Brooklyn chase loves swallowing lexingtons black cock

Brooklyn chase loves swallowing lexingtons black cock
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt11 I slept like a ton of bricks, not stirring even once. Saturday had been rather long and I had expelled quite a bit of energy into my wife, so sleeping like I was dead really hit the spot. But my Japanese alarm clocks were determined to wake me at the crack of dawn. The sensation was this, my shaft was being stroked by several hands and it felt like a bunch of kittens were licking the little guy's helmet.

I lifted my head to see the naked twins and Erin all encircled around my dick. All three of them had a hand on the base of my shaft with their fingers overlapping each other, and all three were taking turns licking. It was definitely different. Saki and Shiori were at my sides with their asses pointed in the direction of my head. Erin was between my legs with her free hand cupping my balls.

Kayko was standing at the side of the bed giving quiet instructions to the three girls as they brought me close to an orgasm. "Girls," she said while leaning in close to them, "When you feel him begin to swell up he is really close. Shiori, it's your turn today. As soon as you feel him tense up put your mouth over the end and suck really hard and be prepared to swallow quickly." Shiori, who wound up being the twin on my left, just nodded her head as the three continued to work.

Kayko saw me looking at the girls and smiled at me. Before anything was said she climbed onto the bed, straddled my head, and set her pussy down on my face. OH, she smelled good after having already bathed this morning. I'm no dumbass and I don't need an engraved invitation.

I stuck my tongue out and began eating my wife. Kayko began oohing and aahing as soon as my tongue hit her clit. I really love making my wife feel good. As I chowed down the girls were getting me really close. I could feel my nuts tighten up and my shaft begin to swell. That's when I felt a small mouth close over the top of my dick and the vacuum pressure start.

The other two girls began jacking the base of my shaft with short rapid strokes, pushing me over the top. In a flash I was firing away. I felt Shiori swallow once and then she paused as I shot repeatedly into her mouth.

I couldn't tell what she was doing because Kayko was sitting on my face. Suddenly I heard a gag followed by a lot of warm wetness all over my crotch. Shiori had gaged and thrown up all over me! "EEEWWW!" resonated from the other two girls followed by a mad scramble to get off the bed.

Kayko spun around just as Shiori threw up a second time, coughing the breakfast she had already eaten all over me. "Shiori!" she exclaimed as she quickly dismounted from my face. I finally had a chance to see what happened. Shiori had a big string of my cum hanging out of her left nostril along with chunks of egg and sausage on her cheek and lips. My dick and balls were covered in vomit as well as a large section of the bed.

I even had a little pile of vomit stacked up right at the base of my dick. "Aw fuck!" I stated as I looked down at the mess. Talk about a fucking disaster. Shiori began crying almost immediately as she choked back the next wave. I didn't know who to feel bad for, her or me. She was obviously in distress, but I had puke all over me.

The other two girls ran out of the room during the ordeal. "Shiori," Kayko said as she helped the distraught girl off the bed, "What happened?" Still crying Shiori answered as they headed for the bathroom, "It was just too much," she said as the two disappeared around the corner. 'Well this is a fine kettle of fish,' I said to myself as I lay there with vomit running down the crack of my ass. I guess I really shouldn't be mad, I am sure this sort of thing happens all the time.

I don't know where or when it has happened before, but it sure as hell just happened to me. I sat up and looked at my lap. I guess it could have been worse; she could have shit on my face. The only thing I could think of to do was to pull the corners of the sheet loose and wrap the whole mess around me. I was going to have to take a bath anyway so this would, at the very least, contain the mess.

I walked into the bathroom looking like I was wearing a huge diaper. Kayko had Shiori over at the sink and was cleaning her up. "Is she ok?" I asked when I stopped in the middle of the floor. Kayko responded with, "Yes, she'll be fine." And then she looked over at me. I must have looked pretty stupid because a smile came across her face and she started laughing. "What do you have on?" she asked while trying very hard to choke back her laughter.

"I'm the new menu for fall," I said as I looked down at myself. "I am the new vomit burrito." That was completely the wrong thing to say. Shiori instantly began wailing at the top of her lungs with tears pouring down her face. If she had felt bad before, I just made it worse. In my own defense, for those of you who think I was cruel for saying that, in a situation such as this you really are at a loss for words. I was just trying to make lite of a rather awkward situation.

I was wrong. Now Shiori was crying almost uncontrollably. "I'm sorry sweetie," I said as I scooted over toward her. "I didn't mean anything bad, it's ok." Shiori looked up at me with the most sorrowful look on her face that I have ever seen.

