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Six-Mile High Club chapter 1 Michael looked in the bathroom mirror. He had just turned thirty-two in January, but due to a hectic work schedule of sixty plus hours a week, he felt twice as old. Although it was Saturday, he felt compelled to go into work, at least for two or three hours as he knew that his best friend, college buddy and partner, Jim Hutchinson would be there, as he was every day.

Washing his face, Michael felt his chin. He hadn't shaved in two days but, he detected only a hint of stubble and the fact that it was the weekend; he would forgo the drudgery of shaving. Squinting in the mirror his slightly slanted, bloodshot Irish-Japanese eyes looked like two burnt holes in a blanket. He laughed at the phrase, "two burnt holes in a blanket", which was one of his mother's favorite sayings.

Michael was, like his father, born in Los Angeles. His grandfather came to the states from Japan, when he was eighteen before the Second World War, and later fought the Nazis in Europe, with an all Japanese Platoon. Michael sat on the side of his bed, slipping on a pair of jeans, some white socks and Nike running shoes, happy that his Mother was in Japan with his Father and couldn't chastise him about sitting on the bed.

She would have said, "Michael, don't sit on the bed that way, you'll break it." He had never heard from any other source; that sitting on a bed would cause it harm. While tying his shoes, he wondered if people seeing them actually thought that he ran. Running was as abhorrent to him as much as eating raw fish, maybe more so. He grabbed a t-shirt, which had been given to him by a girl named Lisa, who he dated for a couple of years.

On the front of it was printed, "Pain in the Ass Club President." She had told him many times, "Michael you are a big pain in the ass." To which he replied, "I guess I must be doing it wrong." "No you do exactly it right.

That's one of the reasons that I'm so crazy about you." Michael stood in front of the open door of the refrigerator and looked for something. He wasn't sure what he wanted, but as his stomach was growling he knew that he needed something. Grabbing a gallon container of premium orange juice from its place in the door, he shook it then unscrewed the cap. Placing it to his mouth, he tipped it back and took a long drink, first looking around to make sure nobody would see him.

He could hear his mother chastising him for not using a glass also. Taking his High School letterman's jacket from the hall closet, he went out the door into his garage, making sure it was locked behind him. He pushed the automatic garage door opener and a cold brisk February breeze slapped him in the face, like a virgin who had just been groped.

Now he was happy that he didn't shave. Throwing a leg over his 1989 Kawasaki 1000, he sat on the seat and removed his helmet from the handlebars. After placing his fur-lined gloves on his hands, he inserted the key and pushed the start button.

Even though the bike had well over four hundred thousand miles on it and it was sixteen years old, it hummed like a church lady, who had forgotten the words to a hymn. Michael pulled out of his garage activating the garage door again, then down the street and onto Wilshire Blvd, heading west toward the 405 freeway. Anybody might think that on Saturday morning, the freeway would be clear, however as the 405 was one of the main routes to LAX, it was bogged down as usual.

Michael split traffic all the way to Century and took the off ramp with most of the other vehicles. However when they went west toward the airport, he turned left and completed the three miles, past the strip clubs that featured "live nude girls".

He wondered if the sign didn't read "live"; would the guys going there expect "dead nude girls?" As Michael walked in the door to the office, Hutch's voice rang out, "Mike is that you?

I'm sure glad you're here buddy. We've got a problem." "What?" asked Michael as he sauntered into the office. "It's Murdock again." He's pissed because he hasn't received his shipment." "I sent it Thursday, by FEDEX. He should have it by now." Michael picked up the phone and hit the speed dial for Murdock & Company. The phone made what sounded like a dozen bleeping sounds; then began to ring. "Hello, This is Michael Yashamura, is Mr.

Murdock there? Yes I'll wait." Hutch sat there with a worried look, staring at Michael. "Relax Hutch, you look like somebody ran over your dog. No I wasn't talking to you Mr. Murdock. Oh you did, Great? That's what I was calling about. Ok … fine, we'll talk to you later in the week then.

Goodbye. Have a great weekend." "He got it? Good; now I can relax. I'll tell you I was so worried. When Murdock called about twenty minutes ago, he was pissed. I thought we were going to loose him." "We won't loose him, unless one of our competitors is willing to lower their prices forty percent. You really have to stop getting so upset. It's not good for you." "Mike you don't have a wife and kids and a mortgage like I do.

