Glamorous model flashes enormous bum and gets asshole pounded

Glamorous model flashes enormous bum and gets asshole pounded
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Captain Nick called at noon on Sunday advising he had spoken to Cindy about doing a photo shoot in Melbourne for her and that he was coming down the following Saturday for some site inspections and to plan out the shoot with her, he was hoping that we four might be able to have dinner on Saturday night. Jan excitedly said she would talk to Cindy and they would make the arrangements. I spent the afternoon washing & polishing the MG and as I was finishing up Jan came out the back with a tray of afternoon tea; I said you sounded excited to hear Nick is finally coming to town.

I am she replied, but he is staying at Cindy's house as they need to work on her next photo shoot. Oh what's the photo shoot all about cause I thought that's what you guys were doing up in Sydney the other weekend. Yes dear Sydney was predominately her swimwear range. Apparently our clothing guru has just finished a lingerie range and she tells me it is very sexy & turns mothers into Milfs.


Sally said Nick is going to introduce her to his contacts down here as she wants the photographer to pose the models in the state rooms of some big luxury yachts & motor cruiser's, he is planning on using some older male models in some shots, like a successful & wealthy sugar daddy. You know, big boys toys.


Any way Nick believes we won't need to go out on the water he says it will be warmer doing the shots inside the factory & any rain won't destroy the day.

I noted Jan had said we, when discussing the models but I let that slip by for the time being and discussed their plans for Saturday night, where by Jan informed me that Cindy & her agreed that they should introduce Nick to Peter & Sally, I see, what else were you girls scheming up Jan?, we weren't scheming anything Jim, it's just that Nick was so nice to us we want to show him a good time whilst he's here, you've spoken to him I thought you was interested to play as well so what's the big deal.

Nothing Jan I guess now a dates been set perhaps I'm just a little nervous any way you will have to set up the guest room for Peter & Sally if they are coming to town.

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As if on que Peter was on the phone asking to talk to Jim, hey man guess what? Well I can tell you're excited, has Cindy been on the phone about next weekend already? Err: No Peter said, but I'm ringing to talk to you about next weekend, I've got a big favour to ask of you he said.

Oh what's that mate Jim replied; well you've finally convinced us to join you in the sports car world, really, what have you done Peter?

Sally & I have bought a Red 1972 Triumph TR6 this morning & I would like you to come up next weekend in your MG & take some photos of them for us, I've got a spot picked out at the river. I've got it all planned out & you need to bring suite & Jan needs an evening gown for the sunset pictures, I know it's been done before but it'll be amazing with our cars and girls all shinny & polished, I want some of Sally in her bikini washing the car on the lawn too.

What do you say mate, can you do that for us next weekend? Err Pete you know I'll take all the photo's you want but we've got plans with Cindy on Saturday night she's got that Captain Nick coming in from Sydney, bloody Jan's all excited about it I know that much. Oh I see, well how about I get Sally to talk to Cindy, If its ok with you obviously, why not all of you come up here for the weekend I can throw some stakes on the Barby fire up the spa & make a night of it, do you think this Nick fella would be in to a bit of fun with the girls or do we need to tell them to bring their swimmers with them.

Oh mate I thought Jan had told Sally all about her modelling trip to Sydney, Nah this bloke is right into all our stuff, he DP'd Jill on his boat with his crew man, and in that case we could invite some of the old gang over and have a real party.

Well Peter easy, I'll leave it up to Jan to tell me what we are doing on the weekend, I'll pass the phone over to her, catch you later mate. I finished my cuppa & left Jan on the phone to Peter whilst I went to put the car away in the garage. By Monday night Jan, Cindy & Sally had their plans for the coming weekend all worked out, Cindy was picking Nick up Friday night, Saturday morning they would go off to make arrangements with the boat builders for her photo shoot & then venture onto Murray Bridge & meet us at Peter & Sally's home.