Her eyes were all red, and you could see where the tears had been streaming down her cheeks. "Really honey, I'm sorry." I was honestly trying my best to console her. "Look," I said while turning a quick circle in front of her. "I'm ok. I just need to clean up a little. But I am fine." Shiori slowly stopped crying. "I'm sorry Uncle Mike," she sniffed. "It was just too much for me." "It's ok sweetie," I said, and I gave her a little pat on the head.

"Don't worry about it. Everything is ok." Shiori sniffed once or twice more before giving me a very tiny smile.

Kayko petted the back of her head a little before leaning down next to her. "Go get dressed," she said, "I'll be out in just a little bit." Shiori gave me a quick little bow before she scooted out of the bathroom. As I stepped into the shower stall I looked over at Kayko.

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"So I guess that was not part of the plan," I said, trying to make a little bit of a joke as I turned the water on. Kayko looked at me with a bit of disappointment on her face. "I'm sorry Mike," she said as she pulled her night shirt off and walked over to me. "She seemed to do just fine with Mark." "It's ok." I answered her as I rinsed the puke from the sheet and my nuts.

I really was not upset. Granted, it was not exactly the most pleasurable experience to wake up to, but I realized that shit happens. As I continued to rinse off, Kayko got everything ready to give me a bath, bringing the stool out to the middle of the room and filling the buckets. This was my reward for being the barf target. Kayko went way out of her way to make sure I was clean. She scrubbed me from head to toe and washed my dick, balls, and ass 3 times, rinsing me in between each washing.

When I was sitting in the hot pool she brought over the straight razor, the mug, and the brush. Kayko was going to give me a shave as well. As she glided down onto my cock until she was sitting firmly on my groin I looked up at her.

She was an absolute vision of beauty. Her long black hair was wrapped up in a tight bun on the back of her head, leaving the rest of her toned body in clear view. The smooth skin of her face, lightly tanned and flawless, only accentuated the curvature of her cheeks and the gentle slope of her eyes. I wish I could stay inside her forever. As soon as her ass came to rest, her pussy started massaging me with slow gentle squeezes.

She was absolutely exquisite! I held absolutely still as she first lathered my face, then carefully gave me a very close shave with the large straight razor. In 12+ years she has never cut me, and today was no exception. My face felt like a mirror when she was done. Setting the instruments aside she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me, pressing as much of her body against me as possible. "Mike," she said directly into my ear.

Her hot breath caused me to have goose bumps. "What is sweetie?" I answered while rubbing the small of her back and grinding her clit against me. "I love you." was all she said. I pulled back away from her just a little so I could look her directly in the face.

She had a very warm smile on her face and her eyes were only partly open. Her look could best be described as one of complete content.

As she gazed back at me she switched the action inside her pussy, giving me the sensation of her pussy trying to suck my cock deeper into her.

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I could feel my cock being gently pulled then released as Kayko worked her magic. "I love you too honey," I said as I tightened my grip on her waist. Kayko then got really serious about milking me. She placed my hands on her breasts and cranked up her speed, using her pussy like she was on one of her workout tools. I was in absolute heaven as my wife's pussy sucked and pulled and squeezed me.

It was plainly evident that she wanted me to cum inside her and that is just what I did. Sensing my impending explosion, Kayko opened her legs wide and allowed her full body weight to come down onto me.

The only thing between our two bodies was the water of the tub. I released her tits and grabbed her over her shoulders, pulling her down and raising my hips at the same time. Kayko let out a loud gasp as she was skewered by my hardness stuck up into her, opening her mouth wide in the process. I arched my back and held my ground, keeping my wife firmly in place as my dick erupted. When the first rope surged into her she began moaning and whimpering as I filled her up, unable to move in any direction.

She clamped her pussy onto my cock and sat motionless as my dick pumped over and over, sending my hot seed into her. Damn that was good! As the throbbing in my dick began to fade Kayko leaned forward and kissed me passionately. I could feel her heart thumping against my chest as she hugged herself tightly against me. What a way to make your husband feel good!

We sat for several minutes just enjoying our closeness. Kayko kept squeezing my dick to keep me hard, a talent to which none can be compared. She finally sat up and looked at me. "Looks like I need another bath." She said as she slowly dismounted. I watched her wash out her pussy as methodically as the first time I had ever seen her go through the procedure. It really is something to watch her take care of herself.


