Brandy Smile n Eve Angel orgasm

Brandy Smile n Eve Angel orgasm
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~~Note: Hi there. This is my first story so all comments and emails are welcome. I am thinking about writing another one to go with this because it seems like a good and bad place to end it lol. Let me know :D~~ I woke up to the sound of crickets chirping. Awareness flooded into my senses as I sat up. I was in a clearing in the middle of the woods. I also realized I had a leather collar on and it was chained to a tree. Thinking hard I tried to remember how I got into this situation, but my mind was a blank.

I could not remember my name, how old I was, or any other details of my life before this moment. I felt along the collar and realized there was a padlock on back of it. Slowly I got to my feet. It was dusk by now and one by one the stars were coming out. I could feel my heart pounding as I realized my clothes were ripped all to pieces and barely hanging onto my body. I sat back down against the tree with and watched more and more stars come out. Soon the moon rose.

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It was a beautiful full harvest moon which lit up the clearing with a strange orange glow. I started to doze off, but was awakened by the sounds of something approaching through the woods.

I ducked behind my tree and hoped whoever it was would help me.

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The sounds got louder and finally I could see a dark shadow coming towards me from the other side of the clearing. I pulled my head back behind my tree and made myself as tiny as possible.

The footsteps headed right for me. When they reached the tree, they stopped. Then I heard a sound that chilled my blood, whoever it was had unlocked the chain from the tree and was pulling it towards them.

It felt like hours as i watched the loose chain snake around the tree towards the unknown shadow. Finally though, the chain was tight, from their hands to my neck.

One more sharp pull and i tumbled from behind the tree. The way the chain was held and the way I fell put me in a strange position. I was on my knees looking up as I finally faced the shadow. Silhouetted by the harvest moon was a man who looked down on me with an evil grin.

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Never speaking a word he yanked me up to my feet and ripped the rest of my clothes off. I tried to put my hands over myself and he slapped me.

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Still not saying a word he pushed me back down onto my knees and pulled his dick out. He rubbed it against my lips and as if they had a mind of their own they opened. He shoved it all down my throat in one swift stroke. As he fucked my face I felt myself responding. My nipples were hardening, my clit was beginning to tingle. I started swallow him whole.

He groaned and pulled away. In a move that surprised me he picked me up and threw me on his shoulders and started back through the woods. I wasn't sure how long it took, but eventually we came to a log cabin. He carried me inside and threw me on the bed. I looked around and noticed whips hanging on the wall before he was blindfolding me. I asked "Where am I." He just laughed and stuck a ball gag in my mouth and made sure it was fastened securely. He rolled me onto my back and started tying my legs to the bed, then he tied my hands and moved away.

I could hear him moving about the cabin. Picking things up and putting them closer to me, stoking the fire, then silence. My ears were straining to hear any sound to guess what was going on.

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All of a sudden i heard a swish sound and something lit a line of fire across my left breast. Then another swish and my right breast was caught. I realized he had a whip and he continued whippin my breasts. When he finished my whole chest was swollen and aching and I had busted my lips screaming into my gag. I heard water somewhere then felt a cold rag gently bathing my tingling breasts. I cooed into the gag and he laughed then brought his hand down in open handed slaps on my nipples.


I screamed and again the wet cloth was massinging my breast. He replaced the cloth with his mouth, nipping and sucking on them. By this time my clit was tingling again and my pussy was dripping. I could not believe I was actually enjoying this pain and pleasure combination.

He moved away from me and all I heard was silence once more. Goosebumps broke all over my body as I anxiously awaited what was next. All of a sudden I felt him at the head of the bed. He undid my arms and legs once more took me in his arms. He carried me across the room and made me stand up. Forcing my arms in the air, he put my hands in cuffs. I could not pull my arms down. He forced my legs apart and also cuffed my ankles.

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Next thing I knew, my arms were pulled up and apart and my legs were yanked apart. The cuffs kept them in place.

He then took off my blindfold. I was chained between the ceiling and the floor.


I looked into my tormentors eyes and memories burst into my mind like a fire running through a dry forest. My name is Kali and I am 19 years old.

I am 5'5 with 36-30-34 measurements. My nipples are pierced and I have a tattoo on my inner thigh that says Daddy's Slut with a carnation blooming around it. The man who has control of me is my long time lover and confidante, my older cousin Nicholas. He was 17 and I was 12 when I walked into the bathroom one day.

He was in the tub with a dirty magazine. He told me to come in and lock the door. After that, nothing was ever the same. I have been his ever since. We ran away shortly after I turned 16 and found this cabin in the woods.

It was a deal we could not pass up. Secluded but close enough where Nicholas could still work. Not to long ago, Nicholas asked me what were my fantasies and I told him to be taken by someone and have no clue who it was.

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Nicholas told me later on he had slipped a mixture of roofies and a few other things into my drink. He was hoping the memory loss would last a bit longer.

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He removes my gag and kisses me deeply, forcing me to accept his kiss however he wants it. I strain against my bonds, struggling to press my body closer to him. He pulls away and laughs. "Hmmm someones being a bad little girl now. I have just the cure." He puts the gag and the blindfold back on and I eagerly await what my wonderful cousin has in store for me this go around.