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3:30 rolled around, and the campus of Preston Senior High School filled with the sound of a ringing bell, and then an inundation of kids into the schools back parking lot. A warm Friday in the month of May, a slight breeze blew through lot, tossing trash amongst the cars, and sweeping the hair back of the students who were turned just right. One student in particular was forced to hold his hat on his head, before spinning the bill backwards to keep the wind from catching it again.

The fair haired boy stood against the brick wall, his trig book held lackadaisically in his hand. As people walked by him, some stopped to talk, others yelled out "JOHNNY," with a wave of the hand, or passed by and called him a faggot, in which he replied with bitch, and both laughed loudly.


He looked off into the parking lot, sighing aggravated as a push came from behind him, causing him to stumble forward to regain his balance. The boy who pushed him laughed, helping him up, and recoiling as Johnny punched him in the chest. Dustin recoiled, laughing again as the two grabbed hands, and bumped fists. The two had known each other since middle school, when Johnny moved to town.

Both were football players and in their junior year of high school, the 16 year olds were the best of friends. "So we still set for tonight," Dustin asked, walking with his fingers hooked to the drawstring bag on his back. "Yea man talked with Emily today, she's good to go," Johnny replied with a mischievous smile, unlocking the doors to his car. Both got in, Dustin recoiling a bit as the smell of stale french-fries his him in the nose, matched with something else that smelled vaguely like piss.

Dustin didn't have a car though so he wasn't going to complain. "So what did she have to say to her Mom to let her come," Dustin asked, looking at his phone. "Nothing, she's on some business trip…plus she only thinks were watching a movie," Johnny replied, both laughing again loudly as Johnny sped out of the parking lot.

Rap music rocked the car as they rolled down the curvy roads, only a short drive before they pulled into Johnny's drive way. They both jumped out of the car, moving up the walk way to the small house. Johnny opened up the door to the empty house, and both walked in, a musty smell obvious to neither of them from both being so familiar with the place.

Both moved through the doorway of the empty house, Dustin asking where everyone was. "Dad's working night shift, so he left Tommy with my grandma," Johnny replied.

Tommy was Johnnies 4 year old brother, both of who had suffered greatly with the accidental death of their mother the year before. The two moved to Johnnie's room, Dustin tossing his bag on the dusty wooden floor and flopping on the bed, and Johnny moving to his bathroom, unzipping his shorts and filling the formerly silent rooms with the sound of him peeing, not even bothering to shut the door. "Dude," Johnny said, causing Dustin to look up to Johnny with his back turned to him in the bathroom, but stripping out of his clothes.

"Order some pizza real fast; Emily said she'll be here about 5." "Gotcha Man," he said rolling off the unmade bed and waking into the kitchen to get the phone book. He called the number and ordered three pizzas, then checking the fridge for beer, and the liquor cabinet, smiling at both.

A half hour later the pizza arrived at the house, to be received by the two, both of whom had showered and changed, Dustin having to wear some of Johnnies clothes, forgetting his own. Being a few inches taller, and a little broader in the shoulders, the shirt was stretched tight to Dustin's broad muscular frame.

The house smelt of pizza, and Hollister cologne when the doorbell rang for a second time that night. Dustin was in the bathroom when Emily entered the house, welcomed in by Johnny. Living only a few minutes down the road, she'd simply just walked, and being a freshman, her only viable mode of transportation. Her thin frame was dressed in a simple white cotton dress, cutting off just above her knees.

Johnny looked her over, bottom to top, stopping at little longer than he probably should have at the small bit of cleavage exposed from the dresses v-line. Dustin walked out of the bathroom, his charismatic, sweet smile brightening the room. Emily was obviously surprised, thinking it was only going to be her and Johnny watching the movie, but she recovered well and said hello.

Within a few minutes they all had pizza, and a glass of coke, and were set down in front of the television, with a movie in. Johnny and Emily were setting on a couch together, and Dustin on the chair next to them. The movie progressed, and as a sex scene came on, Emily excused herself, blushing as she walked to the bathroom. The boys tried to suppress their laughter as they watched her leave.

"You ready man," Johnny said quietly, Dustin nodding with that same smile. Dustin jumped up and ran to the fridge, grabbing three beers. He tossed two to Johnny, both opening one of their own, as a Dustin sat on the couch, forcing Emily to sit between them when she came back. They offered her the beer, and she took it reluctantly, the three clanking their bottles when she accepted.

As the beer flowed, they all loosened up, especially Emily though who began laughing at everything either of the two said.


Johnny leaned over to put the bottle on the table, brushing again Emily. She giggled as he touched her side, pulling back. "What's the matter Emily, ticklish," he asked laughing, and grabbing at her side again. She screamed, laughing harder now and jumping back, into Dustin's lap. He joined in, holding onto her, and tickling as well.

