Another day with friend more hotnudegirlz com

Another day with friend more hotnudegirlz com
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The Contract 2 Back at my small apartment that week I read the contract all the way through. I had signed on to make 6 movies of a sexual nature with things or partners at the discretion of the director. As I read I kept thinking of the dog's cock fucking me and wondered if I would get another chance at that.

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The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it again only this time I would be more perceptive of it. The week quickly rolled by and Friday afternoon I took a shower and cleaned out my ass to be ready for the movies.

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I arrived at the farm at 7 ready for my next assignment. The same crew was setting up the area as Jim came over and handed me a drink. "Good to see you made it. Come over here I want you to meet your co-star for this next film. We got to shoot it tonight 'cause it needs to be out tomorrow afternoon." Jim said.

We went over to the couch and Jim introduced her. "This is Abby. Abby, this is Billy." Jim said, "I'll let you two get to know each other while I get the cameras ready". She looked to be in her late 60's and over used. She said she had done this for money many times before and that the pay wasn't bad for what she had to do. We talked a little when Jim called for her to come over. I watched as she posed and got naked with the cameras clicking away.

"So this is how they get those pictures for the internet" I thought. Finally Jim called me over. He told us the basic scene and we took over from there. We sat on the couch and I started fondling her tits.

It was like playing with your grandmothers saggy tits. I finally got down to her pussy and almost lost it when I came face to face with that overused wrinkled cunt. She moved around and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking me.

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After a little more eating and sucking it was time to get down to the fucking. I thought I'd get lost in that well used cunt of hers. My dick sank right in and I started the in and out pistoning.

She was moaning the whole time I fucked her like a pro. For the next two hours we sucked and fucked in every way possible. I must admit that for an old bag she wasn't a bad fuck, but with the filming finally done we took a shower and had some drinks while Jim worked on the films. Thinking back I think I'd rather fuck a dog than another wrinkled old worn-out pussy.

(There I was again thinking about dogs!) The next morning I woke to the pleasant feeling of Butch licking my cock and balls. It felt so good that I just layed there and let him have his fun.

I rolled over and he started licking my asshole. I couldn't believe I was letting him do this, damn it felt so good. I came to my senses and realized that I would probably be making another movie today and I would need to save some cum for the money shots so I pushed him away and got dressed.

After breakfast Jim asked if I was ready to start filming. We went to the studio and while Jim got the cameras ready he told me the plot of this next movie. He said there would be no direction but that I was to play with Butch and just let happen what happens. I said that would be fine but I didn't want lots of crew around just yet as I needed to get used to the idea of being fucked by a dog.

Jim agreed and released the crew for an early lunch. With everything ready we got down to filming. As the cameras started I got down and sat in my heels. Butch came up and started licking my face as I was rubbing his fur. I quickly took off my shirt and he moved his attention to my chest and nipples.

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I don't know why but symbolically I took his collar off and put it around my neck (a move that later Jim called a great shot). Butch was bathing me with his tongue and it felt good. I stood up and quickly took my pants off and sat back down. Without missing a beat Butch started licking my cock and balls which were starting to get hard. He licked and lapped at them like he couldn't get enough.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and rolled over onto my hands and knees. Butch turned his attention and started licking my ass. It felt as though he wanted to climb inside me tongue first. I was enjoying every minute of it when he stopped and pulled away. I realized what he was doing when I felt him jump up on my back and put his paws around my waist. Like a good bitch I just stayed there and let him do what he wanted with me.

Butch started humping my ass looking for the mark to sink his cock into. I felt his dick poking around hitting everywhere but my hole, it only hurt once when he missed and jabbed my balls hanging down. Getting discouraged he hopped down and walked around me sniffing my ass. A few more licks and he jumped up on my back again and started humping me looking for his mark. His cock randomly hit all over my ass then I felt him hit his mark.

I moaned as he entered me and his fast stabs slowed down. He started humping my ass, fucking me good and to my surprise I was loving it. I could see the flashes of the cameras while I was being fucked good and hard. He fucked me for about two minutes then I felt him pull out and dismount me. I thought the fucking was over as he walked around me sniffing my ass and licking me. I stayed there on all fours like a good bitch to see what he would do next.

Then I felt him mount me again. His aim was better this time 'cause his cock slipped right into my hole. All I could do was moan as I let my new master fuck me. It went on like this for some time; he would mount, enter my ass and hump away. Then he'd pull out, walk around sniffing and licking and then remount me. After about the fifth time he mounted me I could feel his knot bumping against my ass. I knew it was too big for my ass and didn't want to tie with him this time so I clenched my ass muscles so it wouldn't enter me.

Butch was fucking away when finally he thrust into me and I felt him shooting his cum into my back passage.


He was still and filling me with his seed for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he pulled out and walked over to the corner and laid down. I could feel what seemed like a gallon of dog cum leaking out of my ass and run down my legs. I stayed in that position as the cameras clicked away. Jim said "cut" and threw me a towel. "That was great." He said as I got up putting the towel between my legs to keep the cum from spilling onto the floor.

I went to the toilet and sat down letting the cum leak out of my used ass. I was surprised as to how much there was and I was a little disappointed that Butch didn't tie with me like I had read dogs do but that would be left for another time.

After a shower and all clean now I came out to find Jim reviewing all the film. "Fuck, how could I be so blind." He yelled. "What? What did I do?" I asked walking over to him. "You didn't suck his dick. I wanted at least one shot of you with his dick in your mouth!" "Alright, let's get down and do the shots." I replied.

Now up to this time I have never had anything but a human cock in my mouth, hell, until I signed that damn contract the same went for my ass.


Jim quickly got a camera ready as I got undressed and called Butch over. He was playful enough as I started rubbing his fur all over. I could see his dick starting to come out of its sheath and with much anticipation I leaned over to kiss the end of his now familiar cock. The texture and taste was different then what I was used to. As I sucked him into my mouth I could feel and taste jets of his precum squirting into my mouth.

I kissed, licked and sucked for about five minutes then Jim finally said he got enough shots to edit in. In a way I hated to leave Butch hanging like that but I wasn't ready for another fucking. I got dressed again and Jim handed me an envelope with my wages. He said that was it for this weekend and told me to come back next week to fulfil my contract.

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I stuffed the money in my pocket and headed for home. Only two more film to go……………