She have a wild pussy and ass

She have a wild pussy and ass
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The Seeding -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John was tired, damn tired. 2 years he had invested on this piece of a shit planet, 2 years he felt could have used in a much more profitable and easier way than trying to earn a living here. Sighing, he stretched to his full 6 foot pushed his shoulder length, sandy blond hair out of his face and reached for his clothes. After dressing and eating breakfast he headed out to his fields.

As with every day he was tending the auto watering system or what was supposed to be one he, only had half the credits he had needed for it, so he had to make do with what he had. Unfortunately what he had wasn't that much at all. Going up the rows of cross bred vegtables, he began to weed out the local plants that were parasites and were trying to drain all the fluid from his plants. Later that day as he was relaxing after tending half his crop he noticed a bright flash on the other side of his field.

Damnit if it was those kids again he'd have their asses they had almost wrecked most of his field last month and he had used his old taser like shock to get his message across to them that they weren't welcome. Approaching near one of his ponds, he noticed a glowing coming from the water. What the hell was this? he thought. Stepping closer to look into the water the glowing suddenly got brighter and moved at incredible speed towards him.

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"Holy shit!" he shouted as he scrambled backwards tripping over a hydro pump at the side of the pond.

The glow disappeared and was replaced by a strange looking woman, at least John thought it was a woman he wasn't sure it was naked but had three vaginas, the skin was pale blue, on the chest were four breasts?!

Hmm even though it was strange John felt hisself becoming arroused. He had seen all the aliens that were known in the empire (there were quite a few) and he had never seen this on.

<John> he heard in his head "What the fuck was that?" he shouted startled <I am in front of you, I am not here to harm you I just need a sample of your reproductive material> as it motioned and his pants and shorts came off.

A raging hard on occured as his cock was exposed to the open air. (Ah I see you are receptive to the idea of allowing me a sample, I will apply ample suction as I have seen in your mind, to excite your testicle glands to secrete the needed material.> The alien woman leaned over his cock and lowered her mouth? he wasn't sure and started to suck on it, shit this alien couldn't suck cock worth a shit!

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"Hey you're not going to get anything like that! you have to be softer and gentle just sucking like a vaccumn ain't gonna do it" <My apologies I stand corrected let me commence anew> the woman thought this time she more than got it right, John just laid back and enjoyed, it wasn't every day you got an alien blow job. His balls were about to explode, damn, she was getting it good! Shooting his load into her mouth he heard <commencing collection of specimen from subject aeox0001.

The force of his cum was monsterous as he thought he was going to blow the alien woman's head off with the force of it, he kept cumming and cumming he had never cum this much in his life it was almost as if she were sucking it directly from his balls. The last thing he saw as he passed out was the alien woman fading as the world went black.

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Waking an hour later he looked around for the woman nothing he noticed that his clothes were on and his cock was dry almost as if it had never happened.

He might have believed that had it not been for the fact that he was so drained. Standing John moved to his system to see how much it had screwed up while he was out of it.

Surpisingly nothing was wrong as a matter of fact he noticed that the system was doing things that he knew it couldn't, then he looked closer and saw that a few new pieces of equipment were also added.

Hmm he began to wonder if it was some sort of payment for letting him suck his cock?! Shit!

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if that was the case she could do it anytime! John laughed and went to the cabin.

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Later that day as he sat and ate his only meal of the day he thought of the alien woman again, damn, she was strange looking and the fact that she had 3 pussys had thrown him for a loop, but he still thought she had been pretty good at giving a blow job after he instructed in it a little, Taking another bite John felt movement near his stomach.

What the hell? was he sick, as he felt his stomach he wasn't sure, no, he didn't feel bad guess it was just indigestion. As he took another bite he felt it again? This time it hurt like hell! Damn! he reached for a bottle of alcohol, the strongest shit he had, raising it to his lips he started to drink when, <Please don't> John almost dropped his booze <I can't talk much yet please don't I and you won't survive> What they hell was going on?

Reaching for his scanner he ran it over his stomach. "computer, analysis of med. scan" he quipped "Compliance" it replied Time ticked away as he waited for the analysis finally after an hour, "Analysis complete, scan indicates the presence of a rapidly maturing fetus at present, maturation levels indicate development of the fetus will be complete in one month.

John dropped to the chair as he was in shock, then he began to laugh damn! this was the first time he had ever heard of someone, anyone especially a man getting pregnant from a blow job!

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"Computer at present what is the age of the fetus?" he asked not sure he wanted the answer to it. "At present the fetus is two weeks old" it replied John started to laugh even harder shit!

First type of sex he had, had in years (not including jerking off) and it had to be with an alien that gets him pregnant! Sighing he took another bite as the baby moved <thank you for not trying to destroy me> "Hey, no problem I have always had an open mind." he replied <I will explain more later, I must rest this takes much energy, just know, I will not harm you> it sighed as it went quiet.


John was at a loss he had never had to deal with pregnancy so he didn't know what to expect. Trying to finish his food he knew he had to eat for the life inside him, yeah life, he didn't know what this life form was he had never seen anything like her before. After a week the baby was 10 weeks old and hadn't said a word to him at all.

John was begining to get worried as he carried on his duties each day, he waited for for it to speak again. Each day he went out to the pond hoping to catch a glimpse of the naked woman again, everytime he left disappointed, turning for home the seventh day in a row he stopped short as he heard a voice for the first time in a week <Thank you again John, I apologise for taking so long to supply you with information, also the image that you saw at the water was a manifestation of what we once looked like> it started as John breathed a sigh of relief hearing the baby again.

