Latina grinds her hairy pussy and sucks on torso adult toy

Latina grinds her hairy pussy and sucks on torso adult toy
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I am now 17---when I was adopted I was 3 years old---when I was 15 dad left mom for another woman. So for two years mom and I have been on our own,and now that I'm 17 sex is a big thing for me.

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I have had sex with 4 girls, which none of the four will have sex with me now, because they say I'm to big and rough. My real dad must have been hung, I'm about 8 inches---thick cock, with good sized head.

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Mom is 49 a little over 5 ft--red hair-- slender with small tits, but a nice ass. She had kid when she was 18 by another man, and then after they parted she married my step-dad when she was 35 and they decided to adopt instead of having another.

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Now mom was on the pill the time they were together, but after my dad left us she stopped taking them shortly after because she lost interest in men. And as far I know she has not been with another man since.

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Now I've seen my dad naked with a morning hard-on and it look to a normal 6 to 61/2 inch dick--- I've heard their bed-room talk and mom says that she has only had two men in her. Now I don't know what kind of fucking they gave her, but I do know what kind of fucking she was going to get saturday night. I had decided to fuck mom because she was getting to be a bitch, and when she got like that dad would always fuck her and she would stop for awhile.

Besides the thought of me fucking her turned me on. And she wasn't my real mom anyway, although I didn't know watch she would do after---hopefully not turn me in for rape. So when saturday came around I hung out with my buddies as always and went home about 8:00 pm and ate supper with mom.

After mom went ot take her shower and I went to room to get things ready. I took 2 sets of hand-cuffs and fixed them to my bed post. Then I got into my boxer shorts and waited till mom come out of the bathroom. When she went out and to her room I gave her about 15 minutes and then I called her to my room. when she walked in she had on her cotton PJs top and bottom with panties--- I could tell by the pantie lines, she went and sat on my bed, which was great.

Then she ask what I wanted and I said your fixin to find out.


And with that I pushed her back and turned her and latched one hand-cuff and then the other, she scream and ask what was I thinking. I looked at her and grinned and started un-buttoning her top, her small tits were great, but thats not what I wanted. While she was kicking and yelling I yanked down her bottom's and threw them in the floor. And I pulled her panties off and saw her cute little red mound with silky hair, with her kicking I could see her pussy lips and could tell she was going to be tight.

I held her down and started fingering her pussy and before to long i got a finger up in her. After a minute of finger-fucking her, I ask her if she was ready for some real dick.

She screamed for me to stop this, that it wasn't right and that she was un-protected and that she could get pregnant. I looked at her and gave her a grin as I pulled my shorts down, my rock hard cock stood out and she screamed and begged me not to do this, I pulled her legs apart and got in between them and struck my large head to her pussy lips,as she felt it she begged me to stop.

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I pushed and the head went in her, and I pushed again and about half slid in her cunt. She was begging and crying for me to stop, so I slowly started to pump her, she said that I must stop, that I was to big and that she might get pregnant.

I stopped looked at her and grinned and shoved my cock all the way in her. She let out a very loud scream, so I went to fucking her, I fucked her long and hard for a few minutes and she was still crying and begging me to stop, when I started to really fuck her hard, she was just screaming, no begging.

I fucked her good and pulled out and blew my load on her belly, a thick-white milky cum, I then un-did the cuffs and she rolled on her side whimpering with her butt shaking, a trace of blood was coming from her pussy and was on my dick. but I wasn't threw with her just yet.

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I grabbed her and pulled her to the edge of the bed and bent her over, she begged me stop and I laughed and told her that I had given her a fucking and now I was going to give her a baby. She screamed as I pushed my cock into her again, I didn't waste time I went to pounding her pussy hard and deep, I fucked her longer this time and when it came time for me to cum, I shoved it as deep as I could get it and blew my load.

Mom was crying and whimpering when I pulled out of her, her ass shaking again as cum and blood ran down her thighs as she fell on the bed. I rolled her over and spread her legs and put my dick back in her, Then I made her look at me, while I was slowing fucking her, and told her from now own that I would fuck her when and how I wanted to, and she was to submit to me. She looked at me and said but what about me getting pregnant with your baby. I told her she could worry about that right now as I started fucking her again.


But this time I fucked her long and slow and this time she just whimpered and moaned, and ask me if I would pull out again and not shoot into her. I stopped and told her; you did not listen, I told you I would fuck you like I wanted to did I not. She said yes you did and I said that means what. And with that I looked at her grinned and she said no please and I laughed and went to fucking her good.

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When I got ready to cum, I rammed it as deep as I could and told her she was going to get every drop as I blew into her. When I finished there was blood and cum running out her pussy, she put her hands between her legs and rolled over on her side whimpering.---------more to come