Wait until you are married and have kids. You won't think it will be as funny then." "No I don't have a wife and kids and I don't think I ever will, but I do have a nineteen hundred dollar a month lease and I go out at least three times a week. What I spend on dating would put one of your kids through UCLA. You know, I don't remember thinking that it was going to be this difficult to run our own business, do you?" "No I don't." "Well maybe we should both stop worrying.

The company gained twenty percent in the last quarter, and I think we are going to have to hire another person. There is just too much work for the six of us." "As always, you're right." Hutch mumbled, "I've been here since seven, so I guess I'll go home.

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Jamie has a little league game at one. Don't stay too long Mike. You deserve some time off too. Hey do you want to come to the game? You haven't seen the family in a long time, and we are going to have a bar-b-queue after." "No thanks, I have several letters to write and I've got a diner date tonight. Speaking of time off. Do you think you can hold this whole thing together for a few weeks? My parents have been bugging me to go to Osaka, for a visit. I haven't seen them in almost three years." "If we can hire that person you were talking about, I think it would be OK.

I know it will do you a lot of good, but didn't you tell me that you didn't like to fly." "Yah, but unfortunately it's the only way to get there, so I guess I'll have too." "OK", said Hutch, "I'll guess I'll see you Monday then. I'm outta' here. If my wife calls tell her I left a half hour a go. See ya'." Michael just nodded his head as Hutch left the office. He could think of several dozen places he would rather be at the time, but work was first.

As he caught up on his correspondence, Michael thought about having a wife and kids. Not possible he thought; as five years ago, when the business was in its infancy, he made a decision that would affect the rest of his life.

He secretly had a vasectomy. It wasn't just because of the business; it was more. Michael didn't like what children did to a marriage, or a relationship. It's tough enough to keep two people together, without the battle between parents and kids.

He was witness, almost on a daily basis to the situation between Hutch, his wife and his two children. If for some unknown reason he had to have kids someday, he could always adopt.

Although, he was born in the United States to a second generation Japanese father and a first generation Irish mother, he still felt a strong connection to his heritage and his grandfather's homeland of Japan. Michael's Dad was not religious, but his Mom was Irish Catholic, so when it came to religion, his Mother believed it would beneficial for him to be raised Catholic.

When he was in his early teens, his Mom even broached the subject of him going into the priesthood. Michael considered it for a few seconds, but as he had no sexual desires toward boys, he told her no. In 1985 Michael's Uncle sold his construction company and moved back to Japan.

He was married there and had two daughters. Mike's Dad finely sold his restaurant business three years ago and moved to Osaka, where Mike's Uncle had a new construction business. Michael's parents had written and called several times, asking him to visit them.

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Especially since his Aunt, Uncle and two cousins had come to California for a visit in 2004. His Dad even told him he would send him first class tickets on Japan Air Lines, if he would spend a few weeks with them. As he had many relatives in Japan, he decided it would be a good time to make the trip. He felt that some time away from the business might clear his mind, and help him forget about his breakup with Lisa. Well the time finally arrived; they had hired a girl part time to help out.

Hutch; would take over the business, for a few weeks so Mike could go. Mike's ex-girlfriend, Lisa was out of the picture, as over the past two years, she had continually bugged him about getting married. It wasn't that he didn't care for her, It was just that she always had to have the last word, and had to be in control no matter what he wanted.

It seemed like they argued most of the time, so with some regret he ended the two-year relationship. It wasn't a difficult breakup, when he told her that he was unable to have children. The only thing he missed was the sex. Lisa was a very sexy female, and he was reasonably sure she would do OK; at least he hoped she would. It was March 16 and Michael's plane was scheduled to take off from LAX at 1:55 pm. With luck it would arrive in Osaka at ten minutes to six in the evening, of the following day.

That seems like a flight of twenty-eight hours, but it is really a lot less. Something about the international dateline and traveling west against the turn of the earth.

Still it's a long time to be in the air, especially for someone who doesn't necessarily like to fly. He had flown before; once to San Francisco on business, and he and Lisa had taken three short trips to Las Vegas, however those flights were only about forty-five minutes long.

Mike arrived at the airport via Airport Express Shuttle Service, around ten in the morning. He wanted to be early due to the time it would take to be cleared through TSA.

Lisa said TAS was short for Tough Shit Airlines, but it actually stood for Transportation Security Administration. As he was traveling first class, JAL checked him through quickly, and directed him to the First Class Lounge.

The lounge was great, as they served a continental breakfast, of fruit, coffee and sweet rolls. They had DVD movies on small seat mounted televisions; music on CD's, and a small library of books and magazines.

