Big boobs Sex zu Hause

Big boobs Sex zu Hause
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A Staff Party Incident Allanah was a little drunk. Just a little. The booze was free so why not? It made getting home very difficult. She had to leave her car there, and walk home.

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She walked slowly down the street, her dark hair billowing out in the wind as moon comes out from behind the clouds, lighting up the road she walked. Allanah drunk more than she should have at the Christmas party but thought "why the hell not?" She can still walk easily enough but defianately couldn't pass a breathalizer test. Each step takes her closer to home but home is a little to far away. She soon wishes she had have driven home. The streets were empty, the early hour of the morning making it a dark, quiet and very scary to someone who had their senses…Allanah just trod onwards, hoping she'd get home soon.

She sees a shadow by a lamp a little further on; as she gets closer she recognizes the suit and realizes it's her boss, Joshua. She groggily wonders what he is doing there as she stumbles towards a dark fate. Joshua Smiles as his prey comes closer. He had been watching her all night, quietly topping up her numerous drinks while her attention was taken elsewhere. He couldn't help but smile as he noticed her stumbling towards him.

When he heard that she was walking home he had felt tingles inside as his planned formed…he had yearned to have her for so long and tonight was the night he would have his fun with her. He owned a lonely house and had sent his maid home for the weekend, a stroke of genius he thought now. It starts to rain, and Allanah runs the last few feet towards Joshua, and the awning he was using for cover. He smirks as he notices her black dress quickly got soaked, and was clinging to her supple curves…she wasn't tall but her legs looked long and shone with the water that ran down them onto her strappy heels.

"Hey Boss, what you doing out in this weather?" "Walking home, as I see you are. I don't live far from here, why don't you come on inside until this downpour passes?" "Ummm&hellip.

maybe…it's not too far until my place…" "Well I can have you warm and dry in no time, we could have a drink while we wait?" Joshua could see her eyes light up and knew he had caught her. "Sure, lets go." He offers her his coat, always the gentleman, and leads her up his long drive which was conveniently just behind them.

He Ushers he inside and directs her to his leather couch before popping off to the kitchen and getting two glasses of wine. He checks to see she can't see what his hands are doing as they chat about the staff party, just small talk.

He slips a small white pill into her drink and swirls it until it fully dissolves. Allanah relaxes on the couch, which was very comfortable. Looking into the fire she felt a little drowsy, but it was nice. The rain was music as it fell hard and heavy against the roof.

She smiled at Joshua as he passed her a glass, a fancy Sav, from the oaky aroma coming from the glass.


She was trying not to spill any as she'd been gulping down. He smiled at her and she couldn't help thinking, what a nice guy he was. She had a need to use the bathroom and he got up from his seat and showed her the way, asking if she was alright. She slurred her words slightly as she said she was fine, and stumbled into the privy. She quickly finished her business and washed her hands, her eyes struggling to focus on her fingers.

"I'm so trashed," she whispers, giggling as she opens the door. Joshua is standing there, and Allanah is a little confused, she steps past him, her body brushing against his. She feels his hand on her wrist, and turns to look back at him but it's too late, he has her in handcuffs. She trips without her hands to hold her steady, and Joshua catches her, carrying her now unconscious body down to his prepared basement chamber.

He had been planning this for weeks and now he finally had her.

He uncuffs her only to tie her down upon the large bed he had ready, and waits for her to wake. As Allanah opens her eyes, she tries to stretch. She notices her bonds and remembers Joshua handcuffing her. "What's going on, Joshua what are you doing?" "Don't worry, Miss Smith. We are just going to have a little fun is all" He sees her fear come into her eyes as she realizes what is happening.

She starts writhing in her bonds, trying to be free. He places a hand firmly over her mouth as she goes to scream; covering her nose too so she has trouble breathing. He laughs at her struggle.

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"Now my pet, we shall have none of that. No-one can hear you from down here but I find such things as screaming quite hard on my ears" He pulls out a pair of scissors and holds them at the bottom of her dress.

Her eyes bulge out and she stays as still as she can, not willing to provoke him into accidentally cutting her.

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"Please Joshua, please don't do this…let me go please and I'll forget everything, I promise!" "But my pet, you have ignored my advances at work, I'm afraid I have no choice. I want to fuck you, so I'm gona fuck you right here, right now." "no, please no!" Allanah continues to cry out, and Joshua continues to cut off her dress.


He finally pulls it out from under her and cuts off a strip, which he uses to gag her. He pauses to admire her body, her breasts straining at the thin black lace of her bra, her small thong barely covering her pubic hair…he wanted her so badly, but he made himself get his camera, and take a few photo's of her beautiful body, and her crying face.

He wanted to have a few mementoes. He cuts off her bra slowly, watching her breast bounce out of their tight prison. His lips find their way to her nipple, sucking and nibbling gently while his hand pulls and tweaks the other. Through her tears Allanah can't help but moan as her nipples have always been sensitive.

Her body was betraying her and she was starting to get turned on. Joshua let himself play with her nipples, rolling his tongue over the both of them until he felt she was relaxing under him.

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He quickly removed her thong and put the scissors to the side, before his fingers started to explore her secret little slit. Her watched as she got aroused, and smiled.

"Now my pet, you are not going to give me any trouble are you?

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This feels too good, doesn't it?" She emphatically nodded, eager to please him to prevent any pain. "Well my dear perhaps I can remove your gag" He leaned forward and took the strip of ruined dress from her mouth. He let her breathe quietly for a bit before he stood and unzipped his pants. "I want you to be a good girl for me, and suck my cock like the slut you are." He pushes his semi-hard cock at her mouth and watches her open up for him. With a pleased moan he felt her lips surround him, her warm wet mouth moving slowly up and down him.

He sensed he would not last long so he pulled out of her mouth and wiped the string of saliva that followed on her pale cheek. "Very good my pet, very good. Now I think its time for me to give you a reward…" As his voice trails off, he moves her bonds so she is spread-eagled upon the bed.

She is moaning no and please don't but he ignores the words, listening only to the delightful fear in her sexy voice. He strips off and smiles at her, new tears run down her face. He lines himself up and grins maliciously up at her. "This is going to be good, I'm going to use you like the whore you are." Then without any time wasted he thrusts his 8inch manhood fully into her, pausing to listen to her cry of pleasure and pain.

Satisfied that she is wet enough for him to enjoy a proper pounding, he speeds his thrusting into her, groping her generous breasts and moaning into her ear. He pounds her hard, like a jackhammer in and out with the force of his desire. He feels his balls start to tighten as the head of his cock rubs her g-spot. Allanah's groan of pleasure as she cums send him over the edge and he lets all hell loose inside her.

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He rests on top of her, waiting until his breathe returns before slipping his now spent cock out of her abused cunt. He grabs the camera again and takes a few photos of his cum leaking out of her as Allanah cries silently, refusing to meet his eyes. He laughs and dresses himself before moving towards the door. "Wait! Please, you've had me, now please let me go" "Oh no, my pet. I've only just started with you" He chuckles to himself as he flicks off the light and shuts the door on her sobbing cries for mercy.

Allanah felt so sore, but she was feeling the effects of her excessive drinking and the drug she had been slipped as well. She lay there in the dark, feeling his cum dribble down her thighs as she slipped into her own darkness and not caring if she didn't wake.