Amateur Teen Showers and view other amateur movies on my account

Amateur Teen Showers and view other amateur movies on my account
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It had been a hell of a day for Natalie. Ambushed in her own home, she had been taken by a rather ruthless duo of men, then suddenly found herself bound and gagged with a sack over her head.

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Several hours spent on the floor of a speeding van later had her thrust upon an ornate stone floor with the sack ripped from her head.

As she started to push herself up off of the floor, she looked around. It was an odd place, architecturally elegant. After a moment, it became clear that it was a throne room of sorts, and she was not alone. Standing a dozen feet behind her, dozens of men and women lined the room, their eyes firmly rooted upon her form.

None spoke, none moved. They simply watched her vigilantly. As her gaze traveled, she spied the large throne ahead of her, upon which sat a surprisingly young looking woman. Her skin was fair, too fair.

Her hair was long and white, and as she rose from the chair, she had an air of confidence about her, the kind that could only be born from years of experience. The woman stood for a moment, entirely silent as she looked over the woman upon the flooring, then nodded, once. Immediately, two of the men set upon her, starting to pull at her clothing.

Natalie fought back as best she could clocking one of them in the head hard enough to send him sprawling, but the other one clubbed her over the head and blackness ensued.

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When she awoke, it had only been a few short minutes, but she had been stripped down entirely, and was on her back with the queen standing a few feet away. She lifted her arms to the sides, and three other men began to pull off her clothing as well. In the span of thirty seconds, she was as nude as Natalie was, except for one very important difference: The moderately sized endowment hanging between her legs.

Natalie recoiled in horror as it became clear of what was in store for her, but she was turned around quickly by the group of people behind her who seemed to urge her toward the throne. The queen, for her part, simply smiled as she lowered herself back down into the throne, reaching down to stroke her length and coax it into life.

Right before her eyes, the woman's shaft grew by several inches, gently curving into the air under her own touch.


Natalie tried to run again, but this time, she was grabbed by the arms from two of the bystanders, and the familiar face of the local sheriff appeared before her. Relief flooded her as she thought he was there to save her, but he smiled sadly as he spoke. "Forgive me, Natalie, but this is what keeps our town safe from the creatures that roam the nights." He brushed off her shoulders idly, then moved around behind her to whisper into her ear.

"Go and see her. She will take what she needs from you and bless our town as a result." Then he slipped away into the crowd. Natalie swallowed back her fear and moved up the few short steps to the throne's platform, keenly aware of the eyes upon her and what she was about to do. She practically quivered as she stood there, entirely uncertain of what she should be doing.

The queen very quickly put that the rest as she gestured for her to come forward. The girl seemed to move without thinking stopping a few feet short of the woman in charge, who looked up at her expectantly.

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Natalie hesitated, but not for long. Two strong pairs of hands gripped onto her arms and pushed her down to her knees.

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Fear rolled through her eyes as she knew what came next. To her horror, it was confirmed as one of the hands left her arm and slid its fingers into her hair.

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As she was guided down toward the queen's lap, a man's voice hissed into her ear. "Bite her, and you will live for years, begging for death every minute of every day." Almost dutifully, Natalie opened her mouth, only a little at first, then the woman's tip was against her lips.

The force of the hands upon her shoulders and head very quickly had her moving downward, and the queen's shaft pushed through Natalie's lips and across her tongue.

They held her there for a moment, keeping her face impaled on the member just shy of her gagging point. It wasn't until she closed her lips around the meaty pole that they pulled her up again. The process was repeated several times until the girl had resigned herself to her fate.

Her lips contoured themselves to the woman's length, sliding over the outside of the member and all of its minor ridges and veins. Within a few moments, she was sucking a little, trying to speed the process along. All the while, the hands still held her and forced her to move, speeding up slowly over the following minutes. The slightly salty taste of precum became apparent on her tongue as time wore on, and Natalie found herself doing anything she could to get the moment to end.

Her tongue slathered itself around the tip of the intruding pole. Her lips suctioned down over the flesh to give off every bit of stimulation she could, and after an eternity, it paid off.


The queen grunted once, then again as the first stream of the salty seed fired into her mouth. Natalie gagged on the sudden fluid, but didn't dare spit it out. She fought her own impulses and swallowed as best she could, despite the large amount of semen that the queen deposited into her throat. The queen finally made a motion with one hand and caused the men to pull Natalie away, literally dropping her onto her ass upon the stone floor.

The queen smiled down at her, still entirely silent. She seemed… content, and relief washed over Natalie as she figured that the troubles were over. But as the queen reached down to grip her still-stiff endowment, she made another gesture to the men nearby. They picked up Natalie once again, and lifted her off of her feet as they moved her toward the queen's lap.

Natalie panicked. Next Chapter in a few days if the feedback is positive.

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