Jan & I would drive up on Saturday morning, we would inspect the TR6 and start taking some photo's as requested. During the week I recharged the camera batteries and checked all the equipment in readiness for the weekend, the girls and Nick continued to talk on skype making plans that suited every ones needs & Peter polished his TR6 to a high shinny finish. Saturday morning came, Jim & Jan set off early arriving at Peter & Sally's house in time for breakfast eager to get started on the photography Peter had requested, Sally was wearing a light sundress and as she went through the back door Jim notice that the dress was see through when the sun was shining through, he noticed that she had a push up bra & "G-string on underneath the dress, although dark in colour he was not able to distinguish the colour.

Jan was wearing a pair of cut off shorts & a white tube top. Peter instructed Jim to follow the TR6 out to the Murray River location he had picked out. Leaving the bitumen, Peter slowed to just twenty kph to avoid kicking up stones or covering the car in dust, they soon pulled on to an open area on the bank of the river, Jim noticed a few ski boats passing by, the skier waved at the girls whom waved back.

As Jim unpacked his camera Peter suggested that they photo both cars & girls together, placing Jan & Sally in one car at a time sitting on the back shelf with their feet on the rear seat with him in the driver's seat as a way to start off. Then he wanted Sally behind the wheel of the Triumph & Jan likewise in the MG. Photos were taken of the girls climbing in & out of the cars leg first, then of Sally looking under the bonnet head turned sideways with a cheeky smile, also bent over looking in the boot with the morning sun shining thru her dress her panties clearly visible, when Peter was satisfied he suggested we return home for lunch & then continue with the girls washing the car on the back lawn in their bikini's.

We were about to drive off when Peter stopped climbed out of his car walked over to Jan & I suggesting I might like to drive the Triumph home & test her out. We exchanged cars and as I slipped behind the wheel of the TR6 Sally said Oh this is nice I get to ride with you and I politely responded; yes you might get to ride me if you're a good girl.

Sally broke out laughing, so as I changed out of first gear into second I allowed my hand to slip of the gearshift onto Sally's leg & my hand continued up to her crotch until it rested on top of her pussy, Oh I'm not used to the gearshift I declared.

Aren't I the lucky one she said and as she seemed very receptive I left my hand there until the next gear change, this being a forward motion I returned my left hand to the steering wheel until it was time to upshift into fourth. Only then did I repeat my original action returning my hand to her pussy ensuring I massaged her clit as I did so; Sally promptly slid a little further down into the seat spreading her legs accordingly allowing me better access.

We played this game all the way home until we parked the car on the lawn at the rear of the house where by she turned her head & reached over to kiss me sliding her tongue into my mouth & rubbing my cock through my pants at the same time, Peter came around the back tooting the MG's horn thus putting a stop to our little game. Whilst the girls went to change into their Bikini's, I readied my camera and Peter went off to prepare a bucket of soapy water with Jan being the first to come back to the cars wearing her yellow "G-string bikini and suggesting I might just watch as our car is still nice and clean to which I replied that Sally might need a hand to finish off the TR6, but in the mean time she could play drinks hostess.

As Jan went off to the bar Peter arrived with the water & detergent followed by Sally in a hot pink "G-string bikini that hardly covered her pussy and which gorgeous tits were spilling out of.

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As Peter directed the photo's he wanted Sally moved around the car posing for various shots, washing the wheels, leaning over the boot hand stretch out in front of her we took photos of her cute arse wrapped only the hot pink string up her butt, tits squashed hard up against the boot lid faced turned sporting a cheeky grin. Whilst in this position Peter grabbed the bucket of soapy water tipping it on her back and as she turned to squeal with the shock of the cold water he splashed some on the front of her, Ah that's the look I want he claimed, now come to the front please and lay back on the bonnet, no sit above the mudguard and drape your foot over the side so that the headlight is the centre of attention between your legs, I take a few more photos in this position before Peter has Sally removing her top and then ultimately removing her "G-string completely.

