Hot schoolgirls pose herself in pants

Hot schoolgirls pose herself in pants
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{My second attempt at a story. I took into consideration that the last one "was paced too quickly". I guess I just assumed it you were going to masturbate you want to get to the good stuff.

I was mistaken and I apologize. However, it seems some like the short, sweet stories, so I might do a mix of them.} A strong wind jostled my raven hair around my face as I drove to the lake with my best friend. 'Ice Ice Baby' was blaring from the stereo. Celia just shook her head at me. "I can't believe you know all the words to this song. You're such a loser." "Hey! This is an awesome song.

Don't hate!" I yelled at her over the music. We drove and listened to a mix tape she made me a year ago. When it's summer and you've got your windows down, your wingman by your side, the windows down with the wind in your hair, you feel invincible.

But Celia was more than just my wingman. I loved her, some would say unnaturally. It felt so perfect it couldn't have been unnatural. Her hand was on top of mine while I shifted gears. A smile on her face, the wind blowing her blonde and pink hair all over. She was gorgeous, and anyone who said otherwise has eyesight problems. Celia was 5'2", maybe 160lbs, and a C cup.

To me, everything about her was perfect. We were on our way to meet a couple of guys down at Apple Lake. It's practically a pond but not many people go there over the summer, so it's kinda our spot, despite it being 4 hours away.

We both have crushes on the guys we were meeting. Johnny is 6'2", 170lbs with blonde hair and a baby face that melts my heart. His voice alone makes things low in my body jump. He teases and picks on me constantly and I absolutely love it. Aiden is 5'7", 180lbs with jet black hair and a pair of abs you could grate cheese on.

We all met in high school, and this was the summer before our senior year. Celia and I swore we'd have those boys if it was the last thing we did this summer. Johnny had called me Wednesday and asked if Celia and I wanted to meet him and Aiden at the lake Friday afternoon.

Of course we did! The plans were to stay in a hotel Friday night and leave Saturday afternoon. No one knew Celia and I were together. We hid it in public since we both liked men too. An agreement we had between us that no other women were allowed, but men were ok, as long as we were truthful. I understand that there are some things a woman can't satisfy where a man can, and Celia understood too. Strap-ons and dildos only go so far. Trust me, we've tried.

We arrived at the Lake shortly after 1pm, and the guys were already there in Johnny's 4x4 waiting for us. They hopped off the bed of the truck to greet us with hugs all around. Celia and I grabbed our towels and locked the rest of our stuff in my Pontiac Grand Am. We all walked toward the lake laughing and talking the whole way. Johnny and Aiden took their shirts off as we walked and I could hear the small gasp Celia let loose.

I couldn't blame her because I did the same. They really were breathtakingly handsome, the both of them. I had a soft spot in my heart {and in my pussy} for Johnny. I thought about him constantly, especially when I was alone late at night. We reached the end of the grass, where the sand and silt began. Celia and I laid our towels down and began to take our clothes off.

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I watched her, but the guys watched her as well. She really was something to behold.


She slipped her shorts off her waist and down her soft legs. "Cass, come help me balance quick!" she exclaimed. I was instantly at her side as she lay a hand in mine so she could get her shorts completely off. She looked at me and winked and I knew what was about to happen. Our plan needed to be set in motion. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and took it off her slowly. "Thanks babe." She smiled, then did the same to me. The entire time we caught glances of the guys watching us undress each other to our bathing suits.

"Well, lets go!" Celia and I yelled to the boys as we ran toward the water splashing our way toward the deeper areas. By the time we were in and up to our necks the boys had barely moved. We could see them talking, looking stunned, but couldn't hear what they were saying. Finally the guys walked toward the water and swam out to us.

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"What was that all about?" I asked them? "Oh… we were uh… debating water temperature." Aiden claimed. Yea, I'm sure. We played chicken like any teenagers would.