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However even with all of the things to do, Michael couldn't get the long flight to Japan off his mind, and was to say at the very least, apprehensive. Grandfather; thought Michael, where are your chromosomes when I need them. You flew all over Europe for three years with the Army. Michael was almost embarrassed about his fear of flying.

After all what could happen? He knew what could happen and he didn't want to think about it. The passengers began boarding the plane about a half hour, prior to take off. The airplane was a 747 and the first class cabin was in the upper deck. The seats were large and would adjust to several positions, including a horizontal position for sleeping. One of the flight attendants brought him a glass of champagne. She must have seen that he was a little nervous, as she didn't bring any to anyone else.

Michael became very nervous and his palms were sweaty when the airplane began to taxi out onto the tarmac. The plane sat at the beginning of the runway for several minutes while the pilot and flight crew preformed the run up. Michael finished his drink, as the flight attendants went through their ritual, explaining what to do in the rare case of a water landing. Water landing my ass; Michael thought, they meant a crash into the ocean.

I should have traveled by ship, but it would have taken three weeks each way. Although Michael wasn't ready, the 747 began rolling down the runway, slowly at first then gaining speed.

It felt like he was a passenger on a giant bus bouncing down some highway; headed for disaster. Grabbing hold of the armrests Michael took a deep breath and held it as the pilot rotated the yoke, and the plane lifted into the air. He heard a clunking sound as the landing gear folded up and stowed in the area under the airplane. It was loud and sounded like something had broken, but the airplane continued moving up and away from the earth through some patchy clouds over Manhattan beach.

After an altitude gain of about three thousand feet, the mammoth plane banked north and headed up the California coast. After a few minutes he gathered all of his strength, looked out of the window and saw what he believed was Ventura. The airplane then banked, only this time to the left, and headed out over the Pacific Ocean; too late now Michael thought, they were committed.

A few minutes later a gorgeous little Japanese flight attendant with a JAL name tag that displayed, "My name is Miyoko" came around and asked if there was anything he wanted. Michael said, with a nervous smile, "Maybe a parachute?" She covered her mouth and giggled.

He was momentarily lost in her beauty and charm, and wanted her right then. He knew having her was just a daydream; but a very nice daydream. He knew all guys would like to bed a flight attendant, but the odds were against it. She brought more champagne, a small snack of cheese and crackers, and handed Michael a dinner menu.

She then asked, if there was anything special he required. Smiling, he thought about how wonderful it would be to have sex with her, however shook his head, sipping the champagne.

He thought, a few more glasses of this stuff and he wouldn't care if the plane flew the whole trip upside down. Michael was getting a nice buzz. From the menu provided, he picked a 9oz. filet, baked potato, roast asparagus and coffee. Dinner was brought to him around five o'clock, Los Angeles time. He thought that if he didn't change his watch from California time, he wouldn't get jet lag. He was wrong of course. Jet lag occurs on people traveling west as the airplane is continuing longer in sunlight, or in darkness.

The food was great; hats off to JAL. The coffee was good enough to drink without cream and sugar and equal to Starbuck's standards. After dinner the gorgeous little flight attendant, ask him if he wanted desert. Joking Michael told her he wanted all three deserts on the menu.

Cream Brule, strawberry ice cream and chocolate mousse.

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Her hand quickly covered her mouth again, and she emitting a cute little giggle that drove him wild. There was a term that Michael was feeling. It had been discuss in Physiology class at UCLA. The professor called it "Instant unrequited love". Michael knew it would be gone when he was not around her anymore.

Although he had been kidding about the deserts, she returned ten minutes later, with all three on a small plastic tray. Instead of explaining the joke, Michael ate them all.

The seats in first class were wonderful and had a six by eight inch television screen built in. He had a choice of five different movies, six television programs, without commercials, and several music stations.

The instructions, detailed how the seat would provide a heated massage also. Michael knew right then that he really needed one of the seats for his apartment.

Man what a trip; first class all the way, he thought. Thanks Mom and Dad. About two hours later, Miyoko who seemed to be his personal flight attendant, returned with a blanket and a pillow.

He asked if her name was pronounced Mi-yo-ko as it was written or Me-yo-ko. "Meyoko." she said. "What does it mean?" "Beautiful child." She whispered as she lowered her head and covered her mouth with her hand. "Your parents really knew what they were doing when they named you." "Thank you Michael." At first he was a little surprised that she knew his name. Of course she had to; this was first class. All of the flight attendants knew the names of their passengers.

