. "OK," I replied as if nothing had happened in the club. "That guy works with me.

I think his girlfriend might kill him." "Sorry," I replied but I didn't really care. He was the one who stuck his dick in me while his girlfriend was just a few dozen meters away. "Don't be," he laughed. "That guys a right cunt. I can't believe a girl as hot as you would let a prick like that fuck her." I smiled. "Sometime's girls just want to fuck." "Maybe I can help if you're not ready to go home." "Where do you live?" I asked. He gave the address to the taxi driver and opened the door.


His house was on the way to the train station so I climbed in next to him. The taxi started to move and he grabbed hold of me, pulled my arse to the edge of the seat and got between my legs. Luckily we were in a black cab. Plenty of room in the back. He pushed his hands up my legs, lifting my skirt until it was around my waist. He stared He fumbled with his belt, trying to get his cock out of his trousers as fast as he could.

"You going to fuck her right there," the taxi driver called. "She gagging for it mate," the guy called back as he directed his cock towards my waiting pussy. "Yes, fuck my cunt good and hard," I moaned as the tips passed my cunt lips and sank deeper inside me. I could see the light and building whipping past as this strangers made use of my cunt. He fucked me hard and fast.

Withdrawing his cock and slamming it back inside me as hard as he could. My pussy juices dripping seeping down between my but checks. "That's it boy. Give your girlfriend a good fucking," the driver shouted. "She's not my girlfriend," my fucker moaned. "I just met her at the taxi stop." "God I wish I met whore's like that," the driver shouted. He was clearly turned on. He kept looking back over his shoulder, watching my guys arse bob up and down as his cock glided into me.

"I'm going to fucking cum," he moaned. "Fill my cunt," I screamed. And then I felt it, stream after stream of hot sticky spunk filling my fuck hole. He collapsed on top of me. A few minutes later the taxi stopped and my guy did his trousers up and hoped out of the taxi. He slammed the door, handed the driver some money and walked off.

I sat up straight, pulling my skirt down. His cum poured out of me and collected on the inside of my skirt. I looked at the driver for the first time. He was big and black and maybe 55. "Can you take me to the station," I said.

The taxi pulled away and a few minutes later I saw the station. The taxi suddenly turned to the left into a dark ally that took us behind the station. "Where we going?" I asked. "Just round the back. You're trains not for another 4 minutes.

That's plenty of time for me to fuck you." I thought for a few seconds and replied, "OK, but I'm not paying for the taxi." The taxi came to a stop and he leapt out. My driver climbed into the back.

"Don't worry. I didn't put the counter on. There's no fare," he smiled. He started to undo his belt. That's when I saw another taxi parked just in front. The driver walked towards us. "What you got Mohammed," the second driver said as he pulled open the door. "A right little whore," he replied. "Come on Abdul, jump in." Abdul climbed in and sat down next to me. Mohammed grabbed my legs and pulled me back into the same position the stranger had fucked me in just a few minutes earlier.

My arse on the edge of the seat, my legs spread wide giving easy access to my cunt. With his big black cock hovering in front of me he lifted my legs up, pushing my feet up to my shoulders. I put a foot on his right shoulder. I grabbed his big black cock in my little white hand and directed the tip towards my gapping hole.

As the tip touched my pussy lips he thrust hard and his big black cock went straight into my slippery wet pussy. The tip of his cock struck my cervix and I cried out.

He cock was much bigger and fatter than the strangers. I watched as his big black cock slipped in out out of my young tight snatch.

It glistened with my pussy juices and the strangers cum. He didn't seem to care about that. He ploughed my cunt hard and fast, thrusting his hips forward as I moaned loudly. "Fuck that white slut," Abdul said.

"I'm next, I'm next," he moaned as he pulled my top down exposing my firm young tits to these two old black perverts. "Do you like black cock whore," Abdul demanded. "Yes," I moaned. I screamed as he thrust into me. "Cum in me," I shouted. "Fill me with your black cum." "No Abdul," said. "She'll be too wet for me." Brain fucked me harder and faster. "I'm gunna cum," he moaned.

He pulled his cock from my cunt, dropped my legs and pushed hard truncheon into my mouth. I felt his black cum strike the back of my throat and flow down into my stomach. I sucked on his bell end as hard as I could, taking every last drop of his spunk into his mouth. He dropped down onto the floor of the taxi and Abdul pushed his way between my legs.

In mere seconds a second hard black cock was forcing it's way past my pussy lips. "Now it's my turn," he moaned as he fucked me with fast repetitive strokes. He pushed my feet over his shoulders, reached out and grabbed my tits in his big black hands and squeezed then as hard as he could between his fingers. He thrust faster and faster, his cock sliding in and out of my young body. "I love white pussy," he moaned as his fucked my cunt faster. "Cum in her tight cunt," Mohammed said.

"Fill that white slut with black spunk." Then, he almost screamed and I felt his hot spunk shouting deep inside me. He pushed his bell end against the opening to my cervix and shot the last of his cum deep into my womb. He pulled his cock out and started to do up his trousers. "We're going to have to find some more whore's like her mate," Brain said. "Yes," Mohammed merely replied.

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"You like white sluts?" I asked as I pulled my skirt down and climbed out of the car. "White sluts like you? Definitely," Mohammed replied. I walked into the station through the back door. I walked as fast as I could so not to miss the train. I'd have run, but my pussy was a little sore after the fucking I got from those two enormous big black cocks.

I slid through the door and onto the train just as the whistle went. By the time I sat down in a booth on the train it was already rolling towards home.

I could feel cum leaking from my cunt and soaking trough my dress. I don't know who would take this seat when I finally got off, but they'd be sitting in a mixture of white and black spunk and some of my pussy juice as well. I got of the train a half dozen stops later. As I walked past the window heading for the entrance I saw a young 20 year old blond girl take my seat, sitting in all the wet cum.

I smiled and walked the mile home. .