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Granny porn mov
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Amber in Need My story is all about myself and my hot and sexy neighbour Amber.But first of all let me share some info. about myself.I am married and have a very demanding job in the IT sector.I have not had a proper weekend for myself in a very long time.My wife is a nurse and she herself gets tied up at work as well.Our marriage is fine but for me I have been looking outside for a few months now.

My next door neighbour Jim and wife Amber live alone with no kids and just a cat as their pet.We all talk and get along quite well,but Amber is a very beautiful and pretty woman.She is 35 and she spends most of her weekends alone since her husband is a Pilot for a private company.I am very attracted to Amber and would some times fantasise about making hot sensual love to her.So far no opportunities have presented itself.

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Finally my good boss surprised me by offering me an entire weeek off from work to just rest and regain my focus.So I was in good spirit.So my wife was happy for me but on the weekend I was gonna be home she had to do a double shift to cover for her best friends Lisa.Now my week off started on Wednesday and will have to return to work the following Wednesday.As I was sitting on my patio I can see Amber in her kitchen but I was so worried as to how am I gonna make this happen.Anyway the following day my wife told me that Amber is going out for 2 days and they want me to keep an eye on their home from Thursday afternoon until Amber returns Saturday morning.So I was fine but I had a great idea.As Amber had left she gave me her house keys.

I did some research online and went to the Pharmacy and bought some things to put Amber in the mood (Drug).

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I had to pay extra money to keep my purchase under wraps.So Friday evening I was now home alone and I went across to Ambers' house and placed the Drug in her Water filter, her juice containers and also some in her Coffee machine filter.OK so I left and Saturday morning Amber came home and everything went back to normal.So I got my binoculars and went to my attic and started to view straight into Ambers Kitchen and Bedroom for any progress. Boy oh boy was my plan working like a charm.She went straight to make some coffee and got her cup and went into her bedroom.She drank and then went into her shower.After she came out I noticed she was a bit shaky and suddeny she just dropped her bath robe and holy fuck.this woman was sexy and had a body of a diva, my cock went from limp to rock solid in seconds.She then layed on her bed and was rubbing her pussy and I can clearly see she was in extreme heat.I was waiting for the right moment and this was it.

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I took my phone and rang her up and she just pausd and took the call and I said "Hello Amber", she said "Oh hi A.",I noticed her voice was very soft and she was panting a bit.I then said "Hey Amber is it ok if I come across and maybe we can talk a little?", she was so in need and she said "sure, I would love for you to come across cause I need you to do a favour".I hung up and went and took 3 big shots of Whiskey and went across. When she opened her door she was wearing her bath robe and I had on my jeans and T-shirt.I went in and she asked me if I can fix her shower and I was up for it knowing very well what is about to happen.My heart was racing and I was a bit nervous but very very excited at the same time.As we entered her room her plans change and she just grabbed my shirt and pulled me and we kissed passionately and she dropped her robe and revealed her nakedness and said"I want you to fuck me,I want to suck your cock, make love to me".

I did not hesitate.

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I took my shirt off then my jeans then my boxers and my 7" solid love meat sprang out and Amber quickly went to work she stoop down and took my cock in her soft and luscious mouth.She sucked on my wood for a good 5 minutes. I then started to get really horny.My back started to tickle and I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it all.She was so hungry for cock.The drug was doing me a Miracle.I took her and we went to her bed and I layed down and she quickly moved over me and sat down on my still hard tool.I was so aroused and felt wicked and the passion was so intense.As she slid my cock in her pussy, she was so warm and immediately started to ride my dick and she was clearly in heaven.She was loving every minute.She fuck my cock so hard when she started to scream out, yes, yes,yes, make me cum, fuck me,yes,yes,oh yes oh oh oh oh oh awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.She slowed down her riding and asked me "can you go one more?" I was surprised that my cock was 90% hard and I flipped her over on her belly.

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I was gonna fuck her in her ass.I was excited to the max and the pussy juice along with my juice worked fine as lubricant and I rubbed my cock head on her anus and pushed slowly.It was a bit tight but I finally got in.The feeling was so amazing.She was hot inside and my cock was constantly being held by the walls of her inside.She was once again going into over drive and she was mad in passion and so was I.I fucked her well and good until I blew my load deep in her ass.She was now satisified and for me it was mission accomplished.

I cleand up and went home. later that night Amber rang me up and told me she needs another favour and Off course I went.If you see her you would never say no to such a beautiful woman.

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