She squirmed wildly, as she was attacked from the front and the back, all three laughing intensely. Johnny stopped suddenly, pressing his lips to hers as she still sat in Dustin's lap. She sat shocked as his tongue infiltrated her mouth, his hand holding her head. Her reluctance dissipated, and she started kissing back.

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She jumped as she felt a pair of hands reach around from behind, settling on her breasts, Dustin's mouth kissing on her neck, as he squeezed the large breasts that accentuated her thin frame. She felt a bulge growing against her, nestled in Dustin's lap, and another from Johnny, pressed against her.

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Johnny's hand slipped up under her dress, rubbing her pussy through her underwear. A moan escaped from her lips as Johnny stood, pointing to the bedroom.

Immediately, Emily rose, walking quickly to the bedroom. Dustin stood up, a smile across his face, and a growing bulge in his shorts. The boys bumped fists and then followed her into Johnny's bedroom. Emily sat nervously on the bed as the two entered, causing Johnny to smile devilishly. "Get the fuck over here," he said, pointing to his crotch. Emily jumped at his rough voice, couples with Dustin's laughing.

She moved and kneeled at his feet, nervous about what to do next, hands slowly shaking as she moved to his belt. She undid the buckle, and then the button, moving to unzip before he stopped her.

"Uh uh, teeth," he said grinning. She moved her head, dangerously close to his crotch now as she gently grabbed the zipper with her teeth, pulling it down slowly, the bulge from his boxers popping out and hitting her in the eye. Johnny pulled his shirt over his head and stood now in only his tenting boxers, Dustin stepping next to him dressed the same, having undressed while the show had been going on. Nervously, she rubbed Johnny's bulge, the heat from his member, warm against her hand.

Dustin grabbed her head and pulled it into his crotch, "Lick," he said, flexing his shaft against her lips. Reluctantly, she parted her lips, licking the throbbing member, a wet spot forming where the head was. She looked up at him as she licked, eyes looking over his slightly formed abs, a dark treasure trail pointing skyward. His dark, nickel sized nipples contrasted with his creamy skin, as well as with her tanned body. Johnny's body was a bit different than Dustin's, paler for one, with shaggy blonde hair to Dustin's short, dusty brown hair.

His torso, while not as well defined, was just as solid, with an obvious v-line leading down below his boxers. "Take em off," Dustin said seductively, correcting her when she tried to use her hands, and telling her to use her teeth.

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She used her teeth, pulling down slowly, eyes closed, feeling something very warm hit her face as she pulled down far enough. She opened her eyes slowly, eyes widening to their extremity. Dustin's semi erect cock was sticking out, but still pointed down, only inches away from her face. The slightly pulsating dick was shaved, and slightly darker than the rest of his skin.

Just over 7 inches, the still hardening cock was about as big as a half dollar, and as she would soon find out, almost too big to get her hand around. Dustin's balls hung even lower than his drooping cock, the size of large eggs, and hairless as well. Emily gazed as if hypnotized before a smack across her face brought her back into realization.

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Dustin was holding his cock, and smacked her again with it, both the boys laughing as Dustin dove on the bed, landing on his back, hands behind his head, cock lying on his stomach, dribbling precum. Not realizing what was happening, Emily fell backwards as her dress was pulled off of her.

The boys again laughed, Johnny standing over her, her dress in his hand. She could see his dick through the bottom of his boxers, which he then took off and dropped on her face.

She removed them to find the boys sitting next to each other on the bed, bare ass naked, and obviously waiting on her. She climbed between them, deciding which to choose first. Johnny's cock, unlike Dustin's, was much thinner, and already at a rock hard 7.5 inches.

Emily slid between Johnny's legs, grabbing his cock nervously she licked the head, sending a shiver through his body. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, the veins popping out against her hand, and began bobbing her head up and down, the sound of slurping and spitting filling the room. Dustin grabbed her hips, picking them up and bringing them towards himself. Emily tried to pull her head off, but Johnny held her on, actually pushing her down and gagging her a bit.

Dustin rested her on his lap, spread across both of them, her ass facing up.

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Dustin jammed two of his thick fingers into her pussy, burying them to the knuckle while she squirmed and moaned around Johnny's cock. He pulled out his fingers, and popped them in his mouth, sucking her juices off his fingers. Dustin flipped over on his back, lifting up Emily's hips and setting her back down on his face. He flicked his tongue at her clit, holding her squirming ass with his hands.

He buried his tongue in her folds, sucking her juices out of her. Johnny grabbed Emily's head and began pushing her head up and down on his cock. With a smirk he pushed her head all the way down on his cock, laughing as she panicked, gagging around his dick. As she tried to pull off he held her on, "You like that don't you slut," he laughed.

Dustin held onto her hips to keep her from moving, pressing her cunt into his face. Johnny finally let her up, coughing and spitting causing both the boys to laugh, tears welling in her eyes.