Every movement looks like it is rehearsed. She never gets in a hurry, and is always very thorough about cleaning herself on the inside as well as the outside. It is no wonder that she is such a success at everything she does. When she was finished she motioned for me to come out, standing at the ready with my towel. I stood still as she dried me, watching her every move. When she placed my robe around me she motioned toward the door. The kids were all in the living room piled onto the couch when Kayko and I came down the stairs.

Shiori was sitting next to Mark while Erin and Saki were lying on the floor. As Kayko and I went into the kitchen Shiori walked over to me. "Uncle Mike," she said in a very soft voice. "Yes sweetie, what is it?" I responded in the most cheerful voice I had. Shiori looked down at the floor before saying, "I'm sorry I got sick this morning." I knew she felt bad, and I appreciated her apology.


But it was not necessary. With my finger under her chin I raised her head. "It's ok honey; there is no need to apologize." A small smile came over her face before she threw herself into my arms with a big bear hug. I could tell she appreciated my position on this matter. Her hug was genuine. I gave her a kiss on the top of her head before she went back into the living room. Thank god this ordeal was over. It could have been a wreck rather than just a little embarrassing.

The rest of the day was a full on leisure day for me. I was going to have to spend most of Monday working to get ready for the trip to Canada so I made the most of it. I sat in the gym for a while and watched Kayko work the girls.

They were all showing signs of improvement in all aspects of Kaykos' training program, especially Saki. Saki was really working hard to impress me. She managed to make it all the way to the end of the horse with the pegs of different diameter. A genuine feat for her. When her crotch came to rest on the horses back at the last peg, Saki looked over at me and gave me a smile like none other.

She was proud of herself, and rightfully so. She had surpassed Shiori and was now catching up with Erin who was working on the second peg of the large horse. Kayko even gave her a smile and nod of approval.

I never would have thought it possible considering that just a week ago I could barely fit my finger in her. Now she was progressing along like a champ. The rest of Sunday was pretty much uneventful. The girls came in and had a lite lunch before returning to the gym. Mark was in parts unknown for a while before returning to the house all sweaty and dirty. I guess his fort was not quite as good as the AC in the house. By late afternoon the girls were done working out and everyone was just a little bit stir crazy.

I decided that a family trip to the mall and a movie was in order, so everyone got dressed. I stood at the top of the stairs with the bag of smooth rocks waiting for everyone.

Erin came out first in her new white skirt, a pink tank top, and sneakers. She looked great with her slender tanned legs highlighted by the white material and her small a-cup tits straining at her top. "Hey sweetheart," I said as I reached into the bag and pulled out two stones before taking a knee. Erin stepped up to me and stopped with her feet spread wide apart.

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"What movie are we going to go and see?" she asked while lifting the front of her skirt to reveal her naked pussy. "I don't know," I replied while pushing the first stone into her as far as I could. "Well, whatever you decide is fine with me," she said as I pushed the second stone into place.

"Thank you sweetie," I said. I then leaned forward and kissed her pussy. Erin casually dropped the front of her skirt and went down the stairs like nothing had happened. To see her walk, you cannot tell that she was carrying anything inside her. She walked down the stairs just as normally as any other day. Kayko had been doing an excellent job. When I turned around one of the twins was standing where Erin had just been. "Hi there," I said as I reached into the bag to get two more stones.

"And which one are you?" "I'm Shiori," she replied as she lifted the front of her dark blue skirt and spread her feet apart. "And what movie do you want to see?" I asked. Shiori thought for a moment while I pushed the two stones into her.

"I don't know," she replied, "It really doesn't matter." I leaned forward and kissed her pussy too. "Ok honey, go down stairs." Shiori dropped her skirt and stepped past me only to be replaced by Saki. "Hi Uncle Mike," she said with a big smile on her face. "Hi pet," I responded while digging around in the bag. Saki leaned forward till her mouth was right next to my ear. "Can I have three?" she asked in a voice just above a whisper. "Do you think you can handle it?" I whispered back as I pushed the first stone deep into her.

Saki bent her knees outward and pressed down on my hand as the first stone went all the way to the top of her pussy. "Yes," she said with a little bit of a grunt. I positioned the second stone and pressed upward. Again, Saki bent her knees outward and pushed down against the intruding stone. It was pretty deep inside her, more than half the length of my finger.

As I reached out with the third stone she brought the hem of her red skirt up to her mouth and grabbed it with her teeth. With both hands now free she placed them on my shoulders for balance. With a little nod of her head I began pushing the last stone in. Saki bent her knees outward, opening her tiny pussy as she pushed down.