I climbed on Johnny's shoulders, Celia on Aiden's. We laughed, pushed, shoved. In all the chaos Celia and I managed to loosen each other's bikini tops. We nodded to each other and she shoved me down. "C'mon Cassy you're so bad at this!" Celia giggled at me. I came up from the water eyes wide. Johnny and I were both staring. "Hey C, your ladies are showing," I pointed out.

Her acting was amazing. She fell backwards off of Aiden's shoulders and pretended to hide her tits with her hands. "Oh my God where the hell is my top!" Just then I heard Johnny laugh. "Found it!" Johnny exclaimed with a bikini top on his head for show. Celia laughed, "That is NOT mine." I tried to grab my top off Johnny's head while Aiden found Celia's top and teased her with it. In turn, Johnny did the same with me, playing keep away.

After about 5 minutes of this Celia came up behind me and cupped my breasts. "I got it covered. We don't need tops" she smiled at them. She turned me in her arms to face her and I picked her up under the water by the ass. Our breasts pressed up against each other, looking like a milky mountain range surrounded by ocean. Johnny and Aiden had stopped flinging our bikini tops around and were stuck in place staring at us.

We played it off like it was something any two girls would do if their tops were taken. "What exactly are you guys staring at?" I asked. They seemed super glued in place. "What the hell do you think we're staring at!?" asked Aiden. "Well, what are we supposed to do, you took our tops!" Celia exclaimed. She looked at me then and it was just like the first time we locked eyes, as it always is. {See, we have issues keeping our feelings hidden from others. If we were men, you could say 'we can't keep it in our pants'.

I'm actually surprised we've kept it from others for a year now. It helps to not make direct eye contact in school.} I couldn't help myself, looking into those blue eyes, her wet strands of blonde hair draped her face like an angel.

I pulled her face into mine and our lips locked. I heard slight gasps from the boys, but couldn't take my focus from her. Her lips parted like the Red Sea, and her tongue caressed my lips. Her hands moved from my back to my hair, gently tugging. I moved my right hand from her face to her breast and gently glided my hand over it softly.

She pulled her head away from mine and we both glanced at the guys. They stood there like 4th grade boys peeking in their mom's bathroom. "Our tops, please?" Celia teased. The guys were speechless and just handed our bikini tops back. We put them on and walked out of the lake. Johnny and Aiden followed like mesmerized flies going toward a bug light.

Johnny was the first to speak. "Should we check in to the hotel now?" His voice was an octave higher than it normally was and he had to clear his throat. "I was thinking lunch or dinner.


Maybe some drinks." I suggested. "That sounds great. There's a bar just down the road from here." Celia replied.

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"Let's go to the hotel and shower first." I said. The guys got in Johnny's 4x4 and Celia and I hopped in my Grand Am and drove toward the hotel.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked. "Well I think we've got them riled up already. Johnny wants you big time, and I can tell Aiden wants me too.

" "He does, big time. I thought this would be more of a challenge, but it's just kinda fun!" I laughed. We arrived at the hotel and checked in.

Being broke high school students, we could only afford one room with 2 double beds. Room 209, top of the stairs. The boys carried our overnight bags up to the room like gentlemen, which we knew they weren't.

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"Dibs on the shower first, my hair is starting to dry with lake crap in it." I called to them from the bathroom. "We're going to go get ice from the machine down the hall and check to see what they have for food", said Aiden, and the boys went off down the hall, the hotel room door closing behind them. Celia turned on the shower and let her bikini fall to the floor.

Even with her hair dirty and matted from the lake water, she was still the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her hourglass figure was pronounced and her round bottom was as if angels sculpted it themselves.

Her skin had always been milky white, no matter how long she stayed in the sun.


"I can feel you watching me," she said to me, back turned in my direction. "I can't help it… you are always going to mesmerize me with how absolutely stunning you are," I said to her back. She turned around then, with a look in her eye I had seen many times. It was a look that sucked you in. A look that made your heart pound and made you warm down below at the same time. She stalked towards me like a panther hunting her prey. Her soft hands caressed my shoulders to untie the top of my bikini.

