Practice waiting for the real thing

Practice waiting for the real thing
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Doctor's Incestuous Family (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Nine: Pregnant Mommy and Sis By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Jenny Wilson I pressed my face into my mother's sweet pussy, her thick labia rubbing on my lips while her ticklish pubic hair caressed my cheeks. It was so wonderfully naughty to do this. Just this morning, I was so angry at her, hating her for calling me a slut and a whore and a hussy for the last few weeks.

Ever since she found out I was pregnant, she had acted like a real cunt. And then it turned out she was fucking my brother, too. And she was also pregnant. She wasn't any better than me. I had so wanted to gloat, to hold it over her head, and then she had to go and apologize and be so loving. But it did mean I got to eat her pussy out again. "Damn," James groaned, lying beside her. He had just fucked her again. We had been fucking all afternoon, a family orgy in the fancy hotel room.

"You two are insatiable." "Yes," Mom moaned as my tongue licked through her hot folds, gathering sweet pussy juices and salty cum. "Uh-huh," I groaned. "Eating creampies is the best!" I loved them. It was so sexy licking my big brother's cum out of my mother's pussy. I planted my face into her cunt, my tongue plunging deep into her silky depths.

Into the very snatch that had birthed me and my brother. A wild, naughty thrill shot out of my pregnant cunt and through my body as I gathered another tongue full of cum and pussy. I savored it on my lips. I shivered, my hips wiggling. My tongue flew through her folds, lapping, licking, driving her wild with moans and gasps. She bucked and shuddered, her thighs gripping the side of my head. "Oh, yes, that's my sweet Jennifer," she moaned.

"Oh, my baby girl is just so hungry for cum." "She's just a slut for it," my brother groaned. I beamed between licks. "I am!" And proud of it. I loved my brother. And my mom was becoming so cool. So sexy. I got why James liked fucking her. Why he loved her as more than our mother. It was so exciting plunging my tongue into her pussy, her juices coating my lips and cheeks. My hands squeezed her ass, massaging her pliant booty.

I gripped her cheeks, licking with a furious hunger. Mom groaned, her big breasts jiggling as she squirmed, the hotel bed creaking. Her hips humped against my face, grinding on me as I gave her more pleasure. Mommy was as insatiable as I was. "Oh, yes, Mommy's sweet, baby girl is devouring her pussy. Oh, yes. Just devouring her naughty cunt." She shuddered.

"I'm such a bad Mommy for loving this." "So bad," I moaned my agreement before scooping out more delicious cum seasoned with incestuous pussy. The juices trickled down my chin, my own cream running down my thighs. My pregnant pussy was on fire. I ripped my right hand from fondling Mom's ass and plunged it between my steamy thighs. I groaned into her pussy, rubbing at my hot flesh.

Shudders ran through me. My strokes birthed delicious delight. I jammed my tongue so deep into her, extending it as far as I could to find more of James's cum. I ate my mother's pregnant pussy clean of my brother's spunk.

I loved it. My fingers, rubbing at my hot cunt, curled and plunged into my depths. Wonderful. Her juices flowed more and more. The salty flavor of James's jizz diminished. I had licked her all clean. So I attacked Mom's clit. "Jennifer!" she moaned, bucking. It was so hot hearing her call me by my full name. She only did that when she was being all motherly and loving and full of pride for me. I flicked her clit. I lashed my tongue against it over and over while my fingers plunged deep into my pussy.

I stirred myself up as I drove Mom crazy. Her breasts shook more as she writhed in passion, her pleasure building and building.

Which excited me more. I wanted to make my mother cum. I wanted her to explode, to give her pleasure. It was amazing how fast things could change. How we could fall back into the patterns of loving family. She had gone temporarily crazy because of her desire for James, and now she understood—I wasn't stealing James. We could share him. We could keep our love in the family. Where it belonged. "Oh, Jennifer, yes! Eat Mommy's naughty cunt! Oh, you're such a good girl!

Mmm, Mommy's good girl! Yes, yes, yes! Make Mommy. Cum!" She howled out that last word as her entire body heaved.


Her bleached-blonde hair danced about her flushed, mature face. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on my fingers as her juices gushed out of her snatch.

