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Brandi Liebe lehrt netten jugendlich wie man fuck
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This is my first story written, second ever submitted. I changed it a bit and here it is! I just thought I'd mention that I purposely leave descriptions of the characters age and appearance generally vague so the reader can put themselves in the situation mentally while they're reading it. I hope you enjoy.

I felt it was a bit cheesy at moments but I liked it overall :P. Please leave feedback on how I can improve or if you liked it, and rate too, positive or negative, depending on if you liked it. :) ------------------------------------------------------ "Have fun," their mom shouted. "Be nice to your sister, Tom." Tom grinned and waved goodbye to his mom as he walked down the footpath.

He couldn't wait. Nearly a whole week of fun at school camp. As soon as they turned the corner his sister punched him in the arm.

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"You wouldn't be mean to me, would you Tom?" She pushed her bottom lip out into a pout, her sparkly green eyes wide open and her face split in a giant grin, and she was curling her hair around her finger. Tom ignored her and quickened his pace. He loved his sister but sometimes she could be a right pain in the arse. Cindy, his sister, quickened her pace to catch up and they walked to school with Cindy giggling along the way.

She couldn't help it, she loved to tease her twin, he was so tense all the time, she'd told him repeatedly to relax. Today was the day they were off to camp, 5 days of fun at Crystal Lake. The chilled water on a hot Australian summer, tanning on the edge of the lake, bomb diving into the lake off the swing, and with exams over and school nearly finished for the year it was going to be a great summer for both Cindy and Tom.

As they approached the school gate they split and walked off to their groups of friends. Tom wasn't the most popular guy in school, but he wasn't a nerd and he had a few close friends. "Hey Tom," said Rick, "How are ya'?" He grabbed Toms hand strongly shook it. Rick was Toms closest friend, he'd known him since pre-school.

A few more 'Hey!'s' and 'Sup's' followed from his other friends and Tom nodded in return. There was John, who was at least a head taller than anyone else in the group, and very skinny. He had a great sense of humour and was always the first to poke fun at his height. Another friend was Steve, he was the anti-John. He was so short his head reached John's midriff but despite that they were best friends.

"Can't wait 'till we get there," exclaimed John. "It's gonna be great, remember last year?" "Fuckin' A!" said Steve, laughing. "Great weather, chicks in bikinis, the possibilities are endless." The group sniggered, it wasn't likely they'd get any action.

"Hey Tom, did your sister pack a bikini? Rick asked innocently. The group howled with laughter with the exception of Tom. He was always being ribbed about how hot his sister was. It was true though, even though he wouldn't admit it to his friends, his sister was truly beautiful.

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He had watched her grow up into a real sexy vixen over the past few years. While she might sometimes excite his secondary head, he was really defensive of her and if anyone spread any rumours about her, he would be the first to confront them.

"If I see you eyeing my sister, I'll give you a punch." Rick laughed. "I'll have to do it when you're not looking then." Tom actually had seen his sister pack a bikini, on accident, of course. She had bought it the other day. It was bright pink, wasn't too slutty but it didn't cover everything. The bottom half had little pink frills, like on little kiddies swimwear.

"Right! Pack your luggage in the bus and get on-board," shouted their teacher, Mr. Chalkson, little strings of spittle escaping his gigantic mouth. He was their P.E (Physical Education) teacher, with hands like fry pans and arms like tree trunks, he easily stood out of the crowd of teenagers swarming the bus.

Tom put his luggage in the under compartment of the bus and was about to board when suddenly "Mr White, Mrs White, can you please see me quickly." Tom groaned. Nearly free. He walked up to Mrs.

Helliper and was joined by his sister. "I just wanted to take this moment to congratulate you on your assignments, you two were in the top 5% of the grade," she said beaming. "Why thank you miss," said Cindy. "I'm glad you liked it!" "Yes, well you and your brother did an excellent job and I just wanted to congratulate you before you headed off on camp.

Now off you go you two or you'll miss the bus." Tom and Cindy jogged back to the bus and entered to find only 1 seat left. Tom groaned. "Right you two, looks like one will have to sit on the others lap," piped up Mr.

Chalkson. Tom groaned louder. "Can't someone stand Sir?" Mr. Chalkson snapped back, "No, it's a safety hazard, now sit." He clenched his fist and motioned down with his index finger.