Dustin slid out from under her, his thick cock now standing straight out at 8.5 inches. He pulled her ass up in the air, and as he got on his knees behind her, he slapped his cock against her ass, making a loud popping sound. Johnny got on his knees as well, pulling her head up, rubbing his spit covered cock across her face. She pulled her head back, eyes snapped shut, only to be pulled back as he grabbed her hair, pushing it in his balls.

"Suck em bitch," he laughed as he tongue out stretched and lapped at his tight balls. Dustin looked at Johnny and gave him a wink, before looking down at his target, grabbing his cock by the base, he rubbed the head across her pussy lips before shoving his dick inside her with one thrust.

She screamed out as Dustin impaled her, almost collapsing. Johnny grabbed her head and thrust his cock down her throat, muffling her cries as she gagged on his dick. Dustin moaned as her tight cunt squeezed around his cock, slowly pulling his throbbing member out of her until only the head was in.


He thrust in again, pushing her forward. As she was pushed forward, Johnny's cock was shoved deeper into her throat, causing her mouth to bite on Johnny's cock. He winced, smacking her in the face. "Watch the teeth," he hissed. Dustin laughed picking up speed, the room echoing with the sound of his balls slapping against her as he grabbed her hips, pumping into her tight pussy. As Dustin began fucking, so did Johnny, and the two were fucking Emily senseless, Johnny holding onto her hair, and Dustin her hips.

As Dustin kept thrusting though, Emily couldn't keep her teeth back, and after about the fourth bite, Johnny pulled his cock out of her mouth, obviously pissed. "Get out of my house," he said, pointing to the door. "Dude she ain't going fucking nowhere till I'm finished," Dustin said, still pounding her pussy. "I'm not gonna have my dick bit off just so you can bust a nut," Johnny said still pointing at the door. "Then don't fuck her mouth," he said, flipping over without pulling out so he was now laying on his back she sitting on top.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, "Hop on," he laughed. Emily objected, trying viciously to pull off him, but Dustin held on laughing as he pushed her down on his cock even more. Seeing how much she objected, Johnny smiled and hopped around back, eyeing her tight pink hole that was clenched tight. He spit into her ass crack, his cock already wet with Emily's spit from her mouth. He rubbed his wet dick up and down her crack, her objections only making him harder.

Dustin pulled her head down and kissed her heavily on the mouth, his tongue stopping her speech. As he did, Johnny, knowing there was no easy way to do this, pressed his cock into her ass, holding her down as she struggled against the two of them. Johnny moaned as her ass clenched around his cock, feeling as if it would almost cut off blood flow as tight as she was. Tears flowed down Emily's cheeks as it felt like a hot iron was sliding into her butt.

Johnny slid until he was all the way in, gasping at how tight she was around him. Johnny slowly slid out, feeling it move against Dustin's cock through the thin membrane.

Dustin didn't seem to notice as he still was viciously kissing the teary eyed girl.


Slowly but rhythmically Johnny began pumping into her ass, his balls slapping against her ass. Dustin too began thrusting in and out now, leaving Emily moaning in pain and pleasure as these two cocks hammered into her.

Johnny grabbed her nipples as he began to fuck her harder and faster, rubbing her and squeezing her perky tits. He pushed her ass cheeks apart as he watched his cock hammer in and out. He groaned as he picked up speed, finally slamming all the way in and holding his cock there as he shot his load up her ass.

He groaned as his shot five, six, seven ropes of cum into her ass hole. Johnny rolled off laying on his back, panting, covered in sweat.

Dustin flipped her over, now laying her on her back, and began pounding into her. He leaned in sucking on a nipple as his cock kept plowing her cunt. He sucked, even nibbled a little, simultaneously fucking her as hard and fast as possible. He jack hammered into her grunting as he quickly pulled out and began jacking off his cock at light speed. He groaned loudly as his cock erupted.

His first rope landed in her hair, the second hitting her in the eye, the third and fourth on her face, fifth and sixth on her lips and the last the three on her nipples.

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He panted crawling over to bring his cock to her face. "Clean it off," he gasped, grabbing her by the back of her head and pushing it on his cock, laughing at the face she made when her tongue tasted the mixture of cum and pussy juice.

Johnny had already gotten up, and discreetly kicked her panties under the bed, saving a little souvenir. "Alright you gotta go, my dad will be home soon," he lied, arms folded as she got off the bed. She looked for her panties. but couldn't find them, but do to the boys hurrying her out was forced to just throw on her short dress as she was pushed to the front door. She slipped her shoes on and was out the door, the boys watching, still naked but not caring. They watched as the girl, with obvious sex hair, stepped down the side walk, and as an obvious drop of cum fell from under her dress onto the side walk.

They both busted out laughing as the cum dripping whore walked home red faced, the two high fiving before shutting the door.