British Redhead with Tattoos so Slutty PAWG

British Redhead with Tattoos so Slutty PAWG
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My story starts off like this… My ex leaves me with my infant daughter Raven… My beautiful Raven is now 18 years old with long jet-black hair and is a tad on the bigger side. Not obese by any means but still she is carrying quite a bit of weight.

One this she does that proves that she has me wrapped around her little finger is what she looks at me and says "please daddy" it gets me every time. I treat my daughter as an equal not as my daughter. Perhaps that's why I think our relationship changed from that as parent/offspring into something more. Let's say immoral. Because for the majority of Raven's life it has just been the two of us and since we live out in the country she has lived a very sheltered life and has been hone schooled her whole life.

As far as I know she is still a virgin cuz to my knowledge she hasnt shown an interest in boys, with it being just the 2 of use we tend to take care of eachother she takes care of the house work and I work and pay the bills. I was sitting in my office jerking off to some porn vids that I downloaded, on the computer there was a fat porn star with huge tits masturbating, I was stroking my dick furiously and I came into some paper tissues that I kept in the office for just that reason.

As I was pulling up my pants i glance towards the door and see my dear daughter raven standing in the door and when we made eye contact she blushed deeply and ran to her room. I ran after her and asker her to open the door which she did and then sheepishly went to sit on her bed facing away from me.

I reassured her that I wasnt mad and that if she had any question I would answer them. She turned around to face me. She asked me why I was looking at fat girls and I said "well I like big girls, I like them alot more than skinny girls". She asked why dont I go out and find a big girl, I told her that after her mother left us I havent been able to trust another woman with my heart and that i have a certain type that I go for that is hard to find "What type of women do go for?

" I tell her that have certain "things" that I like, which was a bad thing to say cuz it only fueled her curiosity further. "What kind of things?" "I don't think I should be telling you this" as I was saying that I was hoping I didn't hear her say it. "please daddy"… fuck… " are you sure you want to have this convo?".

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She perked up and said enthusiasticly "yes" "OK. I like bigger sized girls with big tits who will let me do whatever I what to them.

I want them to become my sex slave. But because woman's rights is all the rage right now that's hard as hell to find". She looks like she is deep in thought but it was way past her bed time so I give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her to go to bed The next morning I wake up to the scent of bacon. I love bacon. I open my eyes and see Raven there with a tray with a plate of food on it.

Breakfast in bed. I ask her what's the occasion… she says "I want to talk to you about something but I know you're cranky until you have breakfast so eat up". "we can talk while I eat if that's OK with you". "ok. I stayed up half the night thinking about this and I want you to hear me out will you do that?

Will you let me say all of what I need to say before you say anything?" "sure I will it will give me time to eat." "OK here it goes… I want to be you're sex slave. I fit all the criteria… I'm a bigger girl. I have big tits, or so the stares that i get when i go shopping… daddy you are the only male that looks me in the eyes when i talk to them, and I will let you do whatever you want to me, so what do you say?" I almost choked on my scrambled eggs and I almost yell at her for even thinking that it's a good idea but then I remember that her coming in here and talking to me especially about that couldn't have been easy for her.

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So I regain my composure and ask "are you aware of what you're asking I can get into ALOT of trouble if people find out." "I won't say a word I promise… I really want this" "why" "because you have taken care of me my whole life.

I want to return the favor by making it to where you never have to go out to find a woman who may or may not be into the same things as you. If you train me to be your slave I will love whatever it is that you're into because it's all I'll know".

Her logic was sound and I do need some release so what do I do? Do I say no and dissapoint my beautiful daughter or do I give in and let her be mine in more than the familial sense?

"please daddy." Well there you have it. I never could resist that. "I'll tell you what. You sleep on it and you think hard. Real hard. If this is what you really, truly want. Then we can give it a shot, but I have to warn you that if we start this it doesn't stop you will be my slave until I deem necessary for it to end.

Understood"? "yes daddy" For the rest of the day we carried on as normal. We talked about this and that we watched tv, played board games, ate pizza. It was nice I really liked it and as the day went on I was having an internal struggle. Do I want what she's offering? Fucked up thing is that I think I do. I woke up early the next morning wondering if she would come in and what would happen. I laid in bed for a full hour until I heard her leave her room and go to the bathroom to do her morning ritual, which consisted of using the toilet, brushing her teeth, and hair.

Shortly after she opened my bedroom door slowly and peeked in. Once she saw that I was awake she ran and jumped in to bed with me which isn't out of the norm for her. She kissed me on the cheek and said "good morning daddy" "good morning my beautiful Raven how did you sleep"?

"not good daddy I was up most of the night thinking about if this is what I want like you told me to". "oh. Did you come to a decision "? (here it comes. Moment of truth!) "yes daddy I did. And I want to make you happy and I promise that no one will ever find out". "OK but one thing that must be made clear. You are here for my pleasure, I'm not here for yours. If you cum while you are pleasing me then OK but don't expect me to go out of my way to please you.