Cindy pushed Tom forward towards the seat. "You can't sit on my lap, you'd crush me," she said with a giggle. Tom sat down in his seat and his sister slid in-front of him, her bottom in line with Toms face. Tom looked up and gave a little gasp, surprised at the closeness at his twin sisters derri?. It was so round it was sticking out right at him. As Cindy sat on his lap Tom noticed she had forgotten to sweep her hands along her bottom towards her thighs to keep the back of her skirt underneath her.

He realised the only thing separating him from his sisters pus- privates, he mentally corrected himself, was each of their underpants, and his very thin board-shorts. "Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts" he repeated to himself mentally, hoping his 'little friend' wouldn't wake up. The bus started and they took off, and soon they were on a highway, the scenery changed from suburban streets and identical houses lined up in a row to hills rolling in the background as they hurtled down the empty highway.

Tom thought he was doing a pretty good job keeping his little friend sleeping. He had a mental image of Mr. Chalkson in a pair of speedos as a sort of mental 'sleeping draught' to keep it down, and it was mighty effective.

But, he fell prey to a lapse of concentration and his mind wandered to his sisters panties and he wondered what colour they were. He started going hard.


"Ooooh crap," he muttered under his breath, apparently not quiet enough. "What's wrong?" Cindy asked, her eyebrows furrowed, worried.

"Uh. I just think I forgot to pack toothpaste." "Oh, that's ok Tommy, you can just use mine!" said Cindy. She turned back to the front and Tom groaned silently. He felt his member throbbing and he was swelling, he was sure that any second now his sister would be able to feel it. It wasn't like he could hide it, it was poking right into her left cheek, he could feel it poking into her spongy behind. Cindy lent forward to braid her friends hair in-front and Tom's member slipped into the crack.

He gave a sign of relief. At least it was, he hoped, less noticeable than before. Rick, up the back of the bus started singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer." Some people groaned while others joined in and after a while over half the bus was singing and swaying along, including my sister.

His conditioning worsened. He could feel his angry member pulsating and getting harder with each heartbeat until he thought it was going to burst.

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There was no way she could not be feeling this but she was still singing and swaying as if she couldn't.

His thoughts were interrupted by the bus drivers announcement. "Eeeeexcuse me passengers," he said, dragging out the 'e'. "The last part of your trip to Crystal Lake will be raaaather bumpyyy, sit tight and enjoy the ride." Tom looked ahead and saw what the driver was talking about, the bus were going offroad onto a dirt road.


As it bumped along the gritty road Tom felt his dick getting sticky. It was leaking precum like a fire-hose and he could feel it rubbing up against her panties. "God I wonder what colour they were," Tom thought.

"33 bottles of beer on the wall, 33 bottles of beer," they continued. The road was getting bumpier and Cindy stopped swaying side to side, which was a relief, until she started swaying back and forth. Tom's dick was rubbing up against her, he knew she knew that he was hard now, but he didn't care.

The brain rushed to his smaller, dumber, stickier head and it was in control now. If it wasn't for his thin pair of pants and her small fragile panties Tom would be penetrating her pussy. "privates, privates,"he corrected himself.

"If it wasn't for my pants and her fragile, fragile pair of panties I would be penetrating her privates. Oh, shit. "15 bottles of beer on the wall, 15 bottles of beer." "Maybe if I start singing it'll take my mind off how close I am to penetrating my sister." "12 bottles of beer on the wall, 12 bottles of beer," he sung.

It wasn't working, he couldn't get his mind off the situation so he just sat there doing nothing, looking the other way pretending the situation wasn't happening.

Soon Tom felt the pressure building. He was going to cum if he didn't do anything. But Cindy's swaying was getting faster.

Maybe it was because there was nearly no bottles of beer on the wall, Tom rationalised mentally. "7 bottles of beer on the wall, 7 bottles of beer." The pressure was mounting, and he couldn't hold it much longer.

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Tom could have sworn he heard a little moan escape Cindy's lips. "Those sexy moist lips." "3 bottles of beer on the wall, 3 bottles of beer!" They shouted. Tom was nearly there, his balls tightening. "2 bottles of beer on the wall, 2 bottles of beer!!" His dick swelled. Tom leaned a bit and looked at Cindy's face. Her front teeth were biting her lower lip and it was turning white. She had stopped singing a few bottles ago. "1 bottle of beer on the wall, 1 bottle of beer!" Tom couldn't hold it anymore.

