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Asian bigtits schoolgirl get finger and riding cock
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Harry was now tired of beating around the bush. He was sitting with Ron at Grimmauld Place. Both of them were completely drunk. Harry feared that at least one or both of them were going to pass out soon. If that happened, Harry would never get a chance again. He had to act quickly… Ron had come to London to stay for some days with Harry.

Hermione was away with her parents. They were 22 years old now and all three of them were working at the ministry. Harry had decided to shift base to his godfather's house when he had got his job.

After having killed the darkest wizard of all times, Harry had decided that he did not want to be an auror after all. He was now working in the department of magical co operation. But now he was in Grimmauld Place with Ron and both of them were utterly drunk. They were both sitting on the sofa. Ron was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. Harry was just as drunk. But he was still aware of the things around him. He had a job to do and he had decided that he was not going to pass out before he had got it done.

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It all started after Ginny broke up with him. He had no idea that they were going to get together in the future.

Harry had started having sex with her when he had completed his last year at Hogwarts. But after the break up, harry was having a hard time satisfying himself.

Jerking off on his own was just not like having sex with some one else. Then there was that night when he had had that strange dream. It was a wet dream and he was having sex with Ron.

He first kissed Ron after which he got a blow job from him. Then they just cuddled together when Harry was awakened suddenly by his alarm clock. Since then, Harry started to jerk off while thinking about Ron. He realized how Ron had become more than a friend for him. He confessed to himself that he would not mind sleeping with Ron.


He had this burning desire to feel his best friend's hot manhood and take it in his mouth. But he could not figure out how he was going to get Ron in bed with him. Then a few days later he had had a chance to speak with Neville who was a changed man now.

He had told Harry how he had fucked a certain girl's brains out after getting her high on some drugs that are common among muggles.

Harry had realized instantly that he had got the solution to his problem. After inviting Ron to stay with him in London, he had shown him some strong muggle wines that he had recently got.

Ron who was only used to firewhiskey was interested and agreed to drink. He never suspected Harry's true intention and now they were sitting together in Harry's bedroom in Grimmauld place.

"Have you been really enjoying it then?" Harry asked looking up at Ron. "Yeah mate!" said Ron sleepily, "I really love it!" His head was resting on his shoulders and Harry knew that this was the best time to try and seduce him. Harry's glass was empty now. He got up to keep it on the table and fell heavily on the couch next to him.

Slowly, he let his head fall on Ron's shoulders. To his surprise, Ron too rested his head very softly on Harry's. "Are you high?" asked Harry. "Sure as hell I am!" Ron replied. "How high exactly?" "I don't know", Ron said uncertainly, "That was really strong stuff. It's quite unlike firewhiskey.

But I love the way it makes me feel light!" "We should try it again sometime. What do you say?" asked Harry. And here he wrapped his hands around Ron's left arm while still resting his head on his shoulders. "I am feeling really sleepy now," said Ron, "May be I should sleep.

George had once told me that these muggle wines give you a really hard time the next day if you drink them. Hang ups or something he called them. They sounded really bad. I don't want to end up with one of those!" "Hey!" exclaimed Harry, "Don't do that! I am not as high as you yet!

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I'll be bored if you go to bed just now." "But I can't even keep my head straight! You should also sleep Harry" said Ron sleepily. "What should I do then?" Harry asked as coolly as possible but his insides were jumping with anticipation as he waited for the answer that he wanted to hear. "Come on, we will sleep together" said Ron and Harry almost jumped with excitement. This is what he had been waiting for all evening and he had succeeded at last.

He pretended to be shocked for a while but not for long. He did not want to lose this one chance that he had got after so many efforts. Harry got up from the couch and told Ron to come to the bedroom. But Ron was so high that he only made a few grunting noises and continued staring in the distance with narrowed eyes and a comatose expression. Harry knew that he was going to have to help Ron till the bed. He pulled Ron of the sofa suddenly and held his hand over his shoulder to prevent him from slumping down to the floor.

At last, after a lot of efforts, Ron was on his bed and Harry stood next to him staring down at his red-haired friend with an expression of longing.

"Don't you want to change before sleeping?" Harry asked Ron.

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"Yeah…" said Ron uncertainly. "Then change before you pass out" said Harry. Ron did not reply immediately. He took his hand to his crotch and scratched his dick till he was satisfied. Harry watched hungrily as Ron's dick started swelling under his track pants in response to his own touch.

The elastic fabric offered a lot of room for it to expand and Harry could only stare silently as his best friend's huge and juicy manhood started forming a big and tall tent in front of him.

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In an instant Harry knew that Ron's dick was definitely larger than his own. His mouth watered as he imagined wrapping his lips around that stiff and erect piece of meat.

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His hands started itching in anticipation as he imagined himself holding it. His eyes closed out of ecstasy as he pictured himself burying his face in that sweltering hot crotch and licked those gigantic balls clean and sucked that monstrous cock to his satisfaction.

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He could almost feel the heat coming out of that dick to where he was standing. Before Ron could say anything, Harry offered to change Ron's clothes for him to which Ron consented. Harry sat on the bed next to Ron. He first removed Ron's shoes and socks and let his hands rest a minute too long on those fair and long feet.

Then he removed Ron's jacket with great difficulty. He was wearing a white shirt under it. As Harry slid that shirt off his friend's slim and fair body, he let his hands brush against that smooth skin and was pleased to see small goose bumps erupt all over it.


He slipped his fingers in the elastic of Ron's track pants. He let one of his hands rest light on Ron's now semi erect cock and could almost feel his own balls explode. But Ron made an indistinct noise and Harry yanked his hand back and looked fearfully at Ron's face. But he was pleased to see that Ron was actually breathing evenly and snoring lightly. Harry almost jumped up in excitement.

Now that Ron had actually passed out, he was free to do anything. Ron was not going to wake up soon and even if he did, he was not going to remember a single thing in the morning.

Harry had made sure that Ron was sufficiently high. Slowly, Harry slid Ron's pants off. He saw red and white boxers beneath them. Harry had guessed right. Just like Ron's cock, his balls were huge and inviting.

His boxers clung to his body tightly and lustily so that the outline of Ron's dick and his balls was perfectly clear. His stomach was flat and a perfect 'V' pointed the way from his waist to his penis like an arrow. To top it all, his smooth and creamy skin which seemed to glow even in that dim light was the icing on that erotic cake. Harry's heart was beating so fast now that his whole body was trembling in rhythm with it. He wanted to take in as much of Ron as he could. So, for a few minutes he just stood there looking at the sexiest half naked man on the earth for a while.

Once again, making sure that Ron was really asleep, he ogled at him from top to bottom before deciding to go on to the next step. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he let the palm of his right hand rest very lightly on Ron's penis. The moment he touched it, he could feel its heat even through the boxers.

Something about touching it when it was still soft drove Harry up the wall. He rubbed it very lightly and tried to grasp it with only the tips of his fingers.

When Harry let his hand rest on the complete pulsating package, he realized that Ron's crotch including balls and all was bigger than even his hand which only made him feel more erotic. But Ron's dick seemed to guess that some one was interested in it. Under Harry's soft grip, it began swelling once again. Harry maintained his hold till it was completely erect. He moved his hand light over the shaft tracing it below the fabric. Taking a last look at Ron, he bent over and kissed his dick very lightly.

Straightening himself again, he slid his fingers in the waist band of Ron's boxers and taking a deep breath, he pulled them in one swift motion till the ankles. He yanked them off completely, threw them on the floor and only then turned to look at Ron&hellip. (please let me know if you want me to continue.

there is a lot more.)

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