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Game of pussy fucked with the best cunnilingus my gf has never enjoyed
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After effectively raping his best friend, Garrett was a ball of confusion. Why was he so upset with Justin? No reason he thought of could explain the anger that had gathered in him the moment he saw Justin on his knees in front of another guy. Garrett had never thought of himself as gay or even curious. Yet sodomizing his best friend was the most sexually exhilarating moment of his life. Garrett lied back on his bed and thought about his actions.

While the event unfolded again in his memory, he relished in the pleasure that he felt but the grief of what he had done to his friend was too much to bear.

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He picked up his cell phone and while shaken sent "I'm sorry" to his friend hoping for a response. Justin meanwhile had collected his thoughts and was taken a steamy hot shower trying to come to terms with the events that had occurred. He wanted to be angry at Garrett for what he had done to him, but the anger would not come. Only feelings of contentment and satisfaction came to him.

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Justin continued his shower, and while enjoying the hot water, he did not notice the front door opening and his girlfriend walking in. Stephanie heard the water running in the bath room and did a quick check to make sure no one else was in the house. Finding no one she quickly ran to Justin's bedroom and stripped down to just her lacy bra and matching panties. Justin reached down and turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, he grabbed a towel and began to dry off. Thinking he was home alone, he walked down the hall to his room while drying his hair leaving the rest of his taut skinny body exposed.

He pushed open the bedroom door and saw Stephanie laying there, legs spread, the only thing covering her being two small pieces of black lace. Justin quickly dropped the towel as the blood rushed between his legs. Stephanie said softly "Come here." Justin quickly obliged and made his way to the bed. Stephanie grabbed him by the waist and quickly took his full length into her awaiting mouth.

A moan was the only thing that escaped Justin's lip as Stephanie worked up and down with a hunger Justin could only dream of. Her fingers dug into Justin's ass as she continued her oral assault. Justin pulled his hips back removing his cock from her mouth and passionately kissed her. "Please baby, fuck me." Surprised by her boldness, Justin reached down and pulled her panties off of her.

She spread her legs as Justin got between them and lined his cock up with her wet hole. With desire in his eyes he slid in, meeting the resistance of what he knew to be her cherry he stopped but was meant with an aggressive thrust as Stephanie forced his remaining length into her.

With all resistance gone, Justin began to slide in and out.

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Stephanie began to moan, so Justin picked up his pace. The harder he went the more she moaned.


Finally he was slamming into her with all the force he could muster, her moans turned to screams of pleasure, this turned Justin on even more. "I'm coming" he moaned as he slammed all the way in one final time. He fell on top of Stephanie exhausted.

He kissed her slowly, but then he heard the front door creek open. Stephanie jumped off the bed and quickly threw her jeans on and pulled her shirt over her head. Justin pulled on a pair of basketball type shorts and turned the TV on as they both pretend they were watching TV.

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Justin's bedroom door opened and to his relief it was just his younger sister Kayla. She looked into the room and said with a wink "Hey, hope I'm not interrupting anything." "We were just watching TV," Stephanie replied as she looked at her watch.

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She turned to Justin "I got to go I have to be at work in about an hour" They kissed again and she left. After she left Kayla returned to Justin's room. "Hey bro" she said as she entered and flopped down onto his bed. Kayla and Justin were very close and told each other everything, so it came as no big shock to Justin when she asked "So did you two do it?" Justin replied "Yes, but how did you know" "Because there is a pair of white lace panties on the floor that aren't anyone's in this family." Justin embarrassingly picked up the lacy undergarments and threw them into a drawer.

She kissed her brother lovingly on the cheek "My big brother is finally growing up" she patted him on the lap as she jumped off the bed "Well I'm meeting Mike up town I'll see you later" Knowing Mike was her boyfriend he said "Have fun" causing her to laugh as she ran out the door. Finally alone Justin checked his cell phone and found the message from Garrett.

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Even though he wanted to be angry he couldn't. He couldn't throw away his best friend even if he deserved it. He replied "It's okay." Garrett read his message and felt instant relief from some of the guilt that he was feeling.


His reply was "I want to talk, can I come over?" Justin said "Sure" Garrett hurried to Justin's house and walked in. He found Justin sitting on the couch. He hung his head in shame "I'm so sorry I don't know why I did that to you I wish I could take it back.

Its just, as soon as I saw you on your knees in front of Tommy I was, um, well jealous." "Jealous?" "Yeah, that's the only way I can explain it" he said looking Justin in the eyes.


"I wanted to be Tommy." It wasn't until he said those words that he truly came to terms with it, he was attracted to Justin. Justin rose up walked over to Garrett wrapped his arms around his masculine frame and kissed him deeply.