He thrust his hips up quickly and released his seed, soiling his pants. 1 thick rope of cum, 2 ropes, 3, it just wouldn't stop. He lost count by the time it was finished and he realised Cindy's swaying had slowed down, she was now slowly grating up and down his dick.

"Maybe because the song had finished, Maybe she didn't feel anything at all." But he knew that couldn't be true. Cindy was shaking, shivering almost, on top of him, a tiny whimper escaped her lips. It was barely audible. Tom sat there, his dick getting softer and softer, his sister on his lap, and a giant sticky mess in his pants. Soon the bus came to a halt. They had arrived at Crystal Lake. The teens got up to leave and the driver said his good-byes to each and every one as they dis-boarded.

As Cindy got up Tom checked his pants.

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Thankfully his underpants seemed to have confined all spillage. But for Cindy she wasn't as lucky.


Tom gasped as he saw her panties. Blue. They're deep blue, he saw making a mental note for later. use. Normally he didn't masturbate to the thought of his sister, there were plenty of fine girls at his high school and he felt guilty if the thought of his naked sister flashed before his inner eye as he climaxed. But Tom saw the reason they were deep blue. They were soaking wet. He looked at his pants and back at her panties again and it took him a second to realise that she had climaxed too.

Cindy turned around, her cheeks were deep red. She gave a nervous smile to Tom and walked down the isle, her bottom wiggling a little. Tom tried to make sense of it all as he dis-boarded and collected his luggage from the bus.

He met up with his friends who ribbed him for having his sister sit on his lap the whole way with Rick muttering "I wish she sat on my lap the whole trip." The others sniggered and Tom punched Rick playfully in the arm as they headed off to their cabin. Tom quickly slipped into the toilets to change his underwear. Everyone met up in the out doors dining area. They split up into groups and were each given a schedule.

Rock climbing from 11 to 1, lunch till 3, free time till 6 and then dinner and then more free time until bed time by 10, lights out no exceptions.

Steve, surprisingly, got the fastest time to the top of the rock climbing wall out of the whole class, considering his small size. He just jumped from nook to nook taking half a second to get a grip before jumping to the next. John had one of the highest scoring times too, his height giving him a big advantage, he could reach up and hoist himself up climbing the wall in 3 or 4 lifts even though the wall was really high.

The time just flew by and after their bellies were filled from dinner it was time for more free time. A few groups headed off to a hiking track, some went to their cabins and Toms group, and a few others decided to go swimming in the lake. Tom and his friends were splashing around dunking each other under when another group of people decided to jump into the lake. That group just happened to include his sister, Cindy, in her new bright new bikini.

She looked marvellous. Rick nudged Tom with his elbow and Tom responded in kind. Cindy's breasts jiggled as she walked, tightly pressed together and her hips swayed seductively as she walked down the path towards the lake. When she saw Tom in the lake she bit her lip and Tom could have sworn he saw her wink at him.

The group of girls joined Tom's group and they swam around chatting about anything and everything. Tom hadn't had a chance to talk to Cindy yet, he really wanted to apologise for anything that.

might have popped up during their trip. The sun had already started setting and the light was dimming. Tom could only see a few hundred metres at best, now was his time to apologise. He swam over to Cindy and ducked between her legs before bursting up to the surface pushing her up onto his shoulders. She giggled hysterical and he paddled her away from the group. "Uh, h-hey sis," he started, stuttering.

"I'm sorry for anything that might have happened on the-" "Don't worry 'bout it," Cindy said sincerely, blushing profusely. "I'm sorry I pushed you over the edge with all my rubbing." She giggled, a little nervous giggle. Tom went for a quick hug but accidentally pulled too tight and he lost his balance under water and accidentally pulled him right close to him.

He could feel her nipples rubbing against his chest, and his dick got hard poking into her leg. "Ooh," she said. "Is that for me?" Tom jumped back and apologised. "Sorry sis, I can't help it. You and your friends look so hot in your bikini's, even the cold water couldn't keep me soft." Cindy giggled and he hand seemingly brushed against Toms bulge.

When it happened again Tom knew it was no accident. Cindy reached into Toms pants and rubbed his dick. Tom was surprised by her boldness. She started stroking it up and down and she grabbed Tom's arm and guided it under water and pressed it against her crutch. With his new-found courage Tom slipped a few fingers into her sexy frilled pink bikini bottoms. Cindy lent forward and whispered into his ear. "We can't let the others know what we're doing, pretend we're just having a conversation." So Tom and Cindy stood chest deep in water, facing each other staring into each others eyes with their hands in their siblings pants, rubbing, inserting and stroking slowly.