I drank them down, savoring the sweet ambrosia of Mom's incestuous cream. My fingers plunged with a furious need into my aching cunt. My body shuddered, the friction rising as I lapped up the flood, drinking all of my mother's juices. It was so wonderfully wicked of me to do this. "Jennifer!" "Mom!" My orgasm spasmed through my pussy.

A hot flash of rapture. My cunt convulsed about my fingers, massaging them like they were a cock capable of flooding my pregnant depths. I shuddered, pressing my face into Mom's sweet pussy as the ecstasy boiled my mind. I smeared my cheeks and nose through her pussy, reveling in her hot flesh. I loved incest. I loved my family. "Oh, Jennifer," mewled Mom. "Oh, that was good." "Yeah," I groaned, my rapture peaking.

James let out a low snore. I blinked, glancing at my brother. He was asleep beside us. Mom giggled and I grinned at her. I crawled up her body, pressing my round breasts into her pillowy mounds as I settled down on her. "We wore him out," I grinned. "He does have a lot of stamina," Mom agreed. "But he came a lot." "Mmm, he did." I licked my lips. "I'm glad we're all a family again, Mom. Aren't you?" I smiled at her. But instead of smiling back, her face fell. And then tears brimmed in her dark eyes.

Her arms tightened about me as she began to cry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bernice Wilson I shook as Jenny stared down at me, just hearing those words, family, made me feel so terrible. So guilty. "Mom?" Jenny asked, concern crossing her face.

"What's wrong?" "I'm just." Tears spilled hot from my eyes, the world growing blurry. "I was so terrible to you. I should have supported you. It must have been so scary learning you were pregnant. And that James was the father.

You must have been so worried. And how did I act? I screamed at you, belittled you, insulted you. "I was such a terrible Mother." "You were," Jenny said, pain crossing her face. "But it's okay. We're a family now." "You should hate me," I spat out. "Yeah, I should." She furrowed her brow. "But you were just.hormonal. Boy crazy. And it's in the past. Okay? I mean, I said plenty of mean things about you to James behind your back." "You did?" I asked.

There was something about her admission that was an invitation to share some of the guilt. She wanted to lessen my guilt. Because she did love me. Despite the hurtful things I said, she still cared for me. "Like what?" "Dried-up old bitch," she said. "And stuck-up bitch. And prudish cunt. Joyless hag." I smiled at her. It made me feel better hearing her words.

"Well, I think you know I'm not dried up." She licked her lips, coated in my pussy juices, and nodded. "You definitely are not dried up. You are hot and wet and sexy." My daughter kissed me on the lips. It was so wonderful to love my daughter and my son.

Now I truly was such a naughty mother. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Wilson I grinned when my mother and sister walked into our bedroom. We all slept in the master bedroom these days, sharing it, loving each other. They were both naked, their bellies round with their pregnancies. Jenny was at six-and-a-half months and Mom was nearly at six. Jenny's shorter frame made her round belly appear even larger, her youthful body ripening into motherhood.

Mom wore her pregnancy with a mature grace, the sleek swell rising from her pillowy breasts down to her pussy. "Someone's looking hard," Jenny giggled as she crawled onto the bed, her breasts, ripened a cup size, swung before her delicious belly. "Pregnant women are hot," I grinned, reaching out to slide past her breasts to stroke her belly, swollen with my child.

They both carried my children. That made it so hot. "We gave him a pregnancy fetish," Mom purred, crawling on the other side, her pillowy tits swaying, her nipples almost brushing the sheets. "Yes, you did," I grinned, my left hand finding her belly, caressing her skin. "I'm going to have to keep you both bred." "Just pump baby after baby into us," giggled Jenny as she leaned down to nuzzle at my cheek.

"Yes," I groaned, Mom snuggling on the other side. Their round bellies rubbed on my side, their hands stroking my cheeks.

"Big and round and beautiful." Mom kissed me on the mouth, her lips hot. I groaned, my arms moving, cupping both their assess, pulling them close.

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Mom's tits pillowed on my chest while Jenny's smaller breasts only brushed my flesh. She nibbled on my chin, her thighs parting, rubbing a hot pussy on my skin. Mom's hand found my cock. She stroked it, making me groan into our kiss. Her fingernail stroked the sensitive crown, a light graze that made my entire body convulse with delight. I groaned into her kiss, shuddering at the pleasure.