After this series of Photo's we stop for drinks before Peter asks Jan to help Sally complete the car washing, he asks me to continue to photo the girls Sally thinking it wasn't fair her being the only one nude moved up to Jan, pulling her into an embrace & started kissing her full on the lips ensuring to wipe her wet body all over Jan, when Jan started to visibly respond to these advances Sally pulled on the strings attaching Jan's bikini allowing it to fall off her now wet body, Sally then turned Jan so that she was standing in front of the Triumph's bonnet and gently pushed her backwards until her head was resting on the bonnet, slowly the kissing stopped and Sally moved down to nuzzle into Jan's gorgeous boobs until her nipples were standing straight up hard as rocks, whilst I was catching this all on the camera, Sally moved herself lower until her tongue was sliding all over Jan's cunt, it took less than ten minutes of Sally's treatment to bring Jan to a shattering climax, by this time Peter had undressed and moved up behind his wife, joins in in the action as he pushed his cock up into her cunt, whilst placing one hand on the back of her head forcing her face back into Jan's cunt.

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Jan had no option but to lay there and enjoy the tongue bashing from Sally's repeated assault of her until Peter called out he was coming. Once Peter was finished he walked over to the swimming pool & jumped in for a cooling off lap followed shortly by the girls, meanwhile I checked my camera and being satisfied with my work I to joined the others for a couple of hours swimming and lounging.

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We were careful not to over indulge in the alcohol as Peter wanted us back at the river for some sun set pictures. By six pm we were all dressed to the nines, the girls in short length evening dresses with plunging neck lines, push up bras to enhance their breasts and us men in dinner suits, we returned to the river bank & took several shots of the cars, surprisingly these photo's looked fantastic, even the one we took of all four of us standing in front of the cars with the lights on just as the sun was disappearing over the horizon, lucky that I thought to bring a tri pod for the camera.

By the time Cindy arrived with Captain Nick the photography work was all done and we had just got back, the girls decided to leave the evening dresses on but Peter & I slipped back in to casual clothing so as not to damage our suits whilst attending to the BBQ, Cindy had introduced Nick to both Sally & Peter with beers all-round the conversation was flowing and I noticed that Nick had relaxed and had all the girls centre of attention as he went through the day's activities.

By the time Mary, Frank, John, Sue and Trevor arrived everything was prepared for a fun night and we had moved outside to the patio dinner table, Carol arrived some thirty minutes later profusely apologising to Sally for being late and immediately downed a glass of champagne asking for a refill and by the time she had caught up on the day's activities she had downed three glasses in about twenty minutes.

The beer drinkers other than Trevor had moved onto wine by the time the main meal was served and as they took their places around the table it was clear Nick was holding the attention of the girls as he sat furthest away from the BBQ in between Cindy and Jan with Carol, Sue, Mary and Sally sitting opposite him. Trevor & Frank sat deep in their own conversation, leaving Peter & I at the BBQ.

Occasionally I would notice Jan look up at me and give a broad smile before turning her attention back to Nick and his story telling. I noticed Nick's hands were below the table and the sultry look on Jan's face made it fairly obvious to me that she was being pleasured by Nicks hand down the front of her nickers whilst he carried on with his conversation.

Dinner was served, Peter held conversation for a while explaining to anyone listening about his Triumph & the days photo shoot, with some of the girls asking Sally and Jan about the poses and clothes etc.

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Mary dropped her fork on the ground and on the premise she was reaching to pick it up she climbed out of her seat and dived under the table to come up onto Nicks lap reaching into his pants and pulling out his cock only to start giving him a beautiful head job, not to be out done Sue was under the table in two minutes flat pulling Peters cock out and into her beautiful mouth, this brought laughter to almost everyone else, Trevor decided to make himself useful and offered to refill the drinks, Carol offered to help Sally retrieve the sweets from in the house, ten minutes had passed by, the sweets had not arrived & I ventured into the kitchen to see what the holdup was, Carol was sitting on the bench, her dress hiked up & Sally was bent over, busy between her legs eating pussy so I snuck up on them with my cock hanging out and as I flipped Sally's skirt up over her back my cock sought out her juicy cunt, as it found its way into her hot love canal Sally murmured into the depths of Carol and I began banging away.

Reaching around the front of Sally I grabbed a hold of one nipple and tweaked it whilst rubbing the tit bringing more murmurs Carol saw what I was doing and started offering directions suggesting to rub her clit, pull hard on the other nipple, in doing so Sally seemed to gather more enthusiasm until Carol was screaming her big O had arrived.

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Not wanting to cum so early into the evening I pulled my cock out dropped to the floor and liked that pussy like a starved dog on heat to bring Sally to a screeching Holt as her body rocked with the power of her own orgasm.

