Brunette in Red Underwear Cums with ohmibod

Brunette in Red Underwear Cums with ohmibod
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Have you ever had a friend so close it was as if they were your brother? This sort of relationship has existed between my cousin Tom (age 12) and myself (age 16) for several years. Tom does not have an older brother and neither do I. As a result, he has basically become my surrogate younger brother and myself his elder brother. Tom was spending the night at my house one night; a not uncommen act. He had only been here a short time before asking if he could use the computer. "Sure", I said. Several hours later, I was tired of his seemingly endless web surfing.

Bored, I suggested we go to the neighborhood pool. He quickly agreed, something I expected. We went to my room to change. In the past, I had never really noticed much about him while we were changing. This time was different. I walked to his side of the room, looking my swim trunks. He was still changing, his pants off now. Retreiving the shorts, I glanced up just in time to see his cock.

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The sight of it grabbed my attention. While still relatively small, my cousin had already sprung a few sparse hairs. His cock, small compared to my own, was still rather big for his age. I knew that in a few years he would be bigger than me. Shrugging theese thoughts from my mind, I went back to my side of the room.

The two of us walked to the pool and quickly jumped in. The water was surprisingly cold, to the point where I could almost feel my dick shrivel. I started to get out.

"Oh no you don't!" shouted Tom. He leaped at me in a desperate grab to pull me back in. Flying back into the pool, I barely had time to grab a breath before going under. Getting back to the surface, I noticed that the little demon had grabbed my pants while pulling me, to the point of which they were around my knees.

"You little--" I managed to gasp, before being splashed in the face. Quickly reaching down to fix my shorts, I tackled him.

We wrestled in the pool for some time.

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I pulled him up across my leg, grabbing onto his waist so I could throw him. Tipping forward, he fell straight out of his own swimsuit and into the water. Laughing, I helped him get himself back up. "Give me my shorts!" he yelled, practically in my face.

"If you're going to be so rude about it, why should I?" was my response. He flew at me, and we again wrestled until I released him and gave him the shorts. He put them on quickly and glared at me. "What?

Your fault." I said protestingly. "Yea, right" was his angry response. Next I knew, he had made a dive for my pants, pushing me over in the process. In mid-spin, I realized he had not only pulled my pants down, but gotten them off entirely. Naked, I shivered slightly and looked around the pool for him. I spotted him at the other end and shouted: "You little rat, get back here!" "Heck no!" was his half-screamed response. I quickly took off over there.

He tried to get away, but is not a strong swimmer. I caught him easily. Again, we wrestled. As he pulled me around his back, I feel my penis graze against his shorts and leg. The soft feel was incredible, and my penis got slightly hard despite the cool water. Struggling to keep it out of his sight. I pulled him up, my penis rubbing up against the back of his pants sheerly on accident. This did nothing to stop my now rock-hard boner.

Tackling him one last time, I freed my shorts and dressed. Both of us were exhausted, and we headed back to the house. We headed to my room to change. Soon, we were both naked and toweling all remaining water off our privates. I suddenly noticed that his eyes were focused square on my cock, which had gone flaccid from lack of stimulation. "You have so much more hair than me.


Doesn't that itch?" "Yea", I responded. "I trim it every now and then, that helps". Again I looked at his member, on purpose this time. I could not keep myself from studying its slender form and the few hairs poking from his balls.

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"You're not so bad yourself, you have more hair than I did". He pulled his briefs up, cutting off my view of his dick. We both ended up going downstairs for diner.

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After diner, we headed to my room for games. Since it was now late, we both made ourselves comfortable and stripped, me to my boxers and him to his briefs. After playing several video games, he was bored and so was I. We again ended up wrestling, this time on my bed. I pinned him quickly and sat on his stomach.

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"Please get off!" he yelped, struggling. With a shrug, I did. We laid down on the bed together, exhausted. Soon, we were talking about puberty. I gave him what advice I had to give. This is where things got interesting. I brought up the topic of masturbation, something he didn't know about. I told him why people did it and what it was all about. During this talk, my cock again grew hard.

"How do you do it though?" he asked curiously. Thinking for a second, I asked "Would you like me to show you?". A look I could not read came over his face, and he thought for a minute. "Ok, go ahead." I pulled my boxers down, my dick springing up to full attention. His eyes widened and mouth dropped open at the size of my fully erect, 6 inch dick. Turning to him, I asked "Whats wrong?" "You're huge!", he said, clearly awed. "You'll be big one day too, I can tell" I reassured him.


I grabbed my cock with my hand and began to stroke. My normal fantasys were interrupted by this half-naked young man in front of my. Unable to stop myself, my eyes focused on his shorts. As my orgasm approached, I closed my eyes and imagined Tom touching my cock, testing it with his tounge and sucking the head. I gasped loudly, and cum spurted from my cock. I heard Tom scramble away, alarmed. I felt my warm cum splash over my chest and arms.


Opening my eyes, I saw Toms stunned face and realized some of my cum hand ended up on his thigh. Fetching a towel I always had ready, I wiped us both cleans and laid back onto a pillow. "Your turn" I said slyly. "Make me" was his response. Moving quickly, I tore his underwear off and threw it on the floor.

He had clearly expected this, and I was surprised to see his cock had gone erect to about 4 inches. He touched it with his hand, experimenting.

"Here, let me show you" I said, grabbing his cock and stroking. His eyes rolled back in his head and he laid on the bed, my hand pumping him over and over. " good" he gasped through a veil of pleasure. A force seemed to take over my body, and without knowing it myself I bent over and licked his head slightly. He moaned, but was in bliss and did not stop me. Lust took over me and and sucked his small cock, amazed at the fine taste.

His gasps and moaned drove me mad. Remembering stories and movies I had seen, I sucked his cock as hard as I could while tounging his head. He squirmed everywhere, legs flying behind my back as he had his first orgasm. He cock surged in my mouth and I felt his warm, sweet cum shoot into my waiting mouth.

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I drank ever y bit, although he didn't put out much. He collapsed on the bed. "Your turn", he gasped. I slipped my cock into his mouth, feeling his warm lips on my shaft. I feel his teeth to close and told him to open wider. He opened wider and swirled his tongue around my head. I was in total bliss. His hand seized what little of my cock was not in his mouth and pumped it furousely. Soon, I lost all control. "I'm gonna cum" I managed to gasp, second before I feel the warm liquid shoot down my shaft and into his mouth.

I filled his mouth with cum, I could feel it deep with the head of my dick. He struggled to swallow it off. Panting, we feel away from each other, hands around each others shoulders. We fell asleep and did not wake up until the next morning. I will continue this story, but to make it as good as possible I need comments and constructive criticism. YES, a girl will be in the next part, I already have it outlined.

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Thank you all for reading. This part is just getting things off (no pun intended), the next will be better- I promise.