Jenny's hot lips found my ear. "Mmm, who gets to fuck your cock first tonight?" I broke the kiss with Mom, turning to look my sister in her blue eyes. "I bet you want Mom to go first." "I do love my creampies," she grinned. "Did you take the pill?" "Yep." The pill was a form of male Viagra I got from Clint's sex slave, Mrs. Hiragawa. She ran a pharmacy. It let Clint keep his huge harem of women satiated, plus gave him the stamina to fuck even more girls.

He had a huge thing for Asian chicks. There were a pair of hot Asian twins who moved in down the street from him. Alicia told Jenny all about the fun they had playing with them. But I was just happy with my mom and sister. Jenny's hand joined Mom's on my cock. "What do you say, Mom? Want to ride him first?" "I can always lick that naughty cunt of yours clean later," she grinned. "It's a mother's job to make her children happy." "So happy," I groaned, my dick throbbing in her grip.

"You're so dedicated to it." "So dedicated," she groaned in absolute agreement. "Mmm, you're going to fill Mommy's pussy up with that big dick." "And flood her with so much cum," groaned Jenny, her stomach wiggling.

I turned my head and kissed my mom again. My hand reached past her ass, sliding to rub her pussy from behind. She was molten hot. She moaned into the kiss as I caressed her pussy lips.

Her body convulsed, her juices smearing across my fingers. And then I penetrated her pregnant depths. She moaned into the kiss, her fingernails biting into the crown of my dick. A flash of exciting pain flared down my cock. I groaned, my balls growing hotter. Jenny stroked the base while I pumped my digits in and out Mom's excited cunt. "Mmm, I love these nipples," Jenny moaned, leaning over me.

Her round belly rubbed on my stomach as she latched her mouth onto Mom's hard nipple. Mom groaned louder. She massaged the tip of my cock with her thumb.

Jenny kept stroking, her cheeks hollowing as she loved our mother's fat nub. I shuddered, loving the feel of Jenny. My finger crept into her ass, teasing her sphincter. She wiggled, her pregnant belly sliding across my stomach. The excitement shot through me, my balls already boiling. It was so hot having my pregnant mom and sister in bed with me. Jenny popped her mouth off Mom's nipple. "He's so hard. Take him for a ride." "Yes," Mom groaned, her pussy clenching down on my fingers. "He is so hard.

And throbbing. And just eager to cum in his mother." "So eager," Jenny giggled, flashing me an impish look. "Always," I groaned as they both moved, sitting up. They were so sexy. I pulled my fingers from Mom's pussy, bringing them to my lips. I savored the sweet musk as she straddled my waist, moving a bit awkwardly with her round belly.

She hugged her pregnant stomach, her breasts jiggling, as she lowered herself to my cock. Jenny held it upright, her grin growing and growing. "Ride him," she moaned. "Yes," I groaned as the wet silk of my mother's hot pussy brushed my cock. "Oh, I will," Mom purred, her eyes so smoky. Her back arched as she sank down my cock.

Her pregnant cunt engulfed my dick, holding me in her wet heaven. I shuddered, grunting as the friction burned rapture down my shaft. I rubbed her pregnant belly, admiring her body as she shifted and groaned, savoring my dick. Then she rode me. Her big tits bounced as she slid up and down my cock with a fast pace. She gasped, still clutching her heaving belly, her blonde hair flying about her beautiful face.

She gasped and moaned, her pussy gripping my cock as she rose. And then she slammed down, engulfing me to the hilt. "Fuck," I groaned. "That's it. Such a wicked Mommy." "So wicked," Jenny groaned as she straddled my face, her shaved pussy glistening above me. She shaved it now and loved how it felt bare. It was so hot, making her look so girlish and naughty. Her belly's swell ended right at her pubic mound, her slit puffy with her arousal. "You corrupted us, big brother. You turned us into your horny, pregnant sluts." "Yes," Mom groaned, riding me faster, my balls aching as the pressure swelled.

"I did," I said with pride. I grabbed my sister's thighs, pulling her pregnant cunt down to my face. "So I better make you both cum." "You better," she moaned, rubbing her hot, tart pussy on my face. It was so hot eating my sister's pussy while my mother rode my cock. My hands stroked Jenny's thighs, fingers clenching every time Mom slammed her pregnant cunt down my cock. I moaned into Jenny's snatch, my tongue lapping through her folds.

