Pungent girlie gets tool deep inside mouth and beaver

Pungent girlie gets tool deep inside mouth and beaver
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[This is a continuation of Soothing Mysti. If you have not read it yet please do. As always please leave a comment.

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Mysti Forever by Thyrite Mysti I have waited for this moment for years. The moment I can claim my brother all to myself.

I can put my hands on him and love him without restriction. I may be young still, but I have known my whole life who my soul mate is, consequences be damned. My heart drops to my ass when we pull onto our street and there are police cars in our driveway and parked along the street.

I can physically see at least 20 armed policemen on our front lawn. Jaime's face has turned ash white. We try to figure out how anyone found out about us. Was I too loud this morning? "Stay calm Mys" Jaime murmurs to me, "Let me do the talking, and if anything happens, just remember I will always love you." "What's going on Officer Hannah?" Jaime asks. "Some psychopath has murdered the whole family next door" Officer Hannah replies. We check in to a hotel room and pay for a few nights in advance.

I am so glad I had that appointment today. Jaime and I could have been murdered, or worse murdered and exposed. I am not so sure I care though, I feel sad for our neighbor's families. They helped us out a lot when we were younger. "Jai, what could have happened today has made me think a lot" I start "I never want to miss a second with you, and I sure can't live without you!" I suggested that we move somewhere smaller, some little hick town where we can feel safer. Hot, salty tears fell from my bottom lashes.

Jaime came to me and embraced me.

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He kissed my nose, then my lips, then my eyes. Four little pecks that made my insides gush with love and safety. His arms held me tighter than ever before, and I held him just as tight running my hands up and down his back.

I don't know how my mind went to making love so soon after a tragedy, but it did. Jaime's arms around me so tight made my tummy flutter, and my pussy moist. I began to grind against him lightly. I lifted my lips to find his and sucked on his bottom lip. He opened his mouth and we poured our passion and emotions out to each other in that kiss.

I moaned into his mouth as I had a small orgasm, a tremor if you will. I pulled back and started to unbutton his shirt, kissing his chest lower with every button undone.

I kiss back up his chiseled chest, and flick my tongue over his nipples, then pinch them between my teeth. He moans low in his throat, a deep growl. I kiss my way back down his belly, taking his pants button in my mouth before I use my fingers to slowly undo it.

I pull his zipper down and hook my fingers in his belt loops. Slowly pulling down his pants and boxers, I lean forward and kiss from his happy trail just under his belly button down into the thick pubic hair just above his raging manhood. I surprise him by taking all of his dick into my mouth, sucking it in and out a few times.

Jaime involuntarily thrusts his pelvis as I was going forward, I could feel the head of his dick start to go down my throat and I gagged. After that I decided to stroke him with just my hand for a few moments before swirling my tongue around his happy member then running it flat on the underside against the bump and teasing that spot where the shaft meets the head.

"Keep that up and I will cum in your mouth Mys" Jaime gasps. Exactly I think, we have all day and night to keep ourselves busy. I hurriedly engulf him with my mouth again still running my tongue along the bottom of his shaft as I take more than half of him in my hot mouth.

I can feel his balls tensing as I gently cup them in my other hand. Another tremor runs through me as I feel my brother's hot, sticky seed splash the back of my throat. It is thick and creamy, a little slimy, but I swallow all of it as it pumps into my eager throat. I love this man more than anything in the world. He is all mine now. Jaime: Mysti just pulled her mouth off from my penis, god did that feel good. I love her so much it hurts. I was so scared earlier when we saw the cops at our house.

I thought sure as shit we were busted and I was going to spend a long time in jail, Mysti would get married to some douche bag and forget all about me, or worse hate me forever. I should have known better than that though, this was all her idea after all. She looks up at me, her eyes almost completely turned sapphire by now.

I can feel the love in those gorgeous eyes, no matter what color they are. She pulls me to the bed, not that I am fighting her.

Then she pulls me on top of her and kisses me with passionate intent.


I kiss her back and can taste my cum on her lips, and smell it off her breath, mixed with the sweetness that is only her. I have kissed a few girls in the past, after so called dates. None of those kisses come close in comparison to Mysti's. She can almost make me cum from just kissing me. I can feel a tremble run through her body. I break the kiss and sit her up a little. I pull her shirt over her head and kiss her firm, tight belly.


Then I swirled my tongue around her belly button before dipping inside it a little. Mysti squirmed under me as I bit her down on the bottom of her belly button with my lips before moving up and unhooking her bra. Thankfully it is a front latching bra. I run my hands up and down her sides and take her nipple into my mouth.

As I lick, suck and nibble on her tasty, tiny nipples she grinds herself against me again. I feel my thick penis start to engorge again as it still leaks out the last bit of cum from my last orgasm. I can feel her rubbing her very wet pussy against my shaft. The cotton of her underwear under her skirt barely protecting her from full penetration. Trailing kisses down her perfect torso I unhook the buttons on her skirt and pull it off, tossing it aside. I hook my arms under her legs as I kiss lower onto her mound, over her panties.