The third stone went just inside her before it stopped moving, coming to rest against the second stone. She quickly took half a step to the side before she pushed down again hard while she grunted. Slowly all three stones sank deeper into her until a third of my finger was inside her.

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I was impressed. "There you go sweetie," I said as I withdrew my finger from inside her. "You're all set." Quickly bringing her feet together Saki threw her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips, twisting her head back and forth to grind our lips together.

I set the bag down and put my arms around her, drawing her body up tight against me as I kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm.

When we finally parted she stepped back and straightened out her skirt. "Thank you Uncle Mike," she said with a smile before carefully walking down the stairs. She was definitely trying to impress me, and her progress at Kaykos' instruction definitely showed.

Mark came out of his room next and flew down the stairs past me without saying a word. 'Boys will be boys' I thought as I looked up the hall to see Kayko come from around the corner of our bedroom. She was wearing a white tube skirt that I had never seen before. It hugged her body like a second skin, showing off every last curve she had.

The top came up just above the top curve of her breasts, leaving almost all of her cleavage showing. The bottom hem could not have been more than one or two inches below her pussy, leaving those gorgeous legs completely exposed.

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She was wearing black high heels and a gold anklet. Her gold watch and a gold necklace finished her ensemble. Holy fucking shit did she ever look hot! She slowly walked up the hallway while exaggerating the swing of her hips. I must have been kneeling there with my mouth hanging open because she started smiling when she reached Erins door half way down the hall.

"Hey big boy," she said with a sexy smile and a wink as she stepped up to me and stopped. Her perfume smelled fabulous! "Wanna turn me on?" she said as she handed me a small neon pink remote that I had not seen before.

I looked at the remote. It had settings for 10 different speeds and variations. "What is this?" I asked as I looked at the buttons. Kayko spread her feet apart. "See for yourself," she said with a teasing smile as she placed her hand on my shoulder and waited. I reached between her legs and easily found the small loop of wire sticking out of her pussy. Giving a little pull produced and elongated vibrator that was tapered at both ends.

It was the same diameter as her egg only twice as long and neon pink. It was already slick and it had not even been turned on yet! Now I knew what she had in the bag from the adult store. I pushed the long egg up into her, making sure it was seated deep before switching the remote on to position one.

Kayko gave a quick little twitch before a huge smile came across her lips. "Whew!" she said as she brought her feet together. "This is going to take a little getting used to." She then wiggled her hips back and forth a few times before taking my arm. "Shall we?" The mall was ok even though we had to walk slowly. Kayko held my hand tightly every time she had an orgasm which was often. I didn't help the situation by playing with the buttons, so Kayko was almost in an endless orgasm.

Saki held my left hand when I was not playing with the remote. She was taking rather small steps with her feet going from heel to toe. I guess she was having trouble keeping the stones in. Erin, Shiori, and Mark were everywhere. In one store and out to the next as me, Kayko, and Saki strolled along at our slow pace.

It took us almost 45 minutes to go around one lap before we headed for the car. When I switched the remote off while I drove us to the movie theater Kayko breathed out a sigh of relief.

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She still twitched and shook from residual orgasms, but nothing like what she experienced in the mall. The theater was a different story. We went and watched Battleship. It's an ok movie if you are into the sci-fi alien blow them up kind of stuff, but it wasn't great. Besides, I didn't get to see much of the movie anyway. As soon as I purchased our tickets and we were in the door, I switched the remote on to one of the highest settings.

Kayko jumped like she had been hit by lightning and almost fell off her shoes. Her nipples poked out hard against the top of her dress and I could faintly hear the long egg humming as we took our seats in the back row.

Mark sat to the far left followed by Shiori, Erin, Saki, me, and then Kayko to my right. Fortunately the theater was not full so we had the back virtually to ourselves. As soon as the lights went down Kayko and Saki were pawing at my dick. Kayko unzipped my pants while Saki got in between my legs by crouching down on the floor. As soon as my dick was free, Saki had it in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around and around the head, making me hard while Kayko said some of the nastiest things into my ear.

"Do you like having that little girl suck your big hard cock," she whispered in my ear before licking up the outer rim of it. My dick surged to full hardness in an instant as Kayko assisted Saki by pumping her hand up and down my shaft. The two of them were really tearing me up as the previews played on the big screen.

Saki started bobbing her head up and down, taking almost half of my shaft in her small mouth. Her lips were pulled out tight against my hardness as she strained to keep her mouth open wide.