She tasted so wonderfully delicious. I licked and lapped, flailing my tongue through her pussy. I devoured as much of her as I could. I made her gasp and shudder.

She wiggled her hips, grinding her cunt on my face. Her moans echoed though the room. The passion reverberated through the air as she ground her pussy on my hungry lips.

"Oh, he's eating my pussy, Mommy," she gasped. "Oh, yes, he's devouring me." "Good," Mom purred, her pussy growing hotter on my dick. "Make your little sister cum, James. Be a good big brother and give her such pleasure." "Yes, yes, yes," Jenny groaned as my tongue plunged into her pussy, swirling around her silky walls. "That's it. Oh, what an amazing big brother!" The friction burned hotter and hotter as Mom rode my dick.

The pleasure shot down my shaft, striking my balls. I groaned, fingers clenching on my sister's sleek thighs while her tart juices spilled into my mouth. My tongue licked and lapped at her, giving her as much pleasure as Mom gave me.

And she loved it. Jenny ground on my face as she moaned and groaned. She smothered me in pussy. And I loved it. I never wanted to give up either of their pussies. They were both so amazing. They both made me feel so good. The pressure built in my nuts. My dick ached in my mom's cunt. "Oh, yes, eat your little sister's pussy," Mom moaned. "She's such a succulent thing." Mom leaned over, changing the feel of her pussy sliding along my cock. My sister gasped as I heard naughty suckling sounds.

Jenny shuddered on my face, her pussy clenching on my probing tongue. "Oh, you naughty Mommy. Suck on my tits. Oh, yes. Suck on my tits while you ride your son's big, thick cock!" "Yes," I moaned into my sister's pussy. Mom slammed her pussy up and down my cock. The friction was amazing at this angle, my dick rubbing into her pussy walls. I shuddered, squeezing hard on Jenny's thighs as I fought off my orgasm.

I was so close, but I had to wait. I had to make my women cum. "James!" Jenny shrieked. "Oh, yes, suck my clit! Oh, you and Mommy are both going to make me cum. Mmm, just erupt." "Good," I groaned between sucks. Jenny squirmed and gasped, grinding faster and faster. Her moans sang through the room. And then her juices flooded my hungry mouth.

My little sister came hard. She moaned, her body shuddering atop me while I drank down her tart cream. Ambrosia. "Yes, yes, yes," moaned Jenny.

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"Oh, Mommy! Oh, yes! I love you both. So awesome, big brother. Oh, yes!" I kept sucking on her, making her buck on my face. Her pleasure kept rippling through her. Her pussy juices kept gushing into my hungry mouth.

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I moved my hands from her thighs to her belly, stroking her as her pleasure sang through the room. Mom's pussy grew so hot on my cock. She clenched down hard, engulfing my dick to the hilt. Her body shuddered. A loud, wet plop echoed. I pictured her lips popping free of my sister's pink nipple, leaving it glistening in spit. "James!" she moaned as her orgasm erupted. The feel of my mom's spasming cunt around my cock shuddered through me.

I didn't have to fight any longer. I groaned into my sister's pussy as the massaging silk worked around my dick. My balls tightened. I unloaded into her cunt. My body heaved with each blast of incestuous jizz. I spurted deep into her cunt, splashing her walls, flooding her body. She moaned so loudly, grinding her clit into my pubic bone while her pussy kept writhing about my dick.

Which was heaven. "Cum in her, James," moaned Jenny, still squirming and orgasming. "Flood her! Make that yummy creampie for me to enjoy! I'm going to lick all your cum—" Mom's beeper went off. Yes, a beeper. Doctors still used those arcane things. "Oh, no," Mom groaned, rolling off my cock as the buzz of my orgasm washed through me.

"Darn it." Jenny slid off of me, panting, her face twisted with petulant annoyance. Mom snagged her beeper off her nightstand where our phones were all charging.

She looked at it and groaned. "Sorry, no creampie. I have to go to the hospital." Jenny let out a sigh. Then she perked up. "Who's giving birth?" "Lee Samuels is in labor." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny Wilson I felt so big as I knelt on the bed, wiggling my ass, my swollen belly swaying beneath me. At eight months pregnant, I felt like a whale.