We tidied ourselves and took the sweets outside to the dinner table. By now several people had forgone sweets and were in the spa having exchanged partners Nick had Jan sitting on his lap in the reverse cowgirl position laying back with her head lying on his shoulder one of his hands was playing with her tits whilst the other was below water and by the smile on her face her eyes barely open I assumed his hand was busy with her pussy again, meanwhile Sue had come up to me placed herself sitting down on the tables edge she leaned back spreading her legs stating that I could get better desert right here as she pointed to her juicy cunt, I picked up a spoon full of cream from my plate aimed at her pussy and quickly slapped the spoon on her vulva trapping the cream up against her pussy adding a strawberry to the cream I stated now it looks like a desert I might enjoy.

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Dropping from my chair to my knees I poked my tongue out and began to lick the cream spreading it up and down I put one hand on her chest and pushed her backwards till her head rested on the table then lifted her legs placing them over my shoulders to rest on my back whilst I continue my assault on the strawberry & cream pie, reaching for another spoonful of cream I wiped more over her nipples, lifting my head momentarily I saw Mark across the table and called for him to try Tit cream as I called it.

With the spoon still in my hand I decided to up the ante and began to insert the spoon handle into Sue's dripping cunt, the cold handle sending shivers up her spine, Mark watching every move whilst he sucked & licked the nipples removing the spoon once again I loaded it up and looked up at Mark asking if he would feed some to Sues mouth, when he nodded his head I reached over and wiped the spoon over the head of his cock telling Sue to open wide for her share of the cream.

Mark placed the head of his cock to Sue's mouth and she immediately went to work licking up and down the entire length of his cock until finally he pushed it into her mouth, Mark got excited very quickly and continued pinching her nipples, I now slid my cock into her wet pussy with one long stroke and as my balls slapped her arse I looked back to see that she had indeed taken the full length of Mark down into her throat taking the opportunity to once look around the room I saw that Nick had climbed from the spa making his way to the bar whilst Jan was kissing Peter, I was surprised that Nick left Jan alone in the spa with Peter until I saw him pick up a jar of petroleum Jelly open the lid& wipe a large amount all over his stiff cock and arse placing the jar back on the bar he returned to the Spa and resumed his seat next to Jan and Peter then reaching over to Peter Nick whispered something in his ear, Peter nodded his head, stood up and lifted Jan from her seat embracing her for another kiss.

At this point Nick reached out to Jan's hips and gently eased her back to his lap, I noticed Jan start to squat, stop turn to look at Nick with a smile on her face then slowly ease herself down onto his lubed cock, Jan said nothing but wondered why Nicks cock was pre lubed as it slid into her pussy, when fully down Nick began to stroke in and out slowly then pulling Jan further back until he could kiss her, as he did Peter moved forward between Jans legs positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy when she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance she broke her kiss with Nick, he stopped prodding Jan whilst she looked at what Peter was about to do, Nick reached around the front of her taking a firm grasp of her boobs holding her back against his chest, Peter slid his cock across the top of Nicks spreading the jelly onto himself prior to lining up with Jan, then slowly he applied pressure to Jan her flower slowly opening to receive him.

As Peter continued he leaned down to Jan and stuck his tongue into her mouth as he kissed her hard, it appeared as if the pressure being applied to his cock was similar to the pressure being applied to Jan's lips Nick pinched her nipples hard just as Peter bottomed out in her cunt, resting for only a minute or so then the boys slowly started to stroke in and out of Jan's cunt helped along with the aid of the petroleum jelly.

With Jan's tits being abused by Nick, Peter decided to place one of his hands on top of Jan's clit, no sooner had he done this and Jan orgasmed and could be heard all over the house, bringing to the attention of most others that there was a show going on in the spa.