Kayko quit jacking me as another surge plowed through her. She slumped down in her seat and spread her legs wide apart when her next orgasm hit causing her to spray cum all over the back of the seat in front of her and the floor between her feet. Hell, the excitement in the back row was far more interesting than anything on the screen! When I looked over at the other three kids they were all sitting there watching us, awe struck that their guardians would do something like this in a public venue.

Kayko finally had enough. Reaching between her legs she yanked the vibrator out, sending a small splash of cum to the floor in the process. "Look out Saki," she said as she rose from her seat and then sat down on my lap, taking all of me into her in one attempt. Saki stepped to my left and turned to face us. She just stood there and watched while Kayko began fucking me like she was insane. Thank God the movie was loud because Kayko was going for broke.

She was pounding up and down on my dick as fast as her legs would allow while mauling her tits which had pulled free of her top.

It was quite the scene to say the least.

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In a way we were lucky that it didn't last too long because right when I started shooting cum into my wife the beam of a flashlight hit us from the right. Can you say busted?! We were thrown out of the theater and told not to come back. Luckily for us the guy was a bit turned on by the ordeal so he didn't call the cops. Add into that equation the fact that Kayko gave him a really good look at her tits when she rose up from my dick, and it virtually sealed a clean get away.

As we walked out to the car, that's when I noticed the back of Kaykos' dress, the part covering her ass, was completely soaked. You can't say I didn't do my part. The rest of the evening was pretty much the same as any other although Kayko and I did get a laugh out of being caught in the theater. At the house we all piled onto the couch and watched TV after the girls changed into their night shirts.

Mark and Shiori sat together in one corner of the sectional couch while Kayko, Saki, and Erin did their best to sit on top of me.

(That's what it seemed like.) It is kind of nice to have so many women around me. Saki has taken to sitting on my lap all the time when its TV time, and Erin and Kayko sit against me on either side.

It really is nice. As we watched TV Saki had me play with her pussy. This is becoming the norm for us. With her legs spread out on either side of mine, her little pussy is always wide open, allowing me easy access to her. I slowly rubbed her clit with gentle circles, making her shake and tremble for almost an hour. She must have cum more than twenty times, sometimes grinding her ass down against my shaft as she shook. When I speeded up my pace, and really began working her hard, she twitched really hard and two of the stones popped out of her, landing on the seat between my legs.

Kayko heard the stones hit the top of the couch and looked down between our legs. She was not happy. "Saki," she said with a degree of sternness to her voice, "you have to do better than that. You can't let anything fall out." I could tell that Saki wanted to protest, her body language spoke volumes. But instead of trying to explain she just gave Kayko a quick bow with her head and said, "Hai." Kayko picked up the stones and stood up.

"Come with me," she said as she headed toward the dining table. Saki quickly followed her, almost running to keep up. Kayko pulled two chairs out from under the table and aligned them side by side with their backs parallel to each other and a 2 foot wide gap between them. When Saki stepped up beside her Kayko told her to get on the chairs and do a split with her pussy in the middle of the gap.

Standing with the two stones in her hand, Kayko watched as Saki sat on one chair, spread her legs open and placed her left heel on the adjacent chair. Then, moving maybe an inch or two at a time, Saki scooted over until she was straddling the gap with her torso, leaving her pussy wide open and completely exposed.

As Kayko stepped up to her and squatted down she said, "You get 15 minutes per stone. If you drop one," she said as she stuffed the first stone up into her splayed open gash, "you get another 15 minutes. Do you understand?" Saki just nodded her head yes as Kayko pushed the second stone in.

It was then that I realized that Kayko was unaware that Saki was holding three stones and not two. Before coming over to the couch Kayko set a tin pie pan on the floor directly under her, making any dropped stone ring out loudly. With the pan in place, Kayko came back over and sat down beside me. "Sweetie," I whispered as I took her hand in mine. "You do know that Saki has three stones and not two, right?" To see the look on Kaykos' face when her head snapped around you would think that someone had just shot at her.

"No!" she said as she looked over the back of the couch at the quiet girl.


"When did she…" I cut Kayko off by saying, "When we were leaving for the mall she asked for an extra one." "Mike!" she exclaimed in a slightly louder voice than a whisper. "Why did you do that?" "She told me she could handle it," I replied. I realized that I was on very thin ice as Kayko looked at me for an explanation.