A big, sexy whale. My stomach just looked huge compared to Mom's. She was taller than me, had those big tits. But James loved how round I was. Still, I couldn't wait to give birth to our daughter. Lee was still so giddy about having her daughter. She was still going to college. Her older sister Zoey stayed at home to look after the infant, and all she did was boast about how cute her daughter was. And how her daughter would make a wonderful sex slave to her father or a brother.

"We're not sure which yet," Lee admitted. "Just have to wait and see. But I just know she'll be a pain slut like her mother and grandmother when she's older." I didn't want my daughter to be a pain slut, but I did want to hold her, nurse her, love her. She was a union of my brother and me, something beautiful and wonderful. It made me giggle for joy as I knelt on the bed.

"What is taking so long?" "Mom wants to make sure my cock's nice and ready for your asshole," James grinned, our pregnant mother kneeling before him, sucking on his cock with wet slurps. "She just wants your cum now," I groaned. "Instead of licking it out of my asshole." James laughed. "She loves it more out of your ass." Our mother was such an anal slut. She loved licking James's cum out of my asshole as much as I loved eating creampies from her cunt.

And she never would pass up the opportunity to suck James's cock clean after it had been in one of our asses. She would even let him fuck her pussy with a dirty dick. Such a nasty mommy. Her lips popped off his cock.

"Okay, he's all ready for you." "Yay," I groaned, my asshole clenching. Mom guided James's cock right for my asshole. I shuddered as his big, thick dick pressed on my sphincter. I wiggled my hips, his dick pressing on my asshole. I had lubed myself up as Mom "readied" his cock. He slid in deep with a loud grunt. I groaned as I savored his cock spearing into my bowel's depths. It was so naughty feeling him in my asshole. My fingers dug into the sheets as more and more of him penetrated me. And then he was all the way in me.

"Oh, yes," he groaned. "Such a tight, hot ass." "Mmm," I could only moan as he drew back. And then our naughty mother nuzzled her face into my pussy. She tongued me, licking through my folds, making me tremble and groan. My asshole clenched on my brother's shaft pumping in and out of me as the dual delights rippled through my body. Oh, it was so hot having my pussy eaten by Mom while my big brother fucked my asshole. Just so wonderfully naughty.

I humped back into my brother's thrusts. I groaned as he reamed so deep into me, pumping with hard strokes. It made me wiggle, rubbing my shaved pussy into my mother's hungry lips. Her tongue danced through my folds, brushing my clit and caressing my labia. "Yes," I gasped. "Oh, we have the best family in the world. Ooh, I love it." "Better than Clint's?" James asked, reaming his cock faster into my bowels.

"Yes! We don't have all that weird BDSM! Just loving sex!" Mom gave a giggling laugh before she sucked on my clit. My eyes widened. It felt so good. My clit throbbed in her mouth. Sparks shot from my nub to the burning heat in my asshole. The friction swelled as James pounded my bowels, thrusting his cock deep and fast into me, making me shudder and groan. I clawed at the sheets, the pleasure swelling in my pussy. They both built it, Jame's cock stimulating my bowels and Mom's mouth driving my clit wild.

I groaned, rocking back into James's hard thrusts. "Oh, that's sooooo good. Oh, my mother and big brother are driving me wild. I'm going to cum so hard." "Good," James growled, his strokes growing faster, harder. His crotch smacked into my ass. "Explode on my cock. Milk it. Then Mom will lick it out of your asshole." "I will," Mom groaned into my clit. "Yes!" I howled, my back arching. Just the dirty idea was enough to set me off. My pregnant pussy spasmed, flooding Mom's hungry lips with my tart cream.

My bowels writhed and rippled about James's cock. The heat surged through my body. It reached my brain, boiling it with rapture. James grunted, burying his cock into my asshole. The feel of his hot cum flooding my bowels sent more heat rippling through my body. I shuddered, groaning and grunting, my face straining with orgasmic delight.

"The best family!" I howled as his cum kept spurting into my bowels. So much jizz flooding my dirty hole. "The best," James groaned. His cock ripped out of my asshole. I gaped open. Mom moved like a flash of lightning. She sealed her lips over my sphincter, sucking hard. I groaned, my cum rising out of my bowels and into her hungry, depraved lips. Her tongue scooped it up, making me wiggle. James brought his cock around, still hard. I didn't hesitate to swallow his dick.