I bite her panties with my lips right over her clit. She rests thighs over my shoulder as I pull her panties to the side and run my tongue along between her outer and inner labia, barely grazing over her clit as I go from one side to the other. I push in a little as I hold her lips apart with two fingers from each hand, making her clit come out from under its hood. I flick my tongue across the little bundle of nerves, her first orgasm floods my face as I continue to gently kiss and make out with her clit.

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I suck her juices from her pussy, then continue to kiss and suck on her now much engorged clit. It is sticking out so much I don't have to hold her apart so I use the fingers on one hand to fuck her drenched pussy. I lick my middle finger of the other hand and rub the outside of her sexy little rosebud.

She floods my face again with another gush of her sweet nectar, just then I push my middle finger past her tight sphincter and clear up her tight anal canal.

Another gush of fresh pussy juice squirts out of her and some down to the finger in her ass. I remove my lips from her clit and my other fingers from her pussy and lick up her juices.

I run my tongue around her anus around my finger as I continue to pump it in and out of her tight ass. Even her asshole taste great. I pull out my finger and lick just inside her asshole. Fucking my sister's asshole with my tongue makes her squirt again, so I clean her up to let her catch her breath.

I rake my eyes over my lovers' body. Her eyes are closed, she must have passed out from the last orgasm. I kiss her lips and part them with my tongue.

Enjoying that I am exploring her mouth until she wakes up a few minutes later and starts kissing me back. "I Love You Jaime, Forever" she whispers in my ear "I want to have your baby and to be your wife." Hearing this makes my already hard penis turn to steel. It aches so badly. "I want all of you Mys, I want everything for you and me too" I say with tears threatening behind my eyelids "But I can't impregnate you or marry you, at least not legally." I would never be able to be listed as the baby's father or have my sister become my legal wife, besides we cannot have a child with an extra leg growing out the back of its head.

I express my concern to her. We hold onto each other still naked and cry together at the vastness of our dilemma.

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I will have to let her go eventually so she can have the family that she wants, the life she deserves, I am just not ready to do that yet, if I ever will be. Mysti My heart is broken. Realization setting in that we can never have a true relationship outside of our own four walls.

No children, although we could adopt I suppose. If we moved out of the country and somehow got fake identification we could be man and wife. That kind of thing is a far reach and the risk of being caught enormous.

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I still love Jaime with all my heart and I know I can never be with anyone else, I could never be happy without my Jaime. We continue to hold one another, for some reason it feels like good-bye, I will not say good-bye to my relationship with Jaime without a fight. I pull Jaime down again. Lying beside him in bed, I work him onto his back. I straddle him tightly between my legs and ease myself on him.

He is now flaccid, but not for long. I begin to rub my pussy over his soft dick, still slippery from all my juices and new ones mixing in.

Gaining a good rhythm I can feel him harden up a little. "Mys, we can't" he says "It is too dangerous right now." I look deep into his hazel eyes, seeing a flash of regret pass through them. "You can always pull out, besides I am due for my period anytime now, I highly doubt I can conceive now anyway" I ensure him "You can always cum in my ass again, Maybe even stick that cock of yours up there and come in me there." I shift up a little, placing his now rock hard dick against my asshole.

He is very slick with all my natural lubrication, as is my sphincter. I try to relax my muscles as I push back onto his dick. I feel the head enter a little, I pull back and push harder.

Major pain shoots through my asshole as I impaled myself all the way on his raging manhood. I bite back a scream as I feel the tear stretching and burning. I never thought anything with Jaime could be this painful, I almost hate him in this moment for it. I stay impaled on him, hoping the pain will ease, and it does. I pull about half way off and experiment with little, gentle thrusts up and down. The pain is easing more, and it starts to feel good so I pull almost all the way off of him and impale myself back down.

I never thought it would feel this good. I love him again, more and more all the time. I ride myself off to another orgasm with his thick cock deep in my ass.

I ride him harder yet. "I'm gonna cum Mys" he growls. I ride back and forth a few more times before I pull off of him completely and push back down. As I push back down I tilt my pelvis back and lodge him deep in my pussy as he starts cumming deep inside my womb. I didn't plan it this way I swear, it feels so good taking his load deep inside my pussy though.

Jaime Shit, shit, shit, shit! I felt Mysti pull off and impale herself back down, I knew I was in her pussy, and that made me cum just from the thought of it. I can't believe I came inside her though, deep inside her velvety tight pussy.

I pray my swimmers drowned in her before they find there mark. I love Mysti too much to ruin her like that.

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I glare at her. Her eyes back to the icy blue they normally are looking at me in shock. I push her off of me, furious with her carelessness. I storm to the bathroom and take a cold shower. When I calm down a bit I return to the room. She is laying on her side and I see her body shake as I hear the sobs and sniffles. "Mys I don't know why you did that" I start in on her "But there is nothing that can be done about it now, I am going to sleep on the floor until I figure this all out." I tell her that it is way too tempting to do it again if I can feel her body against me.

Morning arrives and I slept fitful all night, dreams where Mysti is so mad that she throws me out and calls the cops on me, and I am hauled off to jail for life. One after another waking me in a cold sweat. I have decided after it is cleaned, Mys and I will sell it and move somewhere away from this place, to some little hick town or something far, far away. To be continued…