I fuck beautiful Olga doggystyle in public

I fuck beautiful Olga doggystyle in public
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Samantha is 21, a University student. 5' 6", slim build, brunette, C cup breasts. She had met this guy online.they'd chatted a lot, seemed to get on, had similar interests and tastes.and seemed to be mutually compatible when it came to sex.but they'd never actually met. Then, one day he said that he wanted to meet her.to take her to a party. He said that he was going to send her something she would need and that it was quite a posh do so she would need to wear an evening dress.

The next day a parcel arrives.its from Agent Provocateur.it's beautifully wrapped.she opens it carefully.lots of ribbon and tissue paper.neatly folded up inside is some very sexy underwear.this underwear http://m.agentprovocateur.com/w/mobile/shop/2226/2227/51391_Black-Pink?z=1 She tries it on straight away, it looks great, a perfect fit.

She admires herself in the mirror, running her hands up and down her body getting excited about what the night is going to bring. 8 o'clock on the dot there is knock at the door and she opens it to see this tall man, 6' 3", handsome, muscular looking, wearing a tuxedo.

He has a look of confidence about him and when he leans forward to kiss her on her cheek she smells expensive aftershave. He holds out his arm and says 'Samantha!' and she puts her hand on it and he leads them to his car waiting outside.

It's a very plush looking car but rather than go to the front he leads her to the back and opens the door for her then goes around the other side and climbs in the back himself. She looks at the drivers seat and realises that he has a chauffeur. The car sets off and 'The Stranger' pulls open a compartment and slides out a drawer. Inside it is a bottle of premium brandy and two glasses.

He pours them both a drink and then hands one over to Samantha. They make small talk during the journey and Samantha doesn't really notice where it is that they're going. It's dark though, no streetlights, so they must be in the countryside she thinks. After 20 minutes the car slows down and the headlamps pick out the entrance to a drive. The car turns down it and they proceed along.

She wonders how big the house is as the drive seems very long. Eventually she sees a building, all lit up with floodlights. It looks like a gothic mansion.

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It's huge. There are steps leading up to an imposing doorway and either side are braziers burning away to welcome them. The driver stops the car at the base of the steps and opens the door for her. Meanwhile 'The Stranger' has got out, walked around the car and takes her arm to lead her up the steps. At the top he presses the buzzer and there is the sound of a bell ringing somewhere from within.

The door is opened by a pretty blonde girl, a drinks waitress it seems.


Although she is dressed quite provocatively for such a job. More like a French maids outfit that you would wear in the bedroom than the uniform you would wear for work. They step inside and she leads them through to a large hallway. There are about 20-30 people there all talking and drinking.

It seems to be all couples, all the men in tux's, all the women in evening dresses. Something that strikes Samantha is that everyone seems to be very attractive. They all look to be wearing expensive clothes and give off a whiff of having money.

She's glad that she made the effort and the silky underwear against her skin gives her an inner confidence. Another waitress appears, dressed in the same way, another blonde, She has a tray of drinks and offers it to them.

Both take a glass of champagne and start to mingle. 'The Stranger' seems to know everyone and it's all very pleasant.

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The champagne flows and Samantha soon starts to feel a little light headed. She's not saying very much but she laughs at all the jokes and hangs on to 'His' arm as they move around the room. Then.after about an hour she hears the sound of a gong. Two men appear. Young men, dressed as manservants.


She notices how buff they, very yummy she thinks to herself. They open two double doors and everyone starts to troop through. Samantha is about to follow but feels 'His' hand gently gripping her arm, holding her back. 'Not yet Samantha, they're not ready for us yet' He has a such a confidence to his voice, she feels as though she'd probably do anything he told her to do .

Once the others have gone through the manservant's follow and then close the doors behind them. That leaves just Samantha and 'The Stranger' Then the two blonder girls appear and they take hold of her hands and lead her away. Samantha looks inquiringly at 'Him' for approval and he nods and smiles as she disappears. Samantha is led off into an anteroom that has mirrors on every wall. She is led into the middle of the room and then in silence the two girls start to undress her.

They undo her dress and let it slide to the ground. Now she is standing there in just her underwear. Then they put a black silk robe around her and lead her off through a different door As she is led through the doorway she sees that she is in a much larger room, with a circle of people in the middle. It looks like all the people from before but they are all wearing masks, masquerade masks. She looks around trying to work out which one 'The Stranger' is but can't be sure.

As the girls guide her forwards the circle parts and she is led into the middle. In the middle of the circle is a chair.a plain ordinary chair.

no arms.just a chair. The two blondes lead her over to it and then take off her robe. Everyone in the room starts to clap seeing her standing there in just her underwear They turn her round so that everyone gets to see her then they stand either side of her and start to peel off her knickers. The alcohol she's had has given her some dutch courage but having her pussy exposed to this room full of strangers makes her flush.

They slide her knickers down to the ground and then lift her legs to remove them.then they sit her down on the chair. Her natural instinct is to cross her legs but they take hold of a leg each and spread them apart.they're not rough but they're very insistent spreading them wide They hold her gently around her ankles then the two manservant's step forwards with silk rope in their hands. They kneel down on either side of her and tie her ankles to the legs of the chair.