Then she knelt down, head level with my hips, and untied the sides of my bikini bottom, letting it fall to the floor. She kissed just above my bikini line and stood up smiling at me.

We tested the water in the shower and hopped in. She put shampoo in both our hands and we washed our hair first. Once our hair was clean I leaned into her, my arm reaching for the bar of soap. With the soap in my right hand, I began caressing her shoulders, bringing her in to me. Our fronts touched and heat rose deep inside me.

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The lather of the soap made our bodies practically meld together. My hands moved lower, circling her breasts. I leaned down to kiss her soft lips. Her tongue penetrated my mouth with a force she was known to have when she was extremely horny. We heard the door to the room open, and the voice of the guys cracking jokes. The bathroom door was still open and we could hear everything, which meant they could, too.

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It didn't stop us, we were in too deep to go back. With the lather between us and our tongues dancing together, the world around us didn't matter. She then kissed down my body and I let my left leg sit up on the edge of the tub for easier access.

I knew where she was headed. In the background I could tell the boys were looking for one of us, not knowing who was in the shower. It didn't matter… whatever we had planned was nowhere in my mind at this moment. Only the feel of Celia's kisses down my wet body mattered. Her hands had moved to my ass as her mouth moved toward my stomach, and even lower.

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Her lips reached my pussy and kissed around it. She was teasing me, as she always did. She knew it made my orgasms more intense. I let a moan slip out accidentally. I didn't want her to stop. I didn't want the guys to come in here and startle her into stopping. Her right hand caressed my ass and moved towards the front of me. She looked up at me with desire as her index finger slid along the top of my swollen clit.

My head went back and I moaned. I couldn't hold my noises in any longer. I had always been vocal, and it's hard to hide it. My hand went to her head, running my fingers through her wet locks. Her index finger slid inside of me and I was ready for it. The entire day had been like foreplay and I had been wet the whole time, ready, waiting for her fingers to penetrate me.

As her finger slid in and out of my wet pussy she kissed my clit gently flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth at it. "Oh Celia you always know how I like it… Fuck yes!" I cried. At that moment I heard the boys enter the bathroom, but it was all distant. I could barely hear them whispering over the flowing of the water in the shower. Something about us both being in here. Their voices were like the fuzzy edges of a movie dream… there, but not in focus. Celia finally got into it, sliding her middle finger inside me next to the other, and moving then in and out of my wet cunt.

She stopped kissing my clit and started sucking it gently. Letting it fall out of her mouth as she pulled her head back. She'd always come back for more, sucking hard enough to pull my clit away from the rest of me. "Ahhh… FUCK! You keep doing that and I'm not going to last long Ce… Oh fuck yes please… " my words trailed off. I felt the heat building inside me, tingling was going to begin from my clit and release into the rest of my body.

I had never done this standing and was afraid my knees would give out, but the pleasure was too much. I'd never make her stop, even if I wanted her to. Just as the heat in my pussy started to spread the shower curtain was torn open.

Celia never wavered, she started pumping her fingers faster and deeper into my pussy and I couldn't contain myself any longer.

"Ce, I'm gunna cum, I'm gunna cum… OH MY GOD!" I screamed, my head back. "Yea cum all over my face Cas, c'mon baby girl…" Celia coaxed.

And I did. My legs quivered and my body spasmed as the heat rushed through me and out my pussy into Celia's mouth. She sucked on my pussy as if she needed it inside her mouth. Celia never wasted a drop if she could help it. I couldn't stand any longer, and as I started to drop, Johnny caught me. I was soaking wet in every way and he caught me. I remember thinking he was a greek god… though that could have been the euphoria from the orgasm.

Celia licked her lips and got out of the shower, turning the water off. "Mmmm… Who's next?" To Be Continued…