Big load of dick drills a tight butt

Big load of dick drills a tight butt
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All my life me my mom Karen and dad Darrell have been going to the church of night. My dad is high priest. I was always told to keep it a secret because of the god fearing people at the catholic churchs so we keep to ourselves.


I've heard all the stories of good vs evil, day vs night, god vs devil but there hasn't been a war in centuries. But the one story dad always told me was about the rising its what happens on your eighteenth birthday.

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You drug ur parent of opposite sex (my mom) and have sex on a pentagram surrounded by five candles while Lucifer the devil watches then you sighn your name in the book of the damnd. Dad says after the rising its all secrets that he can't tell me till after so i have to wait two more days for my rising. Karen has always just wore lingerie and a silk house coat not really covering up her body.

But lately she has been showing off more than usual her sheer bra and panties have left nothing to the imagination and being able to see more then usual walking into the kitchen.


Has made me more and more horny. Hi mom, good your up come her buddy how do i look she asked with a devilish grin, you look sexy mom good because u will see a lot more than that tomorrow night are you scared.

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Yeah a little bit i wouldn't worry about it ive had to do it and your dad too so now its your turn. I know but it feels like rape thats because it is john but remember this i am fully aware of whats going to happen and i had my tubes tide so i cant get pregnant so dont worry about a thing ok mom.


So what are you mixing together its a drug for your rising it goes in my drink so make sure i get that glass do not fuck it up the dark lord will not be happy yes mom. Well go to school because tomorrow u will be sick ok mom. School was horrible as usual the best part was coming home. Supper was usual then we sat down and watched a movie before bed and that night mom came into me to wish me good night gave me a foul smelling drink and a kiss on the cheek and went to bed.

That night i had nightmares of burning angels but the next morning i awoke sweating and screaming i ran to the bathroom pushing dad out of the way.

Making it to the toilet before throwing up between the wretching i could hear and so it begins. I know Darell i already called the school good the cleansing is almost done when he finishes throwing up.

I slowly finish an hour later go sit at the table honey so i go and sit at the table.

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Mom sits three drinks in front of me one red for the stomach one geen one for energy and one blue one for sperm increase all but the blue one tasted like a mint milkshake mom won't let me have the blue one yet.

How do u feel fine i guess now before u take the blue one u need to orgasm i will help you stand up.

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So i get out of my chair stand against the wall and drop my boxers. Karen gets down on her knees strips out of her house coat is completely naked and starts sucking my cock swirling her tongue around it as she bobs her head, dad glancing every once and a while but pretending not to notice as he went about his business. My legs start to shake as i feel the excitement of an orgasm building mom grabs my ass and sucks my cock so hard i cum down in her mouth she slowly pulls away carefull not to spill a drip and showes me before she swallowed.

Karen stands up giving me a full frontal view of her body with an evil grin pats me on the head save the blue one till eleven o clock the rising starts at twelve.

Yes mom thank you she grabs her house coat now go shower we both will need one.

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after my shower i went for a nap and slept from nine am till eleven pm then mom came in and woke me we went down stairs the two of us in just our house coats. I drank the blue milkshake i could taste a hint of coconut then dad came in its almost eleven thirty hurry up the dark lord will be here soon.

So mom goes into the living room and lies down in the pentagram completely naked holding two gold chalice's surrounded by burning candles. I fallow behind her in my house coat standing there when the door bell rings a big intimidating man enters and my dad bows his head dark lord welcome its an honor for u to join us tonight he says nothing walks over to the chalice's.

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Smiles at my mom pulls out a dagger from his waist slits his wrist and fills the dagger with his blood takes a chalice hands it to me and say drink. With a booming voice i take the chalice and and down the blood its warm with a hint of metallic tast then i grab the powder mom gave me and i pored it into her chalice as Lucifer sat on the couch with my dad to watch. my mom looks up at me you can do this she says and kisses me on the lips and flips over on her hands and knees before drinking the blood and passing out.

Dad speaks now u may begin, i take off my house coat get down between her legs spread her cheaks and slowly push my cock up her ass. Feeling no resistance i pushed all four and a half inches as far as i could go i heard a moan from my mom. I grab her by the waist and start fucking her slowly at first then faster and faster till i cum inside her ass i pull out and im still hard.

good flip her over and fuck karen again. I do as im told and flip her on her back put her legs over my shoulders and and my cock in her pussy and start fucking her, her moans tell me the drugs were starting to subside.

Karen starts to gain consciousness as i cum in her pussy. I pull out as mom sits up moaning, i can hear my dad one last hole karen open up yes high priest as she drops her jaw i walk towards her put my dick between lips and she automatically starts sucking my cock.

Faster and faster she sucks knowing i wont last long i grab her by the braid and fuck her brains out till i cum in her mouth. I let go of her braid and she hits the floor cum spilling from all holes. A booming voices fills the room good job child of the night two last steps write your name in the book and kiss my ring.

Yes master as you command i walk over sighn my name in his blood and kiss the ring as i finish a sharp pain shoots through me and i hear a booming laugh before passing out.