It was sour with my ass. Anal was Mom's passion, but I still enjoyed it. Especially when she was cleaning my asshole of James's cum. I moaned about his dirty cock. "Yes, get me all clean," he groaned, grabbing my pigtails. He held on, fucking my mouth. "Just a naughty slut." "Uh-huh," Mom panted, her fingernails biting into my ass as she squeezed. Then she rammed her tongue deep into my bowels.

I groaned, my tongue sliding around my brother's thrusting cock. He used my pigtails as handlebars, pulling on them as he pistoned that thick, sour cock in and out of my mouth, using me, making me feel so wonderfully whorish.

My tits and pregnant belly swayed beneath me as my family pleasured me. Mom's tongue swirled through my asshole, gathering more of James's salty jizz. He kept fucking my mouth, ramming his cock over and over, the tip brushing the back of my throat. "That's it," he growled, pressing his cock on my gullet. "Take it all." I relaxed my throat, my pussy burning.

Juices dripped down my thighs as James's dick slid down my throat. I took more and more of him, my hips wiggling. Mom's tongue stirred my asshole up as James's pubic hair tickled my face.

"What a slut. I love you, Jenny. You and Mom are both so wild." "Uh-huh," Mom moaned. Her fingers found my clit. I moaned so loudly about James's dick.

I shuddered, my butt-clenching. Rapture sparked from my clit. Another orgasm built in me. My asshole tingled under Mom's naughty licking. She ate my ass while James fucked his cock down my throat. His balls smacked over and over into my chin.

He groaned above me, his muscular chest rippling. He was such a handsome stud. His blue eyes burned as they stared down at me. He gripped my pigtails, pulling on them, making me feel so naughty as he fucked his cock over and over into my mouth.

"Take it all," he moaned again. "My little sister is a deep-throating whore. I love it." "Mmm, me to," moaned Mom. "Take all his cock, you naughty slut." I shuddered, the sensations, the words, all boiling through me. I moaned about my brother's cock as I came.

My passion hummed about his dick plunging over and over down my throat. His balls smacked into my chin, heavy with his cum. His pleasure twisted on his face. His cum flooded my mouth. I gulped it down. My body buzzed with rapture. Mom kept tonguing my asshole and rubbing my clit while I swallowed load after load of James's salty cum.

The delight spilled down my gullet. It made me shudder and shake. Such pleasure burned through me. I loved my family so much. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bernice Wilson My milk had finally come in. Jenny already had hers. She was so pregnant, past her due date. It was perfect timing. June was almost over.

College was done until the fall. She could go into labor at any moment. But until then, we were having fun. "Oh, yes, suckle at Mommy's breasts," I moaned, cradling both my children to my tits. James and Jenny suckled with such hunger. I shuddered, my nipples tingling as my milk flowed into their hungry mouths.

Jenny's swollen belly rubbed on my pregnant stomach while James's muscular body pressed on the other side. And their hands. Their wonderful, naughty hands rubbed between my thighs. I shuddered, James's thick fingers and Jenny's lithe digits caressed the lips of my pussy. They stroked me, stirring me up and making me tremble. I groaned as their fingers pressed into my depths.

My back arched, pleasure rippling through me. "Yes, yes, yes, just drink your fill," I moaned. "Mommy loves you both so much." Their blue eyes stared up at me as they drank my milk. They were both so hungry for it, Cheeks hollowing as my creamy treat flooded their mouths. Jenny's breasts, rubbing at the top swell of my pregnant belly, grew wet with her own milk. She was growing up so fast.

James growled with hungry passion as he suckled. Two of his digits buried deep into my pussy, fucking in and out faster than his sister's slim fingers. My toes curled, loving the two different sensations shooting delight through me. I squirmed on the bed. It creaked and groaned as the pleasure swelled in me. It was so intoxicating nursing my children. So wicked and wild. And intimate.

I felt so close to them. I felt their love as they once again drank their mother's milk. I stroked both their hair, Jenny's loose and long, James's short and thick. I dug my fingers into their hair. His whiskers rasped on my sensitive breasts while Jenny's lips were so soft and sweet. My head leaned back, my pleasure moaning from my throats. "Oh, you two are just so wonderful. Oh, you're going to make your Mommy cum so hard. Oh, yes. Such wicked children.