This keeps her legs wide apart and her pussy exposed to this room full of strangers.strangers who are all masked. Then one of the blondes whispers in her ear 'start playing with yourself, that's what everyone wants to see.' Samantha hesitates for a second but does as she says and she puts her hand to her pussy lips and start to play Although everyone has masks on she can still see their eyes and she can feel them all burning into her as she strokes her pussy for them She feels SO wet, SO aroused to be performing in front of this room of strangers.

No one is saying a word, everyone is watching intently as Samantha pleasures herself. She has fantasised many times about being watched as she masturbates and now she is actually doing it for real. Samantha can feel her pussy lips start to throb, she can hear a squelching noise from her pussy, she is dripping wet.


As she plays, the manservant's go to the watching women one by one and undress them. They take off their dresses and leave them in just their underwear. This is the kind of thing that they are wearing http://m.agentprovocateur.com/w/mobile/shop/2226/2229/357923_Black?z=1 http://m.agentprovocateur.com/w/mobile/shop/2226/2229/357937_Pink?z=1 http://m.agentprovocateur.com/w/mobile/shop/354/567/200802_Black-Pink?z=1 http://m.agentprovocateur.com/w/mobile/shop/354/567/201154_Ice?z=1 Soon all the women are in just their underwear and masks as Samantha continue to play.

No one takes their eyes off her as they watch her getting more and more aroused. Then one of the manservant's comes and stands in front of her. A waitress joins him and she kneels down. She pulls down his zip and reaches inside then she pulls out his cock.

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Is hard, long and thick. It's a fine specimen of a cock and Samantha can't help but lick her lips when she sees it. The waitress keeps her hand around and starts to slowly stroke it as Samantha continue to rub her wet pussy lips. Samantha can see that she's gripping it tightly even though she's stroking it very slowly. Samantha's eyes are glued to his cock, watching it being stroked right in front on her as she touches herself.

The waitress keeps squeezing it hard, making it throb then slowly stroking it gradually moving her hand faster and faster before stopping, squeezing it and starting again. She's building him up towards orgasm very expertly again and again but not quite letting him cum.

The seed in his balls keeps starting to rise but just before ejaculation she stops. Eventually a drop of precum appears at the end of his cock. She'd allowed his cum to rise just that little bit higher in his cock so a little trickle has appeared at the end.

She stops stroking him, wipers her finger over the end of his shaft and then puts her finger to Samantha's lips so she can taste him. Even though it's only a drop Samantha enjoys using her tongue to lick it from the girls finger Then, he comes and stands in front of Samantha so his cock is touching her lips.

Without being asked she opens her mouth and takes his cock inside and start to give him a slow sensual blow job. To really concentrate on his cock she stops playing with herself which leaves her pussy unattended.

One of the blonde waitresses kneels between her legs and starts to lick her. As Samantha sucks his meaty cock harder and harder the other waitress whispers in her ear 'when he cum's, he will cum lots. Don't swallow it yet. Keep it all in your mouth, let everyone see. The girl licking her pussy is doing a great job and building Samantha up to an orgasm.

She seems expert with her tongue and knows exactly how to lick her to give her the ultimate pleasure. As Samantha looks around the room she see that one by one all the women have taken out the cocks of the men. The men are all still fully dressed but now have their hard cocks standing proud. The women, in their sexy underwear, hold the cocks in their hands, one woman, one cock, and slowly wank them as they watch her being pleasured by a woman and sucking on the young manservants' hard cock.

The waitress is flicking her tongue over Samantha's clit now, getting her closer and closer to orgasm. Then she feels the cock in her mouth twitch.she knows that sign.he's going to cum.here it is.OMG.he erupts in her mouth.the waitress was right.there's SO much cum.it doesn't seem like it will ever stop.it fills her mouth.

but Samantha does what she was told and takes it all in her mouth as blast after blast of his spunk fires out. Eventually it stops and he pulls away leaving her with a mouthful of his cum. With the blonde still licking her pussy it's really hard not to swallow but she does as she was told.

Then the other waitress bends her head down. She tells Samantha to open her mouth and let everyone see her tongue, covered in creamy cum. There are some moans of appreciation from around the room when people see this, then she moves her mouth to Samantha's Their lips touch. Her tongue goes inside Samantha's mouth, she starts to take the cum from her mouth into her own. Being up close to this girl Samantha gets a really good look at her.

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She'd not really been paying much attention to either of the waitresses before. She's noticed that they were both blonde and dressed the same but that was it. Now she has one of them kissing her as the other licks her pussy she realises that they really do look the same. In fact, they're identical twins.

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Realising that she has beautiful twin sisters both touching her, in front of a watching crowd sends Samantha over the edge. She starts to cum. It's a wonderful orgasm. Very intense. Her legs try to buck as pleasure ripples across her body but the silk ropes won't let her move.

The twin licking her pussy slows down with her tongue, teasing the last of her orgasm as her sister continues to French lips her. Then they both stand and face each other in front of her. The two manservant's appear and take off the girls' blouses and then their bras revealing fantastic firm breasts. The twin that was kissing Samantha leans forward until her mouth is above her sisters breasts and opens it.

The cum inside dribbles out covering her sisters firm breasts in cream. Then they move closer, they press their bodies together so their breasts are touching and they kiss, a passionate kiss as they rub their breasts against the other. When they pull apart both sets of breasts are covered in sticky cum. Then they take it in turns to lick the cum from the other sisters breasts until it is all gone to be continued