Miley mae in molly s wrecking ballz scene

Miley mae in molly s wrecking ballz scene
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PREVIOUS STORY They both complementing each other nicely and dad was also transferring grapes from his mouth to her mouth. Dad took mom in her lap and gave her huge and tight hug for tonight treat. They both lied and grabbed each other like a mom is giving sleeping hug to her baby. Both are nude.

Dad?s leg on her waist and he hided his face inside her huge boobs. Mom was gently squeezing his ass cheeks and sometimes creasing his ass lining too. I think they did fuck session before I reached and this was treating before sleep. As I discussed in my previous story, my mom Linda (my sweet mom) turned to a slutty bitch.

She was always ready for my dad and whenever they got chance they begun to start playing their sex games. I saw them many times being fucked, sleeping in each other's arms, talking nasty. It all played huge role in making more tempted towards her. Dad liked eats her ass most and this was the reason that I saw her nude ass more times as compare to her pussy. Slowly and gradually mom turned more towards anal sex. Dad also liked it. I don't know.why? I think they both got bored from natural sex and they wanted more innovative and creative sex sessions.

It became two years, when I started watching her. In those years I saw them doing pussy fuck few times ,while mom's ass become more widened as compare to when I saw first doing sex with dad. Now I had grown to 16.


That time mom had a dozen of dildos and all were presented by dad. She used them whenever dad was outstation or somewhere else. I saw fucking her pussy sometimes too. While fucking her pussy she used put dildo inside bra between boobs.

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Her 36D bra hardly used to holds her boobs, and putting dildo between boobs put high pressure on bra and sometimes I felt that her bra can tear anytime.

But she had really good quality nylon bras collection. I used to discuss all these with my friend Jonny. He was really best friend of mine because he also liked incest discussions. But we both never discussed all this with others.


Her mom jenny had also nice figure but why Jonny liked my mom, I never knew. Now Jonny is in other city with his family. One day he insisted me to give mom's pix to him. I asked&hellip.why? Jonny replied&hellip.Bro first gives me, and then I will give you a surprise. I arranged mom's nice pix and gave him. A day after giving pix, he returned me another pix in which we three (mom, me, and Jonny) are fully nude.

Mom was holding both cock with her fist, Jonny's 3 fingers inside pussy and mine fingers were inside her ass. I was amazed to see pix and asked…How you did it? Jonny replied&hellip.Bro, I have editing software and can do more than this, but I don't want to do anything more, because I pay your mom more respect than my mom.

I asked&hellip.Why, bro? Why are you so fond of my mom? Jonny replied&hellip.Bro, let's imagine her nice curves. She has almost ripened.

Whenever I think about her mountain boobs and bulky ass I start feeling tent inside my underwear. Bro, I want to tell something if you don't have any problem I replied. Let's ask. You know you are just more than my friend.

Don't hesitate, just ask. Jonny hesitated for sometime. He actually didn't know how to ask. After all I was his best friend and he didn't want my friendship loose. He gathered all his courage and asked&hellip.Bro, I want to fuck your mom.

Just I want to feel her pussy. I never fucked anyone and want to feel pleasure of sex by going deep inside her vagina. All these words from my best friend induced me to think hotter about mom. If a guy, who just watched her in clothes and can feel so horny then it is not only our age and infatuations. It is something more, which resides within mom and it is attracting both of us towards same woman. I told&hellip. Bro, I can't make any promise about real fuck session with mom, but I can invite you to just watch sex session of mom & dad this weekend.

(Mom & Dad often did 3-4 times sex a week but most of weekend they usually go for this) Jonny hugged me that he got the chance for he was waiting for. He just thanked me and we both went to our classes. On Friday I informed mom that Jonny will be with me this weekend because we have to do lot of study and discussion on that topics, which I missed.

Mom gave permission for and she knew about Jonny. She also knew that he is my best friend. On Saturday evening we both came together at home. Mom welcomed Jonny. Mom went kitchen for preparing foam machine coffee. That time mom was in yellow top and white skirt.

She just came back from her work and still was in outdoor dress. Till the time Jonny has watched mom completely. When she went to kitchen, Jonny asked&hellip.Bro, it seems that mom hasn't wear anything inside her top. I asked…How did you come to know?

Jonny whispered&hellip. Harry, when she will come outside just see her nipples. Bro, her nipples are so big that it is clearly protruding against her top. It made me on. I replied&hellip.Just chill. You have to see lot of more stuff. Conserve your energy for night. Jonny&hellip.

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Friend, there is no need to conserve energy for this lady. Your mom is atom bomb which releases energy, when she will explode. If she would my mom, I really proposed her for marry. Beside all this, she is married and your mom I am still ready to make her my wife. I just think about Jonny's word (He is right, my mom still capable to satisfy me. Why I need another girl to marry? She is my mom and she will definitely better for me to teach me all sex positions.

I will definitely marry to this sexy lady) This was the day when I was really serious to marry about her my own mom. It seems ambiguous to a son to just think in that direction. Is it really possible? How a guy can propose her own mom to be her wife? All ups and downs were wandering in my mind. Suddenly mom came with coffee and some snacks. She kept coffee tray and snacks bowl on table.

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When she was keeping bowl on dinning table, she bent slightly and her cleavage appeared slightly. She got stand and replied&hellip.Baby, just enjoy your coffee, I am going to my room for some rest and Jonny, please don't hesitate to demand anything. You are also like my son.

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She went to her bedroom. We started sipping coffee. Jonny replied&hellip.Harry, your mom is awesome. She has huge pair of hanging on her chest. You are so lucky that you grown up by feeding these boobs. You are not directly, but indirectly touched her mountains, when you were kid.

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I felt proud on these comments by Jonny and replied&hellip.What you think about me? I also tasted her pussy from coming outside to this world via vagina. We both laughed a lot on this and slowly started talking hot about each other's mom.

Readers as usual I request you for more comments and feedbacks. You suggestions are really encouraging me to go for more nasty. But I couldn't get more suggestions' for chapter-2. Whatever you think just write in comment box. All comments are welcome&hellip.