Mommy loves you so much." Jenny's thumb rubbed at my clit. I gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure. My pussy clenched on their fingers. James fucked his in and out faster and faster. He suckled hard, my nipple tingling in his mouth. I squirmed, my toes curling, everything building in me.

It was so amazing to nurse them both. My children. What a naughty family we had. My eyes rolled back into my head. My pussy spasmed so hard on their fingers. "Yes!" I howled as I came. The ecstasy boiled through my mind. The delight burned across my thoughts.

It was so hot to nurse both my children. To love them. To hold them. To share this decadent, deviant pleasure with them. It was amazing. Stupendous. "I love you both so much!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Wilson I popped my mouth off Mom's nipple, her pussy going wild about our fingers. I grinned at Jenny. Her lips came off, stained white with her milk. Mom moaned as her orgasm burned through her. It was so hot nursing from her. Even hotter than nursing from Jenny.

She arched her eyebrows at me. I leaned over and latched onto my little sister's nub. I wanted to taste the difference between their milk.

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I suckled hard. Jenny groaned as her hot cream squirted into my mouth. She had a sweeter flavor than Mom's milk.

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A warm, creamy delight that made my dick throb so hard. I popped off her nipple and suckled from Mom. The richer flavor of Mom's milk flooded my mouth. She groaned, bucking harder. Her moans echoed through the room as her pleasure wracked her pregnant belly. "Oh, yes, you two are so loving." I popped my lips off and then latched onto Jenny's again.

Her sweeter milk flooded my mouth. It was so hot to nurse from my pregnant sister and mother. I bred them both. And Jenny was so close to giving birth to my first child. And mom would only be a few weeks away. "Oh, yes," Jenny moaned. "Oh, Mom, he's such a hungry big brother." "He needs all the energy to keep us satisfied," Mom laughed.

I groaned as the pair kissed, their tongues dancing. I shifted my body, pulling my fingers from Mom's pussy. I cupped both their tits, heavy with milk.

Mom's were still softer, but Jenny's were so big now. She had gained another cup size as she neared the end of her pregnancy. I squeezed them both, Mom's milk spurting against my cheek. So I switched over to her nipple and suckled on it.

Jenny's milk splashed on my other cheek. They both moaned into their incestuous kiss as I went back and forth from their nipples. I suckled down both their milk, letting their flavors mix and swirl in my mouth. This was paradise. "He really likes our breast milk," Jenny giggled, breaking her kiss with Mom.

"Well, can you blame him?" "Nope." Jenny giggled again. "He's just a slut for breast milk." I rolled my eyes and suckled from her nipple. She let out a mewling shiver as her milk flooded my mouth. I held the warm, creamy treat and switched to Mom's fatter nub. She let out a delicious sigh as her milk joined Jenny's. I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing, the creamy treat flooding straight down to my belly, warming my insides.

Then I latched onto Jenny's again. "Oh, big brother," she groaned. "You are making me so wet. I need your cock in me so badly." "Yes, fuck your little sister," Mom moaned. "Give it to her so hard." "So hard," Jenny moaned in agreement.

I grinned at them, releasing her nipple. My cock ached. I sat up, moving into position, Jenny lying back against the pillows. Her breasts formed two delicious mounds, milk beading on both her pink nipples. She held her pregnant belly, swollen so large on her small frame, and spread her thighs. Her shaved, pregnant pussy weeped juices. They stained her thighs.

My cock ached. Mom seized it, bringing it to Jenny's hot pussy. I shuddered as Mom rubbed my dick up and down my sister's cunt, her lips so wet and silky.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Please, big brother. I need it so badly!" I thrust. "Yes!" she moaned.


"Fuck your little sister!" Mom purred before leaning over and suckling at Jenny's breast. My sister's pussy clenched down on my thrusting cock as Mom nursed from her breast. Her hips bucked, her belly heaving as she locked her thighs about my waist.

She moaned and gasped as I pounded her, my stomach nudging hers. The bed creaked as I savored her hot, tight cunt about my dick. Her juices soaked my cock as I reamed in and out of her.

