Busty Members Wife and DFWKnight

Busty Members Wife and DFWKnight
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Chapter Four "On Hold" In my dream, someone was between my thighs and their cock was starting to enter me. Rolling my hips in anticipation, reality took over as warm lips covered mine. My dream had almost become a reality as Jay was smiling at me from between my outstretched legs. His hard cock had just barely entered the lips of my labia. At that exact moment, the damn phone rang and Jay grabbed it as he had been expecting a call.

I kept trying to get him to penetrate me as my cunt was on fire. Finally the conversation was over and I again spread my legs. "Oh, sis, I'm sorry!" Giving me a pitiful smile, he said that was his contact and they were to meet immediately and go over plans. His cock had already begun to go soft and I could tell that my needs were going to be put on hold.

The cool shower done little to sooth my body as it was still on fire and acting like a dope addict needing a fix. This was twice within the last few hours I had been deprived of a fuck!


Just as I stepped from the stall, Jay was already dressed. He gave me a swift kiss and went out the door. Leaning against the wall, I decided to do something about the fire between my legs.

Walking over to the bed, I sat down and picked up the phone. "Can you connect me with the Rowan's room please?" I asked as my hand stole down my soft belly and began rubbing my hairy slot.

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There was a pause and the operator said, "One moment please." The canned music almost all business's use when they have you on hold came on. My legs opened up wider on their own accord as my hand continued to pleasure myself. I could just visualize the young virile body of Wade. I had gotten to feel his manhood on the plane and he appeared to posses a very respectable love muscle. The music stopped and my heart picked up a beat at the anticipation of hearing his voice.

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It was the operator instead. "I am sorry ma'am, but the Rowans left early this morning.


They left a message for you at the front desk." Dressing in a simple dress, I woodenly went downstairs. The message from Wade apologized but there was a sudden death in his family and they had to return immediately. He had left his phone number in the states. The coolness and laughter from the lounge beckoned me. Just as I entered, the stewardess who had interrupted Wade and me on the plane came in and sat next to me.

Her name was Rita. She was very attractive and I could tell she had an excellent figure. She smiled coyly when she said this town was her favorite place to relax. We had just ordered another drink when Jay unexpectedly walked up.

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Giving me a brotherly kiss on the cheek, I then introduced him to an obviously interested Rita. Then I noticed his small suitcase. "I got to go for at least a day, maybe more." His face was apologetic, as my expression was one of sadness. "This should be the only time we will be separated…hopefully." A hug and he left.

"Your husband is sure handsome." Rita said. "He isn't my husband, he is my brother." "Oh! Then he is available then!" She said with a smile. However, she stopped when she noticed that I was in no mood for any joviality. Offering to take me shopping, I turned and said, "Thanks, but shopping is not what I'm wanting today!" "Oh! And what would you like then?" Her question was a whisper.

"A good long hard cock!" I responded as our eyes met! "Oh.that! Hmm, are you sure? Perhaps you are just talking?" She said as her eyes searched mine for the truth. "Please believe me, I'm not joking!

I have been put on hold twice today!" I replied. "I can take you to a place that will alleviate that problem." "You sure?" I asked. Asking the bartender for a phone, she spoke to someone in a whisper. Turning toward me, she asked incisively, "Not to far from here is a …establishment.

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The people there specialize in taking care of that problem you have. It's very enjoyable and the price is reasonable. You want to go? "It's not one of those donkey shows, is it?" "No, no! This is a first class place. The people there are very attractive and nice. They will cater to whatever taste you have. I personally have been going for close to a year. If I want a stud, I go there.

If I want a little taste of a belt, I go there.


And if I want …a woman, I go there." "Hmm! Your taste and mine seem to be one of the same." Squeezing her knee, our eyes locked onto each other. Smiling, she took my hand and led me outside and hailed a taxi. Sitting back, she turned and kissed me lightly on the lips. Smiling, I returned it, but lingered longer.

"Nancy, we are going to a place that you will I believe, definitely enjoy." Again our lips met and nibbled at each other. "The sex is good and it's safe, as you will see." Her hand worked it way to the apex of my thighs and a smile broke out on her pretty face when she discovered that I was nude under my clothing. Spreading my damp thighs, she gently worked a slim finger past my vagina lips to the first knuckle making me gasp. "Umm, hopefully I can have some more of this later." Removing her finger from my wetness, she put it in her mouth and sucked it clean.

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"Ohh yes! But only if I can have some of yours?" I asked as we again kissed and my hand began to work itself up her short skirt.

"Mmm! Damn! It's too bad we can't do it right now, but we have arrived."

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