<I wish to tell you of why this was done, My race was or is the Miacarie> it started as John grew puzzled. "I have never heard of you" he replied <Yes I know, I have searched your memory and have seen no mention of my race there, by your estimation it has been 3000 years since the last of my race was placed in staysis by our AI that has kept a constant vigil ever since> pausing John asked "How have your bodies survived?" puzzled again <Bodies I .

ah I see no John we had no bodies to speak of, we were corporeal but we exsisted in many dimensions but as each ended we were forced to less and less.

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We are here only and what was left of our. I guess you would say bodies we called them energy holders have deteriorated. To the point that they are no longer able to contain our essence and to leave the storage units we were placed in would mean our death.> "So why have you come out now? I mean, we, my people are really just starting out we've only been to the stars a few hundred years" he replied a little shaken at the information so far.

<I must rest John please, I will tell you more later know this you and you alone at present are the hope of the salvation of my race> then as suddenly it was all quiet again. John headed back to the cabin to start up the harvesters as it was time to try and make some money so he and the baby could survive longer. Having been alone on his farm for quite some time he really didn't have to worry about anyone finding out what was going on, with no wife or girlfriend (Hence the absence of sex and he really liked it that way for some strange reason) there wasn't all that much to worry about but that was about to change.

It was harvest time and that meant that he had to talk to people and go into the space port to negotiate the price he got for his crops and time, hopefully enough to get out of here or at least get better equipment.


Sighing he didn't like going into town when he had nothing to hide, but now shit! he was afraid for hisself and the little miacarian he knew practically nothing about them, what they were or looked like.

John dressed in baggy clothes to hide as much as he could and climbed up into the cab of his tractor hauler as he prepared to head to town. It had takken all week and almost all his energy to complete the harvest.

He figured the baby was at 20 weeks now half way there but since the last time it hadn't spoken or rather thought anything again John was a little worried.

Prepared to head out he again was startled <John it is I> visibly shaken he still wasn't used to this talking in his head. "Are you ok? you have been quiet for so long" he asked <Yes this body is coming along very well, better than we hoped when we started this endevour.> it replied alot stronger this time than last time "We? what are you talking about?" John was really puzzled <The scientists and our leaders, we were waiting till a race that we could adapt to came along, we started searching 5000 years ago when the very first went into staysis.

It has taken that long for us to find you> John didn't know whether to feel proud or to be fearful as he still only had the word of the alien about it's intentions.


<I apologise again John my name you want it yes?> "yes that would be nice thank you" he replied <I was called Michokelithompatin> it stated "uh huh can I just call you mitch?" John asked <Hmmmm, Mitch, it has a familiar tone to its verbal representation> Mitch said.

"Huh?" asked John Laughing Mitch stated <Yes, it will be fine, also I won't need to rest as long now and don't be afraid in this town as you call it, I am aware and we will be safe, I have scanned the exterior and interior of the area we are safe> Entering the town John watched everything and everyone afraid that any minute that someone was going to grab him and haul him off to a lab and start experimenting on him and Mitch.

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Selling his crop he was surprised at the price he got. MIitch chimed in and stated that he had seen how poor John's equipment was so before he had entered his body Mitch had sent nanomites to upgrade his equipment. Upon leaving John was shocked that noone noticed that he was bigger. Mitch said it was because he had moved further back to show out less.

Returning home John wanted to celebrate but Mitch said no, that the alcohol would probably kill him and lead to John's death also. For the next two weeks John replanted, he noticed his equipment was faster and newer looking he wondered about that as things had never appeared to him like that. Nearing the end of the fourth week he knew it wouldn't be long before Mitch would be born. Then one day <John it is time this won't be painful, though, you will feel some pressure> Mitch started.

"What do you want me to do?" asked John. <Just lay down I will do all the work> As john watched a painless incision opened above his navel and mitch rose from inside and just as suddenly the incision closed again, no blood or pain John was amazed. The baby had a massive cranium that was moving with each beat of its heart. The odd thing was though the baby looked human it still had a very light blue tinge to the skin, well it looked human till John saw that it had three cocks.

For the first time since this ordeal had started, Mitch spoke directly to him. "Again I and all that is left of my race wish to thank you" Mitch started "I will be departing back to my home world in a few days" "Will I see you again?" John asked.

"Not in the flesh but you will notice in a few days that you will be able to communicate with me and my people, but only a little at first you will need to adjust your 'new' brain first" Mitch replied John thought a minute he still had a few questions "can you now explain why you picked me?

what made me so special?" "Yes, John you see for 5000 years we have searched for a species that we could meld our dna with to make a stronger race, we had become so dependent on all the machines that at one point we almost became the machines."John shook his head in understanding. "we found you, a 'so called' simple man but as we found you were far from simple, you have an enourmous capacity to learn, to grow, we found many races near this but projection with simulations turned out to be dismal failures" Mitch took a shuddering breath, "I must rest" The next 5 days Mitch explained about the thinking of his thoughts when they were directed to him or his people.

As Mitch prepared to leave John felt sad as he would miss Mitch but was assured that they would stay in contact. Then at the end of the day Mitch bade John farewell and vanished. As he walked outside to sit on the porch of the cabin he heard a small voice in his head.

<You are the new control we await further orders and are in stand by mode til then.> John's mouth dropped agape as he thought, where did that come from and was answered <we are your replication nanomites we remain in stand by til you have need of us> John was a little surprised but not as much as when he looked down and found he was floating a few feet off the ground.

Ok this was definitely going to take getting used to.