"Hey Tom," Rick shouted suddenly, surprising him. "We're gonna head back. Catch up later, ok?" "Sure Rick," Tom shouted back, his sisters hand still stroking his dick.

As the group left Cindy started stroking faster. The water around them was splashing wildly and if anyone saw them now it would be blatantly obvious as to what they were doing.

"Tom, when you're close can you do a handstand, I want to see you cum," Cindy asked. "Sure Cindy, if you do the same for me." "I'd love to," came the reply. Cindy was using one hand to fondle his balls and the other to stroke up and down his dick. She would do short strokes around the top of his head and then do a series of fast long strokes that made his dick go wild with pleasure.

Meanwhile Tom had his index and middle finger knuckle deep inside his sisters love-nest. He wiggled his fingers around inside while his other hand started slowly massaging her clit.

"Tom," Cindy groaned, "that feels really good, it looks like I'm gonna orgasm first." With that she flipped up, surprising Tom, his fingers jerked out of his sisters pussy with a plop, and she did a handstand.

Her pussy was just above the waters surface. He decided to attack his sisters pussy with a surprise oral assault, primary weapon of attack - his tongue. His sister was quickly brought to orgasm with the combination of tonguing and rubbing of her clit. Bubbles popped at the surface as Cindy screamed in pleasure under water, her pussy muscles contracting.

Her arms buckled as pleasure overtook her body but Tom held her legs up as he continued tonguing her as she orgasmed, and with no need to support herself she started stroking Tom's cock again while she orgasmed. Her pussy juices were flowing over Tom's face, and surprisingly it tasted good, contrary to what he'd heard about the taste of a woman's lovenest.

When her orgasm finished Cindy flipped over again and emerged from the water with a giant grin on her face. She hugged Tom hard, her nipples rubbing into his chest and his rock wedged between their bellies rock hard. "Thank you Tom, that was the best orgasm I've ever had." She stopped hugging and looked into his eyes then kissed him softly on the lips.

Their lips were barely touching but it made Tom's heart race faster than when he was being jacked off. "Mmmh!" Cindy exclaimed. She started licking around Tom's lips. Her tounge pushed through his lips and she was licking inside his mouth. Tom froze, his eyes were wide open in shock. Cindy stopped licking and withdrew her tongue. "Wow, I taste really good!" She said, and started giggling which caused Tom to start laughing too.

"Now it's your turn." With that said, she put both hands under water and started stroking Tom again while fondling his balls.

It wasn't long before Tom knew he'd be past the point of no return, so he flipped over and did a hand stand.

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His dick was now pointing downwards towards the water, his knees bent backwards. Cindy started stroking again, this time they were short strokes at the hilt of his dick. He felt a tingling in the top of his dick and he realised his sister was licking his dick head.

Bubbles burst from the surface as he groaned. His sister was teasing his dick with her tongue. She didn't put his dick in her mouth, merely poked her tongue out and flicked it against his dick. She licked up and down a few times and focused again on the head. Tom tapped her legs with his hand under water to signal that he was close. Cindy stopped licking and started stroking long hard fast strokes, the full length of his dick. She saw her brothers scrotum contract, his dick swelled and cum shot out the head.

5 ropes later, and a handleful of cum caught, Tom burst up from the water and grinned at his sister. She opened her hand and showed him a handful of his cum and then she looked him in the eyes and pressed her tongue against her hand and licked it all up in one. She opened her mouth and showed all his cum in her mouth and she swallowed.

Tom was surprised by the kinkiness and kissed his sister lightly on the lips. "You taste good too," Cindy said, almost in a whisper. She adjusted her bikini bottoms so she was covered and Tom pulled up his pants.

Tom giggled and he held his sisters hand under water as they started walking back to camp. "That," said Tom, "was the best moment of my life, ever." "So far," replied Cindy and she giggled when Tom raised his eyebrows at her, and she winked. The sun had set and it was pitch black. They walked back to their cabins and said goodnight and kissed each other lightly on the lips and went into their cabins for sleep.

It was only under the comfort and warmth of her blankets when Cindy noticed her lip was bleeding. "I must have bitten too hard when I was climaxing," she thought, and giggled out loud. As she drifted off to sleep she thought what a wonderful week she had ahead.