But somehow just for a second, he felt special. She showed him how to adjust the seat to a horizontal position then covered him with a blanket. As she was tucking him in, she knelt down and reached under the blanket. Her hand went to his penis and began to massage it through the nylon jogging pants he was wearing.

She looked him in the eyes, smiled and then whispered, "When you are ready Michael, go down the hall to the number one first class bathroom.

I will follow. When I knock, turn off the lights." "When?" he asked. "When you are ready." She smiled then moved her hand inside of his underpants taking hold of his penis squeezing it and stroking it lovingly.

Although the sun had not quite set, Michael's watch displayed ten o'clock Los Angeles time, and he noticed most of the passengers in first class were asleep. Michael looked around however didn't see Miyoko.

As he had to pee, probably from all of the champagne and coffee, he got up and walked down the short hallway to the restroom. Inside he found that the restrooms were fairly large compared to coach. After urinating, and washing his hands, he heard a quiet tap at the door.

Shutting off the lights, Michael opened it. Miyoko slid through the door quickly and closed it again, locking it behind her. Putting her arms around his neck, she kissed him and said that she didn't have much time. She placed a towel on the utility table then lifted her uniform dress above her waist displaying a cute pair of white lace panties. She then whispered for him to help her on to the table. With her legs spread wide, she pulled him between them.

She quickly pulled his jogging pants and underwear down; revealing that Michael's cock was hard and ready. She took hold of it with her left hand, covering her mouth with the other and giggled. Moving his cock against her panty covered pussy she moaned lightly.

She told him to pull her panties to the side and push his cock into her pussy. As they fucked, it was like he had been fucking her for years. She placed her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist, then whispered in his ear, "I wanted you as soon as I saw you board the airplane.

I'm on the pill Michael, so you can fuck me hard and squirt your cum deep in my pussy." After several minutes her tight pussy squeezed so hard that he was about to cum, and he told her. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his right earlobe. Miyoko had bit his ear to keep him from cuming. She then slid her tongue in his ear, and told him to fuck her harder. After fifteen more minutes of very hard steady fucking, Miyoko whispered that she was going to cum, and Michael doubled his speed.

She held him close and he felt her stomach tighten, and then heard her pussy make a popping sound. Just as she closed her eyes and relaxed, he came inside of her. There was so much cum, that her stomach tightened again and her pussy fired off another noisy climax, covering his cock and crotch with her thick juice.


She didn't let go of him, as Lisa would have, and held him tight not letting him pull out of her. As she held him, she began to lightly kiss the side of his neck.

Asking him to get her a wet washcloth, she used it to clean her pretty hairless pussy and then his penis. When Michael helped her down she told him to sit on top of the toilet seat.

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She knelt down between his legs and bent her head to his lap. Taking his penis in her mouth, she began sucking it. This was one of the most wonderful experiences he had ever had, maybe because it was with a beautiful stranger 31,000 feet in the air.

She continued to suck him until he was hard again. Within ten minutes Michael was cuming in her mouth. She swallowed his cum, then looked up at him and smiled. "If you would like to be with me again, have a two night layover in Osaka." "I would love to be with you again Miyoko." She then told him that she had to return to the flight attendants station, so her co-worker could take special care of an older gentleman.

She handed him a card from the Osaka Hilton Hotel.

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Her full name and phone number was written on the back. She said, "Thank You Michael, this was very nice. Please call me … Please." Miyoko then turned out the lights, and slipped out into the hallway. Michael waited for several minutes; then returned to his seat satisfied. He fell asleep easily. Although it was still dark outside, he woke up sometime later.

His watch displayed eight in the morning. No wonder it took some people days to recover from jet lag. Miyoko came by his seat leaned down and kissed him quickly, then asked how he slept. Michael told her he slept like a baby and enjoyed becoming a member of the Mile-High Club.

She smiled and whispered in his ear, "Six-Mile High Club, Michael." She was right. 31,000 feet, divided by 5,280 feet is just a little under six miles. Even though he had slept a long time, there was still ten hours to go before the plane would land. A new breakfast menu was provided. Michael knew that lunch would be served prior to landing, so he had a small pot of coffee, a warm sweet roll, two glasses of orange juice and three glasses of champagne.