"I think she was trying to impress me." Kayko was about to say something when she looked over my shoulder at Saki. The discipline had already been dealt out, now she could not change her decision without undermining herself.

"Next time you tell me," she said as she looked at the clock on the wall. "Seeing as how she does have one extra stone, I'll cut 10 minutes off her time." I have to hand it to Saki. For the remaining twenty minutes she sat perfectly still with her legs wide apart and the stones firmly in place.

Sitting in the kitchen does not provide a good view of the TV but she handled the discipline without a hitch even though she was somewhat isolated. When the twenty minutes came up Kayko rose from her seat.

"Mike," she said as she rounded the end of the couch. "Will you come with me?" I followed Kayko over to her student. Saki appeared to be in a slight trance. Her eyes were closed and she had her hands folded in front of her while she concentrated. "Saki," Kayko said as we walked up to her. "Your time is up." A big smile came over her face when she saw me standing right there. "Mike, you're going to have to help her up, her legs are probably asleep." I was more than happy to oblige.

I stepped up to Saki who made no effort to lift her arms. She kept her hands folded in front of her as I bent down. Without a second thought I cupped her pussy with my right hand and lifted straight up, hoisting her up to my waist while balancing her with my left hand.

Her legs fell down straight, almost like they were made out of rubber, closing my hand into the nice warm place between her legs. As soon as she was resting against my side she threw her arms around me. "Thank you Uncle Mike," she said as she squeezed my neck.

"You did really good my little pet," I said as I hugged her to me while walking through the kitchen. "I am so proud of you." Saki hugged me again with all of her strength, almost choking me in the process. "Ok everyone," I announced from the back of the couch, "Bed time." Mark, Shiori, and Erin all got up without any guff.

They knew who the boss was so there was no arguing. I carried Saki up the stairs and into her room. She clung to my neck the whole way. I was starting to grow awfully fond of my little pet. I set her down on the bed as Kayko and Shiori walked in. "Mike, get the stones," she ordered.

"Ok pet," I said as I cupped my hand under her pussy. "Show me what you got." Saki pushed with her muscles and the first two stones came out easily.

The third one appeared to be stuck again. I was just about to reach in and get it when Saki said, "Wait, I can do it." She took both of her hands and pushed down on the lower part of her belly in several places, alternating the pressure from right to left.

After just a few tries a smile came onto her face. "I got it!" she said as she pushed down hard with her stomach muscles. It took a second or two before the last stone rolled out into my hand. "Great job honey," I said and I gave her a high five. When I turned around and looked at Kayko she had a look of someone who was not that impressed. I guess she knew she still had a lot of work to do. "Ok Shiori," I said as I spun around on my knee, "You're next." Shiori stepped up to me and spread her feet apart.

Squatting down a little she pushed, easily expelling her two stones. Kayko then handed the double ended dildo to Shiori who climbed into the bed. She fed half of it into Saki before scooting down and engulfing the other half. "Goodnight sweeties," I said, and I gave them both a kiss. "Good night Uncle Mike," they responded in unison before pulling the covers over themselves. When Kayko and I got into the hall I turned to go to Erin's room but Kayko headed for the master bedroom instead.

"Aren't we going to get the stones from Erin?" I asked as I stopped in the middle of the hall. "No," Kayko replied while pulling her night shirt off and dropping it in the hall.

"She keeps hers tonight." When she got to the door she turned around and spread her feet wide apart, striking a very seductive pose with both hands on her breasts. "Besides," she said as she stuck her finger in her mouth and pulled it out slowly, "You have some work to do in here." I made love to my wife that night.

Not the screaming, sweating, body pounding, orgasms seeking animalistic kind of sex, I mean true genuine love making. For almost 3 hours we pleasured each other, grinding slow and steady, enjoying each other's bodies to the fullest. My wife might be a full on nymphomaniac who loves having something hard stuck up in her at all times, but when she makes love to me, she really means it.

It felt like it was the first time all over again with her milking me steadily, keeping me aroused but not allowing me to climax. It is a little painful at times, but it is well worth it at the conclusion. Locked in a strong embrace with hot open mouth kisses, Kayko switched her technique just a little to make me cum in her.

She pulled away just a little and smiled really big as she felt the warmth of my cum flooding her belly. "Mmmm, thank you," she said before resting her head on my chest. "No, thank you," I replied as I threw my arms and her. We drifted off to sleep in the same manner as we had done a hundred times before, with me inside her and her pussy slowly squeezing me.

I was going to miss her while on my trip; there was no way I could deny it. End Pt.11