Teens hot Arya and Jill was being fuck by stepdads while baking

Teens hot Arya and Jill was being fuck by stepdads while baking
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"Oh Mrs. Miller!" By Blueheatt * Mom had a very private talk with her son about a rumor she heard from his school. * __I had the jitters. I had to find out about this rumor I heard. The rumor was that a kid at his school was having sex with one of his teachers. Sonny, my son was my source to find out.

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I went in his room late one night and sat on his bed. I ask him about this rumor I heard. He said that he heard it too, but he hears lot's of crap like that. Girl talk, he called it. "They start crap like that stuff to get attention." he said. That was good news that no one paid much attention to all the talk at school. I was still nervous about it though.

Sonny's best friend was a kid named Trav.


He was a good looking kid with a great build and a sweet personality. He was over here all the time and one day he stopped me in the hallway. He said: "Mrs. Miller, you are the prettiest mom in this town. Then&hellip.he kissed me .right on the lips and walked away. I stood there smiling…wow…that was so hot. A young good looking kid who thinks I'm pretty and kisses me.

It took me by surprise. I hadn't had a rush like that in years. I still stood there fantasizing about him and the feel of that kiss…when he came walking back. Sonny was down stairs doing something. Trav came to a smiling me and smiled. He whispered: ("…could I have another one of those kisses Mrs.

Miller? ") I froze at first but then said to myself&hellip.('why not?'.) That's when our passion was released. He laid a kiss on me that took away my breath and my mind. We held that kiss and I found my arms around him and I felt a wonderful spasm in my pussy. I hadn't had one of those in a very long time. We just kept it going. It was crazy. I was kissing a kid and I was taking all of this I could get.

I had always like and admired him&hellip.and&hellip.to be honest I thought what would it like to have an affair with a handsome kid like that. Just a quick passing thought…but those thoughts did started happening a lot. I had seen him with no shirt and just boxer shorts on before and he was a sexy kid to me.

No one knew my thoughts but me, so what did it hurt. Trav thought&hellip. I had a crush on Sonny's mom. She had a killer body, big tits and beautiful long hair. I had seen her walk around his house in her skimpy night gowns and night clothes.


It was getting to me. It built up to taking a chance and doing a quick kiss on her to see what she would do. When I saw her beautiful sexy smile…I though I may…have a chance to kiss her more, or she would put the breaks on and stop it.

I was ready for a stern warning and to not do that again. I was all ready to play innocent of any lusty thoughts. That didn't happen.

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She reacted big time and kissed me like a boyfriend in high school. I got an instant boner.

I pushed it between her legs as she…omg…pushed back. God…I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had to have her. I whispered to her: ("…oh god Mrs. Miller…I love you so much and have for so long. I can't stop kissing and feeling you. I have to have you. When can we be alone together.?") Mrs. Miller,…Lynn, was thinking&hellip. All hell was breaking loose in me.

I wanted Trav to keep kissing me forever&hellip.and more. I felt hot animal lust for him. Something in me was on fire with passion and I just let go with it. We leaned against the wall and he drove his erection in deep against me pussy.

I liked the savage lusty feeling I was having and squeezed his young butt cheeks. I whispered in his ear out of breath: ("…I want you too Trav, we'll plan a time and place for sure…") … I grabbed the back of his head, took a hand full of his sexy hair and let my tongue go wild in his mouth.

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He gasp …and pushed his erection back and forth against my pussy. With in minutes we had become two wild people releasing all the passion we had. He then felt my tits so firm and I reached down and felt his hot erection&hellip.inside his shorts.

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It was so hot and stiff as I felt it and his warm balls. I wanted to kiss right now…but couldn't take that chance.

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His hand felt my bare nipples and he leaned down and kissed them inside my night gown. I had to have him…we would find a time and place to keep this going…… It all happened that fast. We heard noises down stairs and had to quickly stop. He ran to the bathroom and me to my bedroom. My panties were wonderfully wet as I lay back on my bed to let it all sink in to what had just happened.

I felt so good and alive, and like a woman should feel with a hot lover now. Trav…… I locked the bathroom door as I had to figure a way to get my big boner to go down. I looked at it, so ready to fuck her. Mrs. Miller&hellip. I needed to find out if this boy talked…&hellip.the last boy couldn't keep his mouth shut…after all the commotion was over&hellip.I pulled him in my bedroom, I told him not to talk to anyone&hellip.he felt my body rough like&hellip.

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quick kissed me, and left&hellip. &hellip.I ran my fingers thru my vagina pubes and dreamed of him…… The stories of some guy&hellip.well…fondling his teacher… &hellip.it was me. I just couldn't say no… &hellip.He moved and just in time…he was a quiet boy till you got him alone&hellip.then his passion let loose&hellip.now I had to deal with Trav, he fires up the passion in me.

We heard the door close&hellip.we were alone…Trav came to my bedroom and open the door&hellip.I was waiting for him. My heart was pounding. He kissed me and that did it&hellip.I slammed his down on the bed, jerked his shorts down, and proceeded to taste his cock. I let my passion loose on him&hellip.damn he was big. He held my head and started to moan&hellip.faster I went …faster until &hellip.he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up to his face and said: "Now your going to get it…" He stuffed all 8" in my vagina&hellip."Yes!" I said.

I open up my legs wide and closed my eyes&hellip. …I held on to his body and humped back as fast as I could&hellip.oh Yesssss.it felt so good…I speeded up some more!!…he moaned more…we were a love machine gone wild.

I started to black out…when…ooooohhhhhh.I felt masses of cum being driven in my vagina&hellip.I wrapped my legs around him and&hellip.squeezed with all my might. I yelled ".Ahhhhhh".and he pulled out to see a squirting dick headed for my mouth, I took all of it in and sucked and sucked&hellip.mmmmm.

He was still squirting as he lost power&hellip.I couldn't help but suck every&hellip.last&hellip.drop&hellip. ---------------------------------------- "Class attention&hellip.there have been some nasty rumors&hellip.(I have to do it)