Jan was having continual orgasms; the next thing we see is Cindy wanting in on the action, she climbed into the spa forcing herself in between Jan and Peter she pushed her cunt up in front of Jan asking her friend to eat her muff. Peter was struggling to concentrate and slipped out leaving Nick to do the screwing all by himself until he heard Cindy in the throes of excitement Nick had stopped stroking and waited for Jan to finish her job on Cindy before pulling out Nick then ask Jan to follow him out of the spa and over to a jolly jumper which had been set up under the outdoor patio, somehow he managed to get Jan in the wing set up, her legs spread wide, her hands bound up high on the swing so that she was in a sitting position but not actually siting on a seat allowing full access to both her holes, being a gentleman I offered the Jelly jar to Nick so he reapplied more to his cock & lubed Jan bottom thus confirming he indeed intended to have her anally, aiming his cock at Jan's arsehole as he handed me back the jelly jar, took a hold of Jan by the tits massaging them once again as he slid ever so slowly into her an inch at a time until she was fully impaled, only then did he retract until only the head of his cock remained within her bowels slowly he manoeuvred Jan in and out whilst his hands moved around and around her beautiful breasts.

We the onlookers taking full advantage of the situation were watching a great show whilst girls were stroking the nearest guys cock and guys were fingering the girls, all eyes focused on Jan and Nick, as this show became too much for Trevor he needed to join in so walked up to Jan and in his usual smug way asked if he could join in, only when Jan opened her legs wider did Trevor step forward offering his cock to her open mouth, Jan proceeded to bend forward raising her arse slightly higher whilst taking Trevor completely into her mouth, as Jan started sucking Trevor's pole Nick smiled at him.

Obviously Trevor was over aroused for he lasted less than five minutes before cum could be seen escaping from Jan's mouth, done for the time being Trevor retracted from the show and was immediately replaced by Frank sliding his cock straight into her very open and slippery cunt having only minutes before been stretched by two rather large cocks.

It took a little while for the three of them to get into a rhythm and whilst they were doing that I too rubbed petroleum jelly onto my cock and right hand, placing the jar on the table I snuck up on Nick leaning into his ear I asked him how he was enjoying my wife and as he started to respond with fabulous, I placed my right hand on top of his bum and said that's good as I inserted two fingers up his hole.

Well I said you don't mind if I occupy myself whilst Jan's taking good care of you guys do you and with that I pulled my fingers out of his arse and pushed my greasy cock straight up his arse to join the rhythm with Frank looking into my eyes a big smile on his face, I'm not sure if Jan knew I had joined in the show nor cared we were having a great time I thought and Nick didn't seem to mind that like he I was an arse man too, although I'm not sure if he generally was a taker of just a selfish giver, but tonight I was ensuring he received as good as he gave.

Slamming my cock home as hard as possible was all I was concentrating at that moment wanting to split the famous Captain Nick in two, I reach around his waist taking hold of his right nipple I squeezed as hard on his nipple as my fingers could manage bring a cry for help from Nick as I rough handled this man until my balls swelled and released a gallon of jism up his well-used arse.

Jan had almost passed out as she felt Trevor and Nick unload into her shortly after. We separated and gathered our composure with an ice cold drink we watched the other couples going at it.


Cindy had been summoned by Nick to clean his shaft and arse, and then told to lick Jan's drenched pussy ensuring it was cleaned ready for him to go down on her again. I thought doesn't he know there are plenty of sexy women here waiting for a turn at him, but no he seemed fixated with my Jan. I retired to the spa and was joined by Carol shortly after, allowing the water bubbles to massage my body whilst talking to her about the earlier day's photography; she asked if I would be available sometime to take pictures of her & her husband making love as they wanted to have some memories of themselves for later in life.

Carol suggested they wanted a video as well as still photos and I said that could be arranged but I would need either Jan or Peter to assist me to operate one of the cameras to ensure we captured everything. I then felt Carol's hand grab my cock and she started to gently stroke it up and down the whole shaft, feeling these sensations produced a hard-on, I reached around her and pulled her closer to enable our lips to meet and as I slid my tongue into her waiting mouth I heard a slight gasp of breath escape her mouth.

Carol and I made out in the spa whilst my body recuperated, Jan eventually had had sufficient of captain Nicks pleasure and joined us in the spa, it took only a few minutes of conversation between the three of us before Jan sat on the edge of the spa and pulled Carol face first down into her pussy, as I sat back to watch the girls I thought about how much use my cock had during the day and wondered where I might find the strength to carry on.

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