Understood"? "yes daddy I understand I will make myself cum on my own time if I don't while we play". "OK then. Repeat after me, I, Raven Leeanne Turnquist will submit to you for ALL of his sexual pleasures and I am yours to use and abuse as you see fit"… she repeated the words flawlessly "OK first order of business is to learn how to suck my dick" I ran over some basic instructions and she eagerly listened.

I told her to take off her clothes and then mine. After she took her clothes off she had her arms covering her tits and and pussy.

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"drop your arms or else you will be punished". She slowly lowers her arms and I look at her body and while I knew her tits were big I didn't know they were huge. They had to have been at least an f cup. I tell her to take my pants off and as she does that she gets her first look at my dick which is already rock hard.

I'm only average sized but the look on her face is like she's looking at Mount Everest. She takes it in her hand and plays with it for a bit before she lowers her head and licks the tip which causes my dick to jump involuntarily.

She giggles before slowly taking my entire shaft into her mouth. It felt fantastic and I'm loving every minute of it I grab her by her head and start fucking her face. Slowly at first but then I start to speed up. Once I start that her teeth graze my shaft so I grab her by her hair and forcefully pull her off my dick and slap her in the face… not hard but hard enough.

Tears start streaming down her face and I shove my dick back in her mouth. After about ten minutes I can feel my cum start to boil in my balls and I tell her that I'm about to cum, I let go of her face to see what she would do. She kept on sucking with vigor and when I came she swallowed it all with no gagging. Once she has gotten every last drop she looked up at me, skilled, and asked how she did.

"You did very well… you will make me a fine slave" "OK daddy needs to pee". I get up to leave and walk to the door, I look back and she is still on the bed. "get your ass up and follow me". She rushed to the door not wanting to get slapped again. When we get to the bathroom she expected me to go to the toilet and was confused when I stepped in the bathtub. I tell her to get in which she does but doesn't know why yet. " get on your knees and look up at me and open your mouth.

Her eyes get as big as saucers. "Are you going to pee on me"!? "yes now on your knees". She lowers down frightened but I didn't care. She wanted to be my sex slave so she's going to get it.

I am my dick at her face and smile she sees this smile so she does too.

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Just then a stream of piss hits her in the face I move the stream to her mouth and she gets a big mouthful which she spits out.

"Swallow it"! She looks up at me and nods and again opens her mouth and I refill her mouth and she swallows my piss once she does that I aim my stream at her giant tits and spray those she starts massaging the piss into her tits which causes me to get hard. Once I stop pissing she takes my dick in her mouth and sucks it for dear life. After about two minutes of sucking my dick I grab her by her hair and turn her around bend her over.

She reminds me that she isn't on the pill. I slap her ass hard and she jumps. I tell her "I know. I'm not stupid. That's why I'm going to fuck your ass".

She looks mortified. I line my dick up to her ass hole and push until the head pops in.


She cries out in pain… I push alittle more in and tears are streaming down her cheeks brushes not moving. I push more until my dick is completely encased in her tight asshole.

I start to move slowly back and forth. A few minutes and her cries and turning into moans and she starts thrusting back against me. I reach around her body and grab both of her tits hard and she hisses. "Fuck my ass daddy, fuck it hard". I slap her ass "I give the orders slut".

I increase the speed of my thrusting and then I hear her "I CUMMING DADDY, CUM INSIDE ME DADDY PLEEEEEASE"! That sent me over the edge and I cum deep inside my daughters ass. When I pull my dick out she drops to her knees and starts sucking my dick again. My daughter just went ass to mouth! Don't get me wrong I was gonna make her do it but the fact that she beat me to it made me proud as hell.

After that I turn on the shower so we can clean the urine off and I tell her to go get dressed and meet me in the living room. I go get dressed and grab a soda from the fridge and sit in my recliner. She comes down and I instructed her to sit on the floor by my feet.

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She does so and I say to her "Raven,we need to talk". "OK". "how do you feel about what took place just now. Any second thoughts"?

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"No daddy I loved it all. It hurt when you slapped me but I got really horny and when you fucked me in my ass it hurt like hell but I still loved it. Especially when I got used to it. I can't wait till you fuck me in my pussy". "So you want to continue"? "if that's what you want master". With that I undo my pants and drop them to the floor and sit back down. I tell her that she is to get me off using only her hands, mouth, and tits. She takes off her top and grabs my hard dick and starts stroking it.

I look into her eyes and she looks into mine and she opens her mouth and starts to suck my dick like there's no tomorrow… she slobbers all over and takes it all in her mouth everytime. Then after a few minutes she grabs her tits and wraps them around my dick and starts bouncing them up and down slowly at first but then picking up speed and in less than 10 minutes she is greeted with a large blast of cum that hits her on the chin and the drops back down onto her tits.

I scoop some up with my fingers and feed my load to her which she gladly sucks off.

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I think I'm going to love our new arrangement