I stared at Mom's cheeks hollowing, her ruby lips latched over my sister's nub. Jenny shuddered, mewling every time Mom suckled. "That's it," Jenny moaned. "Drink your baby girl's milk while James fucks my cunt!

Oh, yes! He's ramming that dick so deep into me! Oh, I love it! Fuck me so hard!" "Yes," I groaned, thrusting forward, my balls smacking into her taint. They boiled with excitement. Mom suckled with noisy delight. Her lips kept popping off as she switched nipples, pleasuring them both, making Jenny shudder.

Which made her pussy so hot and tight about my dick. The friction burned, the pleasure rippling through my body. I grunted as I thrust harder and harder, loving her incestuous flesh wrapped about me.

Jenny's cute face, flushed red, twisted with her pleasure. Her back arched, her thighs squeezing tight about my waist as she groaned. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck your little sister!" she screamed. "Just ram that wonderful cock into me. Make me explode on your dick." "I will," I growled, thrusting harder, pounding my little sister.

"Make my baby girl explode," Mom moaned between suckles. Her lips engulfed Jenny's nipple. My sister moaned and clenched her cunt on my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored the friction. It was so exciting. So amazing. Rapture shuddered through me as I came closer and closer to erupting. She came first. "James! Mommy!" she howled as her body bucked. "Yes, yes, yes!" Her hot flesh convulsed about my dick. I savored the writhing feel of my little sister's flesh around my cock.

I groaned, the pleasure shooting through me as I watched Mom nursing. Her tongue swirled around Jenny's nipple before engulfing it, suckling hard. Making Jenny cum harder. I kept pounding her, holding off my orgasm as my sister kept moaning. Her pussy never stopped convulsing as she shuddered. She became multi-orgasmic, one climax racing on the heels of the last. She bucked so hard, her pussy milking my cock, eager for my cum.

"That's it," I growled. "Just keep cumming. You naughty slut." "Yes, yes, yes," she howled. The feel of her pussy about my dick burned through me.

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Her flesh sucked at my cock, eager for my cum. I groaned, my hands rubbing her pregnant belly. My back arched, my balls tightening. I came closer and closer to erupting. I buried into her. I flooded my little sister's pussy with cum. "James!" she howled, bucking so hard. Her thighs clenched about my waist.

"Yes! That's what I need!" I groaned, shuddering with each blast of my cum. My vision spun as I flooded her with my jizz. I sucked in deep breaths. The world spun about me.

I groaned, such dizzy delight rippling through my body. "Damn," I groaned, savoring her pussy clenching about my dick. "Damn that was good." "Uh-huh," she said and then gasped.

"Oh, no." She clenched at her belly. "What?" I frowned. Mom's head snapped up. "Contractions?" Jenny's pussy rippled about my dick. She nodded her head. "I think this is it." "Orgasms can trigger labor," Mom confirmed. I blinked. "Wait, what?" "Time for you to become a daddy," Mom grinned at me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bernice Wilson I lay in the hospital bed, exhausted from my five hours of labor. But I had a huge smile on my face.

My room was filled with flowers.

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Clint's harem had sent half of them. I had delivered all four of Clint's children, including his first son a month ago.

The nurse left us alone. Finally. I smiled at James. He held Heaven, his and Jenny's two week old daughter, in his arms as he stood by the bed. Jenny was beside him, holding Devin, my new son.

"He's just beautiful, Mom," Jenny said, rocking Devin in her arms. "You and James made a hunk. Heaven better watch out. Her little brother will be a lady killer." James glanced down at Heaven. "If she takes after her mother, she'll be figuring out a way to seduce him." "She will," Jenny beamed.

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Then she leaned forward, handing over Devin to me. I held my newest son. And grandson. Incest really made things complicated. But he was healthy and beautiful, his eyes milky blue, just like James's and Jenny's had been when they were first born.

I held my son to my breast as Jenny slipped her arm around James's waist. Our family was a little larger. And a whole lot happier. I was so glad that we knew Clint and his family, that they had opened our eyes to the possibilities of incest. Without them, our fantasies would never have been acted upon.

We never would have found our loving, triune relationship. And I would never have my new son and my new granddaughter to love. Tears burned in my eyes. We were all so blessed.