Miyoko came by at fifteen to twenty minute intervals. When he ask her about the other passengers in first class, she told him smiling, that he was her special passenger. The three other first class flight attendants would take care of the rest of the passengers, and that he should not be concerned. He got up and went into the bathroom again, half hoping that Miyoko would join him. No such luck, so he peed and returned to his seat. Miyoko made her rounds about fifteen minutes later and whispered, "I saw you go into the restroom, and I wanted to join you, but there are too many passengers awake.

If everything works out we will be together at the hotel tonight." She smiled again; then went about her business. Michael checked out a news station and found that no airplanes had gone down in the last twelve hours. That was a great relief because he was on one of them. About forty minutes later, she came by again and stood to the right of his chair. She leaned down and whispered, "Michael, put your hand up under my skirt and feel me. With me behind your chair, the other passengers can't see you." She stood with her legs apart, so he had easy access to her crotch.

Quickly he slid his hand up and felt her damp panties. Sliding a finger under the edge, it found its way into her vagina. It only took about fifteen quick strokes of his finger and Miyoko began to dribble her juices.

As he removed his hand she gave him a hot towel, to clean it. After using the towel, he put it up to his face and inhaled the pungent aroma of her sweet pussy. She took the towel back and said, "I have to go to the restroom Michael. I'll see you before lunch.

Thank you again, so much." Relaxing, he began to read a technical book, which he had brought. It was dull, so he put on his earphones, and placed a jazz CD in the player. The Artist's sax, and the fact it was still dark outside sent him off into a nice dreamy state. When he awoke, he realized that he had taken a three-hour nap. The time in the air was beginning to get on his nerves, but as there was nothing he could do about it, he looked for a movie on the DVD stations.

If Miyoko hadn't been on the flight, it would have been much longer, and much less enjoyable he thought. Finding an old movie called "Splash" staring Tom Hanks, and Darryl Hannah as a beautiful mermaid, Michael sat back and enjoyed watching it again. When the movie was over, Miyoko came up to his seat and presented him with a new lunch menu. It was just getting light outside.

"What would you recommend, pretty lady?" Her hand went to her mouth; followed by a giggle. "Me!" she whispered. "I would like you to eat me, Michael." "That would be wonderful. I'll have a double order please." Knowing that she was not on the menu he picked, a bacon, lettuce and avocado sandwich, chips and a coke.

Miyoko said she would make it especially for him. He wondered if she would rub the avocado on her pussy. No, of course not. Sometimes he knew he had some weird ideas, however he wondered if the taste of the avocado would change much with pussy juice on it.

Lunch was good but he wanted something more; but she wasn't available. Michael wondered if he could slide his tongue all the way in to her vagina. She was so tight; probably not. The pilot came on the intercom and announced that the plane would be landing in five hours and thirty-two minutes.

Michael thought about his Dad and the fact that he was going to meet him at the airport, but he wanted to go to the hotel with Miyoko, so when she returned he ask her how he could get in touch with his Dad and save him the trip.

She lifted a compartment lid on the seat, and removed a telephone. She said, "Dial a number 1, followed by the area code, then the number." Michael went into his wallet and removed a paper with his parents phone number. He followed Miyoko's directions, and heard it ringing. The voice of his father said, "Hello." "Dad, it's me .


Michael." "Son? Where are you?" "Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, about five hours out. The reason I called is to tell you not to meet me at the airport. I have business in Osaka for a couple of days, then I will get a ride out to your place." "What kind of business Michael? Monkey business? Did you meet a girl on the airplane?" He chuckled. "OK son, I was young once too. Call me when your "BUSINESS" is done and I will pick you up." "Thanks for understanding Dad.

You are number one." "No, number two, obviously. OK have your fun, and then call me. Love you son. Goodbye." Miyoko stood there with an inquisitive look on her face. "What did your father say?" "He said that I'm yours for three days and two nights." "I think that I would like your father!" She turned and walked back to the flight attendants station.

Watching her as she walked away, made him want her even more, but he was going to have to wait, damn it. The rest of the flight was inconsequential and he sat looking out the window at the clouds miles below. Michael began to read again and lost track of the time. The intercom came on and the Captain stated that the airplane would be landing in thirty minutes; they were now descending and on the landing approach. Just prior to landing, Miyoko came by his seat and said, "Michael, after you go through customs and get your baggage, meet me in front of the JAL terminal.

We can ride to the hotel together. OK?" "OK, don't leave without me." "I would never do that Michael." The plane touched down, and taxied to the terminal.

When he was getting off, Miyoko was standing by the door. "We really enjoyed having you … as a guest." she said with a big smile. "Please come again." "Believe me, I am looking forward to it." To Be Continued…