Slippery wet oral fun and fucking

Slippery wet oral fun and fucking
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I thought those feelings I held close to my chest, had at last been laid down to rest. I have you in my life, and that should be enough, but why then when you say 'just friends', is my smile a bluff?

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Time ticks slower each day, as you slowly burn me away. I don't know if I want you to stay, but when you're not here, I can't make the day. There is no doubt, I must be insane, for who else but a crazy person would ask for this pain?

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As the only thing in this world I adore, how could I ask for more? So I'll hide behind the title of friend, so that my time with you dosen't end.

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Which is why you don't know it hurts, everytime I see you both flirt. Why when your together there's always a smile on my face, though I'd give anything to take his place. Is the mistake I keep making, is to give when you don't stop taking?!

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I know you'll never think what I'll feel, a life with you can never be real.