Blonde pussy tease in her new flat

Blonde pussy tease in her new flat
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I woke up panting heavily, my body tingling all over. I'd been dreaming of him again. I could almost feel his rough hands stroking down my sides, kneading my thighs, slowly spreading my legs before sliding a finger inside my wet, hot slit. I shivered in the pale morning light and decided there was no way I could go into work and face him without giving myself some relief first.

Unhindered by clothes I always slept naked my hands automatically took up their places. My right hand circled my stiffening nipple, cupped my breast and squeezed gently. My left hand was busy teasing my pussy lips. I was already wet from my dream, and my knees fell apart expectantly as I began stroking my clit in firm circles.

With my eyes closed, all I could think of was him.

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He was not conventionally handsome by any account. If anyone at work knew how I felt about him I would have been ridiculed for months. I could no more explain it to them than I could have to myself.

Something about him just set my blood singing. His stocky build, lightly muscled, combined with his short dusky blonde hair and piercing blue eyes did unspeakable things to my crotch.I just wished he would actually DO those unspeakable things to me. Like all the men I find myself attracted to, Andy was completely unattainable. Married. With kids. That didn't stop me from fantasising about him every available moment of the day. And night. At this particular moment, hands still roving my body, I tried to imagine what it would be like to take him home with me.


Tonight was the Christmas party, and with the company paying for drinks it was sure to be an entertaining night. I immersed myself in thoughts of seducing a drunken Andy. The way I would stroke his arm, lean in close to whisper in his ear flashing a little cleavage in the low cut dress I planned to wear.

I imaged his eyes following me as I headed to the exit, his hand stopping the taxi door as I climbed in, his tongue sliding inside my mouth as he kissed me in the back seat. He would pull me inside my little flat, pushing me back against the front door as he slid my dress up around my hips and pulled my thong to one side.

Still kissing me, he'd bury his fingers inside me, making me gasp against his lips. My skin would burn where he touched me, his free hand blazing a trail of fire up my side to grasp my breast through my dress.

Pushing his hand away before I could climax, I'd undo his trousers, free his straining cock from his boxers, and engulf it in my mouth. Sucking hungrily on his cock, my lips would be stretched pleasantly around his girth. I'd cup his balls, massaging them, as my tongue swirled around his member. A deep moan would be all the warning I'd get before he'd explode in my mouth, his hot come flooding over my tongue and down my throat.

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His hands, entwined in my short blonde hair, would slip to my shoulders and slowly pull me to my feet. With a shaky breath, Andy would whisper to me, "Let's take this into the bedroom." My knees would tremble as I lead him through to my bedroom, the scene of so many night time fantasies of him. Quickly pulling his shirt over his head, he would unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor.


My braless 36Ds would be aching for his touch, my nipples solid and waiting for his tongue. He'd lower me back onto the bed as he kicked off his shoes and trousers, his mouth seeking mine all the while. His kisses, hot and deep, would drift slowly down to my throat, finding each of my nipples in turn.

He'd flick them teasingly with his tongue, and it would feel heavenly. My pussy would be dripping wet with anticipation. Impatiently I would thrust my hips toward him, and, taking the hint, he would spread my legs and fix his mouth to the crotch of my thong. One hot long breath from him later and my hands would be clutching the bed sheets as I whimpered with pleasure.

Easing my thong down over my hips, he'd slowly draw it down my legs. He'd pull it down over my curled toes and drop it to the floor.

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Returning his attention to my body, he would kiss and stroke his way back up my legs, his strong hands encircling my ankles as he spread me wide. My breath becomes laboured as his lips brush the centre of my passion.

He'd quickly find my clit with his tongue and lap softly. Two fingers would glide inside me, curving to find my G spot. I'd be panting and moaning heavily under his ministrations. A slow fire would start building in my toes, spreading like wildfire up my legs, across my thighs and exploding through my pussy in the most intense orgasm of my life. I'd still be shivering and groaning when a sudden pressure against my pussy lips would alert me to the fact that Andy wasn't finished with me yet.

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His once again rock solid cock would be nudging against me, and with one sharp thrust he'd be buried inside me. The sudden feeling of fullness would be almost overwhelming, pushing me toward another climax faster than I would have thought possible.

Pounding into me forcefully, he would grunt my name, "Cordy.


Cordy. Oh, God.Cordy." Slowing only long enough to push my legs roughly back to my shoulders, he'd fuck me so deep it would verge on painful. My hands would run through his hair, across his wide shoulders, digging my nails into his skin deep enough to leave marks. My teeth would sink into my lower lip as I cry out. I'd beg him, "Fuck me, fuck me harder, oh Andy, fuck me!" His eyes would briefly meet my own, glazed with lust and primitive needs.

Feeling my second orgasm of the night building, my pussy would clench around his cock tighter than before, pushing Andy over the edge again. My eyes flew open as this final image pushed me over the edge and I came, back arched and pussy fluttering around my fingers, wishing it really was Andy's cock making me come like this.

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As my orgasm subsided, and my muscles relaxed, I sank back onto the bed and glanced at the clock. The party was due to start in twelve hours. I could only hope that the night would end